Former President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice wants President Donald Trump to tolerate North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

“History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War,” the former National Security Advisor wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times while criticizing the President’s “fire and fury” rhetoric.

She urged Gen. John Kelly, White House chief of staff, to stop the President while attacking Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant to the president.

“John Kelly, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, must assert control over the White House, including his boss, and curb the Trump surrogates whipping up Cuban missile crisis fears,” she wrote in the piece.

According to Rice, the President’s rhetoric was “unprecedented and especially dangerous,” and claimed America would have to be cautious while responding to North Korea.

“Unscripted, the president said on Tuesday that if North Korea makes new threats to the United States, ‘they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.’ These words risk tipping the Korean Peninsula into war, if the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, believes them and acts precipitously,” she wrote.

“Either Mr. Trump is issuing an empty threat of nuclear war, which will further erode American credibility and deterrence, or he actually intends war next time Mr. Kim behaves provocatively. The first scenario is folly, but a United States decision to start a pre-emptive war on the Korean Peninsula, in the absence of an imminent threat, would be lunacy,” Rice added.

Rice also urged the President to continue the doctrine of Obama, by continuing the joint military exercises with South Korea and adding more sanctions, even though North Korea is becoming increasingly hostile and unstable.

“Rational, steady American leadership can avoid a crisis and counter a growing North Korean threat,” she claimed. “It’s past time that the United States started exercising its power responsibly.”

For all her words about exercising power responsibly regarding North Korea, you would think Rice would mention that the Clinton administration helped get North Korea nukes in the first place.

The New York Times

  • JR

    Wow. With expertise like this it is no wonder that Obama’s presidency was such a disaster

    • Archie Bunker

      Isn’t affirmative action wonderful?

      • Mos313

        Wait a minute. Are you saying she only got her job because she’s black and a woman? But I thought we live in a white supremacist patriarchy :/

        • David Watts

          Funny how that works!

    • Anthony Mxyzptlk

      All Trump is doing is speaking to the leader of North Korea in his own language, which consists mostly of threatening fiery doom to anyone who doesn’t do what he wants them to. Trump’s message can be summarized as “No more free handouts, and if you f*** with me I’ll kill you.”
      There are no guaranties of success, but it has a better chance of improving things than any of the tactics the six previous presidents tried.

      • David Watts

        The ‘ignore him and he’ll go away’ policy of the Obama administration (and others) doesn’t seem to have worked as well as they’d hoped.

  • David Watts

    Rice conveniently left out Kim Jon-un’s threats against Guam. I guess she wants the people there to be ‘tolerant’ too.

    • January

      Also, how about the fact if they shoot a missile to Guam, it has to pass over Japan. Think of all the bases in Japan. Guess she forgot about all the civilians that also live in these countries along with our military. Now, I see where Obama’s “pink” line came from. He knows if he does this, we are coming after him and that little “Chicken S**t” (excuse the expression) will have left NK to hide out and left people behind to die. I truly believe he is so crazy and has escape plans in place and thinks he is going to be safe. He has no regard for life for his own people let alone people in other countries. I feel so sorry for Trump; He’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t. Clinton, Bush and Obama need to carry the blame but mainly Clinton. Bush for some of the things he did and Obama, the “monkey” that NK called him, for doing nothing. I want to know why they recently found out that NK was more advanced than they thought? Trump has been in office only 7 months. How come Obama’s people didn’t see this? I guess that was a stupid question.

      • David Watts

        I think it’s a very reasonable question — but yeah: you know the answer. Look the other way, divert the populace with burning issues of our time such as transgender bathrooms, and then pass on a literal mess to the next guy. It’s funny how “America First” is a dirty phrase to the left, but it’s OK to let Guam, or Japan, or wherever else NK winds up hitting with a missile, go hang.

        Also: When you said “I feel so sorry for Trump; He’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t” — that’s so true that it’s a little depressing. He might not even get support from these RINOs, much less Dems, for either a pre-emptive or retaliatory strike on NK. If the president isn’t supposed to be patriotic, isn’t supposed to put his country’s interests first, and isn’t supposed to protect the citizenry, what IS he supposed to be doing? Make everyone feel good, I suppose. Ecchh…

        • January

          Just think, if Trump hadn’t won, who would have had the mess dumped on? Hillary of course. I still think Obama hated her and only backed her because she was going to keep a lot of his policies.

          The Rinos; McCain & McConnell, the two turn coats and flip floppers. I was screaming at the news last night when they played McConnell and what he said about Trump and NK. Then I cheered when they interviewed Trump and what he had to say about McConnell. I don’t think the idiots really understand what would happen if KJU fires that missile and the number of death there will be. The sad thing is, KJU has to make the first move; The US can’t. I’m sure KJU is finding his safe place. China is starting to cool their relationship with him but if we make the first move, don’t get KJU and kill innocent civilians, what would China do then? Also, what would Russia do then because some in this country have really ticked Putin off. A part of me thinks, when lines are drawn, he would support us. And when you think about it, the US has been after Iran on their nukes, Iran has been wanting to hit Israel, so we attack NK first, does that leave it open for Iran to say, “Well the US did it so we can do it”? My brain wheels have been trying to see the whole picture of what other countries would do. I’m really scared right now and it’s not for me but for Guam, SK and Japan. Let me know what you think. It’s 1:00 here so I better get to bed and I have to be up at 6. Talk later and if your still up; Goodnight.

          • David Watts

            I agree with all that, I only wish it weren’t the case. I am all for a pre-emptive strike myself, before some innocents in the NK missiles’ flight path get hurt in any way — but there’s all the scenarios you suggested (all of which are plausible.) It would have to be the most precise strike ever, taking out KJU and strategic targets mainly or only. I think, at this point, that is possible. There’s the PR problem though, with Dems basically saying, “Let him fire missiles. We don’t want to look like meanies to wonderful NK!”And McConnell (AKA Droopy Dog)… why are these people still around? They are as much of the swamp (Beltway) as anyone.

            People incessantly refer to Hitler as if he was the only dictator ever needing to be taken out… safely in the far past, I suppose. Being the world’s policeman is a mistake, but one could make a case for saying the U.S., (under Obama) is partly responsible for letting KJU’s nuke program advance as far as it has.

            Man, that Iran scenario is truly awful… now you’ve got me worried about it. They’re not as batshit as KJU, but they’re pretty determined to take out Israel, I’m sure any excuse will do.

            Re: Putin, I agree he would probably help. He may not like Trump’s policies, but I think he respects him way more than he did Obama, for obvious reasons. And Putin would have no more patience for KJU’s antics than we would. Your post had a lot of content, I might have more thoughts later, lol. Never, not even in November, have I been this glad Trump is our president. “When Fire And Fury Are Needed.”

          • January

            Hi, I’m in for only a few minutes. I’m telling you, if he fires that missile, he will be in hiding somewhere and order his generals to set it off.

            It’s sad that we should wait for him to make the first move but if we don’t, we’ll be labeled the aggressors. Merkel is already spouting off about Trump. She can just shut up. South Korea, Japan and Australia have lined up with us on this.

            I always worry about Israel. Even though Iran keeps threatening, I believe the US has held them in check. But if we make the first move against NK, I believe Iran will look at it as, if the US can do it, so can we. But I also believe if Israel detects any missiles coming their way, they will send some back and wipe out Iran. They maybe a little country but they are also a giant. They have two things on their side. A great defense and God. I have an IDF hoodie that I ordered and next the “Star of David” to wear with my cross. Putin has changed some what in regards to Israel. He now tolerates them and I think he would come to their defense also.

            Putin is a hard one to figure out. He can be dangerous but he is also a smart man. To go against us wouldn’t really work in his favor nor should we really be going against him. BTW there is a site called Neon Nettle that posted something about him and Trump. I’m copying something over. “On 11 August 2017, the disreputable web site Neon Nettle posted a story reporting that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin made remarks indicating that the United States was threatening war with North Korea not over nuclear weapons, but because of hopes of exploiting “trillions” of dollars worth in minerals supposedly untapped in the normally isolated, autocratic nation.” Snoops caught the posting and put out that it was false. Imagine that. lol

            Think about things and I’ll get back with you later. The village across our little little lake is having their annual fireworks tonight and I’m going to have a yard full of people. Have to finish mowing before they arrive or I’ll be asking them to lift their chairs as I mow. lol We’re having cook out also. Talk later.

          • David Watts

            Excellent. Yes, KJU probably has a rabbit hole 100 miles deep to hide in, I have no doubt, and yet… I still have hope he can be targeted specifically. How much support does he have, even in his own government, I wonder? Cut off the head, etc…

            Thanks for the Neon Nettle excerpt: I KNEW someone would try and claim that President Trump’s real reasoning is some imperialistic resource-or-land-grabbing; so predictable. Riiiight: we don’t care about the citizens of Guam, Japan or elsewhere being nuked: all we want is the incredible ‘hidden’ wealth of NK! They’re so wealthy, in fact, that their entire country is facing food shortages. The wealth must be so well hidden that even KJU can’t find it… maybe cos all the lights are off at night? If they were a wealthy nation, they’d act like one.

            I like the Cross w/Star of David combo: very MILO, in a way! Good on you. 🙂

            Your thoughts on Putin got me thinking too. Perhaps his “Syrian Experience” has soured him somewhat on supporting any Arab causes, despite the eternal Russian longing for ports in the Persian Gulf (we can but hope). And we have to believe Putin is happy HRC didn’t get in — she’d be trying to nuke Russia, not NK.

            That sounds like a fun day/evening ahead… enjoy yourself! ????

          • January

            His people are so brainwashed and at the same time afraid of him. I heard when they do the marching showing off their weapons that they are real. If that’s true I can understand why. He’s probably afraid they would all turn and open fire on him.

            I didn’t know if you had seen the article or not but I wasn’t surprised that somebody tried pulling that off. If he’s hiding down a rabbit hole perhaps we can find a fox to go down it. NK is a poor nation except for KJU. Their facing food shortages because he’s eating it all.

            Putin’s Mother was very religious and belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church and he was raised in it but changed to, somewhat of an atheist. He now has gone back to the church. I believe there is a part of him that wants to do good but then the power and being in control kicks in. I would love to be able to meet him and sit down and have a conversation with him. But I also would love to do the same with PM Netanyahu. Putin hates Hillary. He blames her for the protests that broke out during his 2011 election. She came out and made a comment that the Russian elections were dishonest. He feels she had insiders there that she gave the signal to for a protest to break out. Oh wait, she interfered in a Russia election. Sound familiar? Then you have Obama who sent Delegates to Crimea to try and stop that election. Now lets throw Gaddafi into the mix. The guy wasn’t very nice but he kept his country under control. I think he even scared the terrorists. Hillary and Obama didn’t physically do the killing of him but they were behind it. I guess the rebels really did a number on his body and I read that when Putin saw pictures of it, it hit him hard that a leader of a country would end how he ended. Then he saw the video of Hillary laughing and saying “We came, we saw, he died”. Libya was pretty much an ally to Russia. Gaddafi had an on and off relationship with Russia. When Assad dropped the poison on his people, I don’t believe Putin knew he was going to do that BUT Syria was an ally and he stuck up for him in the world. I think Putin was disgusted with what happened and may have had some words in private with Assad. He hated Hillary and Obama and I can see why. Those two thought they could control the world.

            Are you saying Milo is rubbing off on me? lol Ok my break is over. Back to work.

          • David Watts

            Yeah, I remember when Madeline Albright visited NK under Kim Jong-Il’s rule, and he was showing off how many people he could get to parade in perfect synchronization for her — Albright just said it was saddening. No one believes that stuff is voluntary, not even a soft leftie such as her.

            “If he’s hiding down a rabbit hole perhaps we can find a fox to go down it.” I loved this. Preferably a High-Powered Fox! ???? Also, the fact he’s “eating it all,” lol, even his generals are all skinny, whereas KJU looks like two separate Koreans. 😀

            Spot on about Gaddafi, I could almost feel sorry for him, so savage was his end. It’s somewhat like the Saddam situation: yes, they were running totalitarian regimes, dissent was outlawed, etc… but was the replacement better for their countries? For the world? With Gaddafi, there would be no ISIL, he simply would’ve wiped them out.

