Jennifer Lawrence says that she was pressured to stand in a “degrading and humiliating” lineup measuring her against other naked actresses.

Speaking at Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood event on Monday, Lawrence spoke at length about her own experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood. The worst instance of harassment, she says, came from both men and women during an unnamed film she acted in.

During the incident, Lawrence said she had to participate in a nude photoshoot lined up alongside other women to motivate the actresses to lose weight. Standing next to the slimmer women, the actress said that her female producer told her she needed to go on a diet. Although the actress didn’t provide a timeline for the event, it presumably happened sometime early in her career.

“The female producer told me I should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet,” she said, adding that another actress was fired for not being able to lose weight fast enough.

The actress said she asked to speak to a male producer about the stringent diet regime, only to be told that he didn’t know why everyone thought she was overweight. “He responded by telling me he didn’t know why everyone thought I was so fat, he thought I was perfectly ‘fuckable,’” said Lawrence, who said she didn’t speak up about the issue sooner because she was worried about the story being talked about in a magazine.

“I just wanted a career,” she said, adding that she felt “trapped” at the time due to her lack of power.

“I couldn’t have gotten a producer or a director or a studio head fired. I let myself be treated a certain way because I felt like I had to for my career,” she said. “I was young and walking that fine line of sticking up for myself without being called difficult, which they did call me, but I believe the word they used was ‘nightmare.’”

Jennifer Lawrence has also weighed in on Harvey Weinstein. She told Variety that she found the reports about him to be disturbing, but stated she did not experience any form of harassment from him personally. “This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting,” she said.


Feature Image via Digital Spy

  • Archie Bunker

    And funny enough she can’t stand Christians. Typical Hollywood whore.

    • Lillian Fitzpatrick

      There are many whores in Hollywood

  • fritz62

    Did someone bind and gag her and make her? If not she wasn’t forced.

    • lylo

      I think the issue is that there was serious pressure to do these things for professional reasons. I’m not excusing that behavior, but we can’t excuse people using their position to take advantage of young and often impressionable young women either. Some of the stories coming out are from when actresses were as young as 11, and those children definitely did not deserve this.
      The problem is that the current slew of actresses *are not* helping the root problem. Wow, Hollywood has a problem with violence and exploitation: whocouldaknowed?
      Well, everybody, actually: this has been an open secret for decades.
      Without demanding accountability *from the actual perpetrators* we are just p*ssing in the wind. And honestly, it is looking more and more like the ones crying ‘assault’ are just as guilty of coverup as everyone else.

      • Adam

        No one is excusing them, they’re saying people are responsible for their own actions, and that certainly applies to Weinstein and his ilk too. The entire power dynamic world view is what leads to this “perp, victim” narrative, sometimes they’re just both guilty and in lawrence’s case, yeah that’s one of those times. The 11 yos? no that’s not one of those times.

        • Mark B

          I agree with Adam. There’s no excuse for the Weinstein actions, but I’m sure Jennifer was free to leave at any time during the events of her story.

          • AZN8V

            Agreed, but I believe the point is that a female should not have to prostitute herself in exchange for a career. Sure, they can just say no in a lot of cases, but why be forced into that choice in the first place! THAT’S not fair and just wrong.

          • K Morgan

            Men have similar issues, ……you want the money, you play the
            games…go ask corey feldman. not saying its right, its just making it
            out only as a women only issue is disingenuous at best. remember we
            don’t need the division along race/gender/religion/preferences…the only division we need as a good person is to understand the right from the wrong and ensure that as often as possible we are on the right or good side.

          • Adam

            That’s not the point at all, thinking that is the point is what propagates more of this very scenario by minimising the responsibility of the cogs in the machine. It’s basically the “i was just following orders” argument rehashed.

          • Jerakeen

            I completely agree but it seems to be coming out that it didn’t just happen to women. Male actors have been used in the same way.

      • K Morgan

        exactly the term casting couch came from hollyweird… its just another porn tube channel.

      • Leanne Herda

        I guess that still her problem. I teach my kids to resist pressure and to NOT FOLLOW the crowd. If they do great, I did my job. If they take follow or go along with the pressure that is their lacking. Not mine. I still did my job, he just didnt learn the lesson. Choice….carreer or a nude photo (of any sort, lineup or not) whats your limit of what you will do for what you want. Its simple. Its like buying a house. If more people want it more people are willing to pay for it. Same, many actresses want a job, who will pay the most for it? Is it right, depends. its called pay to play folks.

