The illegal immigrant featured in a teary video discussing her plight is a business owner who voted illegally in the last election.

Updated to add: Undocumented journalists from /pol have uncovered evidence that the illegal immigrant Caudillo donated to a PAC called ‘actblue’, which is prohibited activity for foreign citizens, by federal law.


Karen Caudillo hasn’t eaten breakfast since the Trump administration announced the end of an Obama-era immigration program that shielded young immigrants like herself from deportation.

“I’ve been fighting for so long to be able to sustain myself, to go to school, to be productive,” she said in an tearful interview at the Capitol on Wednesday. “And it just feels like everything is going to waste because I could go back to Mexico.”

Undocumented journalists at /pol captured screenshot evidence from Caudillo’s own social media that she is the owner of a business, Caudillo Cleaning LLC, and recovered proof that the company incorporated in compliance with Florida law.

The articles appear to have been signed by Caudillo and voter records suggest she is registered to vote.

Claims that she has never been to Mexico, the country where she holds legal citizenship, are refuted with evidence of GoFundMe campaigns supporting excursions to Mexico.

Trump’s repeal of DACA stands to benefit Mexico enormously. Karen is one of 800 000 highly productive, entrepreneurial citizens who could be returning to Mexico to invigorate both the culture and economy, for the benefit of all citizens of Mexico.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    If illegals want to stay in the US, they should be made to serve us at no cost. Their pay would be that they’re allowed to remain in the US, though they wouldn’t get any constitutional rights and would be basically forced to live a life of servitude.
    I’d treat mine well if she was servile, obedient and respectful.

    • Christopher Donaghue

      So you want slaves?

      • True.Epic.Crusader

        If they wanna come to the US without being citizens? Yeah. It would be voluntary, because they could leave at any time.

    • Hairatic Rick

      Bender, is that you, Bender? Clearly you are a dog person, no cats for you. HA! ????

  • Jesse James

    The very persons who could make change in Mexico, are coming here?

    I doubt that very highly. For everyone of her, who runs a successful business, are ten dragging the local economy down for ordinary Americans looking for work. One fell off my roof roofing my house from a business that “was insured as well as the hiring firm they contracted for workers” because “it is impossible to get an all American crew to do roofing.” Yet three companies doing roofing on other homes had all American crews. This company’s employees just drove a work truck, and played on their phone while illegal immigrants raised their profit margins.

    • AmandaTrebiano

      $10 says she’s getting paid in cash for the most part and not paying taxes on her employees either

      • Jesse James

        I suspect there are a lot of them doing that. Between their criminals coming here to rape and kill our kids, take us the American tax payer for everything, take jobs we could use, and then leave after they get their residency/citizenship after all these illegal acts…….I’m supposedly the intolerant one?!

  • P-necio

    Dreamer wath a stupid name for an illegal alien in USA, Here in Chile we have the same problem with Haitians and Colombians now we gonna have a law to censorship any word against illegal inmigration :/

    • NoTreading

      Dang – this problem is all over.

      • P-necio

        Yes my friend, the open door to illegals in my country is courtesy of our President Michel Bachelet (close friend of Hillary).

        • Kyle Todoulakis

          Surprise, surprise.

        • joe m

          Any law that stifles speech is wrong…I’d say move to america but the commies here are bent on wrecking the country…Wait till after the revolution to come here

          • P-necio

            There is NO scape, we lost Europa, now USA full of ANTIFA, and Chile and Argentina invaded by Illegals and commies, I really admire President Trump for his patience there.

          • joe m

            Did you notice just before antifa were declared terrorists trump did sway with Obama’s law saying you can’t sell military surplus to the police? Yes once again cops will get military gear. You see where he’s going with this…He has plans for antifa…Blm…Occupy…And it’s gonna be fun to watch

          • DannoDISQ

            Don’t really need military equipment though. Just arrest the idiots as terrorists, which they are, and prosecute to the max by putting in prison for 10 years for first offense. That would make 99% of the fools stay in their parents’ basements.

          • Steven Mathews

            Even better… felony convictions would make then ineligible to vote… legally.

          • thos1787

            IN THEORY !!!!

          • Rita Corpier

            Antifa really stands for Anti-First Amendment. These liberal fascists are the ones trying to stop free speech; subvert the law with illegal DACA, and now overthrow the constitution and our government? Treason is punishable by death. Maybe all of Obama’s Fema camps can be put to good use after all.

    • Dang it, I hate to hear that about Chile as Chile has done so many other things correctly.

