Medieval scholar responds to accusations that her material supports white supremacy and Nazi ideology by citing key facts of the field.

Rachel Fulton Brown is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Chicago whose research specialties include the history of Christianity, medieval European cultural, religious and intellectual history, the history of liturgy and prayer, and devotions to the Virgin Mary.

To say that Dr. Fulton Brown knows a thing or two about the history of Western tradition is to say Daenerys Targaryen knows a bit about dragons and the Dothraki.

Dr. Fulton Brown penned an article Three Cheers for White Men, which earned her the wrath of those who prefer being condemned to repeat history endlessly, and the admiration of fans who enjoy her documented, evidence-based musings on the ontologies (what we know) and epistemologies (how we know) of Western culture and civilization.

And before you start telling me about all the terrible things that white men have done, take a moment to reflect that it was white men who voted in favor of the First Amendment to protect your right to disagree with me in the public sphere, including on matters of heated political discourse.

So, three cheers for white men! Hug a white man today!

Dr. Fulton Brown’s post lead another medievalist, Dorothy Kim, to claim that her area of expertise, medieval western European culture, is ‘being weaponized by white supremacist/white nationalist/KKK/nazi extremist groups who also frequently happen to be college students.” Kim warned that Dr. Fulton Brown has the intellectual responsibility to her students of making sure they don’t graduate cumma sum Nazi.

 How are you signaling in your classroom that you are not upholding white supremacy when you are teaching the subject loved by white supremacists? … Neutrality may have worked in a distant past when white supremacists/KKK/white nationalists/Nazis were some imagined fringe group, but that is not going to work now.

Dr. Fulton Brown dismisses the obvious accusation that she could be a witch (witches make false oaths all the time) and denounces white supremacy, as did the authors of the Bible. While denying accusations of occultism, Dr. Fulton Brown nevertheless refers to ‘chants, puzzles and references to glass artifacts’ to demonstrate that white European Christians do not appear to have been terribly interested in Mary’s identity group orientation, and instead appear interested in the fact she gave birth to the Son of God.

Citing scripture in Latin and English, narratives depicted in stain-glassed windows of medieval Cathedrals in Europe, fellow medieval scholars and chants and liturgy from the era, Dr. Fulton Brown demonstrates that the only person surprised that the Virgin Mary was a dark-skinned Jewess appears to be Dorothy Kim. As all good professors will do, Dr. Fulton Brown then guides Kim through the process of understanding that dark-skinned Jewesses are unlikely to be objects of abiding admiration for either Nazis or white supremacists.

How should you signal that you are not a white supremacist if you teach the “medieval western European Christian past”? Learn some f*cking medieval western European Christian history, including the history of our field.

Fencing Bear at Prayer

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  • Brock

    “Neutrality may have worked in a distant past when white supremacists/KKK/white nationalists/Nazis were some imagined fringe group…”

    They’re still a fringe group you hyperventilating hack.

    • Dana Rilke

      They’ve got support in the White House — quite central. “Very fine people” carried those torches.

      • V F

        Considering over 200 local towns people showed up to support the monument, and only about 30 out of town’ers who identified as White Supremacists and then 16 people identified as KKK,, Yep,, The majority of those people were in fact very fine people. If 40 people show up at your rally who disagree with you,, that doesn’t mean you are agreement with those interlopers. Common sense Dana.. So yes, The Vast majority were “Very Fine People” simply wanting to protect history. However, The 1,400 NAZI Anti-fa rioters who were bused in, ALL of them from out of Town, were clearly NOT fine people

        • Dana Rilke

          There were more than 30 marching with burning torches.

          • sez-who

            They were led by an Occupy member.

          • Wagnerian_thrice

            What are you saying? That Occupy is now somehow a white supremacist/racist movement? Bonkers!

          • jackp_7788

            No, fool, he’s saying an Occupy member led them. That’s all.

      • GTKRWN

        Don’t forget the factory-creased flags. Because we all know white supremacist KKK nazis needed to order fresh, never before out of the package flags off Amazon to go with their cleanly pressed khakis only hours before the rally… that was organized by an Obama supporter. Coincidentally, of course.

        Oi vey, look at all the nazis! It’s like six million lampshades all over again!

        • Dana Rilke

          If you carry a swastika you’re a nazi.
          The 6-million lampshades? Is that the holocaust?
          Maybe not the holocaust is around the corner but the awful scapegoating is back, against Muslims and Mexicans, in the way that Jews were.

          • Joseph Finkelstein

            “If you carry a swastika you’re a nazi.”

            Or you’re not a nazi at all and are instead a communist spy with a fake pressed flag.

            Yeah, most nazis have WORN flags that have FLOWN, not ones that have been in the package and were just delivered by amazon!

            Did you just compare the anti-religious militant political ideology of Islam, responsible for more deaths than any other ideology ever including communists and nazis – TO JUDAISM?!?!?




          • Wagnerian_thrice

            A ‘communist spy’?… OK Senator McCarthy, the 50s called and they said you need to get back!

          • Dom Pizzarro

            Ironically, Sen. McCarthy was quite factually right. The artist scene at that time was literally infested with Socialists and Communist sympathizers – in a similar manner it is today. The reason the Red Scare developed in the way it did was because McCarthy had not taken powerful communist propagandists like the New York Times into account.

          • Wagnerian_thrice

            Wooooow. You just revealed yourself, didn’t ya?

