Katie Parker, who founded the School’s Consent Project which teaches pupils about consent, has said sex dolls that allow men to “rape” them should be made illegal in the UK.

Parker used the Roxxxy sex doll, launched by US-based True Companion, as an example of what should be prohibited.

True Companion is selling sex dolls for £7,670 ($10,000) which will allow users to choose what color hair, what style of hair, eye and eyebrow color, pedicure color, skin tone and the shape and type of pubic hair.

Roxxxy is the main ‘sexbot’ which costs £7,700 but can provide companionship and social interactions for lonely men, the company states.

Roxxxy, which can have multiple personalities to cater to its user’s preferences, has an option called “Frigid Farrah” which sets the sex doll to resist sexual advances. True Companion maintains that Roxxxy is not programmed to participate in a scenario involving rape but Parker seems to disagree.

“Some say these robots reinforce the objectification of women and the commodification of sex; others, that they allow otherwise isolated individuals to experience intimacy. Either way, Roxxxy is a different beast,” Parker claims on her blog. “The fact that she is not a thinking, feeling human does not make her existence unproblematic. The robots normalize sexual violence. They service and provide a distraction for criminal impulses that should probably be subject to psychiatric intervention.”

Parker also claims that users are promised if they touch Roxxxy “in a private area, more than likely she will not be too appreciative of your advance.”

“The proven relationship between one’s behavior and the type of content one if exposed to makes a strong case for criminalization,” she says.

True Companion says these allegations are “pure conjecture,” as Roxxxy is designed to “provide her opinion or feedback, just as any person would on a date” which is intended to be able “to help people understand how they can be intimate with a partner.”

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    So are millions of guys out there raping their fleshlight toys too? Because it has a face and a fleshlight doesn’t it’s rape? WOW! These people really are fucked in the heads! How long before they come after the male hand as a victim???

    • Zóbány Állam (jobbel göjény)

      Yes they are. penis=rape

  • PunJabber

    She may have a point, that pornography which looks and feels so real may help someone teach himself to rape. It’s worth a real (objective) investigation — which it certainly won’t get from the Feminasm crowd, the Little Girl Who Cried Wolf-Whistle.

    • Rusty Esq

      Here’s a good parallel. Movies, plays and video games. They’re effectively role play.

      Is there any linkage between violent video games (as an example) and real life crime? Many (most) studies conclude no.

      Why? Because people recognise role play.

      “If you are into identity politics, your life is one big play. Your ability to differentiate role play from reality becomes clouded.”
      From the Book of Rusty, Chapter 3 : Deception.

      Sounds Just like this woman.

      • PunJabber

        I think you’re looking at the conscious intellectual level of the human mind, if you say that movies and video games are “effectively” role-playing, and that people recognize role-playing.

        That is different from the level where senses and perceptions come in. Video games mimic sound well, and vision poorly (for something within arms’ reach); they address smell, touch, and kinesthesia (sense of body position) not at all. Movies are the same, and have no interactive component at all.

        If you must argue by analogy (parallels), I think that actual “role-playing” with a consenting partner is the example to study*. In that case, it doesn’t take as much imagination to connect the simulated experience of raping someone with actually doing it: Just keep reminding yourself it’s only a game.

        *Which is what I am suggesting. An ounce of fact is worth a pound of fancy.

        • Isolden

          Here’s my .02 – for someone that can’t distinguish reality from fantasy, and/or right from wrong, it does not matter if it’s a movie, video game, mannequin, or a doll as the article describes; that person will have issues. Most people can distinguish reality from fantasy and theoretically should not have a problem. I think that for a lot of lonely guys who don’t want female entanglements, or a person who is extremely socially awkward, it’s a good alternative. Too bad they don’t have one for gals as well. I have to admit that I’m a bit creeped out by the part that the doll is programmed to resist though.

          • harlan leys

            There are many companies selling male sex dolls (for women).

            Rape fantasies are common in women; is that creepy?

          • DaisyToo

            Didn’t Bernie Sanders get paid $50 for a piece he wrote about a white woman being gang raped by black men? I think that may have been the only paid work he did before becoming the Mayor of Burlington, Vt, at the age of 40.

          • Dom Pizzarro

            “Rape fantasies are common in women; is that creepy?”

            No, that’s evolution. Most women that were incapable of switching their allegiance to their rapist and raise his kids got selected out of the gene pool during our early development. The easier it was for them, the higher the chance they had kids again after their original husband/mate got killed.