            Yeah, it’s best to see Putin as the Russian Trump: he wants Russia to be great again. Not in a Stalinist way, but in a ‘major player on the world stage’ way. Which means you can’t avoid the Middle East, but you must do due diligence. Interviewing him would be odd: he’s very coy on some issues. You’d certainly do a better job then Megyn Kelly. Which isn’t saying anything, as she set the bar so low… blah.

            I don’t know about you, but a lot of MILO has rubbed off on me. Not literally! 😮 🙂

          • January

            After my last message to you on Milo’s other posting, I figured maybe we should move over to one that doesn’t have a lot on it. Where we were talking, it started running slow when typing. I think we might have bogged it down. Maybe we should start out here now?

          • David Watts

            I thought the same. Hello. lol

          • January

            That’s because “great minds” think alike and also compliment each other.

            I read so much. I’m going to put aside two hours a day starting tomorrow for this book.

            We had the 3 blood moon (yes I know they’ve been before) and they mean something to Israel. The solar eclipse is Monday, then in Sept, there is going to be an alignment of planets and stars (some nut job is saying it’s doomsday for us and usually it’s a religious figure saying it. I laugh at that.), and then in Oct, something else is happening in the sky. In Religion, the timing of these events mean something. Nothing bad to happen and I’m not going to explain it right now because I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching. The dropping to your knees, trust me, when that event happens, I won’t even have to tell you. I don’t even worry about somebody dropping bombs and blowing us up. There is only one country I worry about that happening to. And you know who that is.

            I’ve enjoyed talking to you today but I’m going to bed. So like my mom always said, “Goodnight, pleasant dreams and don’t let the bed bugs bite”. That last part is really dumb. I used to check between my sheets to make sure no bugs were there. lol Goodnight.

          • David Watts

            Yeah, my doctor is going to travel to see the eclipse (you can’t see it inside the Bay Area: too much fog.)

            Hey, if you were in NYC, you might have to really look for those bugs! Poor sods. I enjoyed talking to you also. G’night! 🙂

          • January

            Sorry I missed this one. Here we are suppose to get about 88.6%. Ok, so I couldn’t get the glasses. I’m going to have to do the shoe box trick. lol I have an expensive camera and glad I check on if I could use it, need to get a filter or it could be damaged. I’m going to be a site trying to hold the shoe box and take pictures of the screen inside. Yep, this will be good for a laugh.

          • January


            1.) # 3 from the answers: New disqus account to hide identity which I believe is #1. When somebody comes out in disagreement like # 3 did, the first thing I look at is the disqus account and how many comments have been made.
            2.) #1 I have called this person # 2’s name and never makes a comment about it,,,why? Because # 1 knows,,,,I know the true identity because he recognizes me also from # 4.
            3.) How do I know the true identity? From # 4: Now #1 is smart enough not to use any of the identities out here that were used in # 4 but slipped awhile back on where he’s from and some other info. This person changed his identity several times but then his IP address was tracked and he was blocked completely.
            4.) Your comment, Endearing: # 2 was very endearing at times, like # 1. Both your descriptions of 1 & 2, actually could be consolidated into one. You can change your identity but if you select the character that you want to use, giving it another name, you can’t change that character that you first created. #1 is trying to by using a lot of pictures but the wordings are a lot like #2 from #4 site.

            “Pretty Thing” from Men Allegedly Kidnapped, Raped White Woman”, I believe was actually #1. I bantered back and forth with pretty woman because I was fairly positive that it was #1. I did have fun with that one.

            Hope you can understand this mess. ???? ????

          • David Watts

            OK. Yeah, there are probably many ‘sock puppet’ accts., but I swear: this is my only acct. here. Dante has at least three accts that actually have the word “Dante” in them, so that’s kind of obvious, lol.

            Hey, we have a troll on the “Berkeley Pays For Security” thread who seems to just love me to bits. If you need a laugh…? If we’re judged by the quality of our enemies, I gotta try a WHOLE lot harder. Sad.

            “Good Morning!!! Today is already starting out positive. We woke up. ☀️”

            True dat! 🙂

            It’s not so much that I’m pessimistic, as that the political climate swings like a pendulum do. You and I have seen enough ‘cycles’ to see this firsthand. Carter was a reaction to Nixon, Clinton was a reaction to Reagan, Obummer was a reaction to the Bushies. And people hate DJT more than any of those Republican presidents. So, we’ll get a ‘reaction election’ in the senate in 2018 and in 2020… or: so many democrats, of color or otherwise, will have been turned off by the hysteria, rioting, viciousness, and formlessness of the left… that the whole party will collapse. Wishful thinking on my part, but it’s not that implausible. All around, in real life and on social media, we see former liberals being Red Pilled. Some of the most far right people today were liberals yesterday. Intentional racial and gender division, class warfare (i.e. Occupy) etc. have turned so many away, let’s hope it sticks.

          • January

            LOL Are your talking Maureen? Yep, only 10 comments. Reminds me of the two idiots on Allen West’s site. One was Earl Lee and would add several other profiles and do what Maureen, who is a guy, did.

            I needed to watch a movie to escape everything. Laughed throughout the move and then bawled at the end. “You Before Me” So then I scrolled through the movies on HBO and decided I needed to watch the beginning of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. So now I’m escaping current society for medieval fantasy; depicting of two powerful families — kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men. I’ve come to realize, the only thing that has changed from the medieval times to the “today” times, is the title of the players.

            I would love to have a true 3rd party that actually runs in the Primaries, just like the Dems & Republicans. I’ve read more and more are leaving the Democrat Party. The DNC issue with Sanders, the Russia issue and how nasty the Liberals have turned. I also have heard the abortion issue is another of their concerns along with jobs.

          • David Watts

            Mo-Mo a man? How shocking… lol. The really sad part is the REAL Maureen Dowd was a gorgeous and talented journalist. How dare this creature appropriate the name. At least I get MY screen names from quality sources, like old 60’s rock songs from the ‘British Invasion.’ 😉

            Yeah, I would think the sabotaging of Sanders would turn off any democrat, even HRC supporters, with the back-room deals and backstabbing it illuminated. No surprise Debbie Wasserman-Schulz was in it up to her perm.

            I can never get into long-form TV dramas, alas… I’m too hyper, I think. lol. I mostly just watch DVDs through the TV, or sports sometimes. The news networks, inc. FOX, are pretty cringey these days…

          • January

            I think it’s # 1. #2 that I mentioned, did that out on West site and now it’s starting here? # 2’s name came from somebody kind of well known on YouTube. I added 99 after #2’s name. Also used a well known rapper’s name. Only uses famous names/real notable names.Depending on who he used on West site, depended on how he wrote his character to be. Earl Lee would make up some crazy name but could get very vulgar with them.

            I think a lot of Sanders supporter who people who belong to Antifa. Sanders is a Socialist and I believe the Democrats didn’t want a Socialist in office. Antifa has been around for a long time, you just never heard from them but they really grew after the elections. When they rioted during the inauguration, a couple were interviewed and one said they would have come out even if Hillary won.

            I don’t really do series too well either but the first time I watched Game of Thrones, I was hooked. The DVR is set to record the show, I listen to each one as I’m working around the house and then when the season is over and I have a day that I just want to be a couch potato, I watch the whole thing again back to back. I’ve watched season 1 through season 6, 3 times now. I do like shows and movies on medieval times.

          • David Watts

            If the democrats are anti-socialist (and I agree with you), what are they, anyway? Party of identity politics and labels? Definitely, the huge support Bern got (especially from young voters) scared someone in the party mightily. It did not scare President Trump, though, lol.

            I just came back from lunch, and in our little shopping area, some fat balding fellow had set up a “Dump Trump” donation stand. No one seemed to pay him much attention. I didn’t laugh out loud as I strolled past, just smirked a little… knowing I’ve already donated… to the re-elect Trump campaign! MAGA, etc. And that’s the first campaign I’ve ever donated to. The more we are denigrated, the stronger our resolve. Like this “Mo-Mo” creature. I was just thinking of going to *one* of the Free Speech Week events, but seeing as how they seem to really, really, REALLY not want me there, I’m now thinking of going to all four days. This is always how I react to people trying to put me off something or someone I believe in: I step up my game, I do not back down, I do not shut up. I Intensify. hee hee… 🙂

          • January

            Love “freedom intensifies”

            If you do go, just make sure you are in a group that stay together to protect each other. Band up with a few people, don’t do it alone. Maybe you’ll see Maureen there? Take a bunch of oxytocin pills with you and tell Antifa they are illegal drugs that will make them feel high. See how many you can get to hand out flowers to people. If you feel you need to go and stand up, then go. Just be safe.

            Speaking of those idiots, did you sign the petition that Milo posted? I meant to tell you last night that Red State posted it and I signed it from there.

            Did you see the posting about Trump praising the protesters in Boston? I’m very disappointed in that. He’s caving into pressure.

          • David Watts

            Oh, I intend to be very safe. I’ll be beyond safe… lol. I also know Berkeley like the back of my hand, I am not bussed-in ANTIFA. I know places On Campus where I can disappear like a ninja. I will find a group online to enter with, obviously, you are very wise there. And, I’ll get to report back here afterwards, which is appealing, ‘natch. That was a good one about the pills — I wish I had genuine Red Pills to pass around there… they are obviously prescribed.

            Petition? I need a link, I will deffo sign it. I didn’t see it, but I’ve been a little busier than a usual Sunday here. The only thing I saw about DJT and Boston was that he said the protestors were “Anti-police” which seemed more like a criticism… and an accurate one. Trump has caved on other things though, so it’s not like I doubt it, I just hadn’t seen it. He *does* know that you can never cave enough to placate your enemies, doesn’t he? He’s over 70, and been such a success, he’s gotta know!

          • January

            I tried sending you the link from Milo’s posting but it won’t let me. If you go to Milo’s wall you’ll find his posting. When you open it, in the last sentence click on “here” and it’ll take you to the petition. Once you have signed it, you’ll get a message that they are sending you an email link just to verify that your email address is good.

            Trump will never appease his enemies. Now that he caved to them, they’ll find fault with that. It’s a game with the liberals and the news media. It’s all about money and power and we are just pawns in their game. Then there are the Republicans that play that game with them,,,,John McCain, Mitch McConnell, etc.

          • David Watts

            Yah, I edited my post above cos I did finally find both articles (and signed the petition. Still waiting for confirmation though.) Thanks for the info, all the same, cos I didn’t see it right away.

            Trump’s statement was disappointing, but it’s also just words: it may not affect policy in any way. A Politician saying one thing and doing another isn’t uncommon. He also likes to confuse his enemies (like the missile strike in Syria, or the sanctions on Russia — that sort of messed up the ‘Putin’s Puppet’ narrative. It probably confused Vlad P. as well, lol)

          • January

            His response really bothered me. Now could he have said that just to appease those in order to stop all the insanity? I don’t know. Or is he now floundering because just about everybody in Congress has turned their backs on him? No matter what the reason, he had better come out later and call out antifa. Our Government better start doing something about them because they are getting a little stronger and it’s only going to get worse. Obama did nothing when the riots and destruction went on in a couple cities and look where we are today.

          • David Watts

            Hear, hear. DJT probably thinks he’s being ‘presidential,’ acting impartial and above the fray. The left will never ever accept him though, so I hope he leaves it at what he said, and doesn’t double down. The statement was sickeningly like something Obama would’ve said. I could hear it in *his* voice, almost. As an ‘outsider,’ President Trump may have never counted on much support from Congress, even on Day One. He rarely mentioned calling on their support during the campaign, except as far as healthcare repeal was concerned, and look how that turned out. ugh…

          • January

            My mind is spinning. Whether acting impartial, or whatever he is doing, somebody needs to be the leader and do something about this madness. This country is being torn apart, people rights are being trampled on and one day more are going to die and not just that poor girl that was run down. I really believe the Worker’s Communist Bolshevik Revolution has come to America.

