Following the harrowing discovery of “racist” drawings on an erasable whiteboard in a campus study lounge, student leaders assembled an hours-long emergency meeting to demand that the school take racist incidents more seriously.

Turns out, the whole thing was a hoax. But that didn’t stop the outrage.

According to the campus paper, Pipe Dream, the drawings contained “racist depictions of black people, including racial slurs and allusions to slavery.” The pictures in question were shared on Twitter by an outraged student who took photos and complained: “We got race issues. Acknowledge it.” She helpfully included a “content warning” for easily-triggered viewers.

“racist af, slurs used,” she wrote.

The images that were drawn on a whiteboard in the school’s Endicott Hall were erased soon after being documented and reported to the police.

Binghamton’s New York State University Police (UPD) investigated the drawings and found it to be nothing more than a hoax. Two unnamed individuals who admitted to police that they made the drawings say that they were done as a “social experiment.”

The Student Association’s VP for multicultural affairs, Josh Gonzalez, said that many students and alumni contacted him about the incident, which led him to organize the town hall to “facilitate a discussion about racial discrimination at the school that the administration has been reluctant to start.”

“It’s important for the University to be very serious about instances of racial discrimination, specifically when they’re anti-black, because the University can often respond to different instances of discrimination,” said Raul Cepin, another VP for the student union.

Attendees reached a consensus that the school administration didn’t take the incident seriously because of the language they used in describing the drawings. The university said that the drawings were “characterized as racist” instead of “racist.”

University officials may not be treating the incident seriously because of the UPD’s own findings on the matter.

Furthermore, as Cepin noted in the town hall meeting, police never disclosed the appearance or race of the artists. He asked if they were “students of color.” Another student suggested that if they are, there needs to be more outreach.

It appears on campus there is zero tolerance for adolescent mischief.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    Chapter 3 of my new book “How to get trigger-happy without even owning a gun”.

  • Chesapeake

    Bring back streaking.

    • Hairatic Rick

      I read that in the 1920 university students would eat live goldfish or attempted to get the most people in phone booth. Of course, back then feminist were not as crazy as they all are now. ❄????❄????❄

  • Texaner in London

    The best part is forcing SJW trash to call the “racist, evil” cops to save them from the “racist, evil” cartoons. Muahahaha

  • Paul

    Administration: we don’t have a racism problem.
    Student: oh really, what about these cartoons that appeared just after our meeting. Whispers “Put those pens down Jamal.”

  • Racist or not, why were the Police called? (Honestly, the guy jumping the hurdle is the depiction of a black man.)


    MILO NEWS write — …harrowing discovery of “racist” drawings…

    Why the quotation marks?
    That doesn’t look racist to you. (Am I missing something here.)

    • Agent 99

      Read the story: it was fabricated as a “social experiment”. Fake.

      • Constitutionalist56

        Dante is a “Concern Troll” I blocked him long ago and I suggest you do the same.

        • NeilM

          you block everything you don’t ‘like’?

          • Constitutionalist56

            Especially concern trolls, pollutes the thread and wastes my time.

          • GTKRWN

            If I wanted to listen to the rantings of liberals, liars, and the billionaire jews paying for their internet shill campaigns I’d be reading (((CNN.)))

    • I_h8_disqus

      The quotation marks are there to point out that it was a hoax or “social experiment”. My use of quotation marks shows you that I don’t view it as a social experiment. We have two identity politics agitators who deserve to be punished by the school.

      • NeilM

        no they don’t . . .if you’re ‘agitated’ by something like that you’re sick and need professional help

    • NeilM

      that shouldn’t trigger anyone, and the ‘N-‘ is gangsta, so . . .

  • CuckLivesMatter

    I’ve been to Binghamton once, the city is dump with a lot of hoodrats. I’m sure the police have a lot of real crimes to deal with than a cartoon on whiteboard. Also wouldn’t it be easier to just find an eraser?

  • Michael Gooding

    She got grammar issues.

  • Lilian Hubert

    Bring back streaking.

  • Steve O

    ‘they were done as a “social experiment.”’
    — In other words, they were done by libtards. There would be much less overt expression of racism in this world if liberals would quit it with their “social experiments.”

  • Steve O

    “University officials may not be treating the incident seriously because of the UPD’s own findings on the matter.”
    — We all know that their “social experiment” was not sanctioned by any sociology professor as part of a class project. Why do the students get a free pass? Why are they not immediately suspended or expelled?

    • GTKRWN

      Just a coincidence, you stupid goyim.

  • Agent 99


  • myddrinemrys

    The pictures in question were shared on Twitter by an outraged student who took photos and complained: “We got race issues. Acknowledge it.” She helpfully included a “content warning” for easily-triggered viewers.

    It was on a WHITE BOARD, which makes it even MORE racist!!!!!

