A few weeks ago, a fan of mine was publicly shamed by a journalist for simply reading Dangerous on the New York subway. That got me thinking: if the left is triggered by the mere sight of my book, and determined to give me free publicity, why not let them?

And so, the #ReadingDangerously competition was born.

Entering the contest is simple. Just take a picture or record a video of yourself reading my book at a particularly dangerous location. A Planned Parenthood clinic, for example. The headquarters of the New York Times. Jack Dorsey’s office (if you can get in legally). The winner is whoever manages to read my book in the most dangerous location, OR whoever manages to trigger the most leftists by bringing Dangerous into their presence.

The competition will run from 8AM EDT today, August 15, to 12PM EDT on August 27. Submit your entries to us at readingdangerously@milo-inc.com. If you want, post on the #ReadingDangerously hashtag on social media as well.

There are no shortages of easily-offended snowflakes in this country. But if you’re having a brain-freeze, we’ve compiled a handy list of notoriously leftist locations you might want to consider.

Don’t harass these business or cause a ruckus. Be polite, model customers, who just happen to be reading Dangerous, perhaps while wearing a MAGA hat. If that’s enough to trigger them, well that’s their problem!

  • Urban Bean coffee, Minneapolis (won’t serve Trump supporters)
  • The Chapel Restaurant, 777 Valencia Street, San Francisco (once banned a Breitbart event due to the presence of MILO)
  • Paydirt Bar, 2724 Northeast Pacific Street, Portland (published a note offering free whiskey to whoever punches Steve Bannon)
  • The Happiest Hour Bar, 121 W 10th Street, NYC (allegedly banned a Trump supporter)
  • Cafe Citron, 1343 Connecticut Avenue, Washington D.C (threw out Trump supporters)
  • Comet Ping-Pong Pizza (at the very least, we know it’s run by hardline Democrats)
  • Jue Lan Club, Manhattan (cancelled Milo’s event)




AWARDING OF PRIZE: Entries will be reviewed and judged by the Chief Creative Officer of MILO, Inc. in his sole and absolute discretion. The Entrant which submits the winning Entry (the “Winner”) shall receive a complimentary lunch with Milo Yiannopoulos (the “Lunch”) at Trump Doral, in Doral FL, or at a restaurant near Winner’s residence, at the discretion of MILO, Inc. MILO, Inc. shall use commercially reasonable efforts to award the Lunch to the Winner within thirty (30) days of the close of the Contest, or at the earliest date thereafter. If Winner is required to travel to the location of the Lunch, MILO, Inc. shall pay for reasonable cost of travel and lodging required for Winner to attend.

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  • A Starbucks would be great too. I was in one a few weeks ago, and while I’m waiting for my drink this guy comes in wearing a shirt with Bill Clinton’s face on it that says “rapist” along with a MAGA hat. I tell him I like his shirt on my way out, and I’m pretty sure everyone in the store heard me since it’s a really tiny Starbucks. I think we might have triggered a few people that day.

  • Luca Barbato

    I hope nobody will be hurt in the process. Or that Jack D won’t read the book in his office to save twitter by making a huge shakeup.

  • Papi

    Damn, the first place I thought of was a Planned Parenthood clinic, but it was suggested now I can’t use it.

  • Sara

    Im so sad I live in Norway right now, dont know where I could read this book to trigger people. Or if most norwegians are even aware of this book

  • Alisha Brennan

    If I lived by it I would totally read it at S&S.

  • YelowJezamin

    I read your list of places, and realized that I live at least 700 miles from all of them. Then I realized that is WHY I moved 700 miles from all of them. No triggered snowflakes out here; where GPS doesn’t work, cell phones drop signal, and almost everyone voted for Trump.

  • DangerousDingleberry

    I cant help but think reading it at Glastonbury preferably in the middle of a drum circle, that’s bound to piss some people off xD.. shame glasto’s not for another year

  • James Lipton

    Charlottesville might be good. But I don’t own the book. And I don’t think anyone would be brave enough to bother me. And if they did I might enjoy it too much.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    I’ve tried many times to trigger leftists through my clothing AND through reading your book, but it has only happened once so far: one time, while I was wearing my “GREEN LIVES MATTER” Pepe shirt, somebody who was walking the opposite way said in a nerdy libtard-y high pitched voice: “YOUR SHIRT F* CKING SUCKS!!!”
    Of course, leftists being cowards, he didn’t do anything about it (sadly), so I turned around and smirked, but couldn’t even be sure of who said it since there were so many people.

    I’ve tried to trigger folks with Dangerous, but so far no luck. I’ll keep trying!
    Now, will there be any antifa or BLM marches in my area soon, I wonder…

    • kn1v3z

      somehow i triggered someone here in canada. was reading at work and a customer with a “fuck trump” hat on got all mad.

      • True.Epic.Crusader

        Good job!

  • Oil Can

    Awesome master troll

  • artiefischel

    Evergreen State College might be good. Bring running shoes.

  • Reality Wins

    I would pay to see a picture of 1000+ all reading Dangerous on the Berkeley campus.

  • Burner

    How ’bout outside a Republican Senator’s office?

  • Do you have a spanish version I can take to the Miami immigration office and pretend like I’m reading it? I feel they won’t have any idea what it says should I take an English version.

    • jinxmap

      Can I do a reading here at Auschwitz if I were to pay my own way to USA?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Are there any pictures of Milo and chuck Norris out there? If not there should be. Trump and chuck Norris? I would feel way better if chuck Norris was the vice president . chuck Norris not Mike pence next time.

  • CynicismSells

    Hold my beer. *tucks book under arm and waltzes into a major metropolitan social security office in a blue state*

  • Aaron Spalding

    So there is an Antifa film and QandA session occurring at my College this week. I plan to read my copy in the front row.