            And all but a select few women desire to have a dominant partner… There’s a reason consent is so a damn murky topic. If it weren’t so common an occurance that women actually like to have a potential partner ignore initial objections, consent would be a non-issue.

          • PunJabber

            That was my point. Most people can distinguish fantasy from reality. One is imagination, the other is sensory experience.

        • harlan leys

          Studies of S/M scenarios suggest any claims of causal links between simulated and real rape, are as spurious as claims of causal links between porn and rape.

          • PunJabber

            OK, thanks (in advance) for providing a link or two to such studies so I can evaluate them myself.

        • axon magnus

          so wat about vr head set games ? SLIPPERY FUCKIN SLOPE go back to the hole u crawled out of, btw i have a haram on £10 000 dolls and i rape them every night and there is nothing you can do about it XD

          • PunJabber

            So wat about your spasm of hostility? VR headsets are exactly as I described them. As for how you spend your immense cash reserves and your spunk, I have no desire to do anything about it. Go back to your “haram”, you illiterate cretin.

        • DaisyToo

          I think you make valid points.
          Whenever strong social forces (e.g. Feminism) set out to objectify sexuality and project that objectification onto men, sexuality, in general, becomes degraded. They traded in men for each other and penis ‘replacements’. Now they’re angry about that too.

          BTW, I also think chronic exposure to harsh video games, movies, etc. also lend themselves to degrading the people engaged w/them. It’s a conceit when people claim it’s only pretend – or, the more sophisticated version of pretense – “role playing’ and that such things have no ill effect on either themselves or the culture at large.

          What’s rich is that the very same people who, for manifold reasons, inspired the invention of sex dolls, Feminists, are now decrying that which they’ve brought forward.

          • PunJabber

            Yes, I think the feminasms are about what happens to the (non-existent) woman, not the man. The “pretending” part is one thing, but the actual effect of training at the perceptual level (below the conceptual level) is what concerns me, and (I think) needs more study.

          • DaisyToo

            Yes, and I think the problems that arise from Marxism and its offshoots (Feminism, for one) will be alleviated if enough of us return to practicing legitimate religions, disempowering the false religion of Marxism and its various sects.

  • jane171307

    my equal is a sex doll?

    • PunJabber

      I think the concern is the Guy, not the Doll.

    • John Davis

      Whether you have a sex doll as an “equal” very much depends on how you treat men.

      Think about it. If you can be replaced with a sex doll, the fault for that is not in the man, but in your failure to respect men and treat them with compassion and dignity.

      • andyrwebman

        Just thinking the same.

        Of course, it could be argued that men are missing out on love, care and deep companionship – but it’s difficult to do that with a straight face if you’re continually finding reasons to screw them over and teach them self loathing.

      • Trebuchet

        And women wonder why men are opting out of marriage?

      • jane171307

        john: you sound like a bitter, rejected cuckold. don’t project your failings on me-I asked a rhetorical question. better luck on your “love” life.

    • MGTOWMonster

      No, the dolls are superior to females at this point

  • Gildmirth

    I’ll contemplate this question after women admit they are raping their dildos, and promise to obtain the dildo’s consent before any future activity.

    • Foogan

      Does that include batteries?

    • David Watts


      • Jack Barnes

        I doubt Milo will go for #freethedildo
        Just sayin

        • harlan leys

          He’s spoilt for choice.

      • Chesapeake

        Too funny.

    • jim1098

      Well I’m not so sure about the rape idea. That sounds very self-serving on her part. But think about how low can you go when you are being rejected by a plastic doll? That cannot be healthy on ANY level.

    • topcat_99

      I suspect some of those dildos are screaming in there little plastic brain: “oh no… not HER again.” Do dildos hope and pray for a hot girl to buy them and then need to go to the dildo psychiatrist if they are purchased by a feminist? Do dildos actually have a couch to sit on at the psychiatrist’s office? Does the psychiatrist ask them about their childhood in the dildo factory? So many important questions that we wouldn’t be wise enough to ask without feminists.

    • Dildos are literally objectifying men.

    • Marie Noybn

      shit, shoulda looked before i wrote the same damn thing lmao

    • Danlantic

      Dildoes have implied consent.

      I mean they couldn’t be manufactured out of stiff plastic unless they wanted it.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    What if she-doll consents?

    • M. N.

      LOL, the programmers need to immediately program that doll with, “Fuck me you racist, scum sucking, POS burly man – FUCK ME!!!”

