Deplorable teenage duo takes Chicago by storm, conquers DePaul University along with Obama’s old house.

Although Michelle and Ana are some of our younger contestants, you wouldn’t know it from the level of quality and ambition in the video they submitted. These mischievous, talented young ladies visited locations across the Windy City for their readings to great effect. Their clip also came accompanied by a lovely soundtrack and some very respectable editing. Highlights of the journey included DePaul’s School of Social Services, the Diversity and Inclusion Center, and the LGBT lounge. As if this wasn’t enough, Michelle and Ana  also dared to gently poke their toes through the security fence at Obama’s old house with Dangerous in hand. In an even further display of dedication the teens also reported staying up until 2AM to buy copies of Dangerous before it sold out.

Regarding the locations, we all know the significance of standing against Obama with a near-decade’s worth of chaos in his wake. We haven’t forgotten the debacle at DePaul University where security was ordered not to protect anyone from violent protesters, either. We remember the threats, the shrieking, the whistleblowing, the carrying on from Edward Ward, Kayla Johnson, and their Black Lives Matter-cronies.

Left-wing radicals who work to shut down discussions at colleges like DePaul truly have no place attending universities to begin with. They are incapable of responding to challenging ideas with ideas of their own, rather than tantrums. Snowflakes leave school indoctrinated but totally uneducated. If higher education ever decides to raise its standards, it would do much better by seeking out students like Michelle and Ana. Despite heavy social pressure and stigma these girls are daring to challenge established ideas, interrogate new ways of seeing the world, and think for themselves rather than flaunting skills in regurgitation. They are people who deserve access to research and resources necessary to actually expand their minds.

It’s time a generation started thinking dangerously again.

Featured Image Via Michelle and Ana