Kmart is rebranding its “plus-size” clothing section to “fabulously-sized” in an effort to fight “body-shaming” and accept obesity. 

Kmart’s chief marketing officer, Kelly Cook, told Women’s Wear Daily that the chain wanted to jump on the “body-positivity” bandwagon.

“This decision was heavily influenced by the fact that there’s a solid trend on the market around diversity promotion and body positivity,” she said before adding that the retail chain has noticed “a big body positive focus in the teen and Millennial markets.”

According to women’s fashion, clothing can only attain the label of “plus-size” if it is above a size 14-16.

This label, contradictory to doctors and any self-respecting male, will be rebranded as “fabulously-sized” by Kmart.

Kmart also announced it will be getting rid of the “plus-size” labels on underwear and swimwear, as well as stocking a broader range of clothing sizes in stores.

According to Cook, the change in the language was inspired by people on social media.

“When we reached out to our members on social media, they told us we needed to have a better assortment and that we should call it something different,” she explained. “They absolutely love this whole mantra of ‘Fabulously Sized.’ We’re proud to provide this apparel, and we’re also proud about our price points.”

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  • Churchillian

    Enablers of obesity-related conditions. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • HT

    So basically they just renamed their shower curtain section to “fabulously-sized”. Very shrewd KMart, very shrewd.

  • David Watts

    “Diabetes-Sized.” Why, that’s absolutely flabulous.

  • ZR

    don’t see anything wrong with the term “Fatulously Sized”…

  • Nohbody

    Sears Holdings (own both the Sears and Kmart chains) is still hemorrhaging money still after closing a bunch of stores in the respective chains since their 2005 merger (WaPo article from March says they haven’t made a profit since 2010), but their focus is catering to the “body positive” crowd, many of whom wouldn’t be caught dead somewhere as plebeian as a Kmart store in the first place?

    Yeah, that sounds like a real winner…

  • Epicification

    This is obviously good business for them. Clothes for fat people are more expensive.

    • Paul

      Are they? I can honestly say that I’ve not seen one item of clothing where the large sizes area priced higher than the smaller ones.

      • Epicification

        Up until large (some brands xl) are almost always the same. After that it goes up. And anything truly plus sized or “big and tall” are completely different lines and only seem to come in the more expensive brands anyway.

  • dikfor

    Next to the fabulously sized clothing there will be delicious chocolate candies with a markup of 1000%. This might make Kmart profitable again.


    If you’re shopping for clothes at K-Mart I don’t think you have any shame to begin with.

  • Why do they need a special size section? I thought all Kmart shoppers were morbidly obese and burdening our health care system.

  • Rusty Esq

    The real lesson in this isn’t populism overruling health. It’s that businesses listen to social media to form their views. This is why everyone thought Hillary was a shoe-in.
    People see Facebook and Twitter as the representation of society. The platforms are concentrations of identity politics and feelings before facts. They’re also huge echo chambers and and they only close the accounts of certain types of people* to further concentrate that uniformity of thought.

    Milo was fairly accurate when he said that social media is the biggest threat today. It also may explain why the media has doubled down on identity politics like it clung to Hillary in the last election, it’s looking to Twitter to gauge society as a whole. You can’t tackle virtual mobs of uninformed SJWs who put feelings ahead of facts, at least, not yet.

    * in the case of Milo vs Leslie Jones, there’s no doubt that Jones was the only racist in their dialog with each other. Jones was the worst behaved. Yet, her account was left intact and Milo was banned. It was mob “outrage” and identity politics (non-white has a higher pecking order status in the identity politics game, as beautifully captured by Ben Shapiro).

    • PunJabber

      What’s all this about non-whites having higher pecker ording status?

      … What? … Oh, sorry. Never mind.

    • Paul

      I think that’s what they forget. A LOT of people on their target demographics are either not on social media or not vocal on social media. Companies that go by social media are letting themselves be driven by a vocal minority.

  • PunJabber

    Attention K-Mart Shoppers! Look in our Lardies’ — I mean, Ladies Wear Department for fabulous buys during our Blue Whale — I mean, Blue Light Special. Well, not exactly “light” …

  • Chesapeake

    It sounds gay to me. Why not just call it “Fat Girl” since they’re so proud?

  • TB Motherlode

    This begs the question: What kind of person chats with KMart about anything? They should be suspicious of anyone who cares enough to chat with them on social media.

  • Gregg Van Oss

    I thought tarp sizes were just based on square footage.

  • SoSueMi

    So they wanted to jump on the bandwagon. That says it all right there.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    So, let me get this straight.
    Being a Fat shopper is cool.
    But being a Thin model in Paris or New York gets you fired.

  • Gtrgrl1174

    Being fat is not healthy. I understand teaching someone that’s a healthy size 6 not yo aspire to be an unhealthy size 2. However, I can’t imagine anyone that is “fabulous sized” does not have current and/or future health concerns. I just don’t understand how we can ignore healthcare costs and embrace this. Maybe if we’d spend as much time and money focusing on the evils in the food industry we wouldn’t have these issues. Cheetos are not food.

  • Paul

    So, everyone who’s not a plus size is not fabulous? In an attempt to not shame fat people they shame all non-fat people. Sounds sensible. /s

  • Pablo Jay

    Carrying and maintaining years worth of food inside your body, like your very own refrigerator section, is OK? Bwaahahahaah.

  • Steve O

    As a business move, it makes sense. Remember, all K-Mart wants to do here is sell clothing to fat people.

  • Steve O


  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Every time they come up with another euphemism, that euphemism eventually turns into a pejorative. Why? **Because it means what it does**.

  • A V_8000


  • bekk31

    They need to knock off this vanity crap. I just want to find clothes that are the right size. As it is I have to take three different sizes of everything into a dressing room because they vanity size everything so people aren’t boo-hooing about having to look at their actual size. Cry me a freaking river.

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    Do you know five years ago I was a Liberal. Hell, a LEFTIST. I really believed in equality and justice. And now, the Left is nothing but a bunch of working-class loathing, white-hating, Muslim loving, Milo killing, refugee-rape enabling lunatics who really think being morbidly obese is a “political statement” and, yes, “Fabulous”…and I think they’re all pretty much this way, and I hate them and am glad I’m armed…

  • Cindy Shambra LaMantia

    You people are all so mean. Yes it’s unhealthy to be fat…but fat people should be able to buy clothes that that they look half way descent in. “Plus size” clothes ARE much more expensive. Not everyone can afford them. I think it’s nice that K-Mart offers lower priced clothes for large people.

  • I_heard_Buddy_Bolden_Say

    size 14 is the size the final warning size. (size 10, ok cut back, size 12, you are hitting the critical point, size 14, ok you cannot deny this any longer) taking that final warning away is a wicked lie.