Trenton Garmon, a lawyer representing Roy Moore, called Don Lemon “Don easy peasy lemon squeezy,” during a segment on “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon” while discussing his client. 

Garmon appeared on the show to discuss the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore, among other topics. 

Lemon asked Garmon, “Why would Leigh Corfman and the other accusers make up a story like this?”

“Yeah, man, it is great to be on here, Don. I appreciate it,” Garmon responded. “I hope to give you the name ‘Don easy peasy Lemon squeezy’ right–you’ll take it easy on me.”

Apparently unfazed by the new nickname, Lemon lets Garmon talk about the issue. 

Later in the segment, Garmon, who represents a Montgomery-based legacy advocacy group headed by Moore’s wife, the Foundation for Moral Law, uses the nickname again. 

Lemon says, “What I said specifically at the top of the show was that the statute of limitations has run out, so there will be no judge and jury, there will be no process. The process is that a woman has come forward on the record…”

“Okay. I hear you,” responds Garmon. “But hey, Don Lemon squeezy keep it easy–”

Lemon then cuts him off, apparently irritated by the name. 

“It’s just Lemon. Hold on, my mom didn’t name me Don Lemon keep it easy squeezy, just it’s just Don Lemon,” he confirms. 

Lemon’s sense of humor must be as good as his journalistic integrity. 

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The Daily Caller

  • Julia Barnes

    Can we hear a recitation of “he can dish it out but can’t take it”?

  • DaisyToo

    I abhor Don Lemon .. but wtf .. the lawyer’s behavior is seriously obnoxious!

    • BlueBoomPony

      Try to stay focused on the real enemy.

      • DaisyToo

        That would be great advise for the lawyer.

        • BlueBoomPony

          He treated Lemonhead with all the respect the twit deserved

          • DaisyToo

            Nope, he displayed a level of infantilism equal to Lemon’s. There are far more effective ways the guy could have made his points. He not only discredited himself, but his client – who needs this sort of representation like a hole in the head.

    • Skyhawk

      I abhor the word abhor. It sounds like it should be dirty, but it isnt. Or, wait, could it be?

      Mostly, Don Lemon is a douchebag who deserves to be treated like one at every juncture.

      • DaisyToo

        Please don’t insult douchebags.

    • Charles Perigord

      Daisy – the lawyer said Lemon’s producers told him they would be talking about Topic A, so he prepared for that. Then when he went on the show, Lemon started talking about Topic B, which he was not prepared for. Instead of trying to thrash his way through a topic he wasn’t prepared for, the way Romney or Jeb would have done, the lawyer decided to fight fire with fire and went “full Alinsky” on Lemon — who was not prepared for it!
      In other words, the lawyer was obnoxious but it was for a reason — Lemon’s producers were asking for it. And now Lemon has to live with it,whether or not he knew about the original deception.

      • DaisyToo

        I stand by my original statement. Lawyers, especially, should be prepared to be harpooned and deal w/it effectively. This guy didn’t.

  • Ashley

    lol what?

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Hahaha, that’s amazing. I hope everyone starts calling him that because of this.

  • P’tit P’tate

    “I’m sorry, I don’t like being called Eddie-baby!”

  • Jesse James

    If Don easy peasy Lemon squezy wasn’t so lame, I could see a Rodney Dangerfield “I get no respect!” monologue coming on. But he’s lame, so, he just corrected him as a lame person does.

  • jmarie

    ” ‘Don easy peasy Lemon squeezy’ right–you’ll take it easy on me.”

    Oh, we won’t be seeing him on CNN anytime soon. Such a shame.

  • Don’t know why, I just like Don Lemon. Ya, ya, l get it, CNN & all that.

    • Steve O

      I’ll give you extra credit just for watching CNN. To be fully informed it’s important to hear the news from different perspectives.

      • RyanInMS

        ^ This is why I’m here reading Milo. I think of myself as a democrat buy I get so sick of hearing the same condemnations from everyone without ever giving any explanation. They make it seem like Milo and Breitbart are calling for the master race to rise up or something. To my surprise, most of it is rational and sensible, even if I disagree with it.

  • Tanker74

    I had the misfortune of watching a few minutes of Donny’s show recently. He seemed sedated. Then I’ve seen folks sharing clips of his outbursts and temper tantrums. He doesn’t seem stable.

  • Steve_o

    People will tire of unsubstantiated stories about every public figure soon. Evidence or shut up, no matter which side you are coming from.

  • trixie1223

    Don’s squeezed a few “lemons”.