            Then you have Germany Scientist that believe people should be given a pill to make them “nice”. When that happens, next will be the chip inserted in people’s bodies. A Wisconsin company is already going to try that out with their employees. If it starts going world wide, remember the knees? I would suggest you do that then. No preaching.

            Is it next weekend you go where you said you were going? If you don’t mind, I will pray for your safety and ask that an Angel be sent to protect you. Yes, I believe in angels too. lol And, your inner voice, follow what it says. Also, at some point, please make a comment, “I’m ok”. I do worry sometimes.

          • David Watts

            No, I am not going to that event in S.F., I actually hope it’s cancelled. More of the Charlottesville gang, WS, etc. I am going to MILO Free Speech Week only, that should be fun enough. lol. That’s the last week of September, over a month off.

            Yeah, that chemical/chip control stuff is very scary, very much like dystopian science fiction, except it’s all too real. I can’t believe any American admires Merkel or her policies, but we all know many do.

            re: Trump: all I hope is he tweets this today, but is working behind the scenes to have ANTIFA dealt with, one way or another. Public denouncement may not be the way, although I have no answer as to what is. Anyway, even if he does denounce them, they won’t listen, nor will their tacit supporters in the democratic party. The general public doesn’t even know who ANTIFA are, it won’t register.

          • January

            You are right about the general public not knowing who they are. The majority of them think it’s BLM doing all of this. In Charlotte, BLM told Antifa they were not welcomed and to stay away but they showed up anyway. One of the leaders of BLM had said that they don’t want them around because they are the ones that start the rioting and problems. A lot of preachers showed up with BLM. I just wonder if Antifa had stayed away, if that poor girl would not have been killed.

            I hope Trump is working behind the scenes and he just may be doing that. He could have a game plan in the works and that would account for what he said.

            Merkel, I’m beginning to think she is the Anti-Christ that we Christians talk about. some of her pictures Milo posts do look pretty evil. ???? Nobody said it had to be a man. It’s believed that the Anti-Christ will come from Europe but some say from Israel. It’s somebody you would trust and then turns. It all goes with Tribulations. As for the chip, I won’t have it ever put in.

            Milo’s is the end of September, Ok I have this straight now. Berkeley I hope you really enjoy yourself.

          • David Watts

            “I just wonder if Antifa had stayed away, if that poor girl would not have been killed.”

            I believe this with all my heart and soul. No “counter-protest,” and she’d be alive right now. The goose-stepping foolishness would’ve gone on for a bit, then the realization that there wasn’t going to be any ‘action’ would sink in, and Ol’ slaphead could go home and massage his guns or something, and the rest could get back to their root cellars. Cast no bait, catch no fish. Violence follows any ANTIFA action closely. It’s like Skokie: the wannabe nazis parade around with all of their vintage WW2 memorabilia, then go home. It’s like a Legionnaire’s parade without the miniature electric cars and fez-wearing. In reality, bland and sort of pathetic. Bring in the violent left, and the inevitable clashes occur, esp. with liberal mayors or vice-mayors telling the police to stand down. As in a cowboy or biker bar on a Saturday Night: if you want a fight, someone there can and will oblige you.

          • January

            I’ve thought about that almost every day after she died. I’m also thinking BLM is getting a lot of bad rap because of Antifa. I said this before, BLM in Chicago isn’t violent, yeah they swear, they yell but I remember one protest, about 3 people tried starting problems and the police arrested them and put them in the van. As they did that other members started yelling at the police and the leader of the BLM stopped the crowd and said that those being arrested were in the wrong and deserved to be arrested. He grabbed a reporters mic and said to the crowd that the police were good, it was a few that made it bad for them. Minneapolis, when that shot the woman through the door of the squad car, it was BLM that went and fought to get woman Captain kicked off the force. They also marched with her family and neighbors protesting her shooting. Everything was peaceful.

            Last: Did you hear about Ivanka thanking the peaceful protesters in Boston? Red State had posted it about 12 hours ago. I just saw it. Also, Breitbart is starting to wag war against the Administration. It’s to do with the military and the Quran. The ended the article with “If they successfully sink McMaster, you can bet “Javanka” will be next”. What do you make of this? I’d give you the links but I wasn’t able to last time. If you get a chance go out to RedSate site.

          • David Watts

            It may seem counter-intuitive in a city with a black-majority population, but the ONLY people I’ve seen protesting under the flags and signs of BLM here are retirement-aged white women. We do have a strong “Occupy” presence here, though. Whenever a police shooting happens, especially if it’s several thousand miles away, you can be guaranteed of a ‘protest’ downtown, which always includes three things: blocking freeways, setting fires, and looting the downtown Foot Locker store. That same store has been looted so many times, I’m amazed they’re still there. So, I usually don’t comment on BLM except for the obvious ugliness like “Fry ’em like bacon,” etc. Cos they don’t seem to be here, particularly.

            Thanks for the RedState tips. I follow Red State on FB, and both articles were easily found in their timeline. Ivanka’s statements on Boston are the mirror image of her Dad’s… which came first? lol. Is she a Daddy’s girl or does she have Daddy wrapped around her finger? Hmm. Bannon’s story is weirder. Could Trump be using him to attack people in his own administration from the outside, people he doesn’t trust anyway, and Bannon is playing Boogeyman or Pit Bull? Bannon is suited for it. And Trump may be tired of the appearance of dissent, or lack of unity, in the White House. Perhaps he’s delegating these takedowns to SB. In the case of “Javanka,” he’d never censure his own daughter, but he might want her censured all the same. Just a theory…

          • January

            “the flags and signs of BLM here are retirement-aged white women.” I got a good chuckle out of that. Poor Foot Locker: I know it’s not funny but all I can say is, I’m sure the shoes went to good use. But in all seriousness, if you want to be taken seriously, blocking traffic, fires and looting businesses really isn’t the way to go. When our BLM marches, you see blacks, whites, Hispanics, Orientals, Muslims, Indian, you name it, marching together and some arm and arm. I just think a lot of them are getting a bad rap.

            I don’t know what’s going on with Trump, Ivanka and Breitbart. You may have a very good theory about it. My head is spinning with all this stuff. People are at war with each other, the Government is playing some kind of game here with this, the Democrats are playing games with Russia and whatever, the news media is playing games with the people in they lies and the American People are the ones caught in the middle and being hurt by all of this, which brings us to full circle with the people are at war with each other. I follow Red State because I trust them. They’ll admit they don’t like Trump but they call a spade a spade no matter what side it’s on and they have credited Trump off and on. Milo, well he’s Milo but I’ve checked out a lot of his writings and he’s pretty much on the target and his videos of him, I sit and laugh, in a good way. I’m going to let you ponder on all of it. Maybe we need to make a score card and mark down all the moves they make. I think our Government has lost it’s mind. Maybe there is something in the water they are drinking.

            I’m going to say goodnight. I’m tired and making more and more typing mistakes. lol Goodnight and talk tomorrow or when you have a chance. Sleep tight.

          • David Watts

            I remembered where else I’ve seen Black Lives Matter placards: in the windows of really chi-chi upscale restaurants. Great virtue-signaling: too bad they have few black customers with those $75 a plate menus, idiots.

            Red State’s alright, they are definitely no Trump fans, but it’s a good source as long as it’s not your only source. You can’t have too many sources at this time, though it takes longer to get at details, much less the “truth.” Everyone is adding spin of some kind.

            MILO posted his interview with C-Span on YouTube, he was right on as usual, I recommend it. It cheered me up… lol. His reaction when asked to comment on Colin Kaepernick was priceless. The woman doing the interview was obviously a fan, which made it a lot more of a love-fest than the usual MILO interview. It was basically about his book, but also about the themes of the book, pretty meaty. It’s about an hour long, actually more, but it’s worth your time.

            Both of the major U.S. parties are so riddled with divisions and schisms right now, you can’t even get a decent conspiracy going, lol. We may yet see the end of parties, with every individual running AS an individual, to rise and fall on their own merit, not because a powerful party backs them. Well I can dream… speaking of which: goo’ night! ????

          • January

            Hello….I’m disappointed. The sun was out all morning and 5 minutes before the eclipse was suppose to start, the clouds moved in. First a covering of all white clouds and then the black storm clouds under them. 1/2 hour after the eclipse was over, the sun came out and the sky has cleared and turned blue. Go figure. But my good camera, great pictures off the TV.

            I know it’s good to read a lot of sources but right now, I’m getting really confused. I think I really need to regroup my brain. I’m trying to get all the events that have happened in order.

            Work a conspiracy with this. Manafort’s house gets raided by the FBI for Mueller. In order to do that you need strong evidence as to what you are looking for before a judge will sign a search warrant. I can’t find this but I think I read it in Red State, Bannon/Brietbart, a comment was made that Corey Lewandowski (I think him because it mentioned Trumps 1st campaign manager) should go and talk to Mueller about something, the something not mentioned but it had to do with Trump. Bannon is one of the old boys with Trump, or was, and we know Trump likes to talk too much, especially about himself. How much did Trump allow Bannon to know because they were the good old boys together? Did Bannon resign, was fired or just forced out by Ivanka? Who is really running the White House, Trump or Ivanka? She is just too much hands on lately. Another thing, things Trump has said, then when it’s brought up he claims he didn’t say that. I started seeing that from the debates. I listened to every debate and I’d sit there and say, “Yes you did”. Is he a big liar, Obama was, or is there something starting that is wrong with his mind? He doesn’t really sleep much at all. We know that because of all the timing of his tweets. He supposedly gets any where from 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day. Your body and mind can’t handle that and it can be damaging. Something just isn’t right and it keeps nagging at me. Now he’s 70, could he have the beginning of alzheimer’s? Or is he really hiding something. I’m not turning on him, I’m just trying to get a handle on everything. Is he starting to get fed up with all the attacks on him? He’s ego can’t take it and that will break him. Because of those attacks, in the back of his mind is he thinking of walking away or possible hoping they Impeach him? Your turn.

          • David Watts

            Hello: It was far too foggy to see the eclipse here, same situation. The fog finally cleared at around 1 PM, but it was all over by then. I know people who went up to Oregon because you could actually see it from there.

            Trump is a master of distraction, and yes, he’s no more accountable about previous statements than Obama or anyone else. It seems being ‘genuine’ no longer exists in politics at any level. When was the last time you heard a politician talk like a normal person, with everyday speech? It always sounds like they are reading talking points; this weird, unnatural form of speech that is the politician’s alone. Your comments on Ivanka are thought-provoking… and he is 70, perhaps he dotes on his daughter? “Well Daddy, you really *should* do thus and so…” etc. Helluva way to run an administration if it’s true. And her advice is obviously unsound. The fact he dared called out the ‘alt-left’ at all, was encouraging though. He should sleep more, agreed, he may be on stimulants, as rumored. That… would help nothing. One of the side effects is paranoia. Have we seen evidence of that? Yes. Just another theory, mind you!

            As far as Mueller goes, I think the whole thing is a corrupt witch hunt, regardless of DJT’s guilt or innocence. They should’ve reached a conclusion last May. I do like the developments in the Imran Awan case today though. You mentioned sources: there is Red State, and there is also “Red State Nation,” which is so pro-Trump it’s embarrassing, lol. Somewhere between the 2, an opinion may be formed…

          • January

            I’m sorry you couldn’t see it either. We’re expecting some strong thunder storms later tonight. Of course, the sky is still fairly clear, AFTER the eclipse. When we had one of the blood moons, I got up at 4 in the morning to get pictures of it. I had to stand in the middle of my little road by the woods praying a coyote wouldn’t come walking out of the woods or a two legged stranger. lol At night it’s pitch black by me.

            “Trump is a master of distraction”, yes he is. Something is different about him, his speech? He’s not the same as when you would see him on Celebrity Apprentice but then again the two position are totally different. I’d probably be on xanax if I had his position and people hating and coming after me like they do him. Russia, I believe was all about discrediting him to the Americans and World, along with stopping him from tearing about Obama’s legacy of executive orders and Obamacare. It also was to keep him distracted from any of the promises he made and let’s add in, to win the election in 2018 and prepping for 2020.

