U.S. Representative Anthony Brown announces plan to enact stricter laws regarding “hate speech” to end discrimination on campuses.

A growing number of Americans have been realizing that college campuses are completely insane over the past few years. All one has to do is look at enrollment for universities like Mizzou or Evergreen where conduct following supposed racial incidents proved so beyond the pale of acceptable that both schools virtually imploded. Berkeley, too, has experienced backlash for its failure to ensure free speech.

Somehow, U.S. Representative Anthony Brown managed to come away from all of this with the conclusion that more censorship is needed.

Brown’s speech at the University of Maryland on September 1st was organized as part of a year-long program in response to the fatal stabbing of Richard Collins at Bowie State University. Collins was a black student while his killer, Sean Urbanski, is a white. Urbanski was furthermore part of a facebook group called “Alt-Reich: Nation”. Investigations are ongoing whether the case will legally be declared a hate crime, although whether Collins was killed over his skin or for other reasons seems less relevant when the result is the same. It would be a hideous act no matter what.

Regardless, it is overwhelmingly still considered (rightfully) shameful to be a Nazi in the U.S. That Collins’ death, tragic though it may be, is hugely outnumbered by incidents of violence from the Left against innocent people doesn’t seem to register with Brown or his supporters. Additionally, none of them seem to have considered that when peaceful speech is no longer a possibility people begin physically fighting and dying over their beliefs instead.

Naomi Grant of student run newspaper The Diamondback reports:

“If passed, the bill would require universities and colleges to demonstrate they have programs and initiatives in place that clearly define to students “what is acceptable speech and what is not acceptable speech,” Brown (D-Md.) said to a room of roughly 150 people at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center.

For institutions that might lack the necessary resources to create these programs, the bill would set aside grant money to “take away any excuse,” Brown said.

The bill would also push universities to report hate crimes to local law enforcement. While existing laws require universities to report hate crime data, Brown said many schools don’t comply, which has led to underreporting.

“If you want to see things change, or at least change in government, you first have to know they’re happening,” he said. “That’s why we have the reporting requirement.”


Brown said he thinks there’s a direct link between President Trump’s election and the increase of racism and anger he said exists within some segments of the white community across the country. Brown said Trump used this hate to carry him into the Oval Office.

“I think you’d have to be purposely obtuse not to see [it],” he said.

Brown said people on the “alt-right” considered Trump’s election “a sign of rising white consciousness.” He added that even 60 years after the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education — which deemed segregated public schools unconstitutional — there still isn’t equal education, and questions of identity continue to divide the nation.”

Eerily similar to communist policies where citizens were encouraged to spy on one another, Brown has framed his proposed legislature to insinuate that anyone who opts not to report what the university might deem “hate speech” would face punishment. After all, it wouldn’t be called a “requirement” if there wasn’t some consequence for failing to comply.

Say a friend jokingly uses the word “retard” in a conversation, without any reference to actual mentally handicapped people. You might have to report them for punishment or be crucified yourself.

And naturally, the complete divorced-from-reality hysteria Brown shows with respect to Trump speaks only to how obtuse he is. But then again, that’s a very common thing for liberals who take the MSM as gospel without checking their sources. That Brown has neglected to mention regressive Leftists are the ones pushing for the reinstatement of segregation (to remove imperialistic, corrupting influence from those monsters who committed the sin of being born white) also points to his ignorance.

Unless it’s actually malice.

If allowed traction, this bill would prove absolutely disastrous for the American people. We’ve already seen what these policies do from the USSR, from China, from North Korea, from countless other totalitarian governments.

We cannot allow it to happen here.

Bigotry will always exist in some form. As long as no one is getting physically hurt and equality of opportunity exists, it just isn’t the worst evil out there. Not only is it an absurd impossibility to eradicate wrongthink (as Anthony Brown hopes to do), the cost in trying is far too high. Results can only be horrifying.

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The Diamondback

  • J. Mac

    I am truly terrified by this kind of thinking.

    • David Watts

      As am I. This longing for thought and mind control: where does it come from? What is the appeal?

      • bookish1

        Lefties get too stressed out when they have to think for themselves.
        They are much more comfortable with groupthink.

    • Timothy Kevin Ready

      Nothing to be terrified about. They’ve got their “Feelings”. We’ve got the guns…

      • GTKRWN

        They have mercenaries. Many good goyim are willing to protect their masters as long as the shekel keeps flowing.

  • MrPandy

    And this is the guy the Democrats ran for Governor of Maryland.

    • GeekChef

      and he lost by double digit %’s!

      • Fredrick

        He lost by 4% of the vote. Still given that this is The People’s Republic of Maryland were talking about – the fact that he lost is astounding.

        • GeekChef

          I thought it was more than that – he only won 3 counties in the whole state. I stand corrected!

  • GeekChef

    As reprehensible a POS that Sean Urbanski is, his ‘liking’ a hate group on FB is not evidence that he was actually affiliated with this hate groups. This kid is a Severna Park MD elitist snob with an entitlement mentality who was high as a kite and probably doesn’t even remember stabbing Richard Collins.

