Mark H. Airgood, Special Education teacher from Oakland, CA, incites violence against free speech advocates on Berkeley campus.

When trying to break the law and generate a violent mob against those exercising their right to freedom of speech on American soil, one would think most people would exercise a little caution. After all, incitement to riot is a criminal offense in the United States.

Alas, Mark Airgood has no shame to speak of in such matters and has made his activities with BAMN public, along with the phone number (510-502-9072 for the curious) he featured in fliers spread across Berkeley campus. Confirmation that Mark Airgood, who works with special needs children (presumably to groom them as Hillary-style cannon fodder in the violent events he organizes), is the Mark Airgood in question can be found on news site Oakland North and East Bay Express as well as youtube videos posted by BAMN specifically.

What is BAMN? Well it stands for By Any Means Necessary. Besides advocating equality of outcome over equality of opportunity (an extra cultish presentation of communism), as their own webpage explains they are explicitly violent protest advocates.

They discuss this in particular on point #8 of their page describing the organization’s principles:

8. BAMN will employ whatever means are necessary to oppose and defeat these attacks on the democratic and egalitarian aspirations and struggles of our people.

Specifically, BAMN will employ the methods of independent mass organizing and struggle, of mass education and action, of democratic discussion and decision-making, of telling the truth and only the truth, of rooting our fights in the courts or in elections in the growing movement on the streets, of building the leadership of the disenfranchised and oppressed.

National organizer Yvette Felarca proudly expanded upon this point to KTVU news in greater detail:

“Now what I think was so important about our success on Wednesday [Berkeley riots in February], which is why it should be the model for how the movement needs to take things now in the future, is because we need to make sure the millions of people out there who are angry and who are scared under Donald Trump and everything that he’s doing now know that there are people who will stand up and fight the way the movement needs to.”

Another gem from Felarca includes an address to business owners and other unrelated parties who became victims of vandalism:

“Chancellor Dirks is responsible for anything that happened. And if the business community is upset they should join the professors and students and community members who are demanding that Dirks step down immediately. Because he had the chance to cancel the event. There were hundreds of professors who demanded that for safety reasons. He didn’t listen. Two, a few broken windows is nothing compared to the lives that are at stake. And if that’s what it takes in order to make sure that more people don’t get targeted, if that’s what it takes to make sure that Milo Yiannopoulos or another white supremacist is not welcome or allowed to come to UC Berkeley and attack our community, then good.”

There’s a feminist strawman story about rapists who argue that they just can’t stop themselves, the girl was asking for it, men’s bodies so different that expecting any form of self-control is delusional, so on and so forth. Yvette appears to be saying that BAMN members actually do work that way. They can’t help but be violent at the sight anyone they don’t agree with. Impulse control is a fantasy and using words instead of fists is a completely unreasonable expectation for them. We should really blame the victims who stepped into their line of sight, along with any school officials who didn’t send those victims home to hide in the kitchen.

A cursory facebook search for Mark Airgood from Oakland only further confirms that yes, this is precisely the fascist we’re looking for. Dear Yvette was even kind enough to give him a shout out.

Mark Airgood has direct, personal responsibility for any violence that occurs during Free Speech Week. He made the choice to enlist on the behalf of a violent organization with violent goals in mind. He outright broke the law in the United States, where he is a citizen. For this, he must be held accountable.

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Oakland North

East Bay Express

  • @Menace

    So when do we lower ourselves down to BAMNs level? When do we attack those that we disagree with? When do we stab, shoot, and physically attack them?

    Never I hope, may we always accept the first attack, yet retaliate with overwhelming force.

    • True.Epic.Crusader

      Bullsh* t. It’s about time they got a taste of their own medicine. This is justice.

      • Insider

        Sounds like a civil war to me.

        • Rob Patriot

          Then so be it. “Evil only wins if good men do nothing”.

          • Insider

            I agree!