  • Insider

    How are all those skinny jean wearing college kids going to get their rocks off if you outlaw plastic women? Also, have you seen the size of these girls in college? They are like Amazonians! Try getting into that!

  • nevamind

    Doll cost $10,000. Escorts PSE cost $500 a session. GFE around $300 and quickie $100. Zero strings (well except LEO catching ya) and a lot less cleanup. They also charge for role playing and will play frigid too. And you can change up the escort a lot easier than buying a new doll.

    • PunJabber

      And, well except ya catching STD (or else, condom is to friction as …); in which case, cleanup can be nasty.

    • harlan leys

      The dolls are mostly sold to men in isolated areas where prostitution is hard to get?

    • GTKRWN

      Risking an end to your entire career over an LEO sting and a drippy dick is not “zero strings.” And the robo-waifu will at least be programmed to pretend to love you.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    News from the future: Feminist claims that a man’s hands do not give consent.

    • HappyNaNa75

      So I read an article recently that talked about a feminist organization that was attempting to get a law passed making male masturbation illegal. They admitted that it was preposterous, but likened it to “the white male patriarchy” trying to tell women when, where, and how they are allowed to have an abortion, and the governments refusal to pay for their birth control and aforementioned abortions. Watch out fellas…the Feminazis are coming for you….

  • Diatribal

    So since Roxxxy certainly didn’t give consent on her purchase and delivery, has she been kidnapped and sold into slavery? What other horrors will she be subjected to before we come to our senses?

    • harlan leys

      The ‘coming to our senses’ ship sailed some time ago, on a one way ticket away from Britain.

  • John Davis

    This is a clear example of feminists being terrified of men having “choices” in their sexuality. Feminists are also terrified of men being sexually independent (through sex robots or any other means).

    The truth is, and feminists know it, that women will lose their power to oppress men and abuse men in relationships if men have alternatives, and that is the only reason they want to put a stop to sex robots.

    The use of a sex robot, for any reason by a man, is no different than a woman’s use of a dildo.

    • Bryan Ethier

      You got it….

    • Zóbány Állam (jobbel göjény)

      I read a line somewhere, must have been the Chateau, that went like this:

      When women reject men, it’s Thursday. When men begin rejecting women, it’s game over.

    • Dustwitch

      Go spend your life with a damned robot no one gives a shit. Now, hurry, don’t be late for your MGTOW cult indoctrination. Where were you last..oh yeah ‘Introduction to Make Up , Spanks and Perfume: Weapons of Cunning, Deceitful Whores out to Steal Your Stuff .’

      • The butt hurt is strong with this one,…

      • Chmmr

        You seem upset?

      • Jared van Niekerk

        LOL! The proverbial skanky, embittered, angry feminazi. What a loathsomely unattractive thing your kind is.

        • Heartland Patriot

          She probably only goes for guys who smack her around and treat her like sheit, all the while complaining about men…

          • Sirius Isness

            sooo… niggers.

      • Sevault Reaper

        stay mad

      • Andrew Woods


      • GTKRWN

        I do think this biocunt is mad.

      • Nostradormouse

        Feminist shaming language. How original.

        Men you aren’t interested in, finding a way of comprehensively staying right out of your way permanently; isn’t this a win for feminism?

        You won’t even see Men from one month to the next.

        Men are trying to give you what you said you wanted.

      • Jean-pierre Mercier

        go sit on a fire hydrant and spin.

      • Armando D’Errico


      • misiu007

        another triggered woman. “but you were supposed to be my walking ATM” waaawaaaa. Guys, reclaim your manhood. Leave these nasty feminists to their own vices. You are the producer and the one with the bank in most cases. THe choice is yours

      • MGTOWMonster

        You sure aren’t one you ugly cunt.

    • The_D_Man

      The truth has been spoken.

      1. According to women, the types of men that buy sex doll are the types of men women don’t want anyway, right? why are women so scared? John hits the nail in the head.

      2. If the modern women are so much more than just sex, why are they so threatened by sex bot. If they can’t even compete against a piece of talking plastic, that speaks more about the modern women than the doll.

      3. What’s next? Alimony for discarded sex robot? Maybe open a hot-line and shelter for abused sex bot. Robot lives matter.

      Must be tough to be feminists having to deal with the constant mental gymnastic. Women need men like fish need a bicycle right? So leave us bicycles alone .

