An asylum seeker from Ghana, accused of raping a girl while her boyfriend was forced to watch, called the victim a “prostitute” in court.

31-year-old ‘Eric X’ from Ghana has been charged with aggravated rape and predatory blackmail.

RT reports the couple was camping in a nature reserve near Stuttgart in April when Eric X allegedly forced his way into their tent armed with a tree saw.

The couple handed over all the money they had, which only amounted to €6 (US$7), as well as a music speaker. Eric X was unsatisfied with this and allegedly looked at the 23-year-old woman and shouted “Come, you b**ch. I want to f**k you.”

The failed asylum seeker then reportedly dragged the girl out of the tent, keeping her boyfriend at bay by threatening to hurt her with the tree saw.

After the disgusting act, Eric X ran away but was seen a few days later carrying the stolen speaker around the River Rhine in the city of Bonn.

Eric X, while facing his charges in court on Monday, was given the opportunity to speak by the prosecutor. Breaking the order of silence given to him by his lawyer, he shouted: “I have a whole lot of things I want to say. My lawyers said I should not say. Why should I remain silent about a case I don’t know anything about?”

His aggression in court began almost immediately when Marc Eumann, the chairman, asked about his name. “This is my real name. This is the name of my father,” he said in an immediate rage.

When asked to give his account of what happened, he started to brag about his privileged upbringing in Africa.

“My father was like a king in the place. He had a lot of money and was very well known. In Ghana, a king can have as many women as he likes, if he can take care of them,” he said.

After the court heard that CCTV footage showed the alleged rapist leaving an asylum shelter at 7:58 pm on the night the incident took place and didn’t return until 3:06 am the next morning, Eric X continued his outbursts.

“This is not the truth. This is a trick of the court. A trick question,” he said, claiming he was in the shelter the entire time according to Die Welt. “I’m not interested in this kind of joke. I have no time to hear these fairy tales. They play games, so I look like a rapist.”

When he was told the DNA on the victim matched his own, he shouted again.

“If the court says that this is my DNA, then I must call the girl a prostitute. Anyone who supports this girl who claims she was raped is the dirtiest man on Earth,” he claimed.

According to Bild, Eric X crossed into Europe via Libya and stayed in Rome and Salzburg before moving into Germany. His asylum was rejected just days before the crime took place.

He also claimed that he killed his brother-in-law in Ghana over inheritance.

No mental illnesses were discovered by a psychiatric analysis which means if he is found guilty Eric X will be held fully accountable for the crime.

The trial is still ongoing but is scheduled to come to an end on October 19.

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Die Welt


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    Just one small correction: this happened near Bonn, not near Stuttgart. Everything else is unfortunately true. Another example for his violent behaviour: according to the media he attacked the guards in prison. What disgusts me, is how officers are defended. While the rape was going on, the guy called the police and they thought he wanted to play a joke. The women who took the call now only has to work somewhere else. Huge punishment…

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