      • tn_tea _ partyer_420

        Young women and young men want to be movie stars and famous they are doing this out of their own free will.

      • Don Zaloog

        Jennifer’s complaint is basically that she was asked to get in shape to get a job. Imagine if men acted that way. If the NFL or UFC was full of dudes complaining about having to lose weight? Would anyone take them seriously?

        Regarding the issue of sex for jobs, I always remember the saying, men use power to get sex and women use sex to get power. Harvey had power, these women wanted some and they were willing to do what it took to get it. I can’t say I blame either party. What I can’t stand is them pretending to be victims now. You’re not a victim, you were a legal adult(there were no underaged people involved in the Weinstein thing as far as I know) and you chose to lay on your back to advance your career.

  • shhhhh

    So… Get a real job then

  • Hairatic Rick

    Do all prostitutes and soft core porn stars say their johns raped them after they have spent the money they were paid? I don’t really understand how this works. From the start actress willingly traded sex for fame and money, why the “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”? Is it just … Acting! 😱

    • Nicholas P Boyland

      Would she have said nothing if the career was burger flipping and the manager of MacDonalds was Weinstein? Probably not. Ah, it’s about the money then.

      • Hairatic Rick

        And Oscars, there will have to be Oscars awards for women who worked their way to the top, on their backs, just like the affirmative action academy awards for being black.
        . 😁

        • Verk

          Harsh but true….

          • Hairatic Rick

            They could call it the backy. 😀

      • Tom Moulthrop

        Not a good comparison. Suing McDonalds could be very lucrative.

    • Aardvarkprops Props

      I totally agree but the thing is, Hardy should have written each of them a check for $5000 or whatever instead of trying to get it for free. I have no doubt he was able to get it for free but had he actually managed to give them some money, it would change the entire dynamic of their claim. He did give them benefit for their behavior, in the way of Parts and Films, one of Paltrow got an Oscar for sucking his cock. I know that now all of these actresses are claiming they didn’t do it but, when you think about it, there a little bit too but hurt to not have gotten fucked. I firmly believe that Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, and all of the girls that are so aggressive about this issue, definitely fucked him. Blake lively was his number one hooker 🙂 and that’s the point as far as I’m concerned. They were all hookers. Trying to get something with their pussy. Who goes to a meeting in a hotel room?? I’ll tell you who, hookers :-).

      • Simon Boardman

        Stop mansplaining … these are women…your suppposed to talk hysterically and defend them.

        • Aardvarkprops Props

          Go wipe your ass before I tell your mommy you are trolling people again…fucking 12 year old.

          • Hairatic Rick

            I believe he was being ironic.

          • Simon Boardman

            thanks Rick, it seems British irony needs a little help crossing the Atlantic 😀

          • Dawg

            Not really, there are humorless dolts everywhere. Sarcasm is a craft not learned, but given by the gods.

    • foxtrot uniform

      yeah, they only seem to have morals once they reach the multi-millionaire level. odd, that is. They can put down Trump and anyone who voted for him from their moral highground but had zero issues doing whatever to make it big in the first place.

  • Hairatic Rick

    At least now I can understand how no talent Jennifer Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Lawrence got the lead in the Hunger Games.

    • K Morgan

      Randy wants his title back!

    • Stanislav Kogan

      Garbage like HungerGames and X-men is precisely the place for a lowquality actor like her. She is basically only able to perform in roles that require high quality “piece of meat” attributes, which is exactly what she is.

      • Hairatic Rick

        I don’t think I could do her, she has that “Deliverance ” inbreeding retarded look.

  • One-Eye

    Sounds like just another day in Whore-llywood.

  • Tokkenn

    Oh my goodness do i feel so bad for her! /sarc

  • Steve O

    And here I thought that the Left has been selling the idea of a sexually open society where nudity and sleeping around is no big deal. Naked photo shoots in Hollywood have been standard for a long, long time.

    • SteveMacko

      Look up the Frankfurt School. The low-morals pushed on us by Hollywood came from that.

  • RIChristine

    ‘Forced’ is if she was at gunpoint. She made the choice.