      • P-necio

        We lost Europe, now Chile and Argentina full of illegals.

    • Mr. Meek

      Open boarders globally is the key to one world government.

      • P-necio

        We never had afro people in Chile (Chile is like a mini Spain) now we have 10.000 illegals per month from Haiti, the cultural shock is enormous, they eat in the street and wash clothes on the floor, Chile was almost the first world, now we are Africa.

        • AintEzBnWhite

          Yes, the Globalists know Countries that are prosperous will never be down with throwing in their lot with all the 3rd world Countries so bringing everybody to the same level is a requirement. Since they know they could never bring everybody *up* to 1st world status the ONLY legit path forward for them is to bring everybody *down* to Zimbabwe-status.

      • AintEzBnWhite

        Yep. AKA: The key to the destruction of society as we know it.

    • DannoDISQ

      In the US, the superior people just call those against illegal immigration racists. Attempt to shame & shut up. Even loser Obama tried that when he frauded his way to Prez. At least in his last four years, because in his first term, he was supposedly against DACA & refugees. Just a typical hypocrite.

    • Rita Corpier

      How horrible that this is happening all over the wold. I had a friend from Chile and fell in love with stories of its’ people and natural beauty. Hate them being called Dreamers as well. Most of them are grown adults- up to age 36! The rest of them, like the citizens of Chile are also Dreamers – we dream for our country to not be turned into a cesspool like what these people did to their home countries. We dream to not be tax slaves to pay welfare and expenses to an already overburdened system. We have homeless, and worse, homeless Veterans. Our first priority should be them, and the hungry and homeless children we already have in America.

      • P-necio

        They come to Chile asking zero day for free house, health and education, and in Chile we already have poor people, also we have CNN Chile with FAKE NEWS every day about Trump and the poor Haitians Dreamers in Chile, this is the result of the commies in the congress financed by Soros through its foundations (Giorgio Jackson), we gonna have a “tolerance law” (censorship) and a “digital law” to retain our internet history and calls for 2 years 🙂 (political weapon), we are a puppet of the lefties and the LGTBJLPRDKHKFOFKÑ lobby. We REALLY need a Trump in Chile.

    • Καρλ Αντονέσκου

      I am so sorry this cancer has spread to Chile. Pinochet is rolling in his grave.

      • P-necio

        Our Chilean right now is a puppet of the lefties, progres, antifa, lgtbabcdjlñ and illegal inmigrants in Chile.

  • Quiet Desperation

    So kill yourself

    • Obamaisaclown


  • Elisa Lenz

    She owns a cleaning service…so she wants and needs illegal immigrants to work for her under the table and without paying taxes or insurance. DACA is simply the path these people are on because the Dems wanted votes. The DACA program is rife with corruption.


      Her cleaning business is worth $15. lol, that;s a bus ticket back to her home country from L.A.

      • Native Born American

        She’s in south Florida, not California.

        • Tracker

          Boat ride then.

          • Native Born American

            Boat ride? At who’s expense? Toss them a swim suit and give them a nudge off the pier.

          • Tracker

            Helicopter ride it is then.


          I read it again, yeah she’s in florida. Just reported her to I.C.E. by filling out the online I.C.E. form with the link if I.C.E. wants to investigate it further…haha!

          • Connie Blevins

            we should all report her to ICE….LOL

      • John Parker

        with the storms going through Florida….she can catch the mexico bound tide!! See ya!

    • Modern slavery is OK with democrats as long as they get their votes.

      • Barbara Ballard

        Sad but true

      • Herbert Lubitz

        That is exactly the plan. All these Liberals work for is the people who will give the Democrats a vote, just like the Democrats have with the Black people, and then after they are back in government will drop you like a H-Bomb at Hiroshima. The Democrats are not in Politics to contribute to America, but to gain Power and money from the pay to play treason Agenda’s they have. The Democrats will use anyone that can bring something to the table, and if you are the middle class or poor they will use to false promises of your better life, which will be worse after they are elected in, just like Obama did while using the black race card, while not even being a black man, but a Muslim who do not respect Black people and keep blacks as slaves from Africa. It’s all truth Muslims will make all non Muslims their slaves or just kill them just because they are not believers in Islam which is an Ideology not a religion that they want you to believe they are.

        • Gerald James

          Herbert Lubitz, Well Said. I agree with your comments 100%.

      • claudiusxiii

        California is very protective of their peculiar institution. In addition to the illegal alien labor force they already have, they need fresh ones from Mexico to constantly replenish their field hands. Now they’re even talking secession!

