The MILO boutique is up and running, folks!

As fun as it’s probably been triggering leftists in coffee shops by holding up your copy of DANGEROUS, let’s face it; it’s time to aim higher and trigger leftists in coffee shops by holding up your copy of DANGEROUS while wearing some MILO swag!

Visit the Boutique today to be the first MILO fan to order shirts and other cool products in a range of all-new designs.

The MILO Boutique is split into four sections:


What’s better than reading DANGEROUS? Reading a copy personalized to you by the Dangerous Faggot himself! The MILO Boutique includes not only personalized books, but also signed books and signed bookplates you can add to a copy of DANGEROUS you already own.


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We’re offering MILO apparel for all occasions — showing support for MILO, representing Troll Academy, or causing a leftist temper tantrum when you walk around in a “stop being poor” shirt.

MILO Face T-Shirt

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this shirt should cost considerably more than the rest of our lineup — but the cost is the same because MILO wants to see thousands of fans wearing his face!


MILO’s swag collection includes everything from beer glasses to belt buckles. We even have Troll Academy condoms, for the ultimate expression of patriarchal cishet dominance.

Feminism Is Cancer Mug

Become human chemotherapy for the feminists in your life with the feminism is cancer mug!

Fine Art

We all know MILO is living art, now you can capture his lightning in a bottle with a variety of MILO posters and prints. Don’t worry about your new decorations turning off potential dates, it’s not like you were going to invite an SJW over anyways!

Academy Diploma

Prove to family, friends, and potential employers that you are a well-trained troll with the Troll Academy diploma. The best part is this diploma won’t cost tens of thousands of dollars or require attending diversity and inclusion classes.

Visit the MILO Boutique today! We look forward to seeing you show off MILO gear on social media