            Now I going to throw in Jared and Jr. into the mix. The issue about them meeting with that Russian where he claimed, at first, it was about adoption, so they first claimed. Then later it came out about getting some dirt on Hillary. Jr. eventually admitted that was true. It’s been said that Hillary’s campaign manager or somebody connected to her, set it up for them to fall into. What hurt them was they lied about that meeting. Manafort was there too. Now the FBI, when they searched his place, they walked out with some stuff. Then you have the Russian saying that she never told them she had some stuff on Hillary. That whole thing is messed up. Was she really hired by Clinton’s camp?

            The speech thing, I was going to say something in my last posting on it but didn’t want to sound like I was picking on Trump. You could always tell when Obama used the prompter vs not using it. If he didn’t use it, all you heard was ah, ah, ah, ah, that made me nuts. With Trump, when you hear “huge”, “this is huge”, “it’s going to be huge” & “big”, he’s not using the prompter and I want to stuff a sock in his mouth. lol Not picking on him. If Bannon, Mueller or anybody has something on him, come out with it, and if they don’t drop it.

            I’m behind on reading about Awan. Will get to that. I hope they get him and “curly locks”.

          • David Watts

            Yeh: “YUUUGE,” it’s pretty silly, you can see why people make fun of it. The other stalling phrase DJT uses is “the best,” “It’s going to be the best ever, the best you’ve ever seen, the best America has ever had, etc.”

            I wonder if anyone bought the story they were spreading that the woman in question was merely representing the interests of Russian adoption agencies? If the administration would be a little more direct about this, they’d save themselves a lot of trouble, IMO. EVERYONE wants dirt on their opponents, why not just say that’s what you were doing, gathering dirt on HRC? This sort of stuff is what burned Nixon, of course. Pretending to be too noble for ‘dirty tricks,’ when you’re doing more than any, lol. HRC pretended not to do it, and Obama, and DJT. They all do it. Covering up this fact of political life also makes it seem like they are covering up other things: bad optics.

            President Trump’s speech may differ now because of the way he he asked questions in the first place. I keep thinking back to his 2nd post-Charlottesville presser, when he mentioned ANTIFA “swinging clubs.” The press… every question they asked, they asked with the most vicious, sneering tone of voice they can manage. I’ve never heard any President have to face this sort of vicious couching of every question, it may be unprecedented. So, he always sounds a bit aggressive in return, I think. The press all sound like Keith Olbermann: that barely-contained and seething rage. “Well, SIR, just how would a person such as you, SIR, explain all this… SIR?” etc. So much contempt, so much arrogance. The Fifth Estate, indeed, no wonder so many are turned off by the MSM. I know I am…

          • January

            Disqus is getting slow letting you know you have a response. I came out on my notifications to find an article I wanted to see and knew somebody had responded to it and saw your reply from an hour ago.

            Did you listen to Trump speech? I WAS impressed. I liked how he stated that any action they take military wise, will NOT be stated so others don’t know our plans. Obama told everything. Then Georgie boy, after the address, says “He didn’t say how many of our military was going over there”, duh, did he miss the part that he wasn’t going to tell him. That was my laugh for the night.

            They need to open up and tell the truth and not lie because you know, you’ll get caught. Big brother is watching. What they did is suppose to be kind of illegal, but they can use the excuse they didn’t know about that. But the fact that they lied, may have messed them up. I still say, Hillary’s camp or some Liberals, set that whole thing up to get them caught. Hillary and Obama did a lot of undercover things that they shouldn’t have.

            The press has talked to him like he is beneath them. If they did 1% of what they have done to Trump to Obama, you know what would have happened. And speaking of press, I read the article about Awan. WOW Staffer will be going to jail to help steal government computers. But who help them get the confidential security information? “Curly Locks”? Remember how she talked to the DC Chief. When I saw the video on that, I thought that she was hiding something. If she did, that is treason. She should just get her orange jumpsuit ready. Democrat in collusion with the Russians would be the headlines. I can’t find any joy in it if she did because it’s sad that a government official would betray their own country.

            That Evee Studios that I made the comment to,,,I think she is legit and just started with Disqus. Has a site where it looks like she is selling things. In Spanish, so I’m not sure what she is saying out there. Remember your Maureen? The other thing that makes me think it #1 is: When these little trolls come out, you will never find a posting out there from #1 and is silent for a couple days after. It’s thundering out so I think I’m going to bed. Pleasant dreams. Goodnight.

          • David Watts

            Good morning, lol:

            “Evee” just seemed like the troll of the day. It’s like we get a new one every day, and never the same one twice, unless it’s just a few people with a lot of accounts, as you imply. Every day, I spot one lurking around here. I should use this:


            every time I see one. Dante is the only regular… but, because of that, he’s sort of endearing, although almost always wrong on every subject. lol

            I do like how Mattis, DJT, etc., don’t spill all their beans about future Military actions to the press the way Obama did. Not too strategic, Barry!

            Oh, yes, I remember very well Curly Locks threatening the D.C. Police Chief with ‘consequences’ if she didn’t get her laptop back. Imagine you or I talking to just a regular policeman that way, much less the chief! We’d be down the pokey right quick. “Officer, if you give me that speeding ticket, there will be CONSEQUENCES.” They’d be laughing as they handcuffed me.

            I hear what you’re saying about ‘finding no joy,’ but she’s so reprehensible… I can find a lil teeny bit of joy is she gets indicted, if not arrested. I don’t think Awan will be a good soldier and take the rap for everything the DNC has been up to: there’s no reason for him to. That’s one I’m following.

          • January

            Good Morning….My sleep pattern has gotten bad. I’m up until 1 and then sleep until 9. Tonight,,,,bed,,,,,early!!!

            I thought Evee was a troll but not sure. The racist thing from her, a bit too much. Dante, he’s like a love/hate relationship. He’s like the child you want to send to his room. Love that “Troll Detector”.

            I like Mattis. Perhaps if Bush has not announced, way before, we went to Iraq, they would have found those weapons. Hussein had enough warning to move any weapons he may have had, out of Iraq. A lot believe he moved them to Syria. I never could understand how Obama announced every move we were going to make way before we made it. Remember when they got Bin Laden and then showed the video and remake of how the seals did it? I always disagreed with them showing it. I think it should have been, we found him, we killed him and he’s gone and not show the world how and what group did it. TMI

            Curly fought for that computer and still kept him on the payroll until he was arrested when others fired him months before. There’s an old saying my family said “Something’s just not right in Denmark”. Maybe it came from my paternal grandfather’s side. He was born in Denmark. Why would she keep somebody on the government payroll that was under investigation?

            I saw Milo’s posting on the Columbus monument. Not happy. I hope they catch them.

          • David Watts

            My problem is I get up at 5 AM — then run out of gas too early in the evening. zzz

            I went back and watched Trump’s speech: that was great. “We are *not* nation-building again. We are killing terrorists.” No one will listen, of course — but those who ‘get it’ appreciate it. I agree that Obama was always all about TMI: might as well call Afghanistan in advance and ask them if our next military move will be ok with them. Cringey…

            “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark” actually comes from Shakespeare! “Hamlet,” in fact (it takes place in Denmark): Hamlet has to leave college in Germany and come home to Denmark, cos something is definitely rotten: the government is being overthrown. The only thing wrong with Denmark now is when the left keep holding it up as a shining example for the U.S. to aspire to, forgetting that, racially, they are way more homogenous than we will ever be (and their population is much smaller); what works for them won’t work here.

            Yes, I wonder who today’s troll will be on MILO news page… detectors are at the ready, Captain!

          • January

            Hamlet!!! That’s where they got it from. I studied Shakespeare but never got into Hamlet. In HS when I took English Lit our teacher divided out class into two groups. I was in the Macbeth group and loved it. It was neat how he did the final exam. Our group came out with A’s and the Hamlet group got the Bs. Our group had created a once a week study group, the other group didn’t. So we really aced our exam. We also studied Shakespeare but spent the majority of the semester on Macbeth. I love it. I should read it again. I’ve read so many books since then that I need to refresh my memory.

            All these statues being removed or wanting to be removed are really getting to me. The one statue I would like see removed is Pelosi. I seen where they are some Democrats that think she should set down from her position because they feel she isn’t helping them any. Wait, maybe they should keep her there. Her shooting of her mouth that all the salve owner statues should be removed and if that happens, I want ALL of the statues there removed. I’m really hoping, if the Dems get the House again, Pelosi is not voted in as Speaker of the House. May not happen. There was an article by, yes CNN, that Dems pretty much are saying, “Time to move on”, especially since they are facing the 2018 election. They know that the Republicans and supporters are going around say “Keep Pelosi”. lol

            Good old Denmark. Problem with the US & Obama is, they try to compare our country to others and say we should be more like them instead of looking at what works for the good in our country and build on that. No country will ever be perfect and as for Europe, they seem to be selling out and going down the tubes thanks to Merkel and May. It’s the same when you raise a child, you never tell them they should be more like another child because that’s when they start to rebel.

            Speaking of rebelling. I was thinking about Antifa and how I was thinking they were going to take over but then I realized, we have our military, National Guards, and police. They won’t win. And what I find funny is the fact that they are going after big corporate to share the wealth along with the “BIG BANKS”. Soros and those elites may be helping to fund Antifa but once they start threatening their pocketbooks, they’ll eliminate Antifa.

            Trump, with what he is doing: When I listened to him speak I got this funny feeling that he is really up to something like when he dropped the MOAB. His talk that he’s wants to send more troops, is that just a ploy because he has another attack in mind? He says he won’t release anything they have planned but releases that he’s sending more troops? I like that he is getting advise and listening to his Generals. Obama didn’t, He ignored what they said. Sorry I wrote a book here.

          • David Watts

            Yah, I am a big Shakespeare freak. In school, I studied “Julius Caesar.” There’s only a few plays taught in High School usually, the comedies are too raunchy and would take too much explanation, most of the tragedies are too long to teach in one year. “Macbeth” is the most fun to read, anyway: the rhyming witches’ spells, the great speeches, Lady MacBeth losing her mind, etc.

            Shakespeare on Hate Speech: “Talking isn’t doing. It is a kind of good deed to say well; and yet words are not deeds.” 😉

            “The one statue I would like see removed is Pelosi.” Nice one, lol. Not so much a statue as a partially-melted wax figure like at Madame Tussaud’s. Either way: the brain function is the same… flatlining. It’s true: Pelosi, Warren, ‘Crying Chuckie’ Schumer, all are gifts for the Republicans if they stay in their current high-profile locations.

            I agree: comparing the U.S. to other countries just angers people. Let’s just be the best country we can be, without comparisons. The U.S. is too unique anyways: nobody knows the troubles we’ve seen.

            re: ANTIFA and the National Guard. Did you see the story about the Trump rally scheduled in Phoenix Arizona? Amongst fears that the police will be asked to stand down yet again, and since our ANTIFA friends have said they will show up in force, local motorcycle clubs have offered to provide security where cops won’t (aren’t allowed to.) “Bikers For Trump” is the hashtag. I’m not a biker, but I know many. ANTIFA will not like trying to cross a solid wall of bikers and their rides: that’s pretty solid. I’m for it.

            It’s true: as far as military actions go, President Trump has never telegraphed anything he was going to do in advance. The missile strike in Syria, for one. We only find out after the fact: which is how it should be, unless we are in the military. I’m all for transparency in government, but in military actions, that kind of transparency is self-defeating, as Obama showed us.

            No worries about writing a book: I do it too. Sometimes I feel too dull to respond to everything you said, but that’s not on you, that’s on me. Regardless, I read everything you care to write, I enjoy it, not a problem.

          • January

            ” ‘Crying Chuckie’ Schumer’ “: Seriously!!! I laugh every time I see him do that. I really think a bunch of us should bury him with boxes of kleenex sent to Washington. He reminds me of some cartoon character that needs to be created. Warren: I should invite her to come and visit for a pow wow and “smokum piece pipe”. Of course I’m not saying what I’ll put in her pipe. My 4th G Grandmother was Seneca Native. Pelosi, I’ll just throw a bucket of water on her and hear her scream, “I’m melting” and then pick up her wig of hair off the ground and send it back to the House with a note, “She ran into some water and melted. This is all that remains”. One can dream.