        • ranterator

          Machinery is replacing migrant field workers. CA is getting it wine grape harvest with machines and very few migrant workers.

          • claudiusxiii

            A curious thing is that the cotton picker, invented in the 1930s didn’t get financial backing and come into common use until just at the start of the civil rights movement. It could be argued that the cotton gin created large scale slavery, and that the cotton picker created the civil rights movement and ended Jim Crow.

          • MaryAlice Nelson

            Machine operators need to be skilled , not just warm bodies. The day of low skills is over

          • EpicMale

            Industrialization was the doom of slavery. Steam engines were doing the brutal work that had been provided by slaves and downtrodden workers of other races. Ever see a pit saw? Stand in a pit pulling a huge two man cross cut saw down, as the guy on the top pulled it back up. All day. Six or seven days a week, to provide planks for homes, businesses, city boardwalks, etc. The donkey steam engine and a reciprocating saw (look at the reciprocating lever on the wheels of a steam locomotive) obliterated pit saws. If not for the onerous taxes placed upon British and European machinery, the South’s slavery would have been ended without a war by machines (steam tractors could out plow ten men, each with a 2 horse team).

        • whoselineisitanyway


          • Enzo Gorlami

            No no. If they secede, invade, reconquer, EXILE and DEPORT.

          • Tim Groves

            Now THAT’S A GOOD PLAN !!!

          • SufferingInCali

            Just remember that there are many of us in this hell hole that are ready to help with your plan 😉

          • Connie Blevins


          • baronrae

            Seriously think about it. Yes, they give no tax dollars BUT they will get none either! All the grants, federal funding, emergency money. Every time they have a natural disaster or infrastructure issue they are begging us for more money. I’m pretty sure it would even out and we would be rid of their ridiculous liberal crap too. Sounds like a win-win to me!

          • thos1787

            If they secede, they then have to BUY water for their crops and buy their electricity from neighboring states rather than have the Feds steal it, as under the current situation !!

        • Michal Tastik

          The best part is that the 55 electoral votes will go bye bye.

        • Michal Tastik

          We should kick out Cali, Oregon and Washington state and add PR Guam and Virgin Islands. Then we don’t have to change the flag.

    • brian tokarski

      “Successful business” my ass…more like, as in undercutting actual businesses who pay taxes and other fees, meanwhile the illegal alien undercuts the bids of regular businesses. She pays no taxes, so its no loss to her by working for lower wages. You can tell from all the “excursions” to Mexico she “never went on” lol

      • ((( ExRepug )))

        A limited liability company isn’t taxed. Under the Internal Revenue Code an LLC, like a partnership or S corporation, is a “passthrough” entity.

        So what evidence do you have that this young woman doesn’t pay taxes?

        • Paul Revere

          hmm you stated as in the picture she is an LLC that doesn’t pay taxes but you ask for proof that she DOESN’T pay taxes… you said it not me…

          • ((( ExRepug )))

            The question is, what evidence do you have that SHE doesn’t pay taxes? Do you have a copy of her 1040?

        • DannoDISQ

          I’m absolutely certain she files her schedule C to the K, then her personal taxes. Yeah right.

          • ((( ExRepug )))

            Your business is either a Sch C or a Sch E filer (if a K-1 is issued, which is only when there are two or more members). Both are passthroughs, so the net income/loss is reported on the 1040 and taxed at the individual level. There are no employment (payroll) taxes because the owner pays Self Employment Income Tax.

            The point is, the owner always pays at the 1040 level. No sure what your point is, however.

          • R_McGirr

            “There are no employment (payroll) taxes” there are if she employs people. What is “Self Employment Income Tax”?

          • ((( ExRepug )))

            Self Employment Income Tax is the tax that a self employed person pays in addition to Federal income tax. It is 15.3 percent of the net income from all self employment activities. Basically, it is a substitute for the Social Security Medicare taxes that an employee would pay, plus the employer’s matching, so that the taxpayer gets credited for Soc Sec retirement.

          • Carla-Cookie Smith

            The schedule c will pay taxes.

          • ((( ExRepug )))

            A Schedule C business does not pay taxes. The net income or loss from the Schedule C is carried over to Line 17 on the 1040 and added to other income to arrive at Adjusted Gross Income.

          • Carla-Cookie Smith

            And if she has employees yes she pays or should pay employment taxes form 941 and 940. If you sub contract you better be able to prove they are sub contract. The IRS has requirements fir sub contract labor titles.

          • ((( ExRepug )))

            And if she is simply self employed? You don’t know whether she has employees.

