Breaker One! Breaker One! A Toronto woman is in hot pursuit of 80s nostalgia. 

The Canadian city of Toronto is set to address a motion to ban the Confederate flag on city property following a single complaint from a resident who was triggered by a “Dukes of Hazzard” display car at a local festival.

Toronto city Councillor Neethan Shan, a member of the left-wing New Democratic Party, issued the motion to pass the law banning the Confederate battle flag. The flag features prominently on the roof of the car made popular by the ‘80s action-comedy TV series.

According to a CBC News report, the politician called for an outright ban of the flag from all city-owned spaces and city-sponsored events—including parks.

“I think at some point we have to put our foot down and say what is not acceptable when it comes to symbols of hate,” Shan told CBC Toronto on Friday.

His decision to virtue signal was sparked by a complaint during the Highland Creek Festival in summer, when a visitor named Ybia Anderson noticed a replica of the General Lee, the customized Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazzard.

Either ignorant of the car’s origins, or unable to separate fantasy from reality, the woman unleashed a barrage of anger against the organizers, demanding they move it. They refused.

“Let me tell you what I want: I want the car gone,” she said in a recording of the incident. “I want it out of sight. It does not belong here. It represents lynching and death of black people… This is racist … This does not belong here.”

Anderson later told CBC Toronto that she’s glad for the politician’s proposal, and expressed her desire to see the Confederate flag be defined by the worst of its bearers in history.

“I absolutely support it, because I think there’s a disconnect happening … I think people do not understand and define the Confederate flag as a hate symbol, which it is,” she said.

Shan’s motion calls on city staff to investigate whether they can ban the flag, adding that a multicultural city like Toronto needs to act against anything that makes its residents feel uncomfortable.

“This is not a case of freedom of expression or freedom of speech,” he said, betraying no small amount of cognitive dissonance “It is a symbol of hate that infringes on the well-being of other people in a place that is public, and a place that is publicly funded, in a place that is publicly maintained or supported by the community.”

The motion, which will be voted on for discussion later this month, requires two-thirds of councilors to be debated.

Feature Image via TV Guide

  • M&M

    bad news, Confederate & Union Soldiers are veterans of our country. Congress made sure of that

    • Charles Perigord

      M&M – but they’re not Canadian veterans, so Canadian legislators pretty much have a free hand, unless the voters strongly feel otherwise. Maybe Kathy Shaidle or Gavin McInnes can get them fired up, but it seems like a long shot.

      • M&M

        true, but she is complaining about an american flag not a canadian flag

  • Reality Wins

    The rule should be that if you yourself were held as a slave during your lifetime, you have a right to be triggered. If not, sit down and shut up. Half of my ancestors were Greeks yet I am not demanding destruction of all statues and insignia of Rome or that Roman descendants pay reparations.

    • Greg Golan

      lol. Greeks don’t even blame Turks the way these blacks cling to their nonsense. And didn’t the Greeks and Turks fight a war in the 70s? Yet no one in the financial crisis said, “400 years of Ottoman oppression is the cause here.”

      American blacks are zonked in the head in many instances.

      • Steve O

        It’s not so much that they cling to the nonsense as much as liberals preach it to them on a continual basis for political purposes. It’s a comforting lie that outsiders are responsible for the problems in your community.

        • Amy J. Walker

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  • Sam2

    I’m offended that she’s able to speak to reporters. Since I just said that she needs to apologize and stop doing that. She also needs to send me a note about this explaining herself.
    I’ll be waiting.

  • ranterator

    F Muslim loving Canada.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    I’ve just ordered a Confederate flag t-shirt because of this b* tch. I live in Canada and I’m gonna wear it near universities for fun. I really will too.
    Come at me [email protected] ggots. I can’t wait for one of you assholes to give me an excuse to punch your lights out.

    • Archie Bunker

      Rock on, dude!

    • Bryce Byerley

      You just won yourself dual citizenship in Alabama.

  • WSC777

    As long as they don’t ban daisy duke shirts and short shorts…

    • Tony

      Those Shorty shorts are actually named and often sold as Daisy Dukes lol

    • “Daisy Dukes?! I think people do not understand and define daisy dukes as a hate symbol, which it is,” she said.

      Settles that.

      • PunJabber

        I can see how that flabehemoth would see “daisy dukes” clothing as a hate symbol.

  • Archie Bunker

    Canadian sheboon whining about an American flag. When is she going demand reparations from Canada? Diversity is NOT a strength.

  • Andre Hemker

    Do we really want to be ruled by idiots?

    • bobruark

      apparently so … yall voted lil boy justin in as PM…

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    The Dukes of Hazzard was one of the cleanest, funniest and least racist shows since Leave it to Beaver. The flag on top of the car made it a pariah and you will never see it on tv again. Just sad. What it really does is have a poor NON privileged white family as the heroes and guess who can’t stand that.

    • paulej

      And the flag wasn’t an issue just a few years ago. What happened? Was it Dylan Roof who suddenly made people decide to attack the flag? Most who complain about the flag won’t believe you when you say the flag symbolizes southern heritage (and I’m not referring to slavery or segregation as part of that). Yet, I’ll bet most of those same people don’t know the symbols actually used by the KKK.