      • Nostradormouse

        Ever consider the corollary?
        A man needs a woman like a bicycle needs a fish?

        • GTKRWN

          The man would be better off with the fish. As long as it’s not one of the species that has nasty teeth you can fishfuck its facehole (thanks Youtube…) then the fish can make dinner; two thinks a modern woman can’t do.

          • MLMII

            Ewww …. just …. ewww.

    • Chris Newgent

      Lol, feminists can have sex robots too, but you can’t take half of its shit – so what good is it then?

    • jb

      “If men have alternatives” That is exactly why feminists oppose prostitution (Its nothing to do with the welfare of the prostitutes.)

    • Gildmirth

      Exactly right. What good do women bring to the relationship besides sex. Not one goddamned thing. They don’t bring support, either financial or emotional. They don’t bring protection. They don’t bring companionship. If she didn’t inherit daddy’s money, she’s not bring one damned good thing to the relationship except sex.

      She’s not bringing any good, and she’s bringing lots of bad. Emotional abuse, physical abuse, wild over-spending, and the threat of having the government sieze half of everything a man has or will earn and gifting it to her.

      Women feel threatened as hell over the possibility of no longer being men’s only solution for sex. Once that becomes the case, women will face a new reality where they actually have to be a partner and make positive contributions to the relationship, instead of just every so rarely allowing access to a vagina.

  • Roger Edward Harris

    When a woman masturbates, the question: Is she raping herself?

    • Dante Alighieri ????

      in keeping with my other comment, she’s raping herself only if she doesn’t provide consent

      • James Patrick

        But then you must question the Dildo. If she is using a Toy, and she doesnt have the consent of the toy, is that Rape?

        • Dante Alighieri ????

          i believe a dildo is only three-fifths of a person

      • harlan leys

        21st C schizoid girls

      • M. N.

        But then you really can’t rely on these women to be honest about the consent because they seem to be perpetually aloof to reality and they are proven liars…

    • William Gruff

      Roger Edward Harris wrote:

      When a woman masturbates, the question: Is she raping herself?

      She’s deceiving herself.

  • docwobbles

    I raped my doll a couple of times last night, and she liked it.

  • Ball_Buster®

    The doll probably has more personality than this feminazi.

    • GTKRWN

      Robo Waifu can be programmed to be anything, by anyone,. A feminist has only one program, programmed by jews, and that is to destroy civilization by attacking the family structure directly.

    • Nostradormouse

      The personality would be programable, offering a range of possibilities. “More personality than a feminazi” mis-states the situation. A sex doll may even have more personalities than a femnazi, though if so, it would be a triumph of the technical discipline of Configuration Management and some sort of open source AI/Personality Application Program Interface over Multiple Personality Disorder.
      An emulation of a feminazi might be useful to remind yourself why you don’t date feminists (only without the danger of a false rape accusation).
      By the same token, just as programming the logic of a feminst personality into the API would probably have limited commercial appeal, having a sex doll body based on that of Andrea Dworkin raises the issue of Intellectual Property.
      Scarlette Johanssen and the estate of Maureen O’Hara might well make considerable money from licensing her likeness and speech pattern.

  • Kommander Rahnn

    Why don’t feminists just cut to the chase and admit they want to criminalize being a man.

    • Lin Tian-Min

      shhh dont reveal the big secret!

      • Drowbonian101

        They didn’t do a passable job of hiding it.

        • Lin Tian-Min

          we can see that, the world can see that, THEY don’t see that.

    • Stuart Maxwell

      *white man

    • NRPax

      It’s the “frog in a pot of boiling water” approach.

      • Nostradormouse


    • evilwhitemalempire

      Feminists hate anything to do with male sexual agency.
      Anything that can provide a man with what he wants from women cheaply or that can substitute for what he wants from women threatens the pussy cartel and dilutes female control over male speech and opinion.
      In other late breaking news scientists discover that grass is green.

  • Isn’t the receipt the consent form? You can’t rape something that isn’t alive.

    • harlan leys

      Britain’s becoming a land of living dead

  • andyrwebman

    Any objection to the commodification of sex is hugely hypocritical in a world where divorced wives have their living paid for by ex husbands.

    It’s already a commodity to be bartered for gold diggers – the difference is that the vendor is being deeply dishonest, and that the customer is being ripped off.

    This is a panicking cry from a monopoly about to get some competition.

  • Trebuchet

    How long before feminists insist masturbation is rape?

