In the latest blame game she is playing, Clinton claimed, during an interview with Vox on Tuesday, she lost a point or two among white women due to husbands and boyfriends telling their wives and girlfriends she would end up in jail. 

Clinton finally realized, after she based much of her campaign on the idea, gender isn’t “the motivating factor that race was for President Obama.”

She then goes on to say that white women tend to base their politics on the understanding of their own security.

“Now, I believe, absent Comey, I might have picked up 1 or 2 points among white women,” Clinton claimed. She then cited her polling results in the Philadelphia suburbs before the Comey letter and compared them to her results in the election. “It stopped my momentum. And it hurt me, particularly among women. And I have so much anecdotal evidence for this. And now, researchers are starting to pull some of this together.”

“You know, all of a sudden, the husband turns to the wife, ‘Pshh, I told you she’s going to be in jail. You don’t want to waste your vote.’ You know, the boyfriend turns to the girlfriend and says, ‘She’s going to get locked up. Don’t you hear? She’s going to get locked up,'” she continues. “I mean, all of a sudden, it becomes a very fraught, kind of conflictual experience. And so, instead of saying, ‘I’m taking a chance. I’m going to vote,’ it didn’t work.”

Watch the interview with Vox below.


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  • Michael Gooding

    It’ll still happen, with any luck.

  • De Plorables Unum

    Is the woman ever going to go away…

    • happytortuga


      • De Plorables Unum

        When are the statues going up?

  • Laura Webster

    Wow, she really is clueless. Having talked with several professional women I work with in many different industries — our biggest issue, as a woman, was that we all felt she stayed with her man so that she could get elected. Most of us would have dumped him and tried on our own rather than put up with that behavior or continue to put up with it. So we saw her selling out for greed and power. We have had to deal with it for a long enough time in the working world, that God forbid — we certainly didn’t want to see it in the white house.

    • Rusty Esq

      Interesting. The feminists I spoke with identified the over emphasis on celebrities and her gender card business. I was very surprised they felt that way. One feminist even derided Hillary as a feminist. Another lesbian (married to a woman) feminist said “I knew where I stood with Trump, I’m glad he won”.

      I’m not sure that sticking by her man was bad. I’m surprised to hear it. If I have read trustworthy sources, the Clintons were less traditional when it comes to the terms of their relationship. I would say Hillary wanted the news about infidelity to go away because it put the spotlight on her to disclose her views of the relationship. If they are swingers (as an example), extra marital activity is fine between them, but social conformance would put the pressure on her.

      • Laura Webster

        I had heard those issues as well. I don’t think they believed that sticking by your man is bad — rather that you stuck by him for political greed and power greed. As if she couldn’t make it on her own, regardless is they were swingers. And your lesbian friend is right — you know where you stand with Trump, whether you like him or not. He’s in your face. That’s something one can deal with. Whereas with Hillary, like many other politicians, promised one thing and did another. In Hillary’s case, as we all saw all day long, when she was with one group, she promised one thing, when in another group — she promised the opposite thing. Thus, no character. You really didn’t know where you would stand with her. Just imagine the roar of approval she might have had, had she stood up and said I’m divorcing and going to do it on my own.

  • Jen

    Talk about and sexism. Clinton thinks women vote however they are told to by their husbands/boyfriends.

  • Alma Lawson

    Lock her up before she physically injures herself.

  • Dean Former lee

    Watch the video? No. I read the words rather than listen to painful voices.

    • Rebecca Dahl ???????? ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      And that cackling laugh from that witch who may be a disciple of Sally Quinn? Her time would be better spent by just retiring and having Huma tend to her.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Well, we already knew that, so what’s new

  • happytortuga

    I can’t wait for the Parkinson’s to hurry up.

  • Isa Guy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    (A) Hillary thinks women can’t think for themselves.
    (B) Hillary is a woman.

    Which means (C): Hillary can’t think for herself.

  • January

    There’s excuse #10 that I get to write down on my list of, “Hillary Excuses and Why She Didn’t Win”. Now she’s insulting women and insinuating that some don’t have a mind of their own. She sure is an angry, bitter, whiny, nut job of a woman. The elections were last year, and in less than two months from now, it will have been a year since the elections. Now if she should say, “some women didn’t vote for me because I’m married to a sexual predator and accused rapist”, now that I would agree with her on, he is a sexual predator and accused rapist, he just can’t keep it in his pants.

  • KooKKy

    She’s like Elvis. Everyone around her was afraid to tell her the truth about her upcoming demise.

  • Kimmy3

    Ol’ Hillary brought back the 90s do. Lookin’ good you classy broad. Now only if all those bitches would stop listening to their husbands! What a load of conjecture.

  • dana daddee

    this woman has no clue about anything…

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    If women can’t think for themselves doesn’t it follow that she can’t think for herself?

    • Laura Webster

      For her to say that…wow…she is so off her rockers.

  • Steve O

    Woman can’t think for themselves.
    Blacks don’t have ID’s and they need special favors to compete.

  • susanlangley

    What a crock! No one goes into the voting booth with you. A woman’s vote is her own.

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    She’s just basing this on her own experience of having Bill tell her to kill people for him all the time…