    • Charles Perigord

      Elizabeth – Heck, around here we can’t get Amos & Andy reruns either, despite the all-black cast.

  • Walter E Lee

    “Toronto needs to act against anything that makes its residents feel uncomfortable.” I live in Toronto and Neethan Shan and his NDP make me feel uncomfortable. Therefore, he and they should be banned.

    • bobruark

      how about those who preach hate for jews and christians ? they make me feel uncomfortable
      having my free speech and expression subject to airhead stupid triggers makes me uncomfortable

      • Walter E Lee


  • Anne Talon

    The General Lee is an iconic car for many generations of Mopar fans. This bitch needs to settle her ass down and chll out. The car itself is older than this woman and she should give it some respect for lasting as long as it did. The general lee herself does not represent what this chick is freaking on about. One does not go to Mopar fest and NOT here that iconic horn. Someone tell that bitch we ain’t in the states and chill the fuck out and take her hatred somewhere else cause Canada don’t need it.

    • PunJabber

      But the “iconic horn” plays “Dixie”, which itself is triggering for such … Chicks.

  • alvin691

    She really hates that Democrat party flag.

    • Tamara Ellsbeth Marie Gordon

      this is why liberals don’t want to teach history — because they were on the wrong side of it… lets just sweep these old facts under the rug and forget it ever happened. a little misdirection will do the job. yeah thats is.. lets talk about other stuff that doesn’t matter or isn’t relative… yeahh. all better now

  • DaisyToo

    I don’t like dealing w/snow. Can we ban Canada?

  • George Bush Sucks

    She needs to change her last name too. That is most certainly a white name and surely is associated with slavery. Maybe she can change her last name to Ybia Ybia. After all, that most certainly is an African name and she wouldn’t have to try to spell something more complex. A second grade level education does not afford much luxury in spelling something difficult.

  • I_h8_disqus

    That poor lady has been oppressed by food. It obviously hates her and is trying to kill her. Please forgive me for assuming its gender.

  • Jim Madison

    Canada has no loyalty or reverence for free speech. Their human rights council is a travesty of justice that imprisons people or fines people who have impure thoughts that are not super-positive towards any “marginalized group”. They rely on capitalism while they denounce it. They are dependent on American enterprise while they vilify it.
    Canada, Don’t be such a pansy hypocrite all the time.

    • bobruark

      if they didn’t have USA so close and linked to their economy they would be frozen version of Venezuela … Canadians have an inferiority complex…and for GOOD REASON !!

  • shhhhh

    Shut up Toronto… The only thing they are oppressed by is cold weather

    • bobruark

      i dont think so because premier wynne’s wind farms etc carbon tax … is all based on the desire to actually make Canada COLDER !!… but the airheads in Toronto are too stupid to think their way out of wet paper bag with gaping hole in it…I know I have alot of experience dealing with Torontonians…they are on a different planet than the rest of us

  • Dan Davis

    Here’s the thing. By banning the flag, they’re banning that man’s freedom on land that his taxes help pay for (if he is a resident). If the car offended her, and only her, apparently; she should’ve walked away and let it be. Nobody forced her to look at it, but she wanted to force the man and his car out of the show. And left wing idiots, like this neethan shan, dont realoze that by protecting her feelings, theyre infringing on others freedoms. She was free to leave, but now she wants other people’s freedoms removed because she’s a butthurt b*tch

  • CB750Rider

    She is a slave! To the fat food restaurants, ugly, fat, woman who probably has the IQ of a house plant.

  • Texaner in London

    These are the same leftists who say the US flag is racist and should be banned, too. So basically they should just be ignored.

    By the way, if these leftists were historically literate, they’d also know that almost as many northerners owned slaves as southerners – and that those who owned slaves in both north and south were a tiny minority of fewer than 10% of the general population. And that more people died to end slavery than who ever owned them in north or south. Neither the confederate nor US flag or the descendants of those who fought for the north or the south are inherently racist.

    Liberals just hate America, which is why they make false claims about American history while ignoring Communist China, which is one of the most racist countries on earth.

  • Syrkai

    She seems like the sort of person who would be triggered by fried chicken.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    If I were a Canadian, I’d object to this attempt at cultural colonization. The difficulties with the Confederate battle-standard are an internal societal issue for the United States.

  • Tamara Ellsbeth Marie Gordon

    “no one should be subjected to this triggering moments” — wow… remember when John Tory was supposed to be a Conservative ???? what is going on with the world !? if there is a god, please help us

  • Steve O

    Canadians who want to signal their superiority over us racist Americans might want to ask themselves why there are so few blacks in Windsor, but so many in Detroit.

  • Audrey Thomas

    She has one option. Mind her own business and go to he11.

  • Catdog

    What a joke. Whistle Dixie, stupid woman.

  • Agent 99

    Some people insist on being modern-day slaves to a long-dead past and a long-dead institution.

  • Danlantic

    It’s completely understandable. The Confederate army did so much damage when they invaded Canada. 😉