2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, running on a platform of “I have a vagina,” has spent the last year blaming everybody else for her catastrophic campaign. In a CBS News interview, she finally, almost admitted that maybe she could have contributed to her loss, sort of.

Politics have become splintered on both sides, but the Democrats have a real knack for dividing up their own voter base with her “I have a vagina” platform creating a culture of identity politics on the left. “I’m with her” people were irascible when it came to their recent compatriots, the now-wicked “Bernie Bros.”

In case you missed it, the DNC leaks – the impetus for the New Red Scare – documented a conspiracy among the top Democratic leadership and, of course, Hillary, designed to keep Sanders from winning the nomination. Bernie Sanders supporters were, as one might expect, displeased with this revelation, which, in turn, got them largely labeled misogynists for refusing to vote for a vagina wrapped in a pants suit. But it wasn’t the conspiracy, or hurling insults, or a vapid platform, devoid of meaningful policy that lost the election, but Bernie Sanders.

In a preview of a CBS News interview with Jane Pauley, Clinton finally said something that almost didn’t sound like blaming someone else for her loss; “you know maybe I missed a few chances.” This isn’t exactly a mea culpa, obviously, but coming from a political ideology in which only their political opponents should be held accountable for their actions, it’s probably as much as the Bernie Bros can hope for.

A fractured Democratic party has even had enough of her continued efforts to divide the left, with a former Clinton fundraiser saying, “Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the fuck up and go away.”

I’ll go out on a limb and say this is finally something the entire political spectrum can agree on.

Feature Image via InStyle