  • lylo

    Wow, “male producer” this and “female producer” that. Sure are verifiable charges and I definitely believe she’s not just jumping on the bandwagon for press and to divert any charges of coverup on her part.

    (BTW: I don’t believe that, but I do believe I am tired of hearing about all these “terrible” things that “Weinstein… and others” did. F’ing name names. We already knew they did all these things, and most were pretty sure Lawrence was in this category–sorry, she wasn’t hired for her ‘talent.’ So if these women can’t name the actual criminals we have nothing more to talk about here; they are just as guilty as all those “male producers” that kept things quiet.)

    • Anthony Mxyzptlk

      Molly Ringwald named hers, and he denied it and then apologized anyway, if the media stories can be believed.

  • Chesapeake

    I can write fiction too.

  • Eden

    look in a few weeks the left is gonna start claiming Hollywood, of all places, is conservative because of the sexual harassment.

  • Michael Mayr

    Then WHY ARE WE JUST HEARING ABOUT IT? You are one of the biggest actresses in Harveywood! Where are the others it happened too?

  • ssgtnelson

    “… she didn’t speak up about the issue sooner ….”
    Seems to be a recurring trend among Liberals.

  • I_h8_disqus

    You’re an adult, Jennifer. Act like one. Accept that you were willing to whore yourself out for fame and fortune. Instead of telling us about some line up where the female producer called you fat, tell us about the sex you had to secure your roles. Open up about how you helped perpetuate the culture by participating.

  • Roving Gambler

    I have a tough time feeling sorry for this very highly paid female. Funny how trying to look enticing, which is what most females in Hollywood are all about, made them all vulnerable to sexual deviates but they were only trying to make millions of dollars doing just that.
    “Lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas”, no surprise there!

  • thewatercarrier

    Nobody, man or woman, deserves to be humiliated like that in order to keep their career.

    • Navybuckeye

      They do when their career choice is based on looks and comparison to others. No one made her do this movie and no on forced her to line up. She took a pay check and agreed to this but now….oh now its an issue.

      More and more of these twits will claim foul when they willingly signed their name on the dotted line.

    • happytortuga

      She appeared nude (except for blue body paint and taped holes) when she played Mystique.

  • Roger Foster

    Everyone has a choice on what they want to do. If you don’t want to do it….Don’t. End of story. Don’t whine and bitch and moan about it later. It’s her own fault. Sour faced stuck up slag.

  • Chuck Grigg

    So Jennifer doesn’t like the d although she likes the (D), go figure.

  • Sounds like the problem here was that this producer told her she was ‘fuckable’, which is rude and definitely out of line. The rest seems acceptable to me. If you need to find out if somebody is too thin or fat for a role, you don’t get measured while clothed. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was for a role in which she was supposed to appear nude or semi-nude.

    The only reason she found it demeaning appears to be because (some of?) the other women were thinner. Meh. Just get over it.

  • Minion Man

    Yet she gave nudes away for free on the internet?

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      Not really… her phone was hacked and the pictures were leaked.

      • Minion Man

        I though they were hacked because she uploaded them to “the cloud”. Kinda dumb to do that.

  • This doesn’t sound like “forced”. It sounds more like she made a choice to advance her career. It sounds like she never reported this until now.

    • NightLord_001

      if career choices are abuse then everyone who’s on call has been abused too

  • Aardvarkprops Props

    The reason why there is NO SYMPATHY for these “ladies” (and I use the term loosely), is clear. They all get paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS…they all knowingly got into an industry where this is “the way to get ahead” (pardon the pun). THESE Women don’t have any problem trading on men’s desires for financial gain…it is the premise of the cosmetic industry. First of all, I don’t believe the “rape” stories….too late, too contrived and NOT in character with ALL of the other accusations. Unlike Bill Cosby, Harvey’s pattern seems to be making unwanted advances…who hasn’t done that? All men are rebuffed at some point. (i,e, unwanted advances). Now, did he get vindictive and seek revenge on their careers? NO EVIDENCE OF THAT EITHER. The fact that we know their names supports the conclusion that IF they were passed over…it certainly did not stop their careers. This is all bullshit, feminazi, scapegoating of a man who certainly lacked judgment but never did anything criminal. I think this is sour grapes, butt hurt bitching and denial of the fact that most actresses out there reading this story WISH they had gotten invited to the hotel, would love to fuck Harvey for a part and would give their eye-teeth for one 100th of the fame and money these crybabies got.

