While students at Berkeley have earned a reputation for silencing opposing viewpoints with violence, the university itself seems to have faltered in its reputation as an educational institution.

Times Higher Education down-ranked UC Berkeley in its annual university ranking report for 2017-2018. The California-based university is known for its dominant liberal ideology, and, more recently, the administration quashing talks by controversial speakers accused of spreading wrongthink ideas. While it is not clear whether the violent riots aimed at quelling the expression of opposing viewpoints contributed to its decline, Berkeley fell eight ranks, from #10 last year, to #18, with a new score of 84.3 percent. That’s a solid “B” grade by Berkeley’s own grading scale which, by way of analog, were it a sanitation rating at a restaurant, would leave much to be desired.

By comparison, Berkeley’s #10 rank last year was an improvement from the previous year’s #13, which makes the effective rate of decline much more significant, showing an 11-point reversal from last year’s rating trend.

Berkeley has become a hot topic in the last year for its tendency to support silencing opposing viewpoints, which, as a state institution, is a flagrant violation of constitutional protections against government censorship. Private schools and companies, by comparison, are not beholden to the Constitution, and are not obliged to protect the right to free expression. The distinction is not always made clear on either side of the debate, but is a necessary distinction to make in any informed conversation on the topic.

Generally speaking, college campuses across the country have become a battleground for free speech, with free speech advocates often being labeled alt-right provocateurs, whose protections should be forfeit, for espousing wrong opinions.

The fractured political left seems wholly oblivious to the fact that its sacred cow, President Obama, called out the “safe space” culture, saying, “I don’t agree that you, when you become students at colleges, have to be coddled and protected from different points of view.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with next year’s rankings, as the battle heats up with an upcoming Free Speech Week, where protests are already being planned, utilizing, ironically, their constitutionally-protected right to free speech.

Feature Image via Ben Margot / Associated Press

  • Rusty Esq

    According to Berkeley admissions page, they rank “#6 in world reputation rankings—Times Higher Education (2017)”.

    According to good university website, the US has been dislodged from the top places. Here’s a brief summary.

    “No longer do American universities lead the pack like last year, when Stanford, Harvard, and Cal took the top three spots. In fact, this year the top two spots went to two British colleges, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Stanford fell to No. 3 (and tied with the California Institute of Technology), Harvard landed at No. 6, and Cal, surprisingly, dropped all the way down to No. 18.

    To add insult to injury, this year the Berkeley school was bested by another California public school: UCLA, which came in at No. 15. ”

    Do universities need less safe spaces, less plasticine and less puppies? The mainstream media have ignored this for too long. Protecting identity politics has been a miserable failure. How do you get these people to wake up?

    • ActivistAngel

      Ooh… smart people comment on Milo.

  • Jesse James

    The funny thing, is they are probably sitting in their safe space right now, actually shocked at this turn of events. Even their overgrown child-professors are wishing their mommies weren’t dead. They could sure use a hug right now.

    I got a hug for’em! And it sure ain’t the one they get from their wife on International Women’s day, or from their mommies when young. LOL

  • Beaches

    Can we get a picture of that cartoon kid who points and laughs ” ha ha!”

  • Advise to all US-students: Go to Europe: it’s good education, cheaper and there are lot’s of universities that are free of SJWs.