Ashley Sharpton, daughter of the civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, was reportedly arrested early on Saturday after attacking a taxi driver. 

The New York Daily News reports, while citing police sources, Sharpton is also accused of taking the taxi driver’s keys out of the ignition and throwing them out of the window.

Sharpton was reportedly in the taxi just before 1 a.m. on Saturday with three of her friends. Each of the passengers gave different destinations to the driver, irritating and confusing him at the same time. The driver, Georges Coly, stopped the car and refused to move until the group decided where they wanted to go.

At this point, Sharpton, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, stole the drivers keys from the ignition. According to police, she then jumped out of the car and threw the keys, an action which the driver did not witness.

Coly, 44, then approached her, demanding his keys back but was met with physical force by Sharpton as she started to shove him.

One of Sharpton’s friends filmed the incident. In the video, which can be viewed here,  it also looks as if Sharpton punches the taxi driver as he tries to figure out where his keys were thrown.

Sharpton fled the scene but was caught two hours later and was taken into custody. According to the police, Sharpton was not charged with assault as the taxi driver was not injured. Instead, she received a desk appearance ticket and was sent home.

“She told me it didn’t happen the way they said it happened, but I can’t speak for a 30-year-old woman,” Rev. Al Sharpton told the New York Daily News on Saturday.

Just hours after his comment to the New York Daily News, Sharpton claimed his daughter was targeted by police and was arrested because she is related to him.

“All I know is that you got four people in a cab, and there’s some altercation, and they find out two hours later one of them is Al Sharpton’s daughter, she’s the one that’s going to the precinct,” he said during his National Action Network rally. “If you’re my child or you’re related to me, you’re guilty until proven innocent. But we’ll fight that out in court.”

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