    • MLMII

      I’m not sure that I believe Cosby actually raped anyone either.

      • Aardvarkprops Props

        Well, of the two, Cosby has the same pattern, admitted drugging women for the purpose of having sex with them (which is rape) , and only has escaped thus far due to statutory limitations.

        • MLMII

          Although I suppose I could have missed some bombshell, its my understanding that what Cosby admitted to is giving women drugs which they then willingly took and that is no more rape than a man buying me a drink for the same purposes is.

          • Aardvarkprops Props

            I don’t know where you’re from but in California a woman who has been drugged or has had too much alcohol even voluntarily, cannot give consent. Therefore, it is rape if you get a woman drunk and she wakes up the next morning naked in your bed not knowing what happened, you are guilty of rape.

          • MLMII

            Yeah, I understand how the laws are written and enforced; and although I disagree with them on the basis that I believe in the apparently outdated notion of taking personal responsibility the question that I’d have is where is the -evidence- proving that the women Cosby slept with were “too intoxicated to give consent”?

          • Aardvarkprops Props

            You don’t have to prove anything anymore if you have a vagina. All you have to do is make the accusation and the man involved either goes to jail or loses his career, probably both. Welcome to the New Age

          • MLMII

            I’m not sure I’d agree that things have gotten quite that bad thanks to jury trials but I do agree that “he said / she said” is given too weight.

  • Robert King

    I like her movies… But this is a bit silly. When you are in an industry or a specific film that requires you to disrobe how can you complain when they ask you to take off your clothes. Regardless due to “The Fappening” you can see every inch of her from every angle.

  • Stanislav Kogan

    I’m really sorry to say this, but in terms of raw acting ability Jennifer Laurence is a simple piece of meat. Without her physical qualities she is nothing, so there is very little surprise she is treated that way.

    • happytortuga

      I agree. She would not be famous at all if she had not starred in the Hunger Games. She basically plays the same character in every movie.

  • Juan Hernandez

    So… I know this girl… was about to start her acting career (gorgeous girl btw)… When she was improving and gettig better, some teachers asked her to do stuff she didnt feel comfortable with. Guess what she did? She quitted and walked out. Easy as that. She didnt let anybody tell her what to do and then obey them so she could complain after. It didnt suidted her values, so she stopped it there.

    • MLMII

      Good for her.

  • UGADawg09


  • happytortuga

    She should give the names of the people who did this to her. Same goes for Reese who claims to have been raped at age 16 by a famous director. Name the names.

  • Joe Joeseph

    This story is going viral and yet no one is pointing out that the perpetrator was a woman and that no one is naming that women (as they do men) for the person to be roasted in the court of public opinion. Why are women never criticized?

    • happytortuga

      The story is not quite adding up for me. Sounds like the female producer was present during the line-up. She’s the one who told Jennifer to lose weight and then Jennifer sought out a male producer to question him about whether or not she needed to diet. Point being, I don’t think men were present during the line-up.

  • Jim Austin

    Hollywood leftists have long taken a tolerant and indulgent stance on sexual harassment, sexual assault and even rape of women seeking a career in show business, even as they lectured us about women’s rights and equality. Now they have been thoroughly exposed for their hypocrisy, moral duplicity and selective indignation.

  • CC

    I think Harvey Weinstein is a real toad but I wish Jennifer Lawrence would explain how was this “forced” upon her? Seriously, I wish to understand her reasoning.

  • Bill Harrison

    People are not looking at an important part of her story. She was standing nude in a line-up with other women whose ONLY PURPOSE IN BEING NUDE WAS TO MOTIVATE HER TO LOSE WEIGHT. Where’s her sympathy for these women? Where is her outreach to the women who were only used as pieces of meat to guilt her into losing weight? Unlike other people here, I think she’s a very good actress (if you doubt it, watch her early film Winter’s Bone), but for a long time now she’s been in a position where she could bring attention to this stuff. And she hasn’t done it. And even now, she is refusing to name names.

  • Jerald

    She gets paid millions and knowingly whored herself out when the had the ability to say no. No sympathy.

  • De Plorables Unum

    Damage control – she said yes and got paid. Now she feels bad? Give back all the money.

