US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, while stating discrimination only applies to men and women, has issued a memo that reverses the protections for transgender workers. 

“Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination encompasses discrimination between men and women but does not encompass discrimination based on gender identity per se, including transgender status,” the memo, issued on Wednesday, states. “This is a conclusion of law, not policy.”

Under Title VII, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against an individual during employment “because of such individual’s…sex,” and Sessions argued “Sex” is ordinarily defined to mean biologically male or female.”

Sessions’ memo reverses the decision by the Obama administration to expand Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect transgender workers under “sex-based considerations.”

Currently, under most state and federal laws, transgender people are not protected from discrimination in certain areas, such as the workplace, housing, public accommodation, and schools.

Advocates of Civil Rights have argued the law that bans sex discrimination in the workplace includes transgender people because discrimination against gender identity is fundamentally rooted in sex-based discrimination.

Many leftist users of Twitter were not happy with the reversal.

What’s interesting is the argument that “gender is a social construct that is not linked to sex” is seemingly forgotten here.

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  • myddrinemrys

    So gender is a social construct unless I need it to not be to support my agenda. Got it. Minitru would be proud of the doubleplus goodthink.

    • David Watts

      The left will soon be in the realm of Duckspeak. Quak quak. It’s the only speech that can’t be construed as “hate speech” by someone, somewhere…

      • Black Pantha

        Umm Jeff sessions is a republican..

        • David Watts

          Yes, and Jimmy Carter was a democrat. I wasn’t talking about Sessions.

      • AlexCorvidae

        I identify as a platypus and find Duckspeak to be to be interspecies racism and very hateful.
        Sarcasm aside, more and more the vast majority of the left and the right has morphed into Peanuts adultspeak to me, a whole bunch of wah wah wah.

        • David Watts

          Damn Quacker. 😉

  • Steve O

    How about protection against discrimination against conservatives?
    Or do we think that university faculty are 95% liberal by accident?

  • The_Arc_Brain

    This is what happens when people push to fast on social change Mister Obama.

    • Black Pantha

      Are you really blaming Obama for Session’s bigotry? Wtf

      • The_Arc_Brain

        I blame Obama for exactly what I said. Obama pushed social change to quickly… I’m tired of SJW words like Bigotry… How about you come at me with science and law?

        • Black Pantha

          Yup completely gloss over the question to address some bs.

          • The_Arc_Brain

            Keep going with your identity politics…

      • Greg Golan

        Stfu. Take that shit elsewhere, guy.
        Trannies are perverts. Sexual deviants. Dysfunctional people. I don’t hate them, but I also don’t hate paranoid schizophrenics. I don’t support their delusions, however.
        God bless AG Sessions for triggering these fake ass posers on the left!!!!

        • Black Pantha

          Sexual deviants? Interesting seems like ur mad they make you feel uncomfortable..

      • GMAFB

        How is stating the fact that you are either male or female and the law states you can’t be discriminated against, bigotry? If you are male, no discrimination. If you are female, no discrimination. There are no other choices. Even a tranny is one or the other.

  • Yes It Is Political

    True idiocracy shown in this article the poor messed up people that can’t figure what biology a science by the way tells them. #VictimhoodoftheMasses

  • Black Pantha

    How’s that Trump support going for you?

    • Greg Golan

      Going very well. He’s a hero. The economy is booming, the international situation can be dealt with now that we have a true leader, the prototypes for the wall have been examined, deportations of invaders are up, if the DACA invaders get to stay, we will get massive concessions. Like E-verify.
      Of course, there’s no need to type all of that. The bitter tears of dull leftists are enough to make me smile. These leftists lack knowledge, truly quality educations, and critical thinking skills, so they have no means to respond rationally and effectively. That means winning more and more everyday!!!!

      • Black Pantha

        1488 huh?

      • Black Pantha

        Hero? How?

      • Black Pantha

        Fyi stop being a pussy and just say heil Hitler don’t hide behind numbers..

        • Ryan Trompler

          Funny because leftists like you and Antifa are the ones acting like actual fascists.

  • Black Pantha

    Milo u see the crowd you’ve attracted.. it’s only a matter of time before they turn on you.. good luck with that..

    • NoTreading

      Last time I checked, Milo was a man, and proud of it. Don’t see the problem.

  • Merrilyn Cooper

    Can’t see the problem, no matter what gender they think they are, they are still biologically a man or a woman therefore protected from discrimination, or is it that they want special treatment, if that is the case he has done the right thing

  • Robert Sparks

    Why do I get the feeling that Sessions is only throwing concervitives bones while avoiding the real crimes.

    • Aharun

      The Trump admin overall is guilty of that to some degree. But Sessions is still cracking down hard on MS-13, whose rise within the past few years can be blamed entirely on Obama’s immigration policies.

  • Hairatic Rick

    Trans are protected by laws related to mentally I’ll people. ⁉

  • A V_8000

    Shemale Trannies!

  • Samuel Alterio

    You’re XX or XY, no matter how hard you try to math it you can’t get 300 genders out of that.