An op-ed published at HuffPost written by the hosts of Kicking the Kyriarchy claims “all white people are racists.”

Elena Guthrie and Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton are hosts of the podcast Kicking the Kyriarchy. It is an “intersectional feminist” podcast that is “designed to challenge.” These two white women bring on women of different races to discuss all issues that affect women.

In their piece for HuffPost they talk about how no matter what, all white people are racist.

According to the Oxford Dictionary racism is defined as “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” However, according to them, this definition is inadequate.

“The widely recognised definition of racism is missing something important. Structural power,” they said.

They go on to use transgender model Munroe Bergdorf as an example of said racism. Bergdorf was fired from L’Oreal after the bi-racial model took to Facebook to call all white people racist.

“The world is not equal for everyone. It’s a tilted stage where whiteness is centre stage, it’s the norm and those in the spotlight aren’t given the tools to recognise it. Recognising this is important, white readers (ourselves included, obvs), you can be critical about the privilege we have but didn’t ask for, and still benefit from it. Just don’t let that guilt get in the way of being an ally and calling out racism when you see it, nobody’s got time for those white tear.”

These two ladies who “recognize their privileges as white women” argued that white people shouldn’t be upset when called racist.

“All white people are racist, because all white people exist in a racist power structure that we aren’t actively fighting to dismantle. Racists don’t just wear white pointy hats and say the ‘n’ word, by doing nothing, any and every white person is still taking advantage of a power structure that favours us. Don’t be more upset with being called racist than actual racism.”



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  • 0bsoleteMan

    They just confirm what most of us have known of the left for years.

  • Nancy Phelps

    Judging people based on their race is the definition of racism. Now google projection as a coping mechanism.

  • Deplorable Sterling Archer

    The delusional Marxist morons forgot to add, “And Communism destroys those racist power structures and balances the world so we can usher in a perfect utopia. Yay Communism.”

    • Zipowitz

      Nailed it!

    • Jesse James

      I was only going to give you a perfect ten, but added one for really sticking the landing on that shiv.

    • Texaner in London

      A perfect Communist utopia – like China and North Korea.

      Oh wait, those are two of the most racist countries on the planet.

      It’s almost as if the left in the West were too lazy to think about where they want all of us to end up – or the Western left is made up of closet racists. I’m betting on the latter.

  • misha1d1

    The entire premise is wrong, morally bankrupt, and completely racist. Judging someone by the color of their skin is racist.

    • Zipowitz

      They don’t get the irony.

      • Mike Punter

        … or the stupidity

    • 0bsoleteMan

      True, but that’s why we laugh at them.

      There’s no need to engage in self-immolation to attempt to prove to a leftist that one isn’t racist. It won’t work anyway, and you’ll just look weak and stupid for doing it.

      Laugh at them instead.

  • LiveFreeOrDie


  • Typical

    Here’s the thing: Maaaaaaaaaaybe them calling everyone racist all the time has emboldened the actual tiny number of kkk and white supremacists in the population, since they’re calling everyone racist anyway, the true racists can hide in plain sight?

    • Greg Golan

      I’m a “true racist.”
      White Pride

      • Typical

        Sure you are, troll account created 2 weeks ago to troll breitbart and milo with transparent and ridiculous white power posts. You guys suck at this.

  • carlos bento

    im starting to get rly fed up being called racist, pretty soon i will be what u acuse me of!

    • Nahalban

      Don’t feel bad about it. I this black guy I work with voted for Trump said he has been called a white supremacist so many times he is starting to hate black people.

      • carlos bento

        wow..thats so crazy….

      • Chris Pyatt

        OMG….that is so wrong but hilarious at the same time

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    they better hope white people dont all say “fuck it” and lean in.

    • Greg Golan

      That must happen.
      White men and women wake up!!!

      • Kimmy3

        You be woke, bro!

  • HT

    Calling everyone racist is not surprising, it’s intellectually lazy, something liberals excel at.

  • David68

    So we should stereotype and judge people by the color of their skin?

  • BooBooBaby

    It’s Virtue Signaling Self Hating SJW LibTurds like this that’s dividing and causing more racism and racists… every race, everywhere.

  • shhhhh

    All huffpo readers are idiots… See we can over generalize groups of people also… I hope rational sense makes a come back soon

  • Steve

    If they mean “white liberals”, then yeah.

    White people? Nah, bro.

  • David Henry

    The black guy in the barbershop next to me whispering how he hated Boise because there are too many whites. That’s not racist is it? Everybody is a racist except God. Apparently he hates all of us equally.

    • Greg Golan

      White people existing is racist to them.
      The races aren’t equal, and as long as whites exist the left will struggle with the cognitive dissonance that troubles them; how supposedly “equal” groups fail to measure up again and again.

      The rational explanation, which is the one backed by genetics, history, and neuroscience, is that these outcomes are representative of differences in biology.

      That’s the ultimate evil to the left. Thus they construct ahistorical, reductionist, absurd fantasies based on “oppression” in order to explain away the contradictory evidence reality continually throws at their amygdalas.

  • Nahalban

    And? I’ve been a racists since 08 when I didn’t vote for obama.

  • Charles Perigord

    If all white people are racist, it necessarily follows that it is pointless to call white people racist because they were born that way and can’t do anything about it. It also follows that white people should not feel guilty about being racist or holding nonwhite people to the same standards as they hold other white people. So under this school of thought, a white man accused of racism would be justified in answering, “I was born this way. What’s your excuse?”

  • taijiguy .

    Claiming that all white people are racist is like claiming that you’re an asshole.

  • webkilla

    the huffpo source link is missing – its not working for me – I really need to see the thing here

  • Joe Blow

    What exactly racist laws are these brainless LW khunts referring to?

  • Paul

    Those two white women should step aside and let two colored transexual women take over their podcast as they’re making themselves centre stage and silencing others. /s

    Speaking of being centre stage it the stage is titled then one side would be higher than the other side were the centre being somewhere between. That means white people are not the top. The ones at the top must be the Asians.

  • Chris Leroux

    All people are prejudiced. Not everyone is a racist.

  • Anthony Djuren

    What a sad and horribly flawed article.

  • Adrian Valle


  • Isahiah62

    file under: really stupid white people who want to incite race war against people of their own color skin.

  • rhadagastt

    The irony is that these two white women ARE racist… but it’s against their own race. I’ve never had one of these racial hucksters be able to answer me this question: If Oprah were to fire someone who worked for her purely because of his or her race, is that racism? Also this: If two black thugs attack a person on the street because of their race, is that racism? At the point of the attack, the “power structure” is tilted in the thugs’ favor. So by the definition put forth by these two women, the two thugs are racist.

  • Texaner in London

    Well, since all white people are still racist and nothing has improved since the supposedly evil 1950s, we might as well bring the 50s back. At least that way we’ll have:

    – Decent entertainment
    – Actual family-friendly prime time TV
    – Great music
    – The luxury to not worry about people spitting in our food at restaurants
    – Schools where kids learn to read and the worst misbehavior is chewing gum
    – Grownups who dress and act like adults
    – Money made out of gold and silver
    – People who still go outdoors to have fun