            If you know what DannoDISQ means by filing a “schedule C to the K” I’d sure appreciate an explanation.

        • Carla-Cookie Smith

          That depends on how it is set up. If it is set up as a sole proprietor it will be taxed as normal schedule c businesses.

          • ((( ExRepug )))

            Yes, that’s what I pointed out. Thanks for reinforcing that.

      • d4texas

        But, But, But why isn’t she paying her help the $15.00/hr that they so adamently demanded from their state legislators?

    • Janeen Alley

      I read where there are so many DACA “children” DHS doesn’t have the time to interview them.

      • Mr. Meek

        They overtake our school systems that we all pay taxes for.

        • DannoDISQ

          Heard rumor that DACAs & refugees receiving $3500/mo. Anybody know if this is true?

          • Steven Mathews

            That honestly can’t be could it?

          • Tim Groves

            It IS, We just received an E-Mail from the President of the Community College my Wife is TRYING to get a Degree from, In the E-Mail the ASSHOLE Flat out States that the College WILL DISREGARD ALL Federal Orders Concerning ILLEGAL ALIENS & They will STRIVE to Continue to SERVE the ” Undocumented Immigrants” With a QUALITY Education & WILL DO Everything To ASSIST Undocumented Immigrants achieve their Dreams.

          • SufferingInCali

            Been hearing that vile crap been advertised on the radio here in central california too.

          • Tim Groves

            I sent an E-Mail back to the President Telling him I would sit Across the street and Call ICE Every Time I Felt the Need Arise ! Gee NO Response !!!

          • Connie Blevins

            What about my dreams?

          • Shari Hoffman

            I read that they are NOT eligible for any federal funds. They CAN get state aid for education in a handful of states.

          • Scubabebe

            Technically, yes, but there are ways around it.
            Free meals at school, free medical, they can get Sec 8 housing, they can file taxes pay nothing and get $1000s in rebates (includes claiming kids & relatives living in Mexico). obama/state libs also forbid some agencies from asking if illegal when applying for benefits.

          • Scubabebe

            AND our liberal college indoctrination centers are falling all over themselves to give illegals priority in admissions and a FREE college ride.

          • Photog

            I read one article where a dreamer boasted about getting a “full ride” to college.

    • tzayad

      Completely agree.

    • Tracker

      Most likely it’s the most straight forward way for her to open a checking account.

    • Ryan Arko

      It’s an Incorporated company. The article says it. She pays taxes. But unlike you racist trash baskets, she can’t benefit from programs from the taxes she pays.

      • ranterator

        Yes she can, once she takes the time and money to become a US citizen.

      • Steven Mathews

        She can’t have her children go to public school? She can’t drive on highways? She can’t use public services? She can’t take advantage of Obamacare? She gets a SSN as a DACA so she can take advantage of that. So what is she paying taxes for (prove that she is) and benefits she isn’t receiving?

        If she is all she says then she shouldn’t have any problem getting citizenship. Why are you insisting she remain in this DACA netherworld? Let’s force congress to stop delaying and fix the program so she can apply for citizenship… that is IF she hasn’t committed fraud. If she voted then she should spend time in jail instead.

      • JasonC5

        In case my comment doesn’t pass moderation for containing a Youtube link, why don’t you watch “DACA The Temporary Permanency,” by The Lodge (aka Arch Warhammer) for some perspective. Then head on over to Styxhexenhammer666’s page along with Hard Bastard or Hard News Network for some debunking of the MSM’s nonsense.

    • Bonnieblueflag

      Make Mexico great again,people like her will help Mexico

      • Valencia Hargrave

        Excellent suggestion!!!

    • ((( ExRepug )))

      What makes you sure that she has employees? Most LLCs have one person — the owner.

      • Carla-Cookie Smith

        Not really. A lot of them have employees.

        • ((( ExRepug )))

          What makes you sure that Ms. Caudillo has employees? You didn’t answer the question.

  • Peter Toth

    Another left wing fraud exposed. They just keep popping up everywhere! This just goes to prove that you can’t trust anyone on the left to be honest and real.

  • Guest

    I’m so sick of this shit. WTF. This woman NEEDS to be called out.

  • Anne0135

    She gave up breakfast? Wow.

    • Dmitry Krotchlikmeoff

      Still fat

    • Donald Bulloch

      The struggle is real.

      • bookish1


  • blewyn

    They need cleaning services in Mexico too, right ?

    • Obamaisaclown


  • David L. Stinson

    NOTHING will be done to her. Laws are only for Republicans and other “little people.”

