In the wake of Trump’s announcement to rescind DACA, liberal activists and pundits are denouncing Trump and praising illegal immigrants as the people who make America work.

Unfortunately, facts run counter to their opinions..  Bad Border enforcement, costs all Americans in very real ways.  The US Census Bureau estimates there are about 11.5 million immigrants in the U.S. or about three percent of the nation’s population. Despite being such a minority of the population,  their actions make up a much bigger part of our criminal and welfare cases.

Here are the real facts of illegal immigration by the numbers:

13.6 percent of all sentenced criminals in the U.S. are also illegal aliens but they make  only 3% of the population.

12 percent of all murder sentences are handed down to illegal immigrants.

20 percent of all kidnapping sentences are handed down to that same sliver of the US population.

16 percent of all drug-tracking sentences are also handed down to that 3% of illegals.

87 percent of illegal aliens are enrolled in at least one type of welfare system.

2.1 million immigrants both legal and illegal have been convicted of crimes.

1.2 million criminal aliens remain at large.

There was a time when immigrants brought with them the idea of the American Dream, and added to the American way of life, and helped grow our economy.  With these sorts of crimes, and the expenses associated, the opposite is true now.

These “dreamers” aren’t free and they’re coming at the expense of American citizens.

(h/t Conservative Review)

Image via Associated Press/Alex Brandon


  • bookish1

    Despite all the facts, we have the disgraceful spectacle of Republican Congress Cucks falling all over themselves promising to craft their own “Dreamer” bill — regardless of what their constituents want.

    • Jesse James

      Stop acting like there are two parties. There isn’t.

      There are only those who lie left, and those who lie right. Both are liars on the personal take. Nothing more. That’s why they all say one thing, then do another.

  • Ziggy89

    DACA = Deport…..All…..Criminal…..Aliens !!!

  • Rusty Esq

    Is that over 12 months?

    If you included every European in those stats for the last 75 years, the crime figures would be much higher. That’s even if you exclude the mafia!

    “2.1 million immigrants both legal and illegal have been convicted of crimes”

    I’m just giving perspective that legal and illegal aliens (a propagandist term) can be many things. Some of Monty Python (eg. John Cleese) are legal aliens.

    • Jean Collier

      Thanks for taking a rational article into fantasy land

    • ScienceFiction97

      Comparing 12 months of statistical data to 75 years of European crime? Where is the link? Are you just this stupid?

    • bookish1

      So what crimes has John Cleese committed?

  • ThatGuy

    Don’t forget the Hepatitis out break in San Diego due to illegals pooping in the streets.

    • Lenoh

      D E S I G N A T E D S H I T T I N G S T R E E T S

      • ScienceFiction97

        Lets not become India with shitting streets, and start believing in the toilet witch…

        • Lenoh

          That was my point with the #PooInTheLoo hashtag. There’s an actual video from the UK telling Indians to stop shitting in the street and use the goddamn toilet already.

  • Deserttrek

    they are NOT immigrants , they are ILLEGAL ALIENS, the word ALIEN is in the freaking statute

    calling them immigrants is stupid as calling black people african – whatever

  • Irredeemable OC5150

    Milo is dropping some serious knowledge on unhinged leftists today.

  • Chris Leroux

    Do you have these stats for the people in the DACA program?

  • MIkeX

    What is the source for this data?

    • GTKRWN

      Milo is an aggregate that does stories about other news stories. The source of this article is clearly listed in the bottom as Conservative Review. If you click those words it magically takes you on a journey.

  • Stargazer Lily

    So there are several asking about sources of data and stats.
    Here’s a few real world observations of where I live to back up these stats.
    In the state I live, a seven-year-old stat says illegal aliens cost 1.2 billion dollars over and above what they pay into the system. It’s now probably closer to $1.7. Most of this is in education.

    Every extracurricular activity a school age U.S. citizen child in my county participates in costs an additional fee. Drivers Ed. +$55, H.S. sports +$75 per activity and +additional equipment fees, H.S. marching band + $150, cheerleading +$150 to name a few. These are fees only to participate and paid up front. Years ago these fees did not exist.
    The county superintendent who happens to be Latina just eliminated 10 teaching and administrative positions so as to add more school-funded interpreters and resources to areas with majority illegal alien populations.

    These populations receive free breakfast and lunches paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.
    There has been a special school built to teach “newcomers” English and a bus picks them up from all over the county to drop them off irregardless of where they live. It does not cost their parents anything additional. These children do not know any English. If a U.S. citizen in the county lives outside of an area of bus transportation for the desired school, the parent must provide all transportation.

    Stories in the local paper come out every so often describing how someone illegally in the community is unhappy because they cannot communicate with their children’s teacher because they cannot speak English. They always want more interpreters to help. So I ask, to quote Warren Buffett, where is their skin in the game? They pay nothing but put demands on taxpaying citizens to cater to their needs.

  • DM

    What is the source for this data?

  • Greggore

    If there were no illegal immigrants, perhaps the USA would have a better healthcare system and not be on the verge of shutting down government every 6 months.

  • Jeffery Patterson

    This isn’t anything new our so called congress has these facts but they manipulate these numbers for their benefit. It’s the same as it always was sold to the highest lobbyist. I was hoping Trump would get this right but it’s looking like he might be

    a little more liberal than he lets on.