    • harlan leys

      This is a form of masturbation

  • EyeVey

    What’s next? Voting rights for sex dolls?
    My friend wants to know, thx…

    • NoTreading

      What happens when dolls vote to outlaw women?

      • EyeVey

        Big trouble!

    • Jim Fox

      Only if they have undocumented alien status

    • GTKRWN

      Democrats line up for tens of millions of extra “gibsmedat” voters by promising to give voting rights to AI in exchange for cheaper electricity, putting sex dolls along the ranks of foreigners, felons, and the dead that all vote Democrat today.

  • Eric Bonk

    Stupid is as Stupid Does. Modern Day feminist Are Dumb As Hell. This Just Continues To Prove It. Talk About Your rebels Without A Cause.

  • Daniel Roberts

    I will place a bet that the feminists are mad that more and more men would rather fuck a doll then a feminist . I mean what real man wants to be with a man bashing liberal feminist ? NONE . The doll sounds better .

    • Heartland Patriot

      Sad, but sounds about right.

    • PseudoJason

      Feminism is man repellent.

  • Lulz Node

    So… the same people who think video game AI will eventually need to be covered under the UN’s human rights agreement… but think it’s not “problematic” to “normalize” F.emale G.enital M.utilation and Sharia sex-slaves? I think Kafka would be ROFL.

    • harlan leys

      Ideology infantilizes, then makes idiots and imbeciles of its indoctrinated followers.

  • Bemyguest

    Well from the perspective of Judeo Christian morality these things are immoral masturbation devises. Acting out rape fantasies with them is also immoral. So don’t buy them & use them or you will cheese off Almighty God.

    But that having been said. It’s not technically “rape” to “force” yourself on one of these things. They are not persons. They have no real feelings and like all porn they are a lie.

    These things are proof the sexual revolution has destroyed women. Soon more advance models will come and horny men won’t need woman.

    But that also having been said it is not the Job of the government to ban or regulate them. It is the job of clergy to preach against their use. Free Speech you see is the answer for everything.

    • Pat Patrix

      I’m an American goddammit and I’ll fucking rape a goddamn robot any fucking time I want. I’ll rape the shit out of a robot.

      • Bemyguest

        God forgive you for your sinful lust BUT I wouldn’t arrest you. Just don’t do that crap in front of people.

        That is how you deal with evil or things you don’t like or approve of you use FREE SPEECH!

    • harlan leys

      Great Britain pioneered free speech centuries ago, and inspired the US Constitution’s First Amendment. Little Britain is banning speech left/right/centre as it retreats from a world that’s just too big, bad and nasty for sensitive subjects (of HM) to cop off with.

      • Bemyguest

        Well said.

  • Noonespecial

    These dolls dress like they’re asking for it….

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    I feel like buying one, putting it on the rape setting, and creating a PornHub page where it’s nothing but me raping my robot.

  • Jay Sirois

    Feminists want to outlaw these robots because if they become affordable, (which they will), they’ll lose their only power over men.

    • True.Epic.Crusader

      People already don’t want to have sex with feminists, because they’re women that don’t understand that they’re women. The robot, since it is obedient and respectful, is at least more of a woman than any feminist will ever be.

  • V F

    I’m confused,,, Does he want to ban all Sex Dolls, or just the Sex Dolls that allow men to Rape them?

    • harlan leys

      It’s a she. Katie Parker. All sex dolls. But the law already allows such dolls to be prosecuted under a law that bans importation of ‘indecent or obscene matter’.

      • B1663r

        Don’t tone police me please, I’ll use whatever pronouns I want for him.

        • harlan leys

          It’s ‘they’, m’fka, ‘they’!

  • harlan leys

    People have already been prosecuted and imprisoned for importing sex dolls in the UK. One guy was done on child porn charges and is now on the sex offenders register as a ‘child abuser’.

    The Guardian (Monday 31 July, 2017) reports:

    ‘A surge in the number of seizures of child-like sex dolls by border officers has led investigators to identify dozens of previously unknown suspected paedophiles.

    The lifelike silicone dolls, which weigh around 25kg (55lb) and can cost thousands of pounds, are being imported to the UK after being sold by traders on sites including Amazon and eBay..

    ‘Border Force officers have seized 123 such dolls in little more than a year since March 2016; seven people have been charged with importing them, including one man who was jailed last month.

    ‘Turner, a 72-year-old former churchwarden, pleaded guilty on Monday to importing the child sex doll after the application to dismiss the charge was turned down.

