A 23-year-old native of Syria allegedly sexually assaulted a pony in front of children in Görlitzer Park, Berlin.

Görlitzer Park contains a petting zoo called “Children’s Farm,” which is particularly popular with young children and contains two ponies, two donkeys, half a dozen sheep and goats, and ten chickens, ducks and rabbits. 

Vlad Tepes reports, while citing Berliner Morgenpost, a Syrian native allegedly sexually assaulted a pony in the zoo around 3 PM on Friday last week.

A witness, known only as Amanda F, described the incident to the Berliner Morgenpost. 

“My babysitter took a walk with our son through Görlitzer Park. They had to witness the man sexually assaulting the pony,” she said. 

According to Amanda F, her babysitter told her about the incident after speaking to the so-called “park runners.”

The “park runners” are Turkish and Arab street workers who patrol the park to engage with the 180-200 drug dealers, who are mostly African migrants, to encourage a friendlier atmosphere. 

The babysitter took a photograph of the man committing the act and contacted an employee of the zoo. The pair then consulted the “park-runners” and called the police. 

When the accused realized his perversion didn’t go unnoticed, he backed away from the pony and disappeared into the park. 

According to Amanda F, her babysitter would not comment on the incident in detail as the scene was too traumatic for her. 

The “park runners” were able to find the man later and held him until the police arrived. 

“We banned him from the premises,” the employee explained. “Should he return, we will report this. We have never had an incident like that before.”

“All around the year, we have such positive things happening here,” the employee added.  “It is a pity that now, we are being associated with such an incident”.

According to police, the Syrian man was charged with “causing a public nuisance by sexual acts” and violating the animals’ welfare. 

The Syrian man could face up to four years in prison for his actions, depending if the animal was caused significant pain. 

Considering certain statistics, one can be sure the animal didn’t feel a thing. 


Vlad Tepes

Berliner Morgenpost

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    to rape w person is less of a risk of 4 years in jail

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    So…, muslims raping anything with a hole is not news but this made my jaw drop, “The “park runners” are Turkish and Arab street workers who patrol the park to engage with the 180-200 drug dealers, who are mostly African migrants, to encourage a friendlier atmosphere.” So why the FECK aren’t these loser drug dealers DEPORTED!!! Why would anyone bring a baby to a drug dealer park in the first place??

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    “We have such positive things around here”…..including the 180 to 200 drug dealers? That’s positive? These people have warped minds.

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    Who knows!? Maybe he was bored with just regular German women and goats. Needed a little variety.

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    Goat exhibit was closed.

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