First they came for basic biology, and I did not speak out…

Now, professors at Seattle Pacific University are calling for science–that singularly human intellectual pursuit of the study of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation–to be redefined as just a bunch of racism and sexism.

In a paper published in the October issue of Race and Physics Teaching, an academic journal that appears to exist, Professors Rachel Scherr and Amy Robertson claim that physics lessons are unfair to women because “white male privilege pervades the discipline of physics as well as the classrooms in which physics is taught and learned,” Campus Reform reports.

“Male socialized traits,” they wrote, like “independence, competition, and individual victories” gives male students an edge over their female peers in physics, adding that “objectivity and rationality themselves, the foundations of scientific ideology, are also male-socialized traits.”

Men the world over responded by saying they’ll take the compliment.

But the pair of pissy profs didn’t stop there. This whole time science has just been a tool of oppression used by white people, they claim.

“Historically, the questions that science has addressed have disproportionately advantaged White people, motivated by colonial expansion (to improve land and sea travel, mine ores, manufacture and farm for the benefit of Europeans living in Europe and in colonies),” Scherr and Robertson argue.

Glaringly, the paper omits any mention of the fact that people of Asian and Indian backgrounds vastly excel in STEM fields. That’s egg on your face, 19th century British colonialists. Your plan backfired.

The professors then say that because the sciences were built upon “male privilege,” it’s unsurprising that they continue to perpetuate an advantage for men. They claim that physics, in particular, is “laden with masculine [and, we would add, White] connotations on a symbolical level.”

Not satisfied merely claiming the way science is taught is oppressive, the duo descended further into the darkest recesses of the human spirit when they appeared to realize natural laws, like gravity, for example, are actually just agents of the patriarchy.

“For example, conceptualizing Nature as governed by laws can suggest that it is ruled by a lawmaker, who is often implicitly conceptualized as a male authority,” they claim.

To do away with the gender gap and remedy the situation, the professors are calling upon their white male peers to “disrupt privilege” by “recognizing their own privilege, coping with the discomfort of unfair advantage, and coming to see themselves as agents of change who can contribute to the disruption of systems of unfair advantage.”

They further call upon physics professors to redefine science in the name of social justice, stating that “if our aim is, in part, to disrupt White and/or male privilege within physics, we need to open up the space of what counts as physics.”

Forethought, reason, and the entire female cast of Hidden Figures could not be reached for comment.

Feature Image via Pixabay and Creative Commons license

  • Pat Patrix

    Soooo basically you’re all fucked up and your shits retarded.

    • Paul

      Their shit is more intelligent than them then.

    • Charles Perigord

      Pat – according to their school, one of them taught at Evergreen and the other one “coordinates” other people who teach algebra and calculus to people taking physics classes.

  • Feliks Jerzy Kwiatkowski

    Make the Law of Gravity Great Again?

  • Bill

    They’re mad because they know they’ll never get a Nobel Prize.

    • PunJabber

      You mean a “No Belle” Prize?

      • Greg Golan


  • Vince Scopa

    just a question. when did gravity have a color or gender? when did quantum physics develop color or gender. this seems to me that supposed physics teachers want to jump on the SJW band wagon and become “relevant.” and in doing so they make their students the guinea pigs for stupidity. maybe professors should concentrate on the subject matter of their courses and teach their students that.

    • You think the Nobel Committee doesn’t recognize political correctness?

      • Vince Scopa

        you are probably correct but the Nobel prize has become BULLSH*%, when al gore gets a nobel prize and obama gets a nobel prize, the value of a nobel prize has as much value as used toilet paper

        • Hairatic Rick

          It is not that easy to get a NP, some people have to take a bullet to the head to get one.

          • Paul

            And survive. Dead people don’t get NP.

        • Jenda

          The Piss prize is awarded by a different committee!

      • Charles Perigord

        Libertarian – you mean Bob Dylan was a bad choice for the Nobel Prize in Literature? And here I was expecting that next year it will be Dr. Dre!

        • brian tokarski

          get drunk and start scribbling words down. who knows, in a few years you could be 9 mil richer! Prob better odds than winning the power ball! Lol

    • PunJabber

      Particles have gender. Except neutrons, of course; but they can’t go ten minutes without being in a relationship.

      • SterlingMaloryArcher

        ^Nerdy physics joke in the hooouse

        • Suzana, from Brazil

          Isn’t he serious about it? It seemed logical to me.

          • PunJabber

            Sorry about that, Suzana. It actually was a joke. “Like the accusations of voter fraud, it’s about their elect-trick charges” he jabbed. Physicists have come up with fancy names for attributes of elementary particles (spin, color, charm, up/down, etc.) which have little or no connection to things at the time and space scale of — well, us and our behavior (such as language). So far, nobody has used “gender” in that way.

