This year’s White Privilege Symposium will be held at Drake University and will challenge “white fragility”.

The White Privilege Symposium is a project of The Privilege Institute, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. The Privilege Institute is best known for its White Privilege Conference which explores “challenging concepts of privilege and oppression.” Despite the similarity in names, Dr. Moore’s Privilege Institute and Milo Yiannopoulos’s Privilege Grant are not affiliated

This year’s WPS is titled Equity and Education: Challenging White Fragility.

The confirmed list of speakers includes Dr. Moore himself and Jennifer Harvey. Ms. Harvey is the author of Raising White Children and Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation. In the latter, she suggests that it is the responsibility of White Christians to provide reparations to African-Americans. In her book, she argues reconciliation is not enough as it focuses on integrating black people into white spaces instead of helping offset what damage hundreds of years of oppression has done.

In an interview, Dr. Eddie. Moore, Jr, was asked how his work with the Privilege Institute helps people of color.

“That [sic] White supremacy, White privilege, racism and other forms of oppression are designed for your destruction — designed to kill you. So what I want this conference to help people of color to understand is how that system works. How it can create little bitty things that add up, that cause hypertension…that cause you to maybe eat unhealthy or not exercise,” he said.

“It’s designed for people of color to understand the philosophical design [and] belief in White supremacy. This conference is an opportunity for people of color to learn about that system and to be better prepared to find success — but most importantly, to live healthy.”

In the past, Dr. Moore has talked about how the fact that his ancestors were slaves pushed him towards using hard drugs.

The White Privilege Symposium will be held in October and is open to the public for a fee.