In her new book “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton attacks women who regretted not voting for her in November, claiming “these people were looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give.”

Clinton’s book consists of the many reasons, none of which involve Hillary herself, why she lost the presidency to Donald Trump in November. It turns out that women who didn’t vote for Clinton have made the long list of reasons as to why she lost.

In “What Happened,” Clinton describes the Women’s March which took place in D.C and other cities across America as “bittersweet” because she believes people showed more anger and enthusiasm during the event than they did during her campaign.

Although she labeled the event “awe-inspiring” on Twitter, Clinton explains she “couldn’t help but ask where those feelings of solidarity, outrage, and passion had been during the election.”

“Since November, more than two dozen women — of all ages, but mostly in their twenties — had approached me in restaurants, theaters, and stores to apologize for not voting or not doing more to help my campaign,” she wrote in her book. “I responded with forced smiles and tight nods.”

She then recalls a moment where a mother forced her daughter to apologize to Clinton as she didn’t vote in the election. Clinton explains that the girl’s head was “bowed in contrition,” but instead of feeling sorry for the daughter, the former secretary of state wanted to scold her.

“I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say, ‘You didn’t vote? How could you not vote?! You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time! And now you want me to make you feel better?’” she explained. “Of course I didn’t say any of that.”

Even though most women voted for Clinton, she failed to win over the majority of white women voters, who instead voted for President Trump.

It is clear from the book that Clinton was stung by this fact as during the campaign, she leaned heavily on voters wanting her to become the first female president.

“These people were looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give,” she wrote in the book. “We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.”

Apparently, Clinton is the only one exempt from that fact.

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  • Hairatic Rick

    “Hillary Clinton attacks women who regretted not voting for her in November”
    Well, isn’t that special?
    At least Hillgirl, is attacking a very, very small group of people … This time. HA!????

  • Rusty Esq

    Identity Politics. Cosying up to wealthy celebrities. They had a huge impact.

    It looks like Hillary is still getting her advice from the mainstream media. She’s doubling down on the identity politics. I suspect the DNC will run another female candidate to push the identity politics narrative. The media will then push the female guilt/identity politics narrative again. Sites like Ars Technica, Wired and The Verge will become nauseating.

    Imagine if they actually ran a female candidate because she was the right person and didn’t worry about her gender. It’s not going to happen.

  • Large Basket

    So she is saying feminism is not about being equal to men and being able to compete on the same level but women voting for women only because they have lady parts. Not because the woman running is qualified. She is setting feminism back by 50 years. Go home and bake some cookies like a real grandmother does and go away!

    • MLMII

      I’m not convinced that setting feminism back fifty years wouldn’t be a good thing.

      I support equality which is why modern feminists do not speak for me and the entire idea of voting for someone just because we share the same gender is stupidity at its finest.

  • Timothy Kevin Ready

    The mother that FORCED her daughter to apologize…I mean, this is pure Maoist self-criticism. Shocking, horrible, disgraceful…how anyone can not see that the Left in this country are a collection of Neo-Stalinist thought-patrol terrorists is asinine…

    • Zeromass

      All those quotes are probably fabrics of her wicked imagination, the woman has been proven a compulsive liar, remember the sniper fire etc?

      • Timothy Kevin Ready

        Was she shot down w/ Brian Williams???

        • Sulisha

          No, she was running for her life on the tarmac.

  • Chad Steen

    Just die already you cunty old hag. You lost, your own fault, get the fuck over it.

  • Green Dog

    If you feel like being charitable, she coasted the last few months before the election. I mean obviously things could have gone differently (presumbly more people voting for her who thought she had it in the bag), but God dammit. If anything the mess with the President and Clinton’s reaction to not being lected just show how messed up we are.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    That’s it. I’m making bumper stickers that say, ‘honk if you’ve been blamed for Hillary’s failure.’

  • Sheryl Ferguson

    I sure don’t regret not voting for her. If she had been running against Attila the Hun, I STILL wouldn’t have voted for her.

  • disqus_ZsM2DqlvbY

    Hilldog just needs to worry about that snuke in her snizz. Y’all know what I’m sayin

  • Missy Moo

    If she and her creepy husband hadn’t “offed” so many people, she might have won!

  • Will people please quit talking about this failure of a person? And her picture is scaring the vermin in my humble home.

  • January

    Isn’t her bag of excuses empty yet? OMG, this woman, is becoming obsessed with not winning and the fact that not everybody liked her. Now her excuse for women not voting for her is: they didn’t go out and vote. In her book (which I will not be reading but have been finding out from others) she is suppose to be blaming the following for her losing the election: Trump Associates working with Russia, Trump & Putin in collusion, Sanders for not keeping his promises, the DNC for not having enough money, the DNC for not supporting her more, Obama who did campaign for her BUT he just didn’t do anything about Russia and their interference, and James Comey. That’s just a few, I’m sure there are more. I do not believe her about the Mother bringing the daughter to her to apologize or the dozen women who came up to her. If I saw her in a cafe, I’d walk up to her and tell her, “I didn’t vote for you because I don’t like you. You’re a liar, you’re corrupt, belong in prison and so full of crap. Please, just go away!!!”

  • Chris

    she is just plain sickening…I wouldn’t vote for her to clean toilets

  • Ivan_in_Phoenix

    “Apparently, Clinton is the only one exempt from that fact.”

    Truer words are rarely spoken.

  • Ljubica48

    If I am reading Hillary correctly, she is saying that women should have voted for her because of the simple fact that Hillary is a woman. So does Hillary have so little regard for women in general, that she assumes that women do not vote on issues or character, or anything else other than genitalia? Seems kinda sexist on Hillary’s part. Absolution? Seriously?

    • Tammy Arfaoui

      You all realize that she prob made the book as hideous as possible, to get the press to get all of us Hillar’aint’s to buy the dirt, along with all her delusional fans, so she can pay back all the Saudi cash because she is unable to follow through on her promises to them and other contributors because her stank isn’t rotting in the Oval Office. ????

  • Barbara Ballard

    Until she says I’m a liar, thief, traitor and armed terrorists all over the world. “What difference does it make”. She is not in jail.

  • Steve O

    Part of me wants to send her postcards, ostensibly from the TRUMP White House, wishing her happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, happy Labor day… 4th of July…

    I don’t want her to ever get over losing!

  • DaisyToo

    Loved reading this proposal: Trump should declare himself a woman. Which would make him the first female POTUS!

    How apoplectic do you think that would make Hillary, et al?

  • bookish1

    Is this woman never going to stop babbling about her loss?
    My God, she’s everywhere — blaming women, blaming Bernie, blaming Comey.
    I think she’s more likely to make people regret having voted for her.

  • Muslim Registry

    Keep talking thick-ankled dog face, especially around Nov. 2018 and 2020. Throw more dirt on your party’s grave. =D

  • Doug Packer

    I would like to apologize to her, because I’m partially to blame for her loss! I’ll be partially to blame for her loss in the future if she decides to give it one more shot.