    ‘Border Force officers have powers to seize items they believe are indecent or obscene under customs legislation and those who order them can be prosecuted under a specific charge of importing an indecent or obscene article.’ [A law introduced in 1876, at the height of Victorian prudery and extreme censorship of everything slightly ‘sexy’. Anyone reading the classics of 19th C English literature, could be forgiven for thinking that sex didn’t exist back then!]

    Now that relatively reasonable David Cameron has gone, and the miserable, childless Mrs May rules the UK, prudishly punitive attempts to prevent perversion proceed apace.

    ‘Andrew Dobson, 49, of Wistaston, Crewe, was jailed by Chester crown court in June for two years and eight months, for importing a child sex doll into the UK.’

  • bookish1

    “Roxxxy, can you show me on this doll where the bad man touched you?”
    Oh — wait.

  • ranterator

    The sixties sexual revolution just took twenty steps backward to negative eighteen.

  • A V_8000

    Wow, just wow

  • Tokkenn

    This is either a repeat of or is the exact same story that appeared some months back. I still remember my fave comment under that story. It went something long the lines of: “Whatever feminist is pushing the idea that a sex doll/robot can be raped has clearly had their vibrators call 911 on them.”

  • Zóbány Állam (jobbel göjény)

    They should probably build a feature into it that calls the cops in the next morning.

  • Nick Hirst

    I was tempted by Roxxxy until I read she can have multiple personalities. Damn, that’s why I stopped dating real women.

    • GTKRWN

      Multiple personalities would be fine as long as you can select them on command. The lusty sex-crazed AI; the shy innocent AI; the all-business AI that knows how to cook and clean; and the Level 9 Assassination Protocol.

  • Dustwitch

    Pure insanity.

  • Michael Kelley

    That’s like saying inserting bread into my toaster is rape.

  • Drowbonian101

    I’m not eager to agree with Katie Parker, but guys acting out rape fantasies with robotic women actually does sound pretty messed up. Being fairly libertarian, I wouldn’t support criminalization. But of all the freedoms we might worry about protecting, why would this make our top 1000? This seems like an easy pawn to sacrifice in a game of politics.

    • The_D_Man

      You could also run people over with a car (among other things) in Grand Theft Auto, and yet, I don’t see a bunch of gamers out there running people over in real life.

      Did you know that the #1 fantasy that women have are “rape fantasy”?

      So yeah, fantasy =/= reality. That’s why they are call fantasies.

  • Andrew Steele

    This has got to be fake. Ha to silly to be….have we really reached this level?

  • M. N.

    I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing… I’m going to have to seize all the women toys around the house because we women folk are raping the electronics… Wonder what my daughters will say when their trinkets end up missing and I leave a citation…

  • stan nelson

    My sex doll was complaining last night , so I stuck my dick in her mouth , she wa
    s quiet after that !!

    • evilwhitemalempire

      Best comment of the whole lot.

  • Rapier Half-Witt ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    On the surface of it this is just f u cking insane.
    Sub-textually, what I’m seeing is that your ex-GF is angry as sh it because you didn’t suffer the rest of your life alone and die alone after she broke up with you and is now livid with rage because she spotted you with another girl after she dumped you.

  • Old_Skool_Punk

    This woman lives in her own “special little world”, doesn’t she?!…

    Feminists have marginalised rape but making everything about rape. Not every sexual act is rape but to these women, it is. Yes, rape does occur and it is horrible when it does. It is psychologically and physically damaging to the victim. To sit there and tell me that a robot can be a victim of rape is just a pathetic way to get attention.

    • GTKRWN

      Feminism is a rape cult. They worship rape. Rape is their personal stigmata, and like so many charlatans and fakes they have to sit around all day and invent new ways to lie about being raped so they can one-up each other in the Victimhood Olympics.

      These women will literally sit around drinking shitty cocktails bragging about how many times they’ve been raped, telling their rape stories, and then sympathising with each other about how terrible men are before discussing the long line of dicks they rode that weekend.

  • Jerakeen

    I suspect that the main issue is that the sex dolls may beconsiderably more attractive than Katie Parker.

  • humann

    I think this a serious issue, the possibility that men might not be getting proper consent from these female simulacra. Maybe they should install some sort of consent chip that would say no most of the time but sometimes say yes followed by a no after the guy starts fucking it. You know, for training purposes, just so he stays aware that his sexual desires are a disgusting menace.