      • Riiiight. Tiki torches. A bunch of freaking Millennials so incompetent they don’t know how to be Nazis right. (I mean, my God, even porn stars aren’t slutty enough to fantasize about be tied up and ravaged by someone dressed like Richard Spencer.)

        But they were invited to Charlottesville because they could act as protection against Antifas. It was a stupid move; just because someone is an enemy of your enemy doesn’t make him your friend. If you’re afraid the jocks who want to beat you up are going to crash your house party you don’t invite the creepy kids who smoke in the parking lot to act as your security.

        But never mind that Antifas has a proven track record of violence. The Left declares them the good guys! Never mind that the police positioned Antifas at both of the only two exits to the park, so that those in attendance had to walk past Antifas both going in and out. Never mind video of the police actually pushing attendants in the direction of Antifas. Never mind that the Mayor tried to suppress the first amendment rights of the marchers, or that this was first prompted by the desecration of monuments that aren’t harming anyone due to the political correct reinterpretation of the Civil War for the purpose of shaming potential voters, mostly descendent of the peoplethose monuments were meant to honor, into the “correct” vote under threat of character assassination. Double standard much?

      • jackp_7788

        Well, it IS quite a change from the last 8 years of “all things white are bad”.

  • misha1d1

    The lady rocks.

  • Typical

    Is there like maybe a link to source?

    • adrshepard

      Yeah, we have no idea who these people are or what they’re talking about.

    • Jean Collier

      click on the hyperlink

      • Dudley Morris

        The problem is the hyperlinks on this site aren’t highlighted – you need to run the cursor all over the text to find them. Get on fixing that, webteam!

        • Jean Collier

          it’s so hard

          • Typical

            I know, I mean who the hell are we expecting the website to conform to standards in practice for 30 years? I guess if you’re the kind of reader that follows the page with your finger, they pop up right under your mouse, but those of us with higher than a 4th grade reading level don’t do that.

          • ShorelineSpartan

            Whoah, Speaker Ryan, is that you? Go away, we have actual work to do here.

      • Typical

        Which? was one added? I’ll have to revisit, thanks.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    k, #hugawhiteman lets make it trend, ready go.

    • ShorelineSpartan


  • Hairatic Rick

    Professor Brown, your facts beat little Kim’s emotions. ????

  • Herman Gunt


  • Let’s face it history itself is “racist.” That’s why the Left is continually trying to subvert, rewrite it, revise it, and even physically destroy it.

    • GTKRWN

      All of the statues Democrats are trying to destroy are statues of Democrats.

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    All I can say is- I’ve been called a “white supremacist” because of my well-known affinity for Shakespeare and Bach, among many other cultural treasures of our shared Euro-American civilization. Of course, I was called a white supremacist one day on Facebook after some woman found an old post of mine where I admitted that I found pale-skinned Chinese and Japanese girls to be bar far the most desirable women in the world…Chinese and Japanese, folks- that made me a “White supremacist”…

    • Dana Rilke

      The idea, I think, is that you can say that about Asian women but going public in writing makes it trickier. They are more than just beautiful faces to be commented on and assessed. You know that I know but writing it out nails it down as such.

    • Wagnerian_thrice

      How stupid that you think Shakespeare and Bach have anything to do with America?

      • Dom Pizzarro

        How stupid to think otherwise.
        Shakespeare as a Brit and Bach as a German are from the two of the three ethnicities that shaped the foundation of US-American culture. American culture did not suddenly spring into being from the void… it took inspiration from the countries its founders originated from. And that happen to be the British Isles and Greater Germany in combination with the Ashkenazi Jews. Both Shakespeare and Bach are iconic cultural champions of their respective home lands.

        And before the inevitable outcry: Yes, I am well aware that other immigrant groups contributed to American culture – just not in the same extent and time frame.

  • Greggore

    You can be proud of your culture and lineage and still be White, or black, or Asian, or native, or……

    And no one has the right to say otherwise!

    We are here today, be happy how good we have it in North America.

  • Ray Johnston

    The best youtube video of Rachel Fulton Brown is with Jonathan Pageau ‘Milo, Jordan Peterson & the Symbolic Worldview’ where she goes into detail of her meeting Milo and becoming friends.

  • Pat Patrix

    Oh but haven’t you heard? According to black activists Africans created medieval and western civilization. White people just stole it from them and rewrote history.

    Not even making that up…

    • sez-who

      If Western values are actually African values, shouldn’t African American be a bit more supportive of them? I am all confused by the inconsistent left.

      • Wagnerian_thrice

        You’re confused because you don’t study, not because the subject is particularly confusing.

        • jackp_7788

          No, Waggy, it’s confusing

    • Wagnerian_thrice

      You are getting that wrong. “Black Activists” are not monolithic, and while there may be some that subscribe to Martin Bernal’s historiagraphy in Black Athena, it has been mostly debunked. Also Bernal did not claim African basis for the Medieval world, but for the Classical world.

      • Pat Patrix

        So sorry, I get my BS mixed up from time to time as the lies are hard to keep track of.

  • chrisnj

    Most of today’s supemacists are not white. Think about that. Apparently though to today’s leftist thug, black and islamist supemacism is really cool, and rational thought is optional.

    • Dana Rilke

      No, not cool. No thugs until proven as such.

  • Heywood Jablowme