    Too bad someone couldn’t do something sensible, like shake their head at the stupidity and erase it, then go on with their lives…….

    • PunJabber

      You bet! That’s black-letter law!

    • deejayaz


      We don’t know she didnt draw it herself either

      • myddrinemrys

        FAKE a hate crime????? Shocked, I tell you. Shocked I am at such a suggestion.

        Let me retire to my fainting couch whilst someone fetches my smelling salts. 😛

  • Constitutionalist56

    Tell me, why is any criticism of blacks viewed as “racism”? Isn’t it true that “blacks” are themselves the greatest RACISTS there are? Because they cannot view a single thing without using “race” as the lens they look through?
    Enough of your inane lies! 90% of all “racist” messages are done by these racist blacks to begin with and it has ALWAYS been this way so they can create sympathy at the same time they create division.

    • GTKRWN

      “Racism” is libspeak for “fuck whitey.” White people are quite literally the only people that even can be racist, according to our mandatory diversity-education courses at our liberal indoctrination centers.

      Thankfully we have (((white))) men like Professor Goldbergstein to speak out about how awful white people are, and how they all deserve to be killed in a way that completely isn’t calling for genocide, because genocides only happen against innocent jews over and over again throughout for completely no reason at all except antisemetism you stupid goyim.

  • lobo81865

    Typical racist, SJW’s. No controversies exist, so let’s make them up.

  • David Watts

    It wasn’t racist: they were just quoting any of 1,000 current rap songs. Or, are those racist too?

    • GTKRWN

      It’s only racist if a white person sings nigger-lyrics outloud.

  • Audrey Thomas

    Those little snowflake babies shouldn’t even be in this country, much lass at a university.

  • Jane Wilson

    First of all it’s ‘we’ve’ got race issues, not ‘we’ got race issues. I’d say they have more of an EDUCATION issue but that’s me. That said, the school needs to step up and remind people that EVERYBODY in America has 1st amendment rights. Like it or not, you are allowed to be ‘racist’ and draw ‘racist’ pictures if you want. It’s called freedom.

    • NeilM

      well really it’s, ‘We have race issues’, although you probably do need a touch of ‘plantation’ in there for cred

      • Jane Wilson

        We’ve is a contraction of we have. Used with the word ‘got’ it’s grammatically correct. ”We’ve got” or is fine. “We got” isn’t. Your sentence is fine, but used with ‘got’ (incorrect grammar to begin with) you need the ‘we’ve’ to kind of fix it.

    • Joe Blow

      Your dealing functionally illiterate lowlifes who need these race issues to protect themselves from the ugliness inside themselves.

  • Bryce Byerley

    That’s ridiculous to call the police. Everyone knows that they should have gone straight to the FBI.

  • Pat Patrix

    I’m so shocked that it was a hoax. Not like that’s the case 99% of the time.

  • Calvin

    Those involved should be “characterized as stupid”.

  • ranterator

    Racism as a social experiment… Really, do these college idiots not understand that the end result is mass murder? But social engeneering is what communism is all about. From Gulags to a simple drawing on an eraserboard.

  • jewel5

    Oh Jesus, so now you can get arrested for drawing a picture someone doesn’t like??

  • Bill

    So where there is no racism, and no need for discussion, they want to create racism, so discussion can be done, so ……..

    • GTKRWN

      The victim cult loses their power if there are no victims. They are so privileged they have to invent reasons to be offended.

  • ScienceFiction97

    I bet they wrote that stuff themselves. Looks like the scribbling of an edgy middleschooler.

  • David Jones

    One wonders how the students ever find any time to read their books.

  • Eric Li

    Apparently, the students who did this were black. As a current student of Binghamton University, I find it very irresponsible for student leaders to quickly jump to conclusions before trying to get more details oh this incident. They even called out our University President for not being responsible enough to use the “right words” to condemn the incident, while in reality, the President of the school was simply being responsible the whole time and to wait for more details to come in before making an official statement. So many of the students who have the time to even waste their time with this stupidity and racist drawings are those who take the most bullshit majors and have all the time on their hands to take an opportunity like this to make themselves look like they are the saviors of the world by making a statement denouncing these drawings and to hold a town hall that was unwelcoming to white allies who tried to stand in support of POC students. When an University Diversity officer tried to ask students what they wanted her to do, they tried to shut her down. In this world, we don’t have the ability to stop people from hurting your feelings. The real world is a world where your feelings get Hurt every single day. I am so sick of this liberal oasis paradise bullshit that has made us more decisive and angry from all angles.

  • Joe Blow

    Beat or shoot them in the head, then burn them. Those zombies are braindead

  • Chris Brown



    Liberals and the jewish media that control them have been insisting for decades that it doesn’t matter how often they lie, or what they’re lying about; it’s “about the discussion our endless lies generates.”

    They always lie.