MILO to Humphries: ‘I’m Returning to Berkeley’

Milo joins Rusty Humphries and explains where the left’s got America wrong.

Chatting with Humphries, Milo recounted the campus atmosphere of suppressing dissent at UC Berkeley, and his plans to return to the free speech battleground in April. 

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  • True.Epic.Crusader

    With respect, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • David Watts

      Same here. After the supreme and total triumph that was MILO’s “Free Speech Week,” my breath will not be held…

      • That wasn’t Milo’s fault. The Berkeley administration is terrible, threatening anyone who invites conservative or libertarian speakers.

        • David Watts

          That is completely true. However, it doesn’t preclude that same administration from repeating those same actions in April. It’s guaranteed, I’d think.

          • Bryce Byerley

            …and that’s why MIlo should keep threatening to return to Berkeley, going through the motions and even shelling out a little bit on money for preliminary bookings. You know damn well that the city will shell out 10 times more in police overtime only to have the event canceled at the last minute. The city gov’t gets punished and the taxpayers that keep voting those idiots into office get punished as well.

      • GTKRWN

        … but that was a triumph. To anyone in the world that doesn’t have their liberal indoctrinated head so far up a monologuing late-night jewish comedian’s ass that was yet another stunning display of why the left needs to be dismantled. It shows them for what they really are: violent authoritarian communist-worshiping sociopaths willing to kill just to silence others. He doesn’t even need to speak to hand us a win; he simply needs to make the other team lose. To incite the left to expose themselves further. Every riot, every bloodied cop, every media lie that follows defending those riots, costs them dearly.

        Every time one of these events gets shut down the normal people grow to hate the disease that has become liberals even more. They lose even more votes, more seats, more elections. The lying liberal media has already lost almost all faith in the public, outside their own obedient herd of devout and mindless followers. (The jew calls them cattle for a reason.) Yet even among that group, support continues to peel off. Slowly but surely even the best goyim are waking up. Regular folk are growing sick by the constant exposure to liberal cancer on social media, by mindless golems that now dedicate their entire lives to flooding Trump tweets with hateful anti-white anti-american propaganda.The most trusted names in news have become the butt of every joke about tabloid journalism in a single year. And they did it to themselves.

        Milo is one of the greatest assets against these people, despite many of his own “right-wing” allies hating him for who and what he is, because he’s the only one that can do it. The lying media can’t simply dismantle and attack him as continuously as they do with their anti-straight-white-male-rayciss slanderous bullshit… because he’s lthe perfect opponent to their slander.

        Every time the luegenpresse tries to shut him down by calling a jewish homosexual with a black husband a “white supremacist nazi” – a label the lying media now uses to try to label literally every straight white male now- normal folk just look and laugh. He is immune to their power. And that is what makes him an incredibly dangerous faggot.

        • Ted Seay


  • bookish1

    Keep up the pressure on the fascists.

  • Quiet Desperation

    Maybe sounds defeatist, but would it be worth it to just go somewhere else? Maybe give some attention and PR to a more welcoming venue. Get sort of an opposing camp going somewhere as a rallying point.

    I mean, I’ll listen to someone who opposes North Korea’s fat kid, but I’ll not hold it against them if they don’t go to Pyongyang to speak.

    Ha ha. See what I did there? Berkeley = Pyongyang.

  • I_heard_Buddy_Bolden_Say

    Just rent a venue in Berkeley, off campus to start. Why put a student organization through hell like that all over again? Then you get your apperance, you keep BAMN and Antifa at bay, and you speak in “their” community.

  • David Jones

    Milo’s website tells us he spoke at Scottsdale on Oct 27 and Chandler on 28th. It also tells us he spoke in Kansas City on Nov 5, an event which was cancelled back in mid-October. This is a real shame as I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the events on youtube. The “Contact us” facility does not work. Does anyone know what’s going on?