Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey’s knee-jerk response to complaints about censorship is to implement even more censorship.

Responding to the outrage following Twitter’s decision to temporarily suspend actress Rose McGowan, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey laid out the company’s plans to roll out a new set of rules governing permissible content.

Presumably referring to online bullies, Dorsey’s words are made along the lines of the company’s push towards turning Twitter into a “safe space” for the most fragile among us.

It’s ironic that he should make these statements given that by and large, Twitter is the one responsible for silencing people for responding to people with blue checkmarks besides their names.

To prevent people from self-censoring, Twitter is going to instead censor others for the benefit of those who self-censor. Twitter’s history of its uneven application of rules doesn’t give its users much hope for the platform. Conservatives are often on the business end of the banhammer, while progressives who often post things like “kill all white people” and “kill all men” are rarely sanctioned.

Beyond that, it remains to be seen whether all of the new rules will help its stock, which has been on a decline.

Twitter’s implementation of rules to prevent the posting of “hate symbols” also raises the question as to what exactly they define as a “hate symbol.” If Twitter chooses to follow the Southern Poverty Law Center’s guide to hate symbols, then cartoon characters like Pepe the Frog and the Kekistani flag will be considered bannable offenses. The Kekistani symbol was banned in the video game, Destiny 2, and declared a “hate symbol,” after all.

The company’s dalliance with liberal and progressive groups in its “Trust and Safety Council” to monitor abuse doesn’t give conservatives much hope for fairness, either. Pro-life, and anti-gun control views maybe deemed to be “glorifying violence” under the new rules. Twitter recently banned a pro-life ad for Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, but only reversed it following complaints.

The only thing that can prevent Twitter from going too far down the progressive hole is the threat of losing its conservative users to another platform.

On the other hand, perhaps by narrowing the demographic to exclusively include the liberal hivemind, Twitter can just take royalties on the forty-thousand SJW Patreons. That would put them in the green.

  • Drake kron

    Rest in piss, Twitter.
    Virtuous bankruptcy.

  • Deplorageous

    And so much for Gab. Milo himself hasn’t even posted on there in a month. So…

  • Shadeslinger

    Nothing quite like censorship.

  • shhhhh

    I got banned a few months ago telling the racist jeffery wright he is a racist piece of “crap”… Eff you twitter and die a slow financial death

  • jo

    But you censor too Milo? So wtf, you must like twitters new rules…..

    • Jean Collier

      How so?

      • jo

        he’s censored and banned me from here more than once, for challenging certain things.

        • Jean Collier

          doubt it

          • jo

            Ya it’s pretty lame

          • Jean Collier

            I have never seen Milo ban anyone.

          • jo

            He’s banned me a few times, there’s certain information he won’t allow you to post, doesnt’ want his “followers” to know about. He isn’t the american firster that he leads everyone to believe he is… americans are a just a tool…

          • GTKRWN

            Is there any way to cryptically share this forbidden knowledge, or give hints so I can find it? If it checks out I’d do my part to add Milo to the long list of Disqus boards I’ve been banned from. With all that he does allow that I’ve posted that has never been removed or censored I’m quite curious to know what actually triggers them here.

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson


          • jo

            He likes to control his narrative as much as the next dufus

  • The Right has its domains of censorship. To wit: Taking the knee. Somehow and suddenly self-expression is forbidden.

    What do we call that, hmmmmmmmmm, oh right, it’s called censorship.

    • watching_rome_burn

      Regardless of who holds which opinions and threatens whatever they threaten, “the right” doesn’t have the authority or ability to dictate policy to NFL employees, only the NFL can do that. Actually, any employer can dictate behavior standards for employees during working hours — hence, the NFL censors all player’s touchdown displays and dances (they fine any player who tries the victory dance stuff), the NFL also censors any player from wearing any symbol relating to a cause or charity the player might want to support (they have censored the breast cancer ribbon and 9/11 remembrances) … as is within the rights of the NFL. Employers have the right to enforce dress codes, language restrictions, or any other behavior they believe to be harmful or incompatible to their brand or business. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and hospitals normally dictate what type of shoes I wear, what type of uniforms are permitted (including specific styles of underwear), bans on profanity and coarse language, visible tattoos and piercings are usually banned, we are usually banned from discussing religion unless initiated by the patient, and we are totally barred from expressing a personal political opinion while on the clock … and they don’t even pay us multi-million dollar contracts! People may either choose to support or detest any NFL policy … and if they feel strong enough they will either become super fans or will stop watching — when enough people do it (one way or the other) to affect the brand or the profitability of the business, then it will cause the NFL management to respond. It’s part of prostituting yourself to somebody else’s business for a paycheck.

    • Zen Bbq

      Freedom of speech has limits and only affects the government. You can’t yell “fire” in a theatre… You can’t lie about someone publicly, it’s called slander or libel. And the NFL can, for example, limit the free speech of it’s employees, like banning 9/11 commemorative patches. Since I can opt out of watching NFL and tweeting, it’s not a free speech issue. Since you don’t understand the First Amendment, you post ignorant nonsense.
      And you’re guilty of the “two wrongs don’t make it right” fallacy.
      And “to wit” gives you up for the poser you are.

  • Patriarchy Pete

    “violent groups”

    ANTIFA on notice then? I’m over here holding my breath.

    • Texaner in London

      There are Antifa members among Twitter’s staff and Dorsey thinks it’s awesome harboring terrorists (since apparently the DOJ doesn’t seem to care).

    • Nohbody

      I’m over here holding my breath.

      Unless you’re a cartoon character or your paycheck is signed by James Cameron, blue probably isn’t a good skin color for you.

      • Patriarchy Pete


  • ranterator

    Social media sites are tied in with the NSA spy network. With that written, I predict that these sites will be deamed to big too fail and be bailed out by a government that wants to continue to collect information about its own citizens. Or, if the companies do fail, they will just be rebranded as new companies doing the same info gathering for the government. It is too bad that several generations of youth are hooked into this social media spy network.

  • JT

    Trump should buy Twitter. That would really tweak the hell of the left. Hahaaa!!

  • Syrkai

    Why not just have a Twitter for children? sounds like that is all they are doing anyway.

  • Texaner in London

    Well you know how this will go with Twatter: the only people considered persons are SJW trash and members of ISIS. Everyone else is a non-person so their feelings don’t matter, ergo who cares of all of the normal people are silenced by the retrograde leftist company and its cat-hoarding blue-haired freak staff.

    Since BigSocial is the town square, however, the censorship raises some civil rights questions.

  • jhon bourne

    What about freedom of speech I can be as big of ass hole as I want if you don’t like it move to Europe.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Twitter has never made money. Who is funding it?

    • ActivistAngel

      There’s the question of the day, Paul. That would be the Ministry Of Truth and pedo satanism.

  • Another wave of bans incoming. This has got to stop.

  • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Twitter needs regulated like a utility, along with Facebook.