  • Evangeline Fasig

    She was not forced to do anything. She could have said no. She chose to participate because, in her own words, “she wanted a career”. I would have told them to go blow smoke up their ass. Fame and fortune are not the be all and end all of everything. My husband and I moved to California because I wanted to be an actress. I tried for five years. I went on auditions and never once was I harassed of assaulted or even in any way inappropriately spoken to. After five years, when my career had gone no where, I gave up on my dream, and went back to my original career of nursing. You always have options.

  • Tom Stout

    That’s what humiliated her?? Not the hundred or so naked cell phone pictures she took of herself and sent around the world?

  • Eduard Virgiliu

    Weinstein and J lawrence.
    Weinstein: look at me, I will jack off to this plant.
    Jennifer: you can use my boobs if you can give me an Oscar.

  • freenclear

    This from a broad that has pics of herself squatting over some guys little dick on her own phone.

  • Msgard

    I dont personally feel she felt demeaned by what she had to do. She wanted the part and I believe she would have done anything for it. She is that nasty. Im boycotting her work because she doesnt deserve my money.She has a big attitude problem.

  • Ylem00

    Am I the only one who finds it difficult to believe that Harvey didn’t come on to JLaw?

  • Libby Taylor

    She wasn’t “forced” . She chose to participate as the price of advancing her career. Her career, her choice.

    • 0bsoleteMan

      Personal accountability? How dare you advocate that people take responsibility for their own choices! Racist!

    • Anthony Mxyzptlk

      Libby – I agree. Freedom of choice includes the right to make bad or even distasteful choices. It is important to preserve this freedom, even though some people suffer from their bad choices later on.

  • Jai Ivanoff

    well if she needs to take cloths of for movie and rub her tits in co stars face than yes she needs to look good and they need to see b4 they cast

  • Jai Ivanoff

    the lefties would be happy with fat feminists taking lead roles in movies well i wouldn’t i want chicks that show me nice boobs how can they tell without looking when casting or are we to make all films pg rated or use cgi to cover up the hale damage

    • Kimmy3

      I think Lena Dunham should be in charge of all casting!

  • Jai Ivanoff

    the next thing stripers will be complaining “we think dirty thoughts ” they are only complaining now because they are to old . and scared hotter chicks and better c##k s##kers will take there roles

  • Firestar45

    Why is anyone surprised by the revelations that the industry that invented the casting couch and sex perversion hasn’t changed a bit?

  • CuckLivesMatter

    Jennifer, you’re doing it wrong. You have to wait until your career is in gutter to allege sexual harrasment. See Rose McGowan or Rosanna Arquette as an example.

  • Kimmy3

    And now we have this #MeToo bull shit on FB. Mass hysteria that every woman, everywhere, everyday is being sexually assaulted and raped. I’m all for exposing this pig Weinstein but for no a bunch nobodies to gleefully exclaim their supposed victim status to the world is gross.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Oh how horrible it must be to make huge tons of cash like that. Wah wah wah.

  • Ayo lemme get dis straight: They skank their way to the top then call it abuse when convenient to score SJW points. Of course.

  • Do you really think Jason Statham wouldn’t be fired tomorrow if he became Fat?

    Question: When it comes to weight, where’s the double standard?
    Answer: There is none.

  • jpeters3270

    I’ve been wonder over the last few years why Hollywood doesn’t create Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck any more. The current crop of actresses are mediocre and forgettable. Now I know why. The great actresses that want to make it on their skills and talent alone won’t take this crap and are probably doing community theatres. Its the mediocre that know this is the only they will make it and are willing to prostitute themselves. Pathetic.

  • Irredeemable OC5150

    JLaw is talentless and unwatchable.

  • Anthony Mxyzptlk

    The amazing thing to me is that everyone keeps pretending this is new. Hollywood has been like this for 80 or 90 years at least. Young women who want lead acting roles often have to endure sexual intercourse with fat, sweaty, ugly, smelly, unlikeable middle aged men in order to get those roles. And sometimes they don’t get them anyway.

  • Sarah Benton

    She just assumed the genders of those “male” and “female” producers,
    Are we just going to ignore that?

  • Kirk Hannah

    I want to see proof!