            The joke part was that a neutron is only stable when it’s bound in an atomic nucleus (or the very compressed stuff called “neutronium” which we think is found inside some stars). A free neutron decays with a half-life of about ten minutes.

          • Suzana, from Brazil

            I apologize and I am ashamed.
            I had understood it was a joke. I tried to take part in it. (sight). I need to remember I don’t master both language and jokes.
            I fell sorry for making you lose your time.
            But I really hadn’t go the far that you explained, so for me your comment was useful. Thank you.

          • PunJabber

            No need to apologize, Suzana. I am always happy for an excuse to lecture. I wish I knew Portugese so I could make disgraceful puns in both languages.

      • Vince Scopa

        so -positive and negative are genders? so then genders can change several times during the day?

        • PunJabber

          Guilty as charged, you’re on her!

    • Charles Perigord

      Vince – Their college says, “Amy Robertson is a Research Associate Professor of Physics at Seattle Pacific University and coordinates the Learning Assistant Program for the introductory algebra- and calculus-based physics courses.” The other one has taught at Evergreen College. ————————— It sounds like Amy’s female students are dumber than her male students, and it frustrates her because it contradicts the feminist narrative, and maybe it keeps happening year after year. At any rate, replacing calculus with ebonics or radical subjectivism isn’t going to help the kids at all. Throwing out kinematics on the grounds it favors white people is laughable.

    • Suzana, from Brazil

      Since South Africa university’ geniuses had the insight that gravity law was West oppression and urged their fellow classmates to create their own physics law. Did you see the video?

  • Another group of people anyone with a room temperature IQ should ignore.

    • Syrkai

      Celsius or Fahrenheit

      • Paul

        Celsius. Definitely Celsius.

        • Tamara Ellsbeth Marie Gordon

          I’m going with Kelvin because their IQ is ABSOLUTE ZERO… burn!

          • Paul

            Room temperature in Kelvin is about 293. That’s a pretty high IQ. Certainly not an insult to be told you have a room temperature IQ when it’s in Kelvin.

          • Tamara Ellsbeth Marie Gordon

            when did i say room temperature? i said absolute zero, as you can plainly see…

          • Paul

            You didn’t but the top comment of this chain did. In the context of that comment yours about Kelvin makes no sense.

          • Tamara Ellsbeth Marie Gordon

            okay, thank you for the lesson, and for keeping the threads safe, and functioning at optimal capacity…

          • Paul

            You’re welcome.

          • Hairatic Rick

            Sorry friend, if the room temperature is 25 degree Celsius to convert to kelvin one would have to add 273. In this case, that is 298 K. But I did like the absolute zero joke. ????????

      • Hairatic Rick

        Definitely not in Kelvin.

  • Barbara Barrington

    This is how they are destroying the world by dumbing down one classroom at a time….

  • shhhhh

    We all know all it takes is rational, calm people to say shhhhh…. Relax, we got this and this fruitcakes will go away… Let us all start speaking up and saying shut up to cretins…

  • brian tokarski

    This has gotten out of hand…..years ago. Someone needs to tell these people to grow up. Just because you aren’t good at something, doesn’t mean the world is racist/sexist against you.

    • Charles Perigord

      Brian – People who can’t handle algebra and calculus aren’t going to do well in physics no matter who they are. Conversely, having a Ph.D. in physics doesn’t rule out stupidity, as these two prove.

      • brian tokarski

        I know, but still….you’d think they’d have a way to weed these people out. Usually the stupid people pick dumb majors….not physics. They pick shit like gender studies. How someone smart enough to get a degree in physics is dumb enough not to answer their own question here….baffling to say the least. Sadly, you are proven right and you didn’t even need to use the scientific method to get to the answer. Something these scientists thought they were smart enough to skip over as well. lol

      • PunJabber

        Or anybody, for that matter, since string “theory” has so many variables that it is compatible with any conceivable experimental result. If it can’t be DISproven, it isn’t science, just ideological gas.

  • Jesse James

    MY head hurts. I can’t fathom the level of stupid required to not only write this shit. But actually realize that, supposed, academic and scientific minded professionals actually stood by and listened to this shit.

    Liberalism, social justice warriorism, and feminism are hallmarks of nothing but mental illness. A shining example of what happens when we let fools like this out of their white padded rooms and psychotropic injections.

    Marxism is cancer.

    • Suzana, from Brazil

      Yeah…could you, in your wildest dreams, imagine living in the Dark Ages? Or a slave as in Babylonian-Roman empire’t times?
      I just can’t measure how far we headed down it.

      • Jesse James

        LOL. Thankfully, with evil western patriarchy made technology and medicine….things aren’t that bad. But the forces of “good” and feminism will surely set things right by having us all live in a pre-classical era matriarchy where we all die young, and worship a mythological goddess who will, of course, supply us all our needs. Are ya hungry? The goddess will give you starvation. Are you desiring a female companion? The goddess thinks you’re a rapist. Off to hell with you. Good luck with that.