  • jcfriday

    I am sorry but she needs to go to jail until she gets deported out of the US and is never allowed to return. That is the problem with what the bozo who was a phony president did through out the last 8 years. Perhaps we need to send his A$$ and his family as well all back to Kenya where they all belong

  • Stanley Burrell


  • Dmitry Krotchlikmeoff

    They are always saying what a great place Mexico is so why do none of them want to go back there?

    • msdangermousse

      you are an idiot. leave me alone. i have ABSOLUTElY NO TIME for idiots like you.

      • Dmitry makes an excellent point, doesn’t he?

        • msdangermousse

          Yeah, there’s no explanation for stupid.

          • joe m

            Then you can’t be explained…You’re the stupid one.

      • joe m

        Lol…Awww did you get triggered snowflake?

        • msdangermousse

          I’m not triggered, hon. I never get triggered. I’m just smarter than you are.

          • Scott Rasener

            Usually the people that think they’re smart are the dumbest person in the room. Especially if they feel the need to tell everyone…ROFLMAO

    • Hairatic Rick

      I pay thousands of $ every year to go to Mexico to SCUBA dive. It is a nice place don’t let the Hollywood elites lie to you. At the end of the month the Mexican government makes me leave. They grant entry for only one month at a time. After I leave I may present my self at the border where I may or may not be allowed back in for one month. I do leave because I’m not a criminal and i don’t want to go to a Mexican jail for breaking their immigration laws. And, guess what? If I wanted to work in Mexico I must be able to speck Spanish, first. Also Mexico has a wall on their southern border to keep the South Americans out. Life is Elffing ironic. Elf the Alt-left. Bytheelffinway, I’m a liberal and I support Trump on this. HA!

      • joe m

        You do know which bathroom to use right? Lol sorry had to ask. ????

        • Trumplovesyou

          Typical disrespectful POS mexican, Go put on your raiders jersey and go down to the taco truck and see your Homies. Otalay puto!

        • Hairatic Rick

          When in Mexico do as the Mexicans do … Behind the third trash dumpster on the right. ????

  • diablo135

    Why all the gofundme set ups? Jesus. She expect to pay for anything at all?

  • Marvin Harrison

    To register to vote she had to lie about citizenship. Voting is a felony. Perjury is a felony. She also violated campaign laws. She should be picked up now and sent back.

    • Trumplovesyou

      Correct! If you or I did anything close to this we would be in jail. The double standard proves that the government thinks illegals are much more important than American citizens.

    • serfbaja

      Wait a minute. The Leftist Dems (but I repeat myself) said there “is no voter fraud”, so no way this woman voted. I trust what they say…don’t you?


      Report this fraud to I.C.E.

    • ((( ExRepug )))

      There’s no evidence she’s registered to vote. That image in the article is not from an official voter registration record, but rather, from a commercial “people locator” website. The person who posted the image chopped off the part that shows there are no voter recoeds for this young lady.

      • Marvin Harrison

        OK, so she just broke campaign laws. Bye.

  • Ken

    DACA was always a ‘deferred deportation’ process to give young immigrants an opportunity to complete education etc. and then return to the benefit of their country of origin. POTUS Trump did the right thing in putting that executive order regarding immigration into the responsible branch of government. Let’s see our legislators get their act together in time.

  • BigMG

    She’s crying because she wants to be a slave owner and Trump won’t let her.

    How Democratic of her.

  • Ohshutup

    GTFO, liar

  • Robert Brown

    I just tweeted ICE this article, lets see if the article holds water and if so How long before she gets a knock at her door.

    • ((( ExRepug )))

      She’s a DACA recipient. ICE doesn’t deport anyone holding a DACA registration.

      • Robert Brown

        If she breaks the law while in DACA status she can lose DACA status and be deported, especially if she broke the law prior to applying for DACA and never informed them, chances are with a 50% non vetting of DACA that she did. If she voted and gave campaign donation then she is in a 2 counts of Federal law violation if she did each crime once. You can get your status removed as there is a clause to remain in good standing. ICE has deported DACA people, in one case where the kid left the country w/out going thru the proper procedures & having larceny charges after he was approved for DACA. While in the military processing people with various INS status Ive seen people lose their status and therefore their eligibility to join after the entered delayed entry program. the only thing that can not be revoked is if they receive citizenship but that too can be revoked if they lied on their application. Unless you are a natural born citizen then you better mind your behavior or else.