            The missile strike and the MOAB, those were total shockers. The MOAB, way to go Trump. He killed them and buried them at the same time. Just think of all the funeral expenses he saved their families.

            I heard a little while ago on the news about the Trump rally. I’m sure we’ll have some entertainment coming. Tomorrow is rally if they don’t convince him to cancel it. Bikers vs Antifa. Bikers = Vets / Antifa = bullies. My money is on the bikers. Phoenix will never be the same. They are talking again on the news that a lot of protestors are planning on showing up. Have the popcorn ready.

            Did you hear about the Trump head ecstasy pills found in a drug bust in Germany? Could it be the refugees? They found a way to make a living while staying in Germany? Maybe they are going to be the new “Drug Lords”.

            I wonder if Milo or his people are reading this stuff. ????

          • David Watts

            See? As someone with ACTUAL Native American heritage, doesn’t Warren especially appall you? The left hates cultural appropriation, I thought. What is Warren doing, then? She’s not only appropriating a culture not her own, she’s taking advantage of the lie and making political hay with it. They always exclude their own: all the PC rules seem to be for conservatives only. In other words: it’s all just excuses to attack people they already dislike…. very disingenuous. The average lefty is probably more racist than the WS are, but better at mouthing soothing platitudes.

            Pelosi, while melting: “What an incorrect world! What an incorrect world…. oooo” (shrivels away and leaves just a puddle with an oil-slick sheen to it.) Well, we can dream… lol

            The MOAB: excellent example. Whatever Trump’s next military move will be, we won’t know about it til it’s all over but the mop-up. “Nothing to see folks, move along…” and that’s as it should be. We’re on a need-to-know basis, and we don’t need to know.

            I got the popcorn poppin’ alright… smells like… Victory. Well, it really just smells like popcorn, but that’s a very nice smell. ????

            Trump Head Ecstacy Pills: I did hear about them, some dealer was saying: “If Trump makes you want to escape reality, this will help!” But isn’t it also a reminder, if it’s shaped like him? Trump is definitely in people’s heads; he must also be in “Head’s” heads. Carl Jung said that you “should embrace and swallow the object that frightens you,” but I’m sure he meant that symbolically, not literally! People’s reactions to Trump remain priceless… and unpredictable. Hoo ha…

          • January

            Warren lied about that native American blood, which wouldn’t have been any more than I have, just to get a pass into school. I would never use it. I believe it belongs to full blood or even 1/2 blood. I’m 3/4 Scandinavian, the other quarter is French, English and that drop of Seneca Native. I’m proud to say I have that drop in me but again would never use it to get free stuff and you actually can in some places. I really was angry when I heard Warren lied about that for her own gain.

            You liked the MOAB comment, huh??? I’m telling you, he saved either the families money or a Government money on burial expenses. Guess the 72 Virgins will have a hard time finding them though.

            Trump is a house hold word, Good or Bad, he just keeps on a ticking like the Energy Bunny. Just think, way way in the future, his name will probably be the name remembered in history as President. Obama’s name will be, 1st black President BUT Trump’s will even be bigger. I believe he planned it that way. I can see it now, Obama and Trump sitting up in Heaven arguing who’s name will be mentioned more. They look down to earth to prove who had the most popular name and Obama says, “Damn you Trump”. Trump replies, “I told you, I’m huuuuuug”.

            It’s nice when somebody responds to you. I’m sure they like us. After all they make so much money for every click they get on his site. I do believe, by now, we have helped paid for our rights to be out here.

          • David Watts

            I’m a little Scotch-Irish on my Dad’s side, but mostly I am entirely German. In fact, my grand-dad fought in WW1… for The Kaiser, lol. Got an Iron Cross and everything.

            Obama WILL be remembered as the first black president… but for what else? He can’t help being black. Just what did he accomplish? The ultimate empty suit.

            Obama and Trump in Heaven:

            DJT: This place is YUGE. I like all the gold and marble though — reminds me of Trump Tower.

            BO: yeah, right.

            DJT: Listen, Obama: I will be remembered as the best, the greatest, the best possible President. You’ll be the “fake president.” Fake.

            BO: I need a cig…


            MOABs are indeed inspiring, for the reasons you said. Plus: it proves you don’t ever have to go the nuclear route if you want to win a war: there’s lots of technology alternatives in 2017. We don’t need 40’s-era stuff necessarily. Leave that stuff to NK, the bastids.

            I think we’ve more than paid to be here. We even have to suffer these benighted trolls coming by like it’s a revolving door… lol.

          • January

            ???? ???? ???? That punch line from BO was great!!!!

            WW1 For the Kaiser, Iron Cross and everything,,,,That is still awesome. That is your history. He was born and lived in Germany at the time. To me that is no different than if somebody living in Germany, who Great Grand dad fought for American in WW2. lol It’s who we are and where we came from. You have to tell me more of his story. I’d really would like to hear it if you want. I love history. I’m sharing something with you below.

            I don’t go around talking about this other than to my family and some of my friends also. On my paternal grandmother’s side, my ancestors came from England here from 1619 (Jamestown), 1620 (yes the Mayflower) up through 1658. I have the names of the ships they came on thanks to the Mayflower committee. They weren’t the best to the native Americans here as we have found out. I had a few (like a hand full) that were hung as witches in Salem and others Indicted as witches, sentenced to hang but were with child so the were thrown in the Boston Prison. One was my 14th Great Grandmother who was with child and the child was born there. If you ever saw the play the Crucible or the movie, a couple of the main characters were John & Elizabeth Proctor. They were my 14th Great Grand Aunt & Uncle.Also in the play was Rebecca Nurse who was hung, her son married into my family and Sarah Osborne, my 15 g grand aunt, who was suppose to hang but died in prison just before her hanging. I have a copy of the movie in my Amazon video library. My 14 G Grandmother was their sister-in-law but she wasn’t mentioned in the movie. But I need to go back and watch it again. It was hard to watch the one time. I have a copy of a document that declared her convicted of a witch and sentenced to be hung. But the Governor of Mass came in a let everybody out of jail and declared that their convictions were over turned. The funny thing is, I think it was 2003/2005, something like that, the state of Mass exonerated all of them 100%. It took over 300 years for the state to clear their names.

            Trolls. I wish “pretty woman” would come back. I had fun with that one. lol Those trolls that come in and puff their gone, those are the ones I love to have fun with.

          • David Watts

            Wow, that is a great family back story: “all of them witches.” The 17th century wasn’t a brilliant time in U.S. (really Colonial) history, let’s face it. I have read The Crucible, it’s still relevant today, in fact, with SJW’s doxing so-called ‘racist witches,’ etc. The puritans were pretty ISIS-like in their treatment of so-called witches, it’s a black eye on the U.S.

            More backstory: It’s a fun, sort of adventure story, so I don’t mind telling it (this is all my Mom’s side): OK, so after being badly injured by shrapnel (AND being gassed) in WW1, my grandfather came home to Bremen, Germany as a decorated war hee-ro. Got to meet Baron Von Richtofen as part of some publicity showing off veterans (granpa said the guy was an a-hole, lol), he then put his economics degree to work and entered Deutsche Bank at a high position. By the late 20’s he was a bank Vice-president (1 of 5), and incredibly wealthy. Deutsche Bank was big then, just like now. Then… our favorite lil guy with a mustache rose to power. Grand-dad, although not jewish, was already pretty left-wing, he liked Hitler like the democrats liked GW Bush: not at all. At first, Hitler was very hands-off with the banks, he claimed that it “was beneath the dignity of a great leader to sully his hands with finance.” Which was fine with the banks, they were now completely de-regulated. By ’36, though, the war was on, and Hitler was less hands-off. Basically, if you wanted to keep your high position in the bank, you had to join the Nazi Party, or get demoted. And not just wear the cute little pin and armband: you had to go to meetings, rallies, etc. Of course my grandfather balked at that, and began to make plans to get out of Germany before the whole shebang caved in. At that time, though, my grandmother was pregnant with my Mom, so a big move was out. Instead, he got himself re-assigned to the bank branch in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is where my Mom was officially born. Bulgaria was under nazi control at that time, though, so no one wanted to stay there long. Once my Mom was old enough to travel, the family of four boarded… The Orient Express! This went from Calais to Vladivostok, but you can bet it stopped in Sofia, too (it’s long been discontinued.) This was a very long, expensive, and tricky journey, in the middle of war-torn Europe, with two children in tow, I can’t imagine. Break… lol

            On arrival in Vladivostok, the whole family was stopped by the NKVD (forerunner to the KGB) and not only were they asked for ‘papers,’ they had to bribe about 7 officials to get out of the city and on a boat for Japan (Communism is just, so, so grand). This used up almost all the money they had left, despite how much they started with. Money in German banks was frozen at this point, which didn’t help. They did eventually make the boat, and from Japan sailed to San Francisco. (Good thing this was pre-Pearl Harbor, or doing anything in Japan would’ve been out.) Once settled here, time went by, and my Mom ended up going to… UC Berkeley, where she met my father. And now I’m here to talk to you. Coincidence is everything. So, you can see why I have no love for our neo-nazi friends or all these anti-semitic WS Stormer types. That ideology FAILED. The Nazis LOST, and they deserved to. Bringing back failed ideologies will lead to more failure, how can it not? Same goes for the Confederacy. They were wrong, they deserved what they got…. anyway, there’s MY book… lol. Hope you enjoyed.

            I agree about fighting for your country, that’s how I look at what he did. I do have a friend whose English grand-dad was killed in WW1 though, and I wonder if maybe it was my grandfather that did it…? Probably not, but it’s so strange. I think my grandfather started out very patriotic, in fact, towards Germany — but Hitler ruined it for him. My mom says upon arrival in the U.S., he threw his Iron Cross into the San Francisco Bay… he’d totally been forced to renounce his own country, and that must’ve been awful. Of course, they also had to change the family name, if you had a really German sounding name in California in WW2, you might’ve been whisked off to a camp, I don’t know… .lol. I guess they were more interested in Japanese saboteurs, but you still had to keep your head down.

          • January

            O M G!!! What a story and what history you have there. I can imagine some of the fear they must have had until they arrived in Japan and then San Francisco. It’s too bad he had to thrown his iron cross into the bay. I can understand why but it would have been something to pass down to family who would preserve it. I can’t imagine how he felt having to renounce a country that he was born in, grew up in and fought for. That must have torn at his heart. Also, sounds like you have ties there with good old Berkeley. I really loved your story. Would you mind if I copied what you wrote to a word doc and shared with with my one granddaughter. She has a fixation on Germany and everything that happened. She can’t get enough on it. (I’m breaking)

            I homeschooled her last year because she was having a lot of problems with not wanting to go to school and threatened to run away if she did. The school was suppose to consul her and try to find out what was going on. She was also having anxiety attacks. All the school wanted to do was send her to a “special school” and we told them at the end of that school year she wasn’t coming back, that she would be homeschooled. I was teaching her all her subjects required by the state but she would struggle with simple fraction and excel with hard algebra equations. She would not read one of her study books,,,period. I kept telling her mom that something was wrong and I thought she had a learning disability. She did better with the computer and visual aids. So we signed her up on a homeschooling program on the computer. She loved it but wanted me to continue teaching her history and religion. I would find documentaries on Netflix and Amazon for her to watch and she would make detailed notes and I would test her and she did great. (another break)

            Her mother took her to a psychiatrist, brought my notes of what I noticed about her and he tested her with some simple math problems. She couldn’t solve them. The same math problems I kept showing her over and over. He sent her to have, what she calls “a mental test”. She was in tears and down over this. She was diagnosed with “Aspergers/Autism”. But the good news is she has the “Social” end of it which makes her attention span in a conversation short. When she was told what was wrong with her, she was so excited because she finally knew what was wrong with her and it wasn’t her fault. She would rather be with adults, watch more adult type movies (not sex movies), political talk shows, etc. She even follows Milo. That’s one of the reason why I will only make comments in Disqus. lol So now she is back in the public schools, in a different district using her Uncle’s address, this year and they have a program that deal with this. She can’t be bothered with girls her age because she says all they do is blah blah blah about boys, clothes and gossip.

