With roving bands of left-wing students brandishing weapons, and police advising imperiled professors to stay off campus, it’s no wonder Evergreen State College’s enrollment plummeted.

Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA has had a rough year, full of the worst kind of publicity. As campuses across the country have gone off the progressive deep end, Evergreen students took it three steps farther, taking faculty hostage, forcing teachers to hold class off campus, and patrolling campus for thought criminals in the least intimidating vigilante group ever. After a significant decline in enrollment, followed by a $500k settlement with aggrieved Professor Weinstein and his wife, Evergreen State College is hoping to regain its footing by sanctioning 80 of the 180 students investigated after the spring’s progressive madness, according to Breitbart.

As outrageous as the leftist violence around University of California Berkeley has become, Berkeley’s campus has one redeeming feature: law enforcement. By comparison, when Professor Weinstein, the primary victim of Evergreen’s student mob, gave his account, he said at the time, “Police are on lockdown, hamstrung by the college administration.” At one point, the school’s police chief told Weinstein frankly that he should stay off campus, as the school’s police would not be able to guarantee his safety from the roving bands of students brandishing weapons.

Unfortunately for the whole of academia, some of the faculty at Evergreen actively encouraged the students’ behavior, with support from the administration, demonstrating one of the country’s greatest education dilemmas: a liberal-dominated higher education system, in which the professors have become just as small-minded and infantile as the 20-year old students. Weinstein suggested that the color of a person’s skin should not determine whether they are allowed on campus, and the omni-gendered, segregationist millenial misfits – teacher and student alike – decided to demand his resignation on the grounds that his opposing segregation makes him racist.

However violent the Antifa street thugs may get at Berkeley, at least there are police to keep things in check. Evergreen State College was a “patients running the asylum” situation, with the nurses egging them on, and the orderly locked in the supply closet.


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