  • Robert Brown

    Don’t just talk about it, Report them to ICE & have them do their jobs. If she is guilty of voting and donating then she is just a knock away from her true country of origin. Stop with the reading and complaining & report it.

    • ((( ExRepug )))

      There is no evidence that she is registered to vote or voted. The image posted in the article is from one of those commercial “people locator” websites, with the top of the page chopped off. The top of the page originally showed “There are no voter records” for this person.

  • Edward Jones

    I like how all you people denounce owning a cleaning company as a scam
    meant to skirt taxes and hire illegal workers but, no one gives two
    flying fucks about a white person who owns the same business. By that
    logic, its like saying its ok to break the law just as long as you’re a
    citizen. I’m white as fuck and even I think this is some racist shit.
    DACA is like arresting an infant child because his mother got caught
    shoplifting diapers. You guys twist that lemon so hard trying to make
    lemonade you got people believing that shit is orange juice.

    • Donald Andreas

      It is orange juice. You just do not know it.

    • Obamaisaclown

      What-about-ism at its finest. We are talking about this particular case, try to stay on topic there skippy..

    • Gary Gilbert

      and what else do you “identify” as by chance?

    • Your anger comes from frustration. Frustration knowing you are a lib with no answers, just hate.

    • claudiusxiii

      Thanks for sharing, Edward.

  • Democrat Strategist

    She has to go back

  • Bernice Cintron

    I wish Trump had just repealed it altogether… They have already found and not surprised more than 50% of those DACA applications were fraudulent and there was NO vetting process either as the left has been spewing that was conducted.

  • feetxxxl

    makes you wonder why those of japanese interment whined so much. all they were forced to give up against their will, was everything they earned, all their assets, all they had planned……….. to spend an all expenses paid vacation in the desert for a couple of years……………..and their families got to remain in tact. its so easy to abandon your support system and start from scratch in a country of language unfamiliar to you. why dont dreamers on their own, dont have a highly popular return to mexico movement………………….sans family?

  • BB

    Was she trying to go to Mexico to take advantage of the green card loophole in DACA? (Sessions just shut that down.)

  • Trumplovesyou

    Mexico must be one hell of a cess pool. Yet when they live here they worship it. I have zero sympathy for the dreamers because if they are as great as they claim they would have made getting legal their number one priority. If they put as much effort into getting legal as they do into bashing America and its citizens they would all be legal by now. Sick of it!

  • Trumplovesyou

    The government has made it obvious who they prefer they call illegal aliens dreamers and anyone who opposes them nazi’s. It’s very clear that they have chosen foreign lawbreakers over their own citizens.

  • Gary Gilbert

    lol just how many “gofundme” accounts does she have/need lol.. what a way to abuse the system ffs lol.. such awesomeness lol

  • William Silverstrand

    The fact is, that after Obama passed down his illegal DACA amnesty by way of an Unconstitutional Executive Order, that Government agencies were so overwhelmed with applications that they simply ignored the vetting procedures and started rubber stamping applicants.
    And if DACA recipients were granted citizenship, each one of them could then bring in an unlimited amount of relatives from abroad through what is called the “chain migration” loophole, and that 800,000 number would soon swell into millions of foreigners who would be rewarded with citizenship for what amounts to the illegal actions of a few.
    Of course Democrats want to give them citizenship. Even a limited DACA amnesty is guaranteed to bring in millions of new lifelong Democrat voters. This is exactly why we should never reward their illegal behavior with citizenship and along with that, the right to vote. Pass another amnesty and no man made barrier will keep out millions more from coming to wait for yet the next round of amnesty rewards. We should have already learned this from the 1986 amnesty. Rewarding illegal behavior with citizenship and the plethora of gold plated benefits that come with that, only encourages much more of the same illegal behavior.

  • crimhead20Clara Dimaggio

    busted lol that’s what you get for running mouth

  • William Silverstrand

    Hispanics in general, but especially Mexicans are renowned for their inclination to latch onto Government services and public charities to milk them for everything they can get for free, with the majority abusing said charities over their entire lifetimes. These people school their entire families on the ins and outs of navigating through our social service system and public charities and it becomes an entrenched way of life for the whole family.
    This Caudillo parasite is just another prime example of how these people have figured out how to get a free ride on free money from the charity of others. Deport them all.

  • Marcus Rhodes

    Looks like she could stand to skip even more breakfasts, too.

  • Dirty_Martini

    DRAINERS, calling themselves Dreamers.

  • Deport her! She’s the kind of scum we don’t need here…. Illegals who hire other illegals, dont pay taxes, and lie about never being to Mexico and cry fake tears.