    Hey, really we probably need this kind of consent chip in a lot of modern devices. No, silly, not vibrators because those are different. I mean men’s cars. Because who’s to say that when a man turns the key and drives off in his own car that he purchased that he isn’t actually FANTASY-STEALING it?! Very problematic.

  • Hairatic Rick

    Anyone who uses the dumb ass word problematic is a pretentious retard.

  • SBGrin

    So do they consider a male sex doll raped by a woman too?

  • Constitutionalist56

    This is the reaction of thousands of men that have been abused by women. Who wants an emasculating harpy when they can get a plastic doll that doesn’t complain all the time? These harpy scrunts don’t even do the housework or cook, the sexbot doesn’t either but the sexbot won’t call you names or denigrate your performance or lean over to get the vibrator right after you finish. Feminazi’s will be pretty lonely from now on.

  • Lorandel
  • HT

    20 years ago this article would’ve been clearly satire and found on the pages of Mad magazine or similar. Today liberals have made the insane an everyday occurrence.


    You know who can’t be raped? White feminists. Especially by unprivileged muslim immigrants.
    Now you understand why rape is not a crime in Sweden. :^)


  • rose

    I think the point that was being made here is not that men are raping sex dolls, or that men can’t have them. The point is that the setting on this sex doll that shows reluctance is designed to imitate non-consensual sex (rape) which could encourage the urges of men who could potentially be sexually violent predators. Are you saying that you don’t want to do with a real woman the things you would do with a sex doll? If that were the case sex dolls wouldn’t be designed to look like women. The fear is that, THAT SPECIFIC SETTING, could potentially create danger for even one woman. As a rape victim and a very traditionally valued non-feminist I actually see where they’re coming from on this one. As a flesh and blood “Frigid Farrah” I don’t like this one.

    • misiu007

      I get your point and I have considered it before, its really debatable on the effects of having the setting. Could it create potential danger to others or would it have the opposite effect and provide release for those who get off on stuff like that, however sick you may find it. We don’t know, we can only speculate. However, a missing piece here is, that naturally, men have to almost always push for physical escalation with women. Every man has experienced resistance, although mostly fake or playful. If a woman wants to pretend like she is a good girl, she will often put up this type of resistance, which isn’t meant to stop the man who is escalating the experience. These are basics placed in biology. Feminists and many brainwashed women pretend like these aren’t true, but let me assure you, we know the reality of this world. Men and women are very different and we have different approaches to sex. Perhaps the dol;l is meant to mimic every young woman that puts up fake resistance?

  • Druz Oster

    or maybe one could think in a different way, this allows rapists to have their dreams WITHOUT harming any one!!! seriously what an idiot

  • Miranda Maynard Senters

    Seems like a much safer way to release… but why should a doll have more rights than an unborn human baby?

  • Kelly McIntyre

    Given the proven danger of interacting with human females, I don’t question the popularity of such dolls.

  • Kara Vincent

    Here is the death nail in this argument: It is not illegal to role play with a partner that you are raping them. Why? Because that is not rape. Is it gross? Sure, but that’s an opinion. Opinions are not facts. You cannot rape an inanimate object. The moment they actually force a living person to have sex with them, that is rape. That is where the line is.

    • Rapier Half-Witt ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Hey! Hey now! Stop flinging facts around like they’re relevant. [/sarc]

  • Tom Forrest

    The guy who spent $10k on a sex doll is the real victim here.

  • Thor Alexander Michelsen

    You cannot rape an inanimate object.

  • Sam Majozi

    Can a dildo be raped? I bet women hate this

  • Yes, but what about Rosie Palm?

  • I raped my dog the other day–had to say “move!” to get it off the couch. What an unwanted advance that was on my part. Loony bin next??

  • Kiernon Thomas

    Titled “FEMINIST CLAIMS SEX DOLLS CAN BE RAPED” and yet no where is she quoted saying that sex dolls can be raped, only that she finds it problematic that there is a setting on a particular robot where the robot rejects sexual advances and this may promote sexual violence. This is a huge error on the article writer’s part, and makes me think very little of their comprehension skills. This isn’t to say I agree with what Parker ACTUALLY said, as someone who grew up playing grand theft auto and making my Bratz dolls murder each other and run over prostitutes (other brats dolls/or polly pockets), I have never thought about applying that to real life & am safely assuming the average man would not as well with their sex doll.