      • Jenda

        Looks like sixth century arabian desert ain’t sufficiently low for these imbeciles.

        • Ed Holton

          Not to mention various Meso American civilizations such as the Inca, Toltec, Maya, and Aztec cultures.

  • Texaner in London

    The left is wholly anti-science. But who’s surprised – these are the same people who largely tend to embrace astrology, Bigfoot, the occult, and other myths that don’t even offer any kind of benefit to society.

    But the anti-science left has long been anti-education, also. Just look at an 8th grade exam from 1900 and compare it to one in leftist-run public school from 2017. 2017 public school curricula are literally retarded and public schools today represent institutionalized child abuse. So again, who’s surprised.

  • I_h8_disqus

    Don’t blame those two female “professors”. As they point out, society has removed their ability to reason and be objective.

    • Jenda

      Society has removed its ability to rid its universities of idiots.

  • dave bainard

    Meanwhile aemeba are swimming around in total confusion.

  • Sam2

    Replace the words “white” and “male” with “black, “gay,” or “female” and you’ll see who the real bigots are.

  • Syrkai

    “if our aim is, in part, to disrupt White and/or male privilege within physics, we need to open up the space of what counts as physics.” Yes! lets start studying the relationship between your menstrual cycle and your hatred for men. Sounds like a physics experiment to me.

    • David Watts

      Nice one — I am using the Burn from this post to power a small stove. 🙂

  • Hairatic Rick

    At university women have a three to one advantage to get accepted into STEM over men, so what do they do with that artificial opportunity? This crap! Getting published in Race and Physics Teaching Journal. Race and Physics, yep those things go together. Have women always been this stupid or is this new? ????????????????????

    • MLMII

      We live in a world where survival is no longer a daily struggle.

      • David Watts

        Yet the need to have something to struggle against remains.

    • PunJabber

      Too much sugar is a recipe for diabetes (or a yeast infection). Gresham’s Law applies to virtually anything of value, not just Money.

  • Chesapeake

    They probably need a digital watch to tell time.

    • Jenda

      Time is a sexist concept!

  • Krissy M Allen

    Okay…… what do they suggest? That the laws of physics should be completely redefined for them? I’ve told my son and numerous other people when they suggested something utterly stupid….the laws of physics can’t be bent just for you! Idiots.

  • Michael Gooding

    Are these people ignorant, stupid or evil? I just can’t decide.

    • David Watts

      Ignorance + arrogance.

      • Vince Scopa

        = supid

  • Steve O

    A tripwire to detect misogyny and racism in everything except Islam. Amazing.

  • Joe McDonald
  • Robert A’Beuy

    ???? Everything is racist… ♫

  • Steve Hayes

    Several years ago, Tom Wolfe wrote an essay called “I’m Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died”. He discussed, among other things, how people pick and choose what science they believe based on their politics. It is available free online.

  • blackhorse11

    Wow. Seattle Pacific was always considered one of the top schools here in the NW. Too bad. SPU has evidently gone south with so much of academia.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    “Male socialized traits,” … adding that “objectivity and rationality themselves, the foundations of scientific ideology, are also male-socialized traits.”

    So they are saying that “Objectivity and Rationality” are male traits that give males an advantage. By that logic they are admitting that females are not objective or rational. Seems their arguments are self defeating. Based on their comments women are unable to be scientists.

  • Adrian Valle

    Cunts retort

  • David Jones

    Last time I looked, chemistry was dominated by brilliant women.

  • Jim Madison

    the professors are
    calling upon their white male peers to “disrupt privilege” by
    “recognizing their own privilege, coping with the discomfort of unfair
    advantage, and coming to see themselves as agents of change who can
    contribute to the disruption of systems of unfair advantage.”

    Here’s where the Marxism in Cultural Marxism rears its disgusting, immoral head. Disrupt systems of unfair advantage. Systems like math. Systems like logic. I don’t even know if they’re keeping any pretense about their agenda being equitable to science or humanity. I don’t even know if they care about that. They seem to only care about colored people and women feeling better about their prospects. If science, engineering and economics must be destroyed in the process, well, it’s a small price to pay for equality isn’t it?

  • Ed Warburton

    they seem to have left out vaccines. You know, the white ones.

  • mike

    I had hard struggles with Algebra so these women are way smarter than I, but their insane hate towards white males makes them unfit for teaching at any institution that uses any tax paying funds!
    I didn’t realize China, or India is dominated by white racist males!
    Plus don’t we throw a bone to the fairer sex by referencing Earth & nature as Mother?

  • Yes It Is Political

    Complete petty idiocy!