            BTW, if you ever see my profile pic out on the comment sections of the articles by Milo, it’s not me. There is another girl that has the same pic and I’m glad she’s a conservative or I would have had to change mine. Otherwise people would have thought I was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

            The Puritans, what can I say. The funny thing is, the witch scare had wound down in Europe not long before it started up here. There are some historians that believe the real reason for the scare in Salem was about land. I believe in the play and the movie, towards the beginning, Putnam and John Proctor had a fight over Proctor’s land. I think it was something to do with Putnam wanted access to cross John’s land with his cattle to get to the some water. Some Historians believe that Putnam put his daughter Ann up to all of this. In the play/movie they gave Ann Putnam a different name because her Mother’s name was Ann and they didn’t want to confuse the audience. They said there were issues with that land and Proctor owned a lot of it. That is something we will never know.

            If I’ve messed up in any of my spelling, I’m sorry; I’m tired. If you have any other stories I would love to hear them. So now I will say Goodnight and thank you again for sharing your Grandfather’s story.

          • David Watts

            Of course you can copy that for your granddaughter. I wish I had more detail, this was all handed down to me by my uncle (sadly gone now), as my Mom was only 4 when they made the trip (so we’re talking about 1940.) My grandparents usually spoke German at home, so I didn’t get to hear the stories directly, I could barely follow their conversations! By the time I was on the scene my Grandfather’s war injuries were catching up to him: being shrapnelled AND gassed is pretty debilitating. So he wasn’t too social. I know having to renounce his country did break his heart though, he used to be very patriotic, apparently, flags around the house, lots of German music, etc. He got rid of all that when he came to the U.S., he wouldn’t even have German classical music in the house. Mom had to sneak her Beethoven in, lol. Let’s face it: WW2 sucked for everybody on all sides…

            I’m all for home schooling, even better if at least one parent isn’t also working (it’s a job in itself.) If a grandparent can do it: awesome. The ‘glamor’ of a ‘College Education’ isn’t what it used to be, what with schools being used as Marxist indoctrination centers now. I think everyone has Autism/Asperger’s to varying degrees: there’s a reason it’s so commonly diagnosed. It IS common. Love and luck to you all. ❤️

            Nothing new in the news yet, but the day is young…the ‘list ANTIFA as a terrorist group’ petition was re-opened, now it’s over 250K signatures. I wonder if there’ll be a governmental response to that…?

          • January

            Good Morning,,,I feel bad for your Grandfather. Suffering from the shrapnel and the gasses, but I think, also a broken heart for his country. He had to have been so devastated when the crazy man became leader and put a huge black mark on Germany during that time. Growing up I looked at Germany and the other Europe Countries as the “old” countries. By “old” I mean, they have the history there. Sounds like your mom was a little rebel there. lol Yes the war did suck and every war after it. Viet Nam was my awakening and things I saw, I can never forget.

            I married my husband right out of high school and he was already in the Army. He was a Sargent in the Army and I ended up moving to San Francisco. I refused to live on base, Fort Presidio was our base when it was a military base. Letterman Hospital was our base hospital. I had fun on the base except when the USS Enterprise would come in. If the tide was in, they docked before the Golden Gate Bridge, if the tide was out, then they could safely come under the bridge and the mast would clear the bridge by about a foot. You always knew when it was in because of all the helicopters going back and forth from the ship to the hospital. They were bringing the wounded home. I was a young girl, just out of high school and married: I grew up fast. (break)

            The first time I was there when they brought our boys, should say men, to the hospital, a couple of us wives went over there and you could barely walk in the aisles. We helped moved some of the beds to where ever the doctors told us to. It wasn’t a pretty site. We saw all the things that happen on the battle field when a soldier is hit. One held his hand out to me and keep saying help me, I went a got a doctor and was told all they could do was comfort him. I went back and held his hand until he passed away. I hate war but I will never protest it because of what I saw. A lot of our guys that came back would say, “The US forgot us” and talk how the protesting was used against them by the enemy over there. The Viet Con would broadcast the protesting to them. That brought a lot of them down. Then of course they were treated like dirt when they came home by their fellow countrymen.

            Did you hear anything on the news about last night? I listened to the 11:00 Chicago news this morning and not one word about what happened after it was over. The only one that showed anything was CNN last night as bottles and things were being thrown at the police. Then the police finally started throwing smoke bombs back at them and the protester would pick them up and throw them back at the police. Why is there no coverage on this.

            Antifa = ALT-Left aka CTRL-Left = neo-liberalism = TOXIC

          • David Watts

            Yeah, my Mom was a bit of a rebel. Unfortunately, that also meant she went even further left: both my parents are complete Marxist Socialists. My older brother lives in Canada, and is trying to BE Justin Trudeau, it’s not enough to simply support him. So, you can see why I crave some right-wing friends, I can’t talk to anyone in my family about how I feel on any issue. I just came back from lunch with my Mom, in fact, and it was a non-stop Trump bash the whole conversation. I just have to sit there, nodding my head. She’s a Bernie supporter, if my Dad was still alive, he would be too. Too old to be red-pilled, *sigh*

            That’s a harrowing story of a young woman (you) having to face the horrors of Vietnam via the hospital like that. What an incredible mess that war was, so mis-managed, at the cost of so many. Kennedy should have seen the writing on the wall and stopped escalation, but he and RFK were so obsessed with stopping communism right then and there, it blinded them. The undermining of support for our soldiers was perverse… when has a soldier set policy? Spitting on returning vets and worse. The left, once again: acting on their all important ‘feelings.’ What about everyone else’s feelings? Oh yeah: they aren’t the ‘correct’ people, so they don’t matter. This attitude still prevails.

            Strangely, the best coverage I saw of the Phoenix Trump Rally was on Univision, the Spanish-language network. Probably cos a lot of “Undocumented Aliens” were there protesting Trumps’ immigration policy. It was as you say, people trying to throw these giant-size smoke bombs at the police. Most of the police had shields, so the bombs would bounce off, or be batted away, right back at the protestors. They would carefully pick them up (I saw one guy using tongs) and try and toss them back. One funny shot was of three ANTIFA huddled together, talking and looking at their phones, when one of these deflected smoke bombs bounced at their feet. It didn’t go off right away, so they kept gabbing… then all of a sudden they are enveloped in this YUGE cloud of yellow-green smoke, it was pretty funny. One bystander said this stuff smelled really bad, perhaps there were stink bombs too. My Spanish isn’t great, but that seemed to be all that went down. No sign of any bikers, sadly, perhaps they were elsewhere. Pretty juvenile tactics, the cops just looked bored, but they formed a very solid wall, and they were out in force. Good. I’m assuming the rally itself went ahead as planned.

          • January

            Your mom really sounds like a rebel or maybe you’re the rebel in the family. I learned a long time ago, we have to follow what we believe in. We have these parties but I still believe there are many good people in all parties. Justin Trudeau, what can I say. When I see his picture I think of a snot nosed brat. Actually, I really don’t see a true person in him. I see somebody who just follows the way the wind blows. I know the feeling when you are being held captive by a parent and they get on a subject that just keeps on going and you sit there hoping time would hurry up so you can politely leave. One of my uncles use to tell me that there are two things you don’t take about with family and friends. 1.) Religion 2.) Politics, especially if you are on the opposite sides because then there won’t be any fighting. He actually would lecture me on that and when he was done, I’d walk away doing the eye roll. I was raised in a very strict Republican family.

            Take Bill Ayers, he started WU, got people to follow him but took no blame in what they did. I had read up on him a few years ago and when he told he killed three people in that apartment when the bomb blew up, his comment was, “I didn’t kill them, they killed themselves”. He was there leader and he was as responsible for them dying as they were. He knew they were making bombs and why. A true leader takes responsibility for their groups actions.

            I still believe if people want to protest, you get heard more without the violence than with it. And speaking of violence, have you noticed there is pretty much a media black out on what happened after the rally in Phoenix? CNN covered it but made it all about Trump being to blame. WaPo put there lies in about the rally and how a lot of people left before it was over because he ranted too much. And then of course, WaPo, smeared that black guy all over the place with his past. Fake new is right. ALT-Left Media. Of course Trump had to repeat what he first said about Charlotte and didn’t read the part about good on both sides. And hinted about Joe Arpaio. The Trump basing just goes on and on.

            Viet Nam: The war was almost coming to an end. I would that again today. It made me who I am and made me a stronger person. I think it set me for events that were to happen in my life. I was the strong one in the family. My niece died of breast cancer and I was the one who she wanted with her when she passed. She trusted me to hold it together and then take care of her mother. Then 6 months after she passed, my daughter told me she had ovarian cancer. After a radical surgery she is cancer free. She has the muted BRACA 2 gene, so it can come back anywhere. We will cross that bridge, if and when it happens. I had to be tested for it and I don’t have it but her father did. My boys are ok because they had a different father. So what happened in the army, it made me strong and made me the person that never gives up.

            You come across as a very strong person and I love your comments. You seem to have a joy in life. I can see that in your writings. Some of your comments are so matter of fact and some make me crack up.

            I nicely got a “little” told off by Hairatic Rick, or a more disappointed in me for the comment, and he gave me a frown face with it, but did he get nasty with Agent 99. It was over my CTRL-Left. I then read a lot of what he wrote and others and I see his point. I’m going back to ALT-Left. He made sense in what he had to say in one of his comments. Also, it’s ALT-Left Media.

          • David Watts

            Exactly, I just don’t discuss politics with anyone here in Cali…. but I am very political, as you’ve noticed. So, I do kinda squirm when I have to listen to an hour on how stupid DJT is. He’s a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. Oh well, it’s all feeling-based, I understand.

            Bill Ayers (AKA Obama’s best bud): “”I didn’t kill them, they killed themselves”” That really is rich… I don’t know about these hippies. They used to have a phrase: “Let the hippies teach you how to live,” but I’d rather not, if it’s Ayers’ form of kindness, or the Manson Family’s form of ‘love’ (they thought killing someone was the most loving thing you could do for them.) And that reminds me of what you were saying about Viet Nam and the treatment of soldiers by the general public at the time. Just the lack of respect for life in general, yuck.

            I’m finally starting to see a small amount of coverage about Phoenix, but only like, an hour ago. I guess the spin had to be determined first, lol. Footage has to be edited to make the ‘peaceful protesters’ not look like aimless, pointless rioters, etc. Some Winston Smith is hard at work in the editing booth.

            Thank you so much for the kind words. I aspire to improve myself every day. The point to that is not that I become perfect, but that there is no limit or ceiling except a self-imposed one. I do take joy in life, but it is so easy to despair over various things, I don’t have to tell you. You also seem very aware and invested in everything that’s going on around you. Apathy is the worst: I even admire an SJW more than someone who doesn’t really have an opinion and cannot get excited about anything. One has to stand for SOMEthing, even the wrong thing, one has to stand up sometimes. History has infinite examples for us.

            I didn’t see where Hairatic Rick told you off, but I know which article you mean, I’ll go read it after I finish this. Every one is pretty spiky here, and no two seem to be exactly in the same position on the political spectrum, except we’re all right wing (save Dante and other troll types.) But you develop a sense of who you are closer to politically, who you can engage with, and who is just a conspiracy theorist or a neo-schitzstaffel. There are no 100% political matches, but that’s alright: we don’t need echo chambers on the right, I want to hear everyone out as long as they can keep the tinfoil hats off their haids. I try and respect everyone here, I know I don’t have all the answers, either. And it’s just so nice to not have to talk to Cali libbies all the doo-dah day, that is wearing. I feel like a spy or something. I’d prefer talking to the people here. Obviously you first, lol. 🙂

          • January

            I’m having trouble getting this to publish. I found out I was logged out when it looked like I was logged in.

