According to government data obtained by Reuters, Justin from Canada has gone against his promise to welcome refugees by deporting them back to war-torn countries. 

Despite promising asylum to refugees fleeing “persecution, terror & war,” the Canadian government has deported 249 people to war-torn countries between January 2014 and September 6, 2017.

The majority of those deported, 134 asylum-seekers, were sent to Iraq while 62 were sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo and 43 to Afghanistan.

2016 saw 51 deportations to Iraq, a large difference from the 22 people sent to the middle-eastern war zone in 2014. The number of those deported to Iraq in 2017 stands at 35.

Reuters reports Canada has the right to deport people who are not citizens if they commit a criminal act, don’t comply with immigration laws or exhaust attempts to find a perminent residency.

Canada is also able to deport people to unsafe countries or regions if they commit a crime, pose a security risk or commit human rights violations.

According to Canada Border Services Agency spokeswoman Patrizia Giolti, the decision to remove someone from Canada is not taken lightly.”

While speaking to Reuters she added, “everyone ordered removed from Canada is entitled to due process before the law, and all removal orders are subject to various levels of appeal.”

The Canada Council for Refugees, however, claims the appeal process in the country is limited, resulting in little hope for those that face deportation.

According to the Canadian representative for the United Nations’ High Commission on Refugees, the organization has suggested that countries refrain from deporting people to Iraq due to the conflict in the country.

“The responsibility is on the state sending people back to those countries to make sure… that those people will not become internally displaced within their own country and dependent on humanitarian aid,” Jean-Nicholas Beuze said.

The news of the deportations comes less than a month after the Canadian government released data showing a large influx of illegal immigrants arriving in the country from the United States. 3,100 crossed the border into Canada in July due to worries about President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has said the increase in illegal immigration to 3,100 people in July from 884 people in June is “unsustainable.”

“The IRB had to make adjustments to be in a position to respond to the current situation that is clearly unsustainable,” Anna Pape, an IRB spokeswoman, told Reuters at the time.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 3,800 asylum-seekers were arrested crossing into Quebec during the first 15 days of August. The Canadian government has since launched a campaign warning migrants that applying for asylum does not guarantee approval.

“Asking for asylum in Canada is not a guarantee for permanent residence in Canada, and it’s extremely important we stress that,” said immigration ministry spokesman Louis Dumas.

Justin from Canada has said, through a spokesman, the government has been consistent on the issue of asylum seekers.

“Canada welcomes immigrants… that said, there are laws and processes in place for people seeking asylum and our government is sending a clear message,” the spokesman said.

What happened to “Diversity is our strength?”

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  • Rusty Esq

    I don’t often warm to articles on refugees and migration on this site. However, this article was very good. It minimised emotive language and looked objectively at some of the pitfalls of migration.

    It’s funny that America’s stance has created a problem for Canada.

    I would like to see a follow up identifying why these people were deported. I’m also grateful they are given opportunity to appeal through the courts. It speaks volumes about Canada’s integrity.

    • 0bsoleteMan

      Nah, this is 100% Trudeau’s fault. He wanted to be the “anti-Trump” and openly welcomed all of these illegals into Canada initially. Had he taken a hard line and made it clear that anyone who came into the country without a visa or not through a lawful border crossing would be deported he would not have had this issue.

    • Susan Marit

      They were not deported. They were given “TEMPORARY economic refugee” status after the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010. They have decided, since the US has been paying for everything for them since 2010, that they don’t want to go back to Haiti and since Trump was elected on the promise of deportation they came to Canada for “asylum” They would have been in no danger being deported back to Haiti. Canada made a decision in 2010 not to allow them to come into our country as “economic refugees” and therefore there should be NO requirement for a hearing. That decision was already made in 2010.

    • Steve O

      Speaking of migration and immigration policy, has anyone ever wondered why Detroit Michigan has such a large black population, but Windsor Ontario is lily white?

      • Chris Ralko

        Because there is better dope found in Detroit, and more blacks to sell it on every street corner, plus, we, as Canadians, and white, are better educated, thus making us more employable in higher-paying permanent jobs, ergo: eliminating the need to take to crack or coke as a bandage to cover up your lack of employment, and feelings of worthlessness.

        • Steve O

          Somehow, I don’t think that the quality of the dope in the post civil war era explains the racial difference between Windsor and Detroit. I’ll stick with the racism of the Canadian immigration policy as the most likely explanation.

  • Scott Heaton

    You’ll note it’s a low number, and it goes back to 2014. Just sayin.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Hundreds? I’m sure those are just token numbers made to make it look like he’s doing something, much like our previous president is touted as the “deporter in chief” even though he let far more people in than he kicked out.

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    Justine Retardieu has been turning Canada into a bastion for Islamic terror, a virtual “Golan Heights” right above our border. If he wants to keep this up, Canadians need to be reminded THEY CAN HAVE DRONE STRIKES DIRECTED AT THEM, TOO…and very, VERY easily invaded across that cheese-cloth border for Canadian Eh-slam…

    • Try it hot shot and you’ll be in for a repeat of 1812. Not all of us up here are Liberal pussy pacifists!

      BTW…I like the “Justine Retardieu”. I’ll use that one for now on. I call him Justin “Turd”eau.

  • Bill Rowland

    This is just a smokescreen. Justin Al-trudeau is filling Canada with radical muslims. He converted a few years ago himself.

    • Timothy Kevin Ready

      Yep- he’s a “feminist” who routinely goes to Muslim functions where women either aren’t allowed, or made to enter thru a back door…

  • Susan Marit

    “The responsibility is on the state sending people back to those countries to make sure… that those people will not become internally displaced within their own country and dependent on humanitarian aid,” Jean-Nicholas Beuze said. And yet they are here and DEPENDANT on our social programs and humanitarian aid in the form of our tax dollars. Sorry but there have not been enough deportations. Those who have crossed illegally should not be entitled to a hearing. They should be walked back across the border and come here through the proper channels.

  • Stanislav Kogan

    yes, and he let in 11,000

  • Jesse James

    WOW! Sho is niccceeee to see those Canucks show us backwards, and totally ignorant Americans how to treat all refuges like! Yeeehaaawwwwww for hypocrisy! Canadian style!

    Rip the Americans for something you really didn’t have to deal with personally. Then totally do the same thing when you do.

    Good job Justin! Too bad your Cuban father died.

  • MuslimSlayer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ كافر

    Justin Trudeau has a dark, dirty, brown, stinky Muslim vagina…

  • BooBooBaby

    This is wonderful! Congrats, Canada. Now speed it up and start Deporting MORE!

  • Steve O

    Justin Trudeau got caught virtue signalling. He wanted to show the world how superior Canada is to the US, but he forgot that Canada actually does have an immigration policy.

  • Looks like Canada is going Paris with all the refugees. Europe is over run from the stupid liberals. Who wants to visit Europe with all the trash walking around harrasing you. Even George Clooney didn’t feel safe anymore in italy. LOL LOL George is such a hypocrite.. So are liberal morons.

  • janderson2000

    “Diversity is our strength” is the most evil lie ever uttered. And only uttered by those who hate Whites existing and having a home.