Love wins with an iron fist. 

Resident Assistants at Virginia Tech are under compulsory instruction to celebrate “LGBTQ+ History Month” by attending an event and providing photographic evidence.

According to an RA, who spoke to Campus Reform on the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation, some Residence Life supervisors are forcing RAs to attend at least one of the LGBTQ+ events being held in October, and are requiring photographic evidence.

According to the anonymous RA, they are usually given a list of campus events and are encouraged to attend, but their presence is not mandatory. “We have had many past events we take residents [to], but we usually get [to] pick from a list, and not everyone needs to do each event,” the RA said.

This year, during a staff meeting, the RAs supervisor explained to them that they were required to attend an LGBTQ+ event in October, as it is “LGBTQ+ history month”.

They must invite their residents to go with them to an event they choose, stay for the entirety of the event, and document their attendance by providing photographic evidence.

Campus Reform obtained the “to-do list” for all the RAs. The list states:

Collect RCFs and complete Roommate Agreements

Find a LGBTQ+ event to attend

Shoulder Taps for the RA position

According to the RA, documenting attendance has not been required for any other events they attend.

The RA also explained that disciplinary action could be distributed for refusing to attend an LGBTQ+ event. Such action usually includes written and verbal warnings and possible termination.

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