    Anthony Brown is a paste eating moron. He had both the clintons and the obamas stumping for him in his gubernatorial race in MD and he lost by double digit % points to a Republican who had never held political office before. Nothing this racist POS says should be given any consideration.

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    If Hillary had been elected, this would become law by next year. Liberals and Democrats are 100% committed to destroying the Free Speech rights of Americans; if you’re not armed yet, you damn sure better GET armed. This will be coming to the streets very soon, and I do not believe our government is on the side of white people, at all…

    • GTKRWN

      If Hillary had been elected they’d have already opened the border, given 100 million Mexicans voter IDs, and strategically relocated populations into “red voting states” to secure a mathematical lock on all future kangaroo elections. It was their goal from the beginning. The libs even let it slip when they projected that this was going to be the “last American election.”

      Globalists hold no nation as home and worship only power and money. The rats will flee any sinking ship and swim to somewhere else to invest. It is how they operate.

      • Timothy Kevin Ready

        What a surprise these vermin are in for if they think we’ll allow ANY of that to come to pass…as we’re seeing in Burma, around the world EVERYWHERE Muslims are hated, and they’re being removed, too…there will be no Sharia, and no Globalist Hell created in OUR country, friend…

        • Lulz Node

          Not to mention, there’s plenty of people who would be happy to fight along side anyone regardless of who they were when it comes to preserving freedom against Sharia. Whatever your identity, I think there’s more people who have it in their interest to want to preserve their freedoms here just as much as anyone else. The thing they don’t tell you about nationalism, is that there’s “Pluralistic-Nationalism” or “Pan-Nationalism”, people who are white nationalists as much as they’re black and asian nationalists, who find the preservation of our identities to be a much more preferrable alternative than a totallitarian world government that wants to destroy all ideas of identity and culture. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, or a Nihilist, with Islam it’s either “you’re one of us or you’re against us.”

  • I would vastly prefer this nation resolve its differences in the 1st Amendment arena.

    The alternative doesn’t grant victory to the best ideas- only to the strongest savages. One wonders if these politicians actually grasp the ramifications of their totalitarian dreams.

    • MLMII

      I suspect they have bought into thier own hype and honestly believe they are in the majority.

      Either that or they have calculated that the other side are “too civilized” to ever fight back.

  • commonsense

    It would be truly a shame if the true story never comes out on the Collins murder. There are videotapes and everything if someone was predisposed to look for them. But it will not fit in with the narrative that has been put forth by race baiters and charlatans like Mr. Brown. An enterprising reporter looking for the truth could probably make a name for themselves though.

    • Pearlbuck

      Why don’t you fill us in?

      • commonsense

        Because I don’t have access to the evidence. But there was more to this than just a guy walking down the street and randomly stabbing a person not of his race. They had been in discussion prior to the killing. And frankly what I have heard will not exonerate the killer, but it does take away the whole “Hate crime” angle that has been so widely spouted by all these politicians.

        • Pearlbuck

          Well, the cops, who have seen the evidence, are not treating it as a hate crime. That’s a fact that this fascistic demagogue is conveniently ignoring. All I’ve been able to find on this case is some campus cop saying that the stabber approached the deceased and told him to “Step left, if you know what’s good for you.” The deceased “looked confused” before saying “No.” and was then stabbed once in the chest.

          It sounds too bizarre to be the real story, unless Urbanski was on some kind of heavy drugs.

          • commonsense

            Yeah, I am pretty sure they decided to drop that when the investigation got underway. The guy stabbed him, that is not in dispute, but they had prior contact,which has not been disclosed as it would make a lot of people look foolish. Nothing new there though.

          • Pearlbuck

            That’s b.s.–if authorities are going to “give context” they should give all the context they have, or else they are telling what is tantamount to a lie.

          • commonsense

            You act as if anything the left supports isn’t based on a lie.

          • Pearlbuck

            I guess I never considered law enforcement to be totally controlled by the left. In many cases where a white kills a black, law enforcement takes a totally P.C. position on crimes, and files extreme charges that will never stick in court. Then, when the person is found to be “Not Guilty” angry blacks riot. In this case, not charging him with a hate crime was a good sign.

  • Jesse James

    NO! These people know exactly what they’re doing. They are the “animal farm.” And fear no shame, setback, or call to arms against them. They’re the one who know better than all of us what’s best for us.

    We need only heed their call to cattle cars at the railroad.

  • ytuque

    to demonstrate they have programs and initiatives in place that clearly define to students “what is acceptable speech and what is not acceptable speech,”

    No need for universities to do that as the Supreme Court has already ruled on free speech!

  • Rusty Esq

    Another superb article. On a topic as important at this, credibility is everything.

    If common sense is to prevail, we must have iron clad arguments. In a war against the mainstream media, you can’t afford to play their games. Stick to the truth and make your arguments bullet proof. History will not judge the media kindly.

  • Roger Edward Harris

    The problem is they stop your speech as hate speech and only their sick intolerant message of intolerance and hate gets spoken.

  • Kimmy3

    If the universities accepted federal funds, this would never survive a challenge due to that pesky 1st Amendment. This guy is a classic fool and proof that politicians are generally mentally retarded. Oops, did my hate speech offend you? Mmm sorry.