Tania Georgelas, born Joya Choudhury, met her jihadi sweetheart through a Muslim dating site. They both shared a passion for jihad and dreamed of having children to “train them to be assassins or soldiers.”

In an interview with The Atlantic, the ex-jihadi bride said she was radicalized after her British Asian family was targeted by racists.

“Growing up in London was rough, I came from a very poor family,” she said. “We were second-generation immigrants and had faced a lot of racism.

“We had bad neighbors, they would smash our windows but generally I just felt like an outsider. I was looking for a way to retaliate and I wanted honor again.”

Georgelas was 14 during al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks and said she became “jihadi hardcore” shortly afterward.

She met American convert John Georgelas through a Muslim dating site and they married in England when she was still a teen. 

John Georgelas, who used the name Yahya Abu Hassan, became a well-known extremist scholar and an influential figure in ISIS. 

John Georgelas was jailed in 2006 for providing IT assistance for a jihadi website and expressing his desire to support al-Qaeda online.

After he was released, the family relocated to Egypt and socialized with a burgeoning circle of jihadis.

He moved the family to the Syrian town of Azaz in 2013.

John was reportedly close to ISIS’s late spokesman Abu Muhammed al-Adnani and contributed to English-language propaganda calling for supporters to travel to the group’s territory and launch terror attacks.

Tania said she fled, while pregnant, in late 2013 after she and her three children fell severely ill. 

She has since moved to Texas and divorced her husband.

“I can’t help but love him. I don’t know how to make that feeling stop,” she added.

Georgelas says she has renounced Islam since moving to Texas. She has joined a Christian Unitarian church and wants to help deradicalize returning ISIS fighters.

Maybe, we’d be better off not letting radical jihadists into the country to begin with? 

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The Atlantic

  • @Menace

    She’s a sleeper if you ask me. Still loves here Islamic ex, yet will say anything to stay in America.

    • Traveling Rebel

      I was thinking that same thing. She doesn’t seem like an ex Muslim to me at all. More like someone just riding the tide to survive. Muslims are ALL like ticking time bombs… ANY one of them can be radicalized at any moment. Hence why I trust NONE of them.

  • DaisyToo

    Why is she walking about freely in the USA? And why, oh why, does she get to keep those children?

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    I actually can totally see her point. And now for the other side of the coin: can you really be surprised by the rise of neo-nazis and white supremacists?
    It’s because of all you anti-white bigots that these groups are growing. Go ahead, keep pushing us! I just might join them! And I’m really astonished at the fact that I’m saying this, honestly. Just 3 years ago it would have seemed absurd to me, but now, because of BLM and antifa(g), I would have no gladly join a white-power group.

  • Hades Hellspawn

    Well, she did divorce him and renounce her faith, so one shouldn’t hold her past against her unless she committed or aided in committing actual crimes. Not her fault her husband was a jihadi douche.

    • Nelda Seidel

      YES it was “her fault”.. she CHOSE him!

  • Verk

    “…wants to help deradicalize returning ISIS fighters.”
    Cutting their bollocks and then their shitty heads off is a sure fire, tried and tested way of deradicalising mudslime vermin.

  • bookish1

    So her thuggish neighbors made her want to join the jihad.
    Yeah, that’s totally reasonable.
    Of course the rest of us react to thuggish neighbors by calling the police or moving, but creating future jihadis with a crazy Islamist warrior is perfectly normal.
    But now she’s moved beyond all that.
    Uh huh.

  • Bobby Barrett

    So she’s a sleeper agent of terror now, basically.

  • BorderGuard


  • Bluey

    Nah. She is a liar. Send her back.

  • Deasil

    She was poor and lived in a crap neighborhood but yet it had to be racism.

    • NeilM

      living among garbage types who CREATE bad neighbourhoods would have been no fun . . .I can see how a dumb young female at the mythic-heroic stage could fall for a new start as an ISIS bride

  • Rob

    So the whole Jihad thing in Syria didn’t work, so we allow her to move to Texas with her little future terrorists? How does this woman support herself and her kids? How is she allowed to just freely move around the globe? Does anybody believe that her supposed deradicalization group for returning ISIS fighters is not actually a sleeper cell? It’s time to get rid of all these open border Dems and RINOs intent on destroying our Nation.

  • Pierre Savoie

    Women are never loyal to their country. There were tons of German and Japanese women marrying American soldiers after WWII, showing the ultimate disloyalty to their country but following a strong biological imperative to marry strong males. When the males were seen to be not so strong, huddling in caves being bombed, she decided to leave him. That is why women should not be admitted to posts of national security; they will unconsciously and inevitably ally with invading soldiers if they demonstrate their greater strength.

    • Rhonda

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    • NeilM

      primally true

    • Traveling Rebel

      While it’s true that women are biologically drawn to strong men. You’d be a fool to think that a alpha woman couldn’t handle a national security position and do one he*l of a great job. To say that a alpha woman would side with invading soldiers!! WTF are you serious? You truly understand NOTHING about psychology after making that statement. You make the mistake of thinking that women are only ruled by their biology, hahaha.

      • Agent 99

        ^ States that there are “strong/alpha” people, but then turns around to say that biology doesn’t rule behavior?

  • Eric W Thompson

    A woman’s desire to protect her children usually overcomes all other influences. If she had remained a Jihadi, she would never have left Syria. She would have stayed, watched her children die, then fought to the death. Leave her alone.

    • Nelda Seidel

      She didn’t leave because of her “kids”… IF… she had been concerned, why did it take her 3rd pregnancy for her leave? MORE BS lies from a muslim!

  • Rob

    She only returned to the West because she missed the comforts and needed the medical care that the people she hates provided for her. Send her and her kids back to Syria. The husband she divorced only allowed her to go because his power was growing in ISIS and he felt he could do more if he didn’t have to take of her. What are the chances he told her to go to America and start a cell of terrorists pretending to be deradicalized?

  • Manish Bhardwaj

    Definitely a sleeper!

  • Edorn

    “Growing up in London” explains everything.

    • kamenetz

      errr, correction Londonistan, United Kaliphate

  • Deserttrek

    BS BS BS

  • Keith Driver

    So someone broke her window and because of that she supported ISIS?

    • AverageJoe1987

      Wonder what her excuse would have been if the window hadn’t been broken

  • AverageJoe1987

    Well of course she blames other people for her choice to become a terrorist lover.

    It’s easier than admitting how easily prone to becoming Radical Muslims are

  • Adrian Valle


  • FreeSpeechLand

    How to make irrational feelings stop? Try rationality!

  • AngleCynn937

    What an infantile defense. What she is really saying is, it isn’t my fault. It is somebody else’s fault. Bollocks!

  • JC

    WTF… How did she get approved to come into the US? We let her in but we let beauracracy keep out interpreters who risked their lives for us in Iraq and Afghanistan? Fucking Obama… ( Since that happened while he was still in charge)

  • Jim

    She is just a hooker for ISIS.

  • John Giametti


  • Hairatic Rick

    Texas, ha that will go well for her HA!

  • Mrs Blunt

    Get rid of her.