          • Rusty Esq

            This is a campaign of hearts and minds. Free speech will lose momentum if we resort to fists rather than that speech we’re pushing for.
            Let the police do their job. That’s what they’re paid for.
            If you get involved with the violence, the heavily prejudiced media will not only turn on you, they’ll turn on anyone who promotes free speech. The moral high ground is essential here. You will not win this fight with fists.

        • True.Epic.Crusader

          Clean up, civil war, call it what you want. These assholes need to be exterminated.

          • Insider

            Deep down in my gut I feel the same. I just don’t want to admit it.

          • True.Epic.Crusader

            Let it out! Let it ALL out!!!

          • Insider

            Truth is I don’t give a Rat’s arse about these people so live and let die!

        • Craig Austin

          It would be a quick one, the NRA could do it during halftime.

          • Insider

            Dang right.

        • GTKRWN

          A war involves two teams fighting. The jew laugh while the goyim fight themselves. Like a dogfight, all that will happen is two animals will be pit to fight against each other to survive, while negros laugh and collect bet money. The same is with the goy. The lying jew media sets up the fights, acts as hype, while the billionaire jew globalist pays to bus in their armed fighters. The jew sets up these fights and collects shekel while goyim die.

      • harlan leys

        Leave ’em to the cops; who’re itchin to show streets ownership.

        • True.Epic.Crusader

          ARE they?
          If they actually do their job this time, I’m all for it.

    • Insider

      We don’t! We simply allow them to destroy themselves by not attending their rallies or speeches. If they come to one of ours we walk away and let them attack each other instead. Like what happened recently! We might even create some phony events just to get them to attend and allow them to be the only ones there. If there is no audience or no opposition who do they attack? Who will listen to them?

      • NoTreading

        I like this idea – it also causes their backers to waste money.

      • harlan leys

        Their barely suppressed self-loathing will rise up, and…

      • @Menace

        Bad idea, when crazzy people talk to themselves they think everybody’s agreeing with them.

        • Insider

          You think so? I think it’s best not to engage with them so as not to give them any illusion that what they’re saying makes any sense to the rest of society. Isolation can work wonders on the human brain. Besides, they talk to each other now on social media and need NO personal interaction to cement their lunacy. Let’s at least try it, we’ve done the opposite for some time now without any good results.

          • GTKRWN

            We know so. Venture deep into any of the liberal echo chambers. Just spend a few hours on Reddit. If you aren’t in line to suck each other’s dick you’re immediately silenced to control the narrative. Liberalism cannot exist outside of their own controlled spaces.

    • harlan leys

      What a waste. This pansywaist requires minimal force to repel.

  • Herman Gunt

    Tedious little arsewipes.

  • Quiet Desperation

    Every single time, I swear, I know what these miseryshîts are going to look like. It’s like how pedos often have that hard to explain pedophile look. Same thing here.

    • harlan leys

      Takes one to know one

  • Bryce Byerley

    take a look at any of the Battle of Berkeley videos…you will see him there. toddling along shepherding his little janissaries. Time to stop focusing on his army of expendable millennials and focus on the leaders.

    • Bryce Byerley

      You see him in the crowds next week…call him out! He is like a cockroach and will flee the bright light.

      • harlan leys

        Fock Mark Airgood and fock the focking BAMN; fock ’em all! I bury those cockroaches!

  • Hairatic Rick

    “BAMN will employ whatever means [that] are necessary to oppose and defeat these attacks on the democratic and egalitarian aspirations and struggles of our people.”
    What does he mean by “our people”? Does he mean retarded teachers … Oh I mean to say ” special needs teachers” or does he have a mouse in his pocket?

    • harlan leys

      BAME people. He’s retarded and colorbind.

  • Steve O

    It’s quite a testament to the intellect of students that they are unable to perceive which party is the one attacking democratic ideals. I especially like the argument against Dirks: “We’re going to get violent and destructive, and it will be your fault for not having given in to our demands sooner.”

  • Dante Alighieri ???? Welcome to the neighbourhood.

    For many Americans (though not a majority for sure) the police themselves might as well sport the same acronym.