    • evilwhitemalempire

      “no where is she quoted saying that sex dolls can be raped, only that she finds it problematic that there is a setting on a particular robot where the robot rejects sexual advances and this may promote sexual violence.”

      Most fortunate for the feminist that this sex doll came with a ‘rape’ feature.
      Otherwise she’d not have the excuse to condemn something that she really hates for reasons discussed in these comments.

      • Kiernon Thomas

        We can’t assume what she hates though. All of these comments are speculations. However, I will say that if the comments are correct in believing that she is intimidated that a man can have sexual choices via sex dolls (most popular comment I read that actually gave explanation), than I can see that it would give her motive to become angry at something that seems less ignorant. But once again, that’s also a speculation because maybe if she did feel that way she would be blunt about it. Everyone is their own individual after all and I believe that words should be taken exactly at face value, regardless of labels or hidden intentions.

  • Christian Bell

    For f**k sake! I’d rather a bloke who wanted to “rape” took it out on a doll than anyone else. Spending 7k maybe ok, or an ebay special….. How can you rape a piece of plastic, however expensive? Realise ladies, that all men when at the point of ejaculation are not thinking about you, only the one they want to penetrate (Siegmund Freud).

  • PseudoJason

    “Don’t replace me, I need your resources REEEEEEEE!!!”

  • richard

    It is a doll, why should anything be “prohibited”? When I purchase a ball, it doesn’t come with prohibitions.

  • Ross Gardner

    Pessimist, The glass is half empty. Feminist, The glass is raping me… hahaha, the world would be a better place without feminists..

  • Chuck_Key

    A man can “rape” these things as much as he can “rape” his fist…

  • spanishbride

    The same feminist would defend a female prostitute as being a feminist for making money off her body and exploiting male desires.

  • RemAcuTetigisti

    And I say women using DILDOS are raping men ! !

  • ralf

    But she shuffing a dildo up her holes is not raping the poor dildo??

  • Gamelore

    Not sure if satire. I sincerely hope everyone is raping their sex dolls!

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    If they can program these dolls to make a sandwich WHILE THEY ARE BLOWING YOU, Feminists need to prepare the Camps…

  • Mister Putin

    Why bother buying one if you can’t rape it?

  • Marie Noybn

    in that case perhaps these feminists should stop raping their vibrators all the time…

  • Tammy Crosley Stockbridge

    This is the DUMBIST, STUPIDEST, MOST IDIOTIC claim I have ever seen in my life… Good God where do these morons come from?????

    • GTKRWN

      You must not spend a lot of time on leftist media hives. You can find stupider comments than this from liberals just spending twenty seconds on Twitter.

      I’d advise against looking for it, honestly. That isn’t a challenge. Consider yourself very fortunate that this is the worst you’ve heard from some of the most mentally ill people in the country. You don’t want to know about the 457 genders, or how men having sex with women with dicks is considered “straight sex.” The depths of liberal insanity will haunt you and destroy your soul. It’s better just not to know, because once you realize how dangerously insane these people are (and how it still isn’t legal to put them in camps) every day will just grow darker.

      >Good God where do these morons come from?????
      Liberal colleges. Indoctrination centers to destroy the youth of this country through a kind of perverted neo-marxism.

  • Hairatic Rick

    Sex dolls cannot be raped, but, dildo’s can be and are raped every night. Oh the plasticanityl will someone think of the batteries? ????

  • Beedogz

    Women have been having sex with mechanical penis “robots” for a long time.

  • Rapier Half-Witt ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    “Some say these robots reinforce the objectification of women…”

    And just what the hell do you think dildos and vibrators are, you autistic dumbass?
    They are the objectification of men; boiling us down to simply a penis. You’re objectifying men, you brain damaged f u cktards.

  • Rabbit

    & I rape my toaster every day by putting bread in it.

  • Kenek

    again feminist logic proves that the doll is smarter than a feminist.
    the real reason is that they are jealous of the doll. let’s face it compared to a feminist the doll is smarter, better looking, better company and they get a lot more sex.

  • Colin Harrison

    The problem would be solved if they issued a Feminist Sharia compliant doll or goat in a burka
    then bashing, raping and selling off as a sex slave wont be a problem. Mahamoud would be pleased.

  • Lbt

    It’s a piece of plastic, art at best, can you rape a rock? Or is this about intention? And if so, it has nothing to do with plastic.

  • Randy Dockery

    Katie is just pissed because men are more into a sex doll than her. “what, no one wants to rape me?”