  • Linda Furman

    not eating breakfast? big fn deal….a true hunger strike wouldn’t eat period, no lunch, no dinner, no snacks….hell, i don’t eat breakfast a lot and i’m not protesting anything, just don’t like breakfast foods!

  • bookish1

    I’m surprised she didn’t set up a Go Fund Me page for Pop Tarts.

  • washburn road

    Fraud, thy name is Illegal Alien.

  • Paul Revere
  • David L. Stinson

    It isn’t just “DemoncRAT Voters” they want. The DemoncRATs are packing “their” areas with illegals getting ready for the 2020 Census. Because the number of DemoncRAT House members depends on the population of those areas, and they DON’T check their legal status.

  • Nancy Arseneault-Heald

    Is this the same chick who was whining that her 17 year old sister will not benefit from DACA because she is too young? And I automatically do not trust people who beg for money on the internet via GoFundMe.

    • ((( ExRepug )))

      A childhood arrival could apply for and get a DACA deferral beginning at age 16.

  • Rockribbed1

    If she is registered to vote she must be deported

    • ((( ExRepug )))

      She’s not. That image is not from an official voter registration database. It’s one of those “people locator” websites where you pay to get data on someone, hence the button for “That’s the one!”.

  • Erick McKracken

    Somehow I was sure of it… everything is a fraud with the left

  • 2010K

    Has no one listened..?
    Pres. Trump is not sending the Dreamers back to Mexico…he is eliminating Obama’s executive order over a two yr period so there will be no more Dreamers…they will know the law then ….benefits will be stopped….the 6 MO period for Congress is to figure out how to legally give them citizenship…they really are caught between a rock and hard place..the parents are the ones at fault…but the bigger fault lies on Obama…the Latinos should thank him for this mess…it just goes to show if you break the law it will come back and bite you in the butt…but in this case the Dreamers may come out well…however…their illegal parents may not…

  • Mexicans are the democrats newest slave playtoys. First it was blacks because they were easy to identify. This way they are not accused of profiling. The warlord that got paid THIS time was the president of mexico. After years upon years of friendship and love between the silly gringos con dinero and the Mexican people suddenly their government makes their country less habitable. I grew up going to Mexico like it was going across the street to a buddys house. The last time I travelled there for dental work was the last time I will ever visit Mexico again. Our money no longer makes us a friend,just another sheeple to fleece. Adios Mexico. Bienvenidos’ a’ HELL !

  • revwillie

    Send her Home. If she comes back, do to her what Mexico does to US Citizens

  • j. ray

    So she uses go fund me to vacation in Ole mehico? These people get and have more than any American can dream of. Maybe we should be the dreamers. You know we dream of a gov NJ ot full of corruption and greedy thieves!!

  • John Russelman

    HA! HA! Where is the JUSTICE???

  • Dee Dunbar verified deplorable

    go change and fix your own country and stop freeloading while you hate!

  • mmazzi

    Don’t fret!! Only thing you’ll lose is FREEBIES!! Your education will HELP YOUR COUNTRY WHILE YOU WORK WITH OTHERS TO “FIX YOUR DISGUSTING COUNTRY!!” Much needed!! BONUS: OUR KIDS WILL GET THEIR STOLEN JOBS RETURNED!! Have fun, greedy loser!!

  • Rambler59

    They can cry all they want. FIRST: Trump didn’t make a decision to end DACA. He passed it on to congress to make a decision on it. SECOND: Obama wrote this law to get people in to vote democrat by executive order. THIRD: This law was deemed unconstitutional. Presidents are not allowed to write or change laws by executive order. FORTH: The time is up for this law to to continue. If congress does nothing it goes away. The only decision to make is for congress to write this law into a bill. THEN the president makes a decision to pass it or veto it. If these illegals don’t know how America works then they need to get legalized the proper way in accordance with the laws of this land. Otherwise, shut up and get out.

  • nickthecat

    If you’ve been here for a decade or more and have never bothered to become a legal citizen, you have no one to blame but yourself. And your parents for bringing you here illegally.
    NOT my fault.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    Send her back to Mexico, she can open a cleaning service there.

  • Deport her!!!

  • happytortuga

    Lock her up if she voted illegally!

  • Sg Harley


  • redheart

    She’s not an immigrant…she’s an illegal alien. Stop upgrading them to immigrant status!

  • mharper42

    Good for the USA to get rid of these non-citizens, but they are going to HATE their native hell-hole on our southern border.

  • Stephen St.Onge

    If she’d never been to Mexico, it would mean she was born here. In that case, she’d be a citizen.

