Though Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade has been under fire from the left for expressing the concern, in a segment honoring the 9/11 victims, he pondered whether we’re going to start seeing calls among the left to take down the 9/11 memorials.

With statues being toppled left and right across the country, there are concerns among the right, many of whom support honoring the history, including the Confederacy, as integral to the very essence of the country. Centrists have expressed similar concerns, sometimes citing ISIS’ behavior across the middle east, where the notorious terrorist group is going around toppling statues. Liberal media has adopted the radical position, portraying anyone that doesn’t agree as a white nationalist. Naturally, those who most want American history to be whitewashed of the unpleasant stuff are those associated with such things, so actual neo-nazis and KKK, are coming out ahead here, even if the left doesn’t seem to recognize that.

Once the Democrats managed to abolish most reminders that Robert E. Lee existed, the more extreme left – though that’s a fairly wide swath of the left these days – has started making demands to remove memorials of others from American history who they’ve now decided are evil. Even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are being targeted now, and it may only be a matter of time before Mount Rushmore becomes the new faceless Sphinx.

Confederates, who the left seem to believe all owned slaves themselves, and only wanted to defend the practice of slavery, were largely not wealthy enough to own slaves. It’s hard not to logically conclude, then, if non-slave owner confederates are evil, then slave-owning politicians must certainly be evil.

The next step in this sort of logic is, of course, removing any reminder of any kind of inequality. Now, with a fervent push to separate Islamist terrorism from the religion, things like the 9/11 memorials can easily be portrayed as monuments to Islamophobia and racism (Islam is not a race, but don’t tell the Democrats.) As such, it doesn’t seem unlikely at all that there will be a call to remove them at some point, and I’d wager it’s much sooner than the “100 years from now” Kilmeade predicted.


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  • Hairatic Rick

    They won’t take it down, they will just change it into the Muslim Center of Peace. Feminist Marxist do so deary love their muslemsylvanian overlords. HA! ????

  • Rusty Esq

    If I didn’t know the background to what’s going on, I’d assume this article was tin foil hat territory. The idea of Rushmore being vandalised is a fringe idea, but it’s possible.

    What this article reflects is that the left has become radicalised and everyone else (including conservatives) are distancing themselves from these racist and sexist radicals. The media has known they are alienating the majority of people for some time. Rather than saying “we shouldn’t marginalise most of our readers”, these idiots are doubling down. Labelling everyone right of “Nana Mouskouri” as a white supremacist is the stupidest thing I’ve seen. Yet, almost every media outlet is playing this dangerous game, including overseas media outlets.

    Will 9/11 monuments be pulled down? Most probably not. However, I didn’t expect Columbus and Jefferson statues to be under attack either. An ethical media would have condemned these actions, not excused them.

    • ShikokuPrincess91

      They will turn more and more people into actual white nationalists if they don’t stop.

      In Shinano the people there have an old saying, “throw rocks at a saru (Japanese macaque-short for nihonzaru. In English they are called “snow monkeys”) enough times and you will remake him a tiger”
      Seems appropriate there.
      The leftist media in your country (and all countries) should take heed.


    I see Fox is finally learning from Daddy and has upped their game to 3D Chess. Plant the idea in a liberal’s head and they will obey mindlessly. Get them attacking what the majority of Americans still respect and the majority just wishes to begin aggressively purging this cancer even more. It’s why Trump got them attacking Washington and Lincoln statues, just by bringing it up. Brilliant!