            1.) Hairatic Rick: Maybe told off is the wrong choice of words, I should say he showed me he was disappointed in me with his words and the frowning face. It was on Milo’s California State University Bans Kekistan Flags. Here’s what he said: Wow, and I thought you were one of the intelligent ones ???? . I think the CTRL hurt him somewhat. He though CTRL = Centered. I never really read other postings, just made my comment and shut down. I wish I had read other’s opinions. After his comment to me, he really went after Agent 99. I read his postings to her and did respond to one he made to 99. It’s true what they are saying ALT-Left, the left hates it because we are putting them in the the ALT-Right WS. CTRL, actually we’re saying the left has control and it doesn’t bother them. He is on the left but he really, at times, I feel he sticks up for the Conservatives and he just took the CTRL the wrong way.

            ALT-Left WaPo: Those people are really a big problem. I read something they put out about the rally, interviewing people from both side and writing their comments. Didn’t sound too bad until I got to the end and the police part. They had it right when they said most of the protesters left and a few stayed behind. Then they said the police started throwing canisters of gas at the protesters. No where did they say, the protesters started throwing things at the police first. If I hadn’t seen a video that CNN put out while it was going on, I wouldn’t have really know that the protesters started the whole thing. So in their article they, once again, made the police sound like the bad guys and the protesters sound like the poor attacked guys by those nasty police and of course they didn’t use my exact words. They are just trying to keep this division going and the hatred going towards the police and Trump. I’m sure all the ALT-Left Media has edited their clips.

            Ayers = Spineless Wimp: He always plays the blame game. It’s everybody else’s fault and nothing his. I truly believe, Obama looked up to him.

            Your welcome. I love talking with you. My family won’t talk politics with me. When I try, my one son tells me to turn my computer off. lol The brat.

          • January

            I deleted my old comments in our string and left about 2/3 days worth. Maybe we should clean older ones out once in awhile. Tomorrow, Thursday, I’m going to be out for the day and get back late so I won’t be on the computer until Friday. Just think, you’ll get a break from me. lol

          • David Watts

            Good idea, we don’t need to leave all these comments up once they’ve been read/responded to: I took out mine up to where you cut off. Well, if I don’t hear from you, have a good day then. 🙂

            It’s very exasperating seeing these pointless and violent protestors being treated like the New Freedom Riders by the press. It just emboldens them, while not giving the general public a clear picture of how these ‘protests’ go down. And making cops scapegoats is such a wrongheaded thing to do. Any criticism of cops, even when it’s fabricated, seems acceptable to the MSM.

            I commented on Hairatic Rick’s comment about “CTRL-left” (once I found it, thanks.) Not so much to White Knight for you (heaven forbid) but to throw in my opinionated 2¢ worth. He had a good response, I’m glad I said something. Online communication is always riddled with misunderstandings, it’s always good to double-check. Take care…

          • January

            Hi,,,I have a few minutes here so I thought I would respond.

            I would like to take WaPo down. It’s an easier thought than putting it into action though. They will write anything in hopes to get rid of Trump. That is their goal, even if it means to create war on the streets. Get the masses fighting the police, each other and Trump. They love to see the war in the streets. We have people like Hairatic Rick, who is a Liberal, but is joining forces with us to have that conversation. I think we need to eliminate the word Liberal and start using the ALT-Left and actually ALT-Right. We know who makes up the ALT-Right, WS, KKK & Neo Nazis and ALT-Left is Antifa. We need to separate those groups from the rest of us, right or left. We need something that represents right/left. To me that would be a start of taking down WaPo, right & left joining forces, their heads would spin.

            I saw your post to Hairatic Rick. It was nice. I received an apology comment from him. I’m glad all of that was straightened out. Even Agent 99 responded and he apologized to her also.

            I have to go. Think about what I wrote about the Right and Left. We really need to come together. It’s the only way we will win the ALT-Left Media & a few ALT-Right Media (they are out there). Have fun today.

          • David Watts

            WaPo still thinks these are the days of Watergate, and they will be at the forefront of bringing down a corrupt administration — except that isn’t this administration. If HRC had gotten in, well, there’s some corruption you can sink your journalistic teeth into — but it’s always hands off with the Party Of Correctness. WaPo, NYT, all are hopelessly compromised, yet act as if they are the knights in shining armor of virtue. I wonder if anyone still believes it… you’d have to be pretty willing to look the other way on so many stories.

            Hairatic Rick is a CLASSICAL Liberal, which is so far removed from what Liberal has come to mean, that the ‘classicals’ probably need their own party. Classical liberals are very pro free speech, for example, yer modern ‘liberal’ hates it worse than they hate ‘nazis’ (anyone they don’t like.) It must suck to be lumped in all together… I know how I feel when right-wingers talk about how they want to nuke California, how they’d wish it would secede, etc. I’m like: “Hey! I’M here!” lol. I don’t want to be lumped in with Jerry Brown and his ilk. I want to get RID of them!

            I agree that the fringe elements of both left and right cannot be the faces of those ideologies. Radicalism has almost no appeal for most people. And when you’re REALLY radical, distinctions like left and right go away — you just want to blow things up and burn things down. I’d love a New Right, representing true conservative/capitalist/christian values, free of WS, free of career establishment types like McConnell, pro-free-speech, pro-Western civilization, pro-life, etc. AND a New Left, for the classical liberals who eschew identity politics and victim-carding, who think ANTIFA are goons, etc. You can feel people crying out for representation, a LOT of people, who cannot stand fringe radicals of any type. And there’s no party for them, really. Richard Spencer, of all people, put forth an idea about International Political Parties; that might be a future alternative to the choices we have now. I hear what you’re saying: it’s obvious a lot on the so-called left voted for Trump — there’s too many Republican ‘never-trumpers’ for it to have been all on them. Like-minded people. If you could siphon all of the reasonable and practical people from both parties off, and form a party from that, that would be a force to be reckoned with, while the fringe elements would just fight each other til no one remained….

            Have fun yourself! 🙂

          • January

            Out of the ones you listed, WaPo is the most dangerous one. The other ones you can get them to run with their tail between their legs for a couple days. WaPo is bent on getting rid of Trump, one way or another. They are the ones who want the war in the streets and somebody is behind them big time. Soros??? Other Elites????

            WaPo: I’m going to try and post a link here for you. I’m copying a copy of ” clock times” from that in case it doesn’t work.
            They wrote the article making it look like they really cared about both sides and then stuck in something that to upset the apple cart. It’s funny, but this article I’m posting, I read it much earlier and I think they pulled the 1st one and added a video and seemed like they made changes to it. I wish I would have save the article when I first read it. My impression was that, WaPo was not happy that more protester didn’t show up.

            Here’s the link: 9:20 p.m. The article is title” I don’t know how it got that bad.
            www washingtonpost com/politics/i-dont-know-how-it-got-this-bad-trump-supporters-and-protesters-meet-in-phoenix/2017/08/23/ac8d85a0-8815-11e7-a94f-3139abce39f5_story.html?utm_term=.5a8c16cb5610

            Here’s the two times:
            9 p.m.
            1.) “A police officer’s voice floated through the crowd from a loudspeaker: “If you don’t leave the area, you are subject to arrest.”
            Many protesters had already left the area, but others stood defiant, and officers blasted them with gas that made their eyes sting. Those who lacked goggles and bandannas dashed away. A woman smoking a cigarette doused her face with milk of magnesia, an over-the-counter stomach medicine that also washes out eye irritants.”
            Me: The police did not throw gas at first. They threw smoke bombs and then later changed to tear gas. I believe WaPo made light of the protesters but are hoping they can entice more to show up at another rally or free speech.

            2.) “9:20 p.m.
            Gabriel Hernandez, a 33-year-old Web designer from the area, backed away from a row of officers with riot shields as smoke filled the air. He pulled a black bandanna over his nose.
            To his left was a parking garage, cloudy now with what looked like tear gas. Moments ago, the structure had provided a perch for people decked out in American flag gear, dropping empty water bottles on the crowd below.
            Now men and women stood outside, wiping their eyes.
            Hernandez, who said he came to protest because he sees Trump as needlessly divisive, decided to head home, saying: “I don’t know how it got this bad.”

            CNN: What I’m copying over is from an article they posted as they were doing live coverage of the protesters.

            Header/Title: Protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police
            “People in the crowd outside of the Phoenix Convention Center started throwing rocks and bottles at police, Phoenix Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Jonathan Howard tells CNN.
            Protestors also dispersed “some gas in the area,” Howard says. Police have responded with pepper balls and pepper spray “in an attempt to disperse the crowd and stop the assaults,” according to Howard.”

            Thanks for explaining Hairatic Rick to me. I was getting confused from some of his postings. Left or Right, not I understand. The Kekistan flag, is that why he carries it? I’m confused with it’s meaning. When you have time would you explain that to me. What I like about him is, he roars like a lion in his comments but then he in apologies to Agent 99 and me, he was a sweet as a lamb. He didn’t owe me any apology, because he called me out on the CTRL in a nice way and by adding that frowning yellow face, I knew he was being nice when he did it. As for California leaving the Union, yeah, I use to say that stuff until “you” and then I was very careful on that because you live there. I think I may have slip once or twice. Sorry. But if California should leave, I’ll get a group of us to come in like little “Ninga” Turtles and pull you out and we’ll bring your mom with you. They won’t leave the Union.

            What I’m starting to see, it’s small right now, but more and more people from both sides are starting to speak out about the L & R radicals. I seem in other comments on news reportings, good blacks telling the radical blacks off. There are more of us good people, than them. It’s like all the stories of the 60/70s, they too shall slip back into the underground sewers. I agree with you about another party of the left & right. 38% of Democrats voted for Trump because, !.) they didn’t want Hillary, 2.) Jobs, 3.) The Economy, 4.) Pro-Lifers and 5.) Against Same sex- marriage, plus other things. I had read somewhere that the majority of those Dems hadn’t voted Republican since 1972. I think we may be seeing both parties on the road to eliminating themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them implode at the same time. That would happen, if in 2020, an Independent wins the Presidential race. They need term limits and we need to get rid of the old lifers and bring in the new blood.

            BTW, that guy who you had blocked who is against the Jews, I did block him. I made my comment to him and when he came back at me, I decided he was pretty close to a neo-nazi and I was going to silence him, so I blocked him. Good luck San Francisco this weekend.

            Pritzker, the guy running for Governor, today on his campaign ad he gave a link to where he put up a plan for “Public” Insurance and how affordable it would be. Isn’t that what California was going to try and found it too expensive?

            I had a long day and I’m tired so I’m calling it a night. You have a good night and take soon. Goodnight or Good Morning. You pick.

          • David Watts

            Soros, and other elites, definitely. You don’t need a conspiracy to have powerful, like-minded people undermining any progress conservatives have made. It’s like when there’s a controversial proposition on your state ballot, and all of a sudden you read about YUGE amounts of out of state money coming in to weight the outcome in a particular way. Why people who don’t even live there, and won’t be personally affected, feel they have the right to sway an election, simply because they can, is a mystery, an appalling one. Speaking of appalling, a major newspaper carrying out a mostly baseless vendetta against a sitting president is pretty disgusting. I believe a lot of people see through the hyperbole, though, unless they already hate DJT and want to hear more of these stories… I’m sure HRC fans eat it up, but what about everyone else?

