During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News’ Raheem Kassam, a Catholic writer, and expert on Latin American issues Dr. Christopher Manion says: “Bannon’s comments gave Cardinal [Dolan] heartburn because Bannon’s right.”

“The Catholic Catechism (N. 2241.2) says that immigration policy belongs with ‘political authorities’, not Bishops. Good Catholics can disagree with Bishops on immigration, and Bannon does,” Manion says. “Cardinal Dolan says he’s insulted because Bannon mentions money. Well, the Bishops get a billion dollars a year from the federal government. That’s real money, even in D.C., and if the Bishops think they’re getting it because they’re such good guys – well, they’re the only folks in Washington who are.”

A Polish-American historian, who was on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council for five years, agrees with Bannon on the issue of immigration, something which is notable considering Poland is a majority Catholic nation at the center of the immigration debate.

Poland has high relevance in this debate considering it has repeatedly rejected calls from the European Union to take in tens of thousands of Muslim migrants.

“The Catholic leaders lead no more, except to repeat the mantras of their counterparts elsewhere in the West. Meanwhile, the grassroots see clearly where kumbaya theories, e.g. open borders, lead to,” Marek Jan Chodakiewicz told Breitbart London.

“Today the Bishops’ number one issue is not abortion – it’s amnesty for illegal aliens,” Manion says. “Here again, Bannon embarrasses them.”

Manion insinuates the amnesty approach by Bishops could simply come down to them wanting the declining Catholic churches in America to be full again.

“The Pew Trust says that thirty million Catholics have left the pews. Who’s going to fill them? Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles, the Bishops’ point man on amnesty, is blunt: Hispanics should fill them. Most are Catholic and hold “deep conservative values,” he says. “Apparently the Americans who oppose amnesty are selfish racists. One bishop actually calls them ‘Pharisees and hypocrites’.”

“America’s Catholic Bishops want what Gómez calls ‘the Next America’ – a Hispanic one,” he adds.

Filling American churches, the monetary gain Bishops receive from the federal government and the opposition to strong border policies are all possible factors which contribute to the Bishops support for the DACA.

However, according to Manion, politics also plays a role.

“Look, the Bishops expected Hillary to win,” he explained to Breitbart. “Obama gave them hundreds of millions a year to care for immigrants and illegals and refugees, and Hillary would have kept the party going. With Trump, a drop in illegals and refugees means a drop in funding, it’s that simple.”

Chodakiewicz brings in the European perspective on immigration from the view of Poland.

“The Church globally is in disarray; let your communications be yeah, yeah, nay, nay seems no longer to apply. That is a global trend,” he says. “[The] good news is that in Poland at the grass roots, the parish clergy stays true to the mission. It believes in One, Holy, Catholic Church. And so do its followers. Therefore there is no way they will agree to what they see as the primacy of relativistic liberalism [and] a Muslim invasion to dominate Christendom.”

“So in their churches, they continue to preach the Truth. The priests, nuns, and their spiritual cares comment widely upon the pathologies afflicting the West, including Marxism-Lesbianism and, yes, Muslim migrants. Most Poles want neither,” he concludes.

Cardinal Dolan appeared on SiriusXM in a radio interview and responded to Bannon’s comments which claimed the Bishops had an economic interest in illegal immigration.

“You might imagine I was rather befuddled to see it,” Dolan said during the interview. “I don’t really wanna care to go into what I think is a preposterous and rather insulting statement that the only reason we Bishops care for immigrants is for the economy because we want to fill our churches and get more money. That’s insulting and that’s just so ridiculous that it doesn’t merit a comment.”

Manion says, however, “…Cardinal Dolan’s remark… carefully does not deny what Bannon said. In fact, Dolan admitted the silence to the Wall Street Journal – he said Bishops had “laryngitis” on the magisterial teaching.”

During the 60 Minutes interview, on the subject of the Bishops and illegal aliens, Bannon said: “As much as I respect Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops on doctrine, this is not doctrine. This is not doctrine at all. I totally respect the Pope and I totally respect the Catholic Bishops and Cardinals on doctrine. This is not about doctrine. This is about the sovereignty of a nation. And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.”