  • Bill Via

    Wait wait….hasn’t she been very outspoken against Trump….jump on the Hollyweird bash Trump wagon? So Trump is so horrible but oh, by the way, she forgot to inform the actor’s union that she had to unwillingly pose nude? Bashing Trump is more important than getting an industry under control that is disrespectful and abusive to women?

  • tn_tea _ partyer_420

    This storyline is getting old, young women want to be movie stars, old men who have power money and ability , want to bang young women who want to be movie stars. people are acting shocked like this is the first time they’ve ever heard that this happens in Hollywood. I’m getting pissed off at the women for not speaking up sooner.

  • Elsa

    The entire acting business from theatre school in university, to hitting the pavement auditioning and not being able to pay your bills, and then for the lucky few who make it big is built on “fear.” Those who haven’t experienced to the degree that it is engrained in young actors don’t understand to what lengths it’s considered acceptable to prostitute yourself and your ethics for the craft. As an acting student my theatre department was built on fear and my professors used it to their advantage. It was mentally abusive. That is normal for many programs. If your early training or coaching teaches you that as acceptable, there is a reason why it takes such huges extremes before something comes out, as of recent the degenerate Harvey Weinstein. And in the case for Jennifer Lawrence it was a female producer wanting her to take the nude pics. So gender aside, the whole business is vile. Love the art (when it’s good), but hate the business.

    And in addition because Hollywood is so blind to their hypocrisy because of the acceptance of abuse and fear, they feel they can preach to us plebes.

  • Hairatic Rick

    Hollywood needs actress so Hollywood can give the best parts to the best actresses or passable actress who are willing to fuck their way to the top. Who gets the parts? The real victim are the best actresses who will not get on their knees like the humdrum actresses who do. I have no pity or respect for the “on their back” actress and the slime ball producers who keep soso acting in movies. #ToHellWithThemAll

  • Deserttrek

    sorry but she did NOT have to participate
    she could have walked out and chose not to

    NO sympathy for this incident

  • @Menace

    So at what point was she “forced” to do this? She could have walked out at any moment.

  • Sixty Ville

    If I was her, then I wouldn’t have kept the pictures on my phone.

  • Mark Swan

    How much she did make from those movies? Just out of curiosity how much human dignity is worth.

  • highlatte

    No, she was not forced, she chose to do it. Period. Own your actions.

  • Skeptic

    Mulholland Drive

  • This whinging many years after the fact really annoys me. She wasn’t forced to do anything. She, like many other young women that wanted to become stars prostituted themselves into the business. It’s obvious that with some films there are going to be naked scenes and as such they of course are going to view the actresses naked as part of the audition process. You can always say “NO”

    It’s going to be hard to discover who genuinely was sexually asaulted and/or harrassed, and who did it, with every female actress coming forward with simply gripes. There’s probably not a female involved with making films that doesn’t feel dirty now they have made it to the top.

  • Don Zaloog

    Oh, such degradation! She had to go on a diet and ended up earning millions of dollars. I wish I had that problem. Is she serious? This is her idea of sexual harassment? I’m sure if she said, “I’m not comfortable with this” and left nobody would’ve cared to stop her. She *chose* to get naked in front of strangers in her effort to land that job.

    Just because you regret doing something doesn’t mean it wasn’t your choice and she knew that if she refused, there were literally thousands of other women who were more than willing to do it, so she bit that bullet. No complaining now.

    I thought she was feminist. aren’t they all about body positivity and the beauty of the female body and all that other happy horseshit? Well, celebrate. Mazel Tov. I can’t feel sorry for millionaires complaining that the path to becoming a millionaire had a few embarrassing bumps along the way.

  • Don Zaloog

    Remember these were the same people lecturing the rest of America, specifically Trump supporters, about how evil we were for voting a man who said “grab them by the pussy” into office. Remember the women’s march? Guess who was in the audience of the women’s march along with thousands of his fellow feminists. Harvey Weinstein.

    Oh, the hypocrisy of the liberal Hollywood elite. It’s a never ending fountain of LOLs.

  • Danlantic

    Narcissistic Jennifer whining again. She wanted a career w/o hard work.

    Compare Charlize Theron who has made herself skinny and ugly or fat and ugly (or beautiful) as the role requires. A real trouper.

  • Seahawks530

    hahah What a joke,, anyone see her “fappening” photo’s?? No shame in this person at all.

  • djmc993150

    I don’t believe her. She must show us the pictures to prove it..