In the latest Man of Steel comic from DC Comics, Superman protects a group of illegal aliens from a white supremacist who is upset about losing his job. 

In the latest issue of Action Comics #987, Superman saves a group of illegal immigrants by standing in front of them as an evil white man with an American flag bandana tries to shoot them for taking his job.

The comic, entitled “The Oz Effect,” depicts Superman blocking the bullets fired at the illegal immigrants as he commands the despicable white man to “Stop this!”

“They ruined me! Stole from me!” the white man says.

The only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul — is you!” Superman replies.

When police arrive, Superman, who is meant to fight crime, tells the authorities to make sure the illegal immigrants are “safe and cared for.”

“Anything you say, Superman!” one officer responds.

According to DC Comics, Superman is no longer American. He once stood for “truth, justice, and the American way,” but now he is merely a “citizen of the world.”

One could draw the conclusion that Superman himself is an illegal alien.

Comments on the subject of the comic were unsurprisingly negative on Twitter.


In 2011, Superman claimed he could no longer identify as American as “the world’s too small, too connected,” to only work with the United States.

DC Comics should be careful not to fall into the same social justice trap Marvel did with Black Panther and the Crew.

The comic followed Black Panther, Misty Knight, Luke Cage, Storm, and former Avenger Manifold in their fight against police violence in Harlem. The story was based around a character named Ezra Keith, who dies while in police custody.

Unsurprisingly, Black Panther and the Crew was canceled after only six issues.

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  • Jesse James

    Also, Gal Gadot just brandished her feminist bona-fides for a recent magazine cover.

    I will not be watching movies anymore. I love the nostalgia, the artistry, and the science behind creating these beautiful works of art. However, like painting, statues, and academia, SJWs ruin everything they touch.

    They’re like the Midas touch, except rather than making things gold, they entropy it to ash. And still can’t eat for themselves. We have to do everything for them.

    If you can’t work, and do right, you got to go.

    Amnesty Don is the new Superman until I see improvement, or his supposed “4-D” chess master strategy.

    • Rusty Esq

      I loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman back in the day as she was strong and non-violent. But, the new movie was supposedly anti-violence (but we love violence and we use it all the time). The hypocrisy and senseless violence was nauseating for me (and for consistency, I didn’t enjoy the Avengers either, although Dr Strange was reasonable).

      James Cameron (who created Ripley among many other capable female leads) criticised the pathetic characterisation in the new WW movie. The media were befuddled but still attacked him anyway.

      You’re right, Hollywood is pandering to those who subscribe to identity politics (eg. Feminists). It’s pushing sexism fairly strongly. I’ve responded by filtering movies to shield my children from the brainwashing. It’s annoying and sad. I think movies can be powerful teachers.

      According to the NYT, ticket sales are down because of Rotten Tomatoes, a 30 year old site. Sure, sure, keep telling yourself that.

    • Unlucky#

      Trump had been doing his best in trying to prevent North Korea from getting an ICBM. You do understand once that happens North Korea can take out any US city at any time they want. They will also be able to reproduce them rapidly and sell them to Iran and every other country that hates the US. If only five of them existed it would be the absolute end of the world. So while I will never hesitate to call Trump out when I disagree with him, this is not and should not be one of those times for any of us. He didn’t sell out, he’s trying to prevent the end of humanity which is rapidly approaching because your last president did nothing to protect you guys; nothing, and put you all up on a path towards destruction. As far as Syria, the government isn’t going to war with them as he has stated. That move gained him support with republicans who didn’t vote for him, got people in the media to stop talking about Russia, sent a statement to the world that he won’t hesitate to act, and he warned the Russian troops ahead of time so that no one would be harmed. There have been reports that the airfield was back in use the next day. So it didn’t hurt them in the fight against ISIS and managed to help him in several areas. I hate to say “4D chess” like you mentioned, but honestly. Now that some time has passed and we can look at what came out of that it was a great move whether Assad was responsible for the past attack or not.

      • one plus


        • Jesse James

          Yeah, I’m all for stopping that idiot family raping, and running, NK into the ground with it’s people. However, because of the last several presidents, and clearly he doesn’t understand the last Korean war, China wants it this way. We can’t go after that family because China doesn’t want a one, to two, million person army on the Korean peninsula aimed right at their back bung hole. They don’t care about the N Koreans. They can all starve to death as long as they keep the US from having China completely boxed in. Like the last Korean war, or current depending on POV, China will send another two contingents of troops down to meet us without warning. And I am telling you, they will be better trained, armed, and fortified this time. Not to mention that our improved ability for night time bombing, like we didn’t have last time, will be a mute point. Cause they got it too. They can prevent another Inchon from happening with their fleet, and massive amounts of anti-ship cruise missiles.

          Keep telling yourself there is an easy solution. There isn’t. Unless you are a real life Tony Stark who can Iron Man us one to two hundred years into the future technology wise so China backs down. And also, doesn’t steal it.

          Good luck with that. From Nixon on, we have had nothing but pussy ass presidents. Save maybe Reagan.