“Bannon is exactly right,” Manion says. “The immigration crusade is not ‘magisterial’ – and the Bishops don’t preach what is magisterial”.

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  • Hairatic Rick

    It amazes me that SJW Marxist feminist push for open borders so that Hispanic Catholics and muslemsylvanian Muslims can flood America when both groups are so anti abortion. Are there no thinkers in the Alt-left or are they as dumb as they look?

    • Gregory Jones

      The ones promoting are doing so for money in the temporary sense. They’re going to make a lot of money now in their lifetimes. They’re not worried about what happens afterwards.

      • 1ndependentOne

        Agreed … Here OR in the hereafter.

      • Miguel


      • Paul

        They probably have no children so have no stake in the future.

    • Steve O

      I’ve always thought that the those leading the call for open borders are communists looking to spark a collapse that can only be solved by the government stepping in to take everything over.

      And I’ve always thought that the followers of the open borders movement are liberal simpletons subject to groupthink, too timid to speak out against the consensus of the cool crowd or too intellectually lazy to do their own thinking.

      • Hairatic Rick

        The foundation of classical liberals, which our founding fathers used to start this Nations, is first of all property rights. The rights of the property of the person, owning one’s self. The rights of one’s property of speech, free speech. The rights of personal property, which cannot be taken away without Due Process. The right of national property protected by borders. The Marxist do not support liberal concepts.
        SJWs Feminist, ANTIFAs, BLM, and other Marxists were never in the cool crowd, not a cheerleader among them, they were only allowed on the pep squad. Nevertheless, they are learning and are repeating their new chants. “Hey, Hey, No trump, no KKK, we have no Balls that’s why we Sway!” Can you not see their pompoms waving as the march????? they wish they were liberals!

  • Rusty Esq

    You lost me. I know calling immigrants “aliens” was because of a quote, but you are using emotion rather than reason.

    Churches want Muslims so they can replenish lost Christians? That was my takeaway as the story flipped across ethnicities.

    This article didn’t work for me. I’m really switching off to propaganda and vague argument. This story was both. If there is a good message, it was buried too deeply for me to get past the bullshit.

    • Gregory Jones

      This isn’t a story. These are the facts on the ground. This is exactly what the Catholic church is promoting. It all comes down to money and membership. There was a reason this nation feared the influence of the Catholic Church headed by the head of state of a nation-state called the Vatican. The Vatican is a nation-state. This was one of the best well written articles on this subject I’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps your own bias is preventing you from understanding the facts presented? I don’t know. But this is a plus journalism here. Outstanding.

      • Unlucky#

        Both Rick and Rusty lurk here to troll. I blocked them to not read any of their garbage.

      • ranterator

        The Vadican is a nation state surrounded by a wall…. But walls are bad.

  • ranterator

    Poland needs to get out of the EU ASAP.

  • Tony

    And here I thought Milo was Dangerous, Bannon’s a weapon!

    • Unlucky#

      Milo and Bannon are interchangeable combiner transformers.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    I thought Catholic doctrine was the written word of God & thus free of imperfection.

    Catholics don’t pick & choose. Just close your eyes & swallow it whole.

    • DaisyToo

      You’re now claiming that colluding w/immigration policies for $$$ is a “Catholic doctrine”?
      You seem to get dopier by the minute.

  • DaisyToo

    Funny how the Lefties aren’t screaming about separation of church and state regarding this issue.

  • The Chinese Noise

    There is extreme vetting to get into the kingdom of heaven. This vetting includes all your actions and even everything you thought. If this is what the church says is the vetting to enter the pearly gates, they can’t lecture us on how we do our immgigration. Hell is open borders BTW.

  • Barbara Barrington

    Government money to churches should stop immediately…There should be no hint of profit motive in what the church does for the needy….Bannon is right.. I heard the church gets lots of tax dollars for taking care of immigrants? illegal? I don’t have facts.