    By any means necessary. (They NEVER get convicted — for anything.)

    • Insider

      If you got up every morning to go to work knowing that some nut will probably shoot you because they feel so much hate for you, you’d probably shoot first and ask questions later too!

      • Dante Alighieri ????

        at least you’re admitting it’s open season.

        • Insider

          That’s a pretty broad statement my friend. You could say the same about any group of people like doctors. nurses, firemen, teachers, etc. One would have to trust no one and believe that everyone is up to no good, and I don’t think that’s a great way to live do you? I get your point.

        • ActivistAngel

          Good for you Dante. Everyone seems to be “picking sides” and ignoring the faults of their “sides” alleged objectives.
          The Democratic party successfully argued in court that they could not be sued for stealing the “primary” from Bernie Sanders, because the primary was not real and they could do anything they wanted.
          That is the piece of news that ought to be headlines. Left/Right? Poppycock. It’s banksters and the satanic elite vs the rest of us.

          • harlan leys

            They successfully argued in court that what a non-public organisation gets up to is none of the government’s goddamn business, so butt out of their affairs.

    • bookish1


  • StuffNThingsNStuff

    Doxx the members of Antifa and BAMN and expose them to the world. Then work on digging into what’s in their background that can get them locked away for a long time. They need to be removed physically.

  • ssgtnelson

    “… egalitarian aspirations…”

    Pretty sure they don’t even now what egalitarianism even is… for one, it doesn’t use a giant bloated government and tax payer money.

  • Laurence Jarvik

    He probably violated his signed oath to uphold the California & US constitutions as well, if he is a public school teacher–a firing offense, if you can get it enforced…

    • Insider

      California is not about to fire a teacher. The people aren’t willing to go that far much less the police or legislators.

  • Insider

    Haven’t you noticed that almost ALL of these instigators are white men and women? I don’t get the struggle nor the implied altruism. It’s as if they are trying really hard to let everyone know that they care more than anyone else about every single infraction out there.

    • harlan leys

      White, privileged middle class people who pretend to support BAME people, while actually enfeebling them. Identity politics intensifies ethnic difference, discrimination and prejudice, leaving whites crying crocodile tears for fears they’ve managed to entrench and extend.

      • Insider

        I work with lots of those critters, you don’t have to describe too much but thanks.

    • M. N.

      The reality for most of these white elites is that they have secured their success and power through the very tactics designed to weaken the middle class, white majority. They do this to create sheep, but this is going to backfire as soon as people realize they’ve been power played.

  • cz

    take a look at any of the Battle of Berkeley videos…you will see him there. toddling along shepherding his little janissaries. Time to stop focusing on his army of expendable millennials and focus on the leaders.

  • bookish1

    These fascist “professors” are repulsive.



  • Koroviev,Behemoth&Woland LLP

    I wonder if he’s one of those Luke Kuhn type of revolutionaries with dual loyalties to BAMN and NAMBLA?

  • harlan leys

    Is that the best you can do? Where there is a single reference to this Airgood guy advocating violence?

    • HT

      “Now what I think was so important about our success on Wednesday [Berkeley riots in February], which is why it should be the model for how the movement needs to take things now in the future,”


      • harlan leys

        That’s a quote from ‘National organizer, Yvette Felarca.’

  • HT

    I’m not saying I would be happy if Airgood disappeared tomorrow…..

  • Druz Oster

    maybe just maybe Berkley needs to have a “self control’ class??? just saying

  • Craig Austin

    Throat bearded pussies in skinny jeans just act tough enough to get solidarity hand jobs from blue haired amorphous blobs. If a real punch lands, he goes back to mom’s basement. She screams rape.

  • harlan leys

    Event cancelled, Milo gone to ground, even some of his most loyal followers are mighty pissed!

    Milo reportedly will come clean and hold head in shame on Saturday when he’s forced to admit the truth? A truth that he and the organisers have known for days?

    Please prove me wrong! Antifa and the MSM will have a field day getting their rocks off at conservative freedom fighters expense.

    🙁 🙁