Forced to hire American by the limit on H-2B workers, businesses complain they’re not allowed to pay less than minimum wage to American workers.

To say the United States has issues in how it handles employment is an understatement. Liberals frequently belittle and derail working class Americans who struggle to find jobs because they can’t compete against illegals who will work for less than is required by law for citizens. There are a (very) few liberals who recognize that advocating illegal immigration actually keeps the door open to exploiting aliens while offering none of the protection citizens receive. Both Americans and the illegals frankly get screwed in the scenario. Although their situation is not identical, a similar phenomenon occurs when it comes to foreigners visiting on summer visas, or H-2B’s.

H-2B’s can, as non-citizens, be paid less than an American would. Hiring foreigners has therefore become standard practice for many businesses. Faced with the challenge of adjusting to actually pay reasonable salaries to workers, many employers (not all big businesses) are struggling to make ends meet. However, an additional complication stems from what is frankly a societal issue: snobbery and elitism.

Ted Hesson of Politico explains:

“Michael Martin owns a Maryland-based landscaping company. Roughly 40 percent of his workers — and the majority of those performing manual labor — hold H-2B visas, he told POLITICO. Martin received his H-2B workers on time this year, but he knows other landscapers who didn’t, and lost clients as a result. “It affects people, their bottom line,” he said, “whether they’re still in business, whether they’re going to make it next year.”

The H-2B program requires employers to first seek out U.S. workers before they bring in guest workers. But Americans, Martin says, just won’t take landscaping jobs. He paid $2,500 for a two-week want ad that ran in the Baltimore Sun (print and online) and on social media. The jobs Martin was advertising paid more than $14 an hour, slightly above the average wage for the job in his area. Even so, he got no applicants. “No parents in Maryland are raising their kids to swing a pickax,” Martin said.”

College educated desk jobs are currently the default expectation for many U.S. adults rather than self-sufficiency, having a home, and being able to provide for families. This is despite the fact that frankly, not everyone is suited for college. One look at the ongoing crisis on campuses and it’s clear many students are not intellectually invested in the slightest, only attend because it is expected of them, and have been taught not to even consider other options. These students, who have accumulated huge debts for educations that can’t even secure employment, that might well leave them indoctrinated as well as unqualified, have been taught all their lives that they are “too good” for manual labor.

Meanwhile, their parents don’t encourage them to consider alternatives when they can’t land positions but instead continue watching them as if they were infants.

The frustration and even struggle of business owners adapting to new salary restrictions is normal for the policy Trump has implemented. It’s a big change but a necessary one that will ultimately pay off for the nation. Actually getting American employees is a beast of its own, however, and will most likely require business owners and citizens to be pro-active about changing connotations for the working class. It’s honest, respectable work with measurable results that deserves both pride and dedication. Our country needs to remember that.

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  • vivian greer

    not all of us are cut out for college. we need to teach our children the immense feeling of satisfaction of working with your hands. in a job well done. we need carpenters and plumbers. electricians and welders. there is no shame in these jobs, yet some people look down on anyone without a degree. they say we are ignorant, that we’re somehow beneath them. let’s see them survive without us.

    • DaisyToo

      I’ve a different housecleaning service now, but once had 3 very nice ladies, all w/PhD’s, to help me w/housework. Not only were they making more money than they could in the fields they were trained in (varied literature majors, all) they had more freedom, and really, dignity in their workday.

  • freenclear

    “The world needs ditch-diggers too”

  • Stewie Steve

    As long as the left controls the universities that will be the call, I don’t know how many people I met that had degrees and never used them and are paying off 100K debts.

  • Bride of Chucky

    Oh is $14 some magical figure that you can’t go above?? If you aren’t getting applicants at that figure then obviously you need to pay more. You are no more entitled to low cost employees than those same employees demanding $15/hour. The market will determine the wage. If you don’t like it then I suggest you close up shop.

  • DaisyToo

    So many good points in this article, including the long term practice of slavery by what now passes for ‘liberals’.

    In terms of colleges admittance of sub par academic intellects, the Trump administration should withhold Federal funding to any/all colleges that continue to place tuition in their pockets above maintaining academic standards suitable to achieving a college education.

    Of course, academic intellect isn’t the only legitimate means of measuring intelligence. We should be invested in honoring the trades as a decent way to make one’s living. The young man who will be cutting down 5 dead white pines from my property next week will be making $5000 plus for his work. It will be well earned. He may be better off w/out much competition, but I’m sure not.

  • Typical

    “Forced to hire American by the limit on H-2B workers, businesses complain they’re
    not allowed to pay less than minimum wage to American workers.”

    “The jobs Martin was advertising paid more than $14 an hour, slightly above the average wage for the job in his area.”

    Something not jiving here, where are the examples of people crying they can’t pay less than minimum wage, or did you only expect the first few lines to be read?

    • I_h8_disqus

      He couldn’t find citizens to work for the wage in the ad. He can find visa workers for much less, because they don’t have the same wage expectations. He can find illegals for even less, because they have no protections. One point of the article is that democrats and others on the left are behind the low pay of manual workers, because they push immigrants, who can be exploited, and they discourage citizens from recognizing all labor as valued labor.

      • Typical

        I understand that. the article says they’re crying they can’t underpay and provides someone paying above average as an example, try to follow along.

  • rwg1949yt .

    I went to the local high school to find a ‘kid’ for 10 hours of landscaping work for $100, which is competitive with local employment opportunities. Finally found a 21 yr old woman working in a thrift store to do the work on her off time. Lazy American kids and adults afraid of labor are contributing to the destruction of American culture. When I was growing up during the welfare debate so many said they would do anything to provide for their families. It was typical to hear I would clean toilets if that was what I had to do for my family. It was probably a lie then and apparently they won’t today either.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    $14 an hour. $28k a year. Gee, it’s a bit of a mystery why people aren’t clamoring to work for this guy.

    Without the slave labour, he’ll have to charge his customers more. And some customers may decide that the value they get from having landscaping done is not worth the real price of doing it. It’s called the free market.

  • Jane Wilson

    Maybe your problem is trying to run a manual labor business in a giant democrat run welfare loving city. Why should anybody apply for a good job when they get a free ride?