          • one plus

            imagine russia walks into america using the same reason like you dudes wants to liberate north korea. let me guess. you dont think a war would kill most koreans like those samsung workers etc? you think this is a chess game?

          • Jesse James

            LOL. When did I say I wanted to liberate North Korea? Or that I don’t understand the strategy of a despotic regime looking to gain the “great equalizer” in nuclear weapon form? Of course it would kill a lot of Koreans. However, ask the Koreans what they want? China and NK to the North are concocting weapons of mass destruction and convenient buffer zones that have divided them and their families for decades. And now, both are threatening the South Korea and the US, stealing our tech, and threatening us with economic and military destruction. And I have to worry about some pedantic concern troll thoughts on my character? Your BS is non-sequitur. Get a grip, and some reading comprehension snowflake.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Superman himself is an illegal.

    • Scheldon Fernandes de Oliveira

      And a alien too

    • Hairatic Rick

      And it wears tights almost as well as RuPaul. ????

      • Jesse James

        With “Matt Damon’s” buddy playing Batman, it will only be a matter of time before Supes dumps Lois for Bruce. That will be one Jerry Springer episode where everyone dies. LOL

    • Ilean Ywrtyw

      Adopted by an american couple and granted legal citizenship.

      • 0bsoleteMan

        Not in the current version. This time he landed in Mexico and was brought over by other illegals. He then got citizenship via a previous amnesty.

  • Mr Nobody

    CNN is totally connected to this stuff so its all going to be politicized and not well thought out. Even Mad Magazine was a liberal rag by 2006.


    Never was a fan of Superman personally but they’d better keep their hands off of my Batman.

  • Steve O

    I think this is part of a plan to kill the Superman franchise.

  • Rekt

    So long as conservatives pay for their own demise it will never stop.
    Google/YouTube is raking in millions in ad revenue. Who do you think pays for that? Poor retarded lefty or working conservative?
    DC and Marvel is funded by cuckservatives, that still buy their crap.

    • 0bsoleteMan

      It’s like how other conservatives continue to complain about ESPN’s presenters hating on them and how NFL players sit for the anthem… but they stubbornly refuse to cut the cord or ditch the dish, because muh sportsball.

      • Ball_Buster®

        Sorry to burst the bubble there, but I haven’t watched Especially Stupid People Network in over 25 years. Useless station as many of my conservative friends also. I have my dish, but just watch Hockey or car racing as my sports. Football, baseball, basketball are just trash. Hence why their ratings are at all time lows.

        • 0bsoleteMan

          But as long as espn is in your lineup you continue to finance it.

      • Unlucky#

        There has been a rise in people cutting their cable lately. I suggest you become more informed.

        • 0bsoleteMan

          There has been a rise but as long as there is even one conservative who hasn’t cut the cord or ditched the dish that is one too many.

          And there are still many, many self-described conservatives who are still fans of the NFL.

          • Unlucky#

            Give it time.

          • 0bsoleteMan

            I hope the trend picks up. ESPN peaked at over 100 million customers a few years ago. They’re down to about 88 million now. They’re experiencing a slow burn.

          • Unlucky#

            Good. Good. Let the hate flow.

      • Hairatic Rick

        The dish is so 1990s – obsolete. I stream everything, no ads, I watch when I want to and no over priced crap! I don’t even watch local TV. ????

  • BorderGuard

    SUPERMAN IS A SUPERPUSSY. One little piece of kryptonite takes the beta twerp out.

    • Hairatic Rick

      Lord Pepe, is Kekistani green, too. To hell with Cuckerman!

  • David Watts

    I thought Superman was for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way?” These storylines seem to go against all three.

    • bilbo

      Have you read the issue? It’s not about him saving immigrants

  • Scheldon Fernandes de Oliveira

    This is seriously? You know, he is a alien right?

  • Sulisha

    Superman died when George Reeves died.

  • LazyReader

    Illegal aliens represent a quarter of the federal prison population. They also represent 20% of the nations murder sentences.

  • LazyReader

    In John Byrne’s Man of Steel series in 1986, Kal-El was still an embryo when his parents sent him to Earth, thus he gestated on the way and was “born” in Kansas, thus making him American Born. My how I miss that.

  • bilbo

    You know the point of this issue was to show that the world does not deserve superman right? How dare he not let that American gun down innocents

    • Unlucky#

      How dare migrants flagrantly molest young girls in Sweden.

      • bilbo

        You think Im defending the immigrants that molest people in Sweden? I’m just saying that Superman was defending innocent people from being murdered, and people here have a problem with it. What was he meant to do? Calmly talk him down when the guy had already fired. I would bet that nearly everyone here including author haven’t even read the issue and don’t understand what’s happening in this issue

  • one plus

    after a few incident, then they will back to ” waste the muthufcker “

  • Hairatic Rick

    DC, I remember when you were cool man! Now you are drinking Marvel’s koolaid flavored ” milkshakes” (duckduckgo it)
    To hell with the feminist cancer destroying everything!

  • Bubbas Gift

    They have to ruin Supermans name.He stands for American exceptionalism and you know they need to kill that fantasy so we all join their “New World Order”.