In a recent poll conducted in Germany, more than 70% of respondents said their prime concern was terrorism. 

Terror attacks have become a frequent occurrence in Europe recently with ISIS claiming responsibility for most of them. The findings of this poll reflect the current fear that these violent attacks have created amongst citizens of Europe.

“Fear of terrorist attacks is by far the number one spot, reaching more than 70 percent of the highest ever recorded in the long-term study,” explained Brigitte Romstedt, the head of R+V Infocenter, which carried out the study.

The results are unsurprising considering the number of terror attacks Germany has suffered from in the past year.

12 people died when a Tunisian asylum seeker pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State and rammed a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin last year. A Syrian refugee detonated an explosive device outside of a music festival in July 2016, killing himself and injuring 12 others. A 17-year-old Afghan refugee left five people injured after he attacked passengers on a train in central Germany during the same month as the Syrian suicide bomber.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for all of these attacks.

R+V Infocenter researchers interviewed 2,380 people in June and July, finding that the fear of terrorism has surpassed the fear of “political extremism,” which was 62%. According to the research, 61% of Germans are worried about the influx of migrants.

Another German study carried out in August showed that climate change was a cause for higher concern than terrorism, although it was not by much.

Both polls were conducted before the recent van and knife attacks in Catalonia, Spain in which a man killed 13 people and injured more than 100 others when he rammed a van into a large crowd in Barcelona. One person was killed and five injured in a stabbing attack the next day in the coastal town of Cambrils. ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks.

It is possible that if the polls were conducted after the attack in Barcelona, the fear of terrorism might be even higher.

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