  • V F

    So when will she be arrested?

  • sammy

    get out,illegals are not wanted

  • American Infidel

    So, why hasn’t she applied for citizenship? wa wa wa

  • One-Eye

    The Left really knows how to pick their martyrs, don’t they?

  • Day2u

    Why does she hate Mexico so much?

  • cslagenhop

    Millions of illegal votes. Trump should make an example out of this fraud. Over the wall after 10 years in federal prison.

  • Photog

    The end does not justify the means. Do it right.

  • Mike Urban

    Thats right there are so many in the U.S. that have learned well and done well but all have done it illegally!So if they have to go back she can only help her self and her country if she were to go back since most in Mexico are not literate and they can use and need well educated Citizens… it would only benefit them both!


    These are the heart-melting moppets that we are supposed to keep in our country and on our tabs, and that are to provide the pretext for importing every shirt-tail relative from the jungles of Central America. Frauds like this are no more innocent children than were the hordes of military-age mohammedan males that have flooded Europe in order to bend it to the prophet’s will. This is hijra – conquest by immigration. These invaders, who clearly provided the “popular vote victory” for the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke and are intended to keep the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder in power forever, did not huddle in steerage with their parents to come to America for a better life. They were intentionally solicited by democrat politicians and agents, or ordered up by the thousands from coyotes, paid for by U.S. taxpayers and the plan is for them to assimilate us rather than the other way around, as in Emma Lazarus’s day. A million grown-up children, 20 to 25 million in extended families and then permanent cultural, political and economic change in the country, and the Estados Unidos de Aztlan will join the club of Third World banana republics.

  • ((( ExRepug )))

    I don’t evidence that she is registered to vote. The image shown is of an online “people search”, not voter registration.

  • John Parker

    take your ingenuity and your vote, and go home…to MEXICO…if you an do it here, you can do it at home…in MEXICO!! Parisite!!

  • JCHPSU77

    Not Mexico…………….Liberia!

    All illegals. BLM felons, and Mooooooooslims, one way, cargo class, never to return.

  • Kevin Sanders

    Illegal is the basis of their entire existence.

  • MarkRocchio

    If illegal aliens turned into Republicans, there would be a 20′ high wall with 50 caliber machine guns between the US and Mexico.

  • Jim Olsson

    I’m deeply troubled and utterly shocked. A corrupt Democrat… my God, what is the world coming to?

  • Kev

    No Resort
    No Resort
    All I have to say on the subject of illegals, matters not where they came from or color of skin.

  • Is that Harriet Potter? Platform 9.5 to Mexico because she’s a fraud.

  • Whatever
  • Not2pc4U

    I have yet to meet a liberal democrat that is not a lying stinking unethical, morally bankrupt pile of Crap.

  • Mac Schowalter

    I stopped reading your article once I saw the grammar and spelling errors… You may have had a point, but go back to school and learn english, if you want people to take your journalism seriously…


    /pol/ – You need to always include the closing slash, otherwise you just look like Reddit.

  • J. Mac

    My daughter just got an email from her school to attend a rally in support of this ridiculous program. She just laughed… college, higher learning… what a joke.

    • Rebecca Gal

      My daughter just graduated High School in June. She was college bound, but plans have changed. She’s going to work until she has a real idea of what she’d like to do.

      • ((( ExRepug )))

        Sounds like a mature approach, but don’t let her go too long on that or she might not enroll in college at all. I allowed my kids to take a break from college with a maximum of one year.

  • ColoradoMan

    She may not be eating breakfast, but she obviously isn’t missing too many other meals.

  • John Ford

    Only white guy working in all Mexican Nissan Dealership in Austin TX making a fraction of what I made before open borders. Fired for defending Trump when I was sending Ted Cruz 20 bucks a week during the primary. Ted’s Hispanic isn’t he I never bothered to find out.

  • Insider

    Time to round her up and get her packing. This is just one in millions of illegal aliens living here and taking what’s not theirs. Los Angeles is full o people like this who work in our homes as cleaners, gardeners, electricians, and even nannies. The people who hire these folks feel sorry for them and their struggles but forget the most important aspect, security. The reason we hold companies accountable or at least we can is that they are authenticated by state government. If you have any problems you can simply hire an attorney and sue them. Try doing that to an illegal alien working for you. My guess is you wouldn’t even be able to find them much less file any grievances.

  • Alt-Right Winger

    Thank you for exposing this fraudster. Another of many reasons why DACA should be completely terminated.