            PHOENIX: That article was beaucoup slanted. Notice they imply (more than once), that these adorable, innocent ‘protestors’ were only wearing bandannas to protect their delicate little nosies from tear gas. Gabriel Hernandez only covers his face *after* those racist, evil cops threw tear gas canisters. OK, first of all: we know why they were all wearing masks, they showed up that way: this is ANTIFA. Secondly, they don’t wear them to protect against tear gas: they have gas masks for that, which you can see many of them wearing when you watch the footage. You do have to love the one defiant ‘protestor,’ dancing around in his gas mask as smoke and gas whirls around him — until one of the cops fires a canister directly at this guy’s crotch, then down he goes… a gas mask can’t really help you there, friend. Never let it be said that Law Enforcement Officers have no sense of humor. This guy is now a viral meme/gif, collapsing to the ground in slow-mo… “no one said the revolution was gonna be easy” lol

            Kekistan: well, that’s a whole novel in itself, but that’s a whole sub-culture that stared at 4chan with their “/pol/” politics section. It’s a country (Kekistan), a religion (Kek), it’s a whole world devised by (mostly) teens and other edgy meme-posting types, very greatly detailed, with lore, myths, etc. They could be called ‘radical centrists,’ but that’s so disgusting, I would never insult them that way. Kekistanis, if you will, reject both left and right wings, they are sort of libertarian anarchists that are cynical about pretty much everything — yet they (mostly) support Trump. /pol/ not only were the first to refer to him as the “God Emperor,” they also take credit for getting him elected in the first place — and who knows how big 4chan’s influence is? Maybe they did help. You do see nazi influence in some of the Kekistani symbols and memes, but neo-nazis they are not. They appropriate these symbols to get a rise out of sensitive people, and since it ALWAYS works, it’s not going to end any time soon. The MSM and Hillary cannot differentiate between these people who fall in the classic mode of ‘pranksters’ and REAL neo-nazis, who aren’t on 4chan — because it’s hard to get internet in the root cellar. If you see someone using a lot of Kekistani or Pepe imagery, they probably *aren’t* a nazi, they probably *are* sarcastic as can possibly be, and take few things seriously. So, I enjoy all that, but as alt-lite commentator “Roaming Millennial” said in one of her videos: “I’m not hip enough to be of Kekistan.” That’s usually what I say, too. When President Trump talked about “fine people on both sides” at Charlottesville (which seemed to further inflame the left — but then again, everything inflames them), he meant these internet supporters, many of whom were behind the original event, before WS decided to make Charlottesville about THEM. Trump knows all about the /pol/ gang. Of course, the media isn’t going to focus on guys with Pepe t-shirts when there’s actual swastikas they can film for the 11 O’clock news. Similar to relatively peaceful left-wing rallies, that ANTIFA shows up at and commandeers for their own agenda.

            I try and take any criticisms of Cali in stride, no need to monitor your speech — I know very well what it looks like from the outside (dismal.) Just don’t forget about lil old Wattsy, surrounded by these damn tree huggers… lol

            It is very heartening to see more blacks and others stand up against radicalism. It’s a turn-off to anyone paying attention, why not? And the more varied the people are doing the criticizing, the more weight the criticism has… although the MSM probably still won’t cover it.

            New blood: Definitely, this is true for both parties. How can anyone be inspired by the likes of ‘Droopy Dog’ McConnell, Ryan, or McCain on the right, or Pelosi, Waters, and Liarwatha on the left? If they’re looking for reasons for low voter turnout, those are the reasons, right there. If some one as essentially empty as Obama could get everyone involved, it can’t be THAT hard….

            Yeah, if someone is going on about jewish conspiracies in EVERY post they make, I’ll block them… it’s not like I’m gonna miss out on the posts I don’t see. I can guess what lines they will run along: 1488, Kalergi plan, Rothschild house, Frankfurt school, jews were persecuted, therefore worthy of persecution (wtf?), my shoelace broke this morning, and it’s all on account of them joooooos… bla bla bla. Others kinda sorta believe the theories, but are more persuadable, I can usually talk to them and have a reasonable exchange. It seems to be a hurdle some can’t get over. I wrote (in another context) on FB:

            “I strongly believe the last hurdle, the final barrier, to becoming truly politically aware, is the discarding of conspiracy theories. Once you do that, you are truly, ‘based,’ ‘woke,’ or, in other words: fully enlightened. Otherwise, you’re still clutching that security blanket that tells you someone, somewhere, has a plan and is running things. Even if it’s someone you loathe, it must be a comfort to think that. Sadly, it isn’t so.”

            I got one whole upvote on that comment, lol: people just love their conspiracies, they don’t wanna know: fair enough. I believe, personally, that individual evil knows no bounds, but collective evil is harder to manifest. A large, evil group will always be split by schisms, leaks, arguments, dilution, infiltration, in-fighting, lack of exact agreement, etc., as soon as it grows too large. A group of 20-30 (as in the 9/11 hijackers) is about the biggest conspiracy I can see working. More people than that… someone’s gonna leak, whistle-blow, or simply mess up. Think of all the homegrown wannabe terrorist organizations that have been infiltrated by the FBI at ground level, before they even started PLANNING anything. All plans were being discussed with a G-man from square one, I love it…

            Which brings us back to Big George Soros and other movers and shakers. They don’t have to be working together or even in communication. they just have to be like-minded… and people with that attitude don’t belong to any one race, religion, or background. If they have anything in common, it is usually that they are old enough to have accumulated vast wealth. It’s a geriatric conspiracy, lol. Or, as I believe, individual bad actors, who must be brought down separately, and equally.

            Yes, California legislators are STILL trying to get the public to support “Public” insurance — think of it, with the huge ‘sanctuary’ population here, how that would go… nightmarish. It’s already been rejected once, but these libbies (not classical liberals, lol)min Sacramento are very dogged, and the Governor is the worst of all. Sometimes I feel like I’m being held hostage living here… lol.

            Well, that was lengthy… ha ha. Good night!

          • January

            Wow, this was awesome.

            Soros, the Hungarian. who has done more evil with his money than good. He has given billions to left-wing causes, tries to influence our elections (bet that ticked him off when Trump won and not Hillary), financial backer of our media, manipulating currencies in other countries and causing financial crisis just to make himself richer, and last but not least, change the US to International law – NWO (How did that work out when Trump won?). To me, the man is not only dangerous, he’s evil. The good news is; The fact that he is 87 years old, I would say his clock is ticking and getting much closer to “zero”. All that money: He can’t take it with him but I’m sure he’s trying to find a way to manipulate that also. Can you imagine all the money he has, what he could have done to help out the starving? I know he wouldn’t be able to stop the starvation around the world but it would have been a start. He could have done good but he chose power instead. When his times comes, I hope right after, his empire he built collapses.

            Phoenix: I suspect that a lot of the protesters didn’t show up because of Trump being there and the security he would have around him because of being President. I think Antifa feared that possible somebody could get shot or arrested because they would be seen as a threat against the President. Also, I noticed Phoenix gave their police more power than Charlotte gave their police. Phoenix police didn’t seem to have been told to stand down like the Charlotte police were told to. Not to mention the Arizona Governor was also there, not at the rally, but monitoring what was going on. Antifa, the little chickens, most of them stayed in hiding.

            The news media is no longer the news media it was years ago. They don’t report the news anymore, they seem to want to control the news and help create it. They want to dumb down the American People and tell them what to think but I’m starting to see the wind is starting to gentle blow the other way. I sense the American People are just getting tired of it all. The fighting in Congress where nothing gets down, being left behind while those in Congress seem to be getting richer and richer, some states taxing their people left and right but still haven’t figured out a way of taxing the air they breath and they are tired of it. Tired of struggling to make it in life and all this fighting is going on. A lot of people do fear there is going to be WW3 and the nukes will fly. The good blacks are starting to get fed up with the hand full or radical blacks/black supremacist and I am glad they are starting to speak out.

            Election 2018, I can’t call it or even say this is what I think could happen. Even if the polls predict who’s going to win, we now know, you can’t rely on the polls to even be close. But then again, when it comes to the House and Senators, the people seem to keep voting in the same old people and one of the reasons I truly believe is because they only have two parties to vote from. A die hard Democrat isn’t going to vote Republican and vice versa. Now that I said that, 2018 election proved that comment wrong. Trump turned both parties upside down. I believe, if the Democrats take the Senate back, count on Trump being impeached and convicted. He will be the 1st President removed from office unless he goes the way Nixon did. They’ll be corrupt in their way of doing it and a lot of Republicans will join in. I hope I am wrong.

            My daughter in law is a light weight Democrat, she voted for Hillary but only because she didn’t like the way Trump handled himself in all the debates. She told me when she marked Hillary off on the ballot she actually felt dirty and it made her sick even voting for her. When she asked me who I voted for, I told her that I wrote in the name I said I was going to. She thought I had been kidding about the name I was going to write in.

            I have to laugh at some of the articles Red State writes. They sure don’t like Pelosi and an added bonus, Hillary. I listened to a sample of the audio of her book that they played, how boring. I wouldn’t spend on dime on her book let along accepting one for free. Well, maybe I would take the free one, just to tear it up and use the paper to start a bonfire outside to stay warm while enjoying a great snow storm and watching those white flakes fall down and build up. Five years ago we had one that dumped 26″ of snow by me. I was jumping up and down for joy. I loved it. My black lab, I had at the time, didn’t. Poor thing, she was 15 years old, and we get to where the steps of the deck would be, she jumps down and all I could see was her nose and the tip of her tail sticking out of the snow. I had to hurry and use my legs as a snow shovel to free her.

            Thanks for explaining the flag. I found the imaginary country on line and the story of it. I have to go back and read it. It really sounded interesting.

            Pritzker seems to be trying to copy California with the insurance. I’m pretty positive a Democrat Governor will be elected back in next year. I’m hoping Kennedy will run and give him a run for his money and win. Pritzker can just change his name to Brown, that spoiled rich brat.

            I didn’t proof what I wrote, so sorry for any bad grammar here. lol

          • David Watts

            Compare Soros to someone like Warren Buffett. Buffett is almost as rich, but he didn’t use his money and power to devalue currencies or topple governments. Buffett is mainly known for saying he wouldn’t mind being taxed a bit more. What a contrast…

            “I believe, if the Democrats take the Senate back, count on Trump being impeached and convicted.” I think you’re right, but I’d hate to see it. Hopefully, people are good and disgusted by the Dems behavior of late, even their own constituents. And will vote accordingly in 2018. Going through an impeachment/conviction would be really bad for the country, and can you imagine what the MSM coverage would be like? *shudder*

            Hillary’s book: Ugh, can you imagine what a chore it would be to read that thing? Nothing but complaining, excuses, blame-shifting, and of course: Trump-bashing. HRC isn’t really known as an original thinker, who wants to read her “Deep Thoughts?” She needs to stay in the woods, maybe hook up with Sasquatch… “Oh, Quatchy baby, my husband doesn’t understand me…”

            Yeah, there are a few web pages where you can get the whole Kekistan history (up to now.) It’s funny and goofy, and it’s easy to see the appeal.

            “Change his name to Brown” lol. It’s a funny coincidence that both Oregon and Cali have ‘progressive’ Governors, BOTH named Brown. Maybe they are some kind of mass-produced lib-bot. ????

            I feel a little mentally sluggish, so I don’t have much to say — rather than start repeating myself, I’ll stop. 🙂 I hope all is well with you…

          • January

            All is well with me. Thank you for asking. How is everything going with you? Good I hope.

            Warren Buffett: I have a lot of respect for him. He raised three good children who do what they can to help people out. At one time I know he was about making money and getting it to grow and grow, but later in life realized he needed to share it. I don’t think there is really anything vain about him; He has a good heart and cares. Soros vs Buffett, that’s like comparing, Evil vs Good.

            “I think you’re right” I don’t want to be right and I hope I wrong. There’s been this campaign to get rid of Trump from the Democrats and some Republicans but now more Republicans are switching sides, and they are switching fast. It’s like the Titanic is sinking all over again and they are running to the life boats, but in this case running to save their seats in 2018 and 2020. Hope people start voting the turn coats out.

            “Oh, Quatchy baby, my husband doesn’t understand me…” That’s mean. Poor Quatchy, wishing her on him. Perhaps she can find a good old rattlesnake and they can “hisssssssssssss” and rattle their tails together. Then we can call wildlife and have them put in a cage and finally have Hillary locked up. ????

            Two Browns, oh help us. We don’t know yet all of who will be running on the Democrat ticket; Oh please, don’t let it be somebody named Brown, we’d really be in trouble. Wisconsin is building some company, not sure the name, but they claim they will be hiring people from Illinois and letting it be known, if you’re in Illinois and looking for a job, “we will be happy to hire you”. Cook County, Chicago is in that county, has added a sugar tax on drinks, and businesses are getting ready to sue the county because they claim people will go out of the county to by their sugar drinks and then since they are there, they’ll buy whatever else they need. They claim they will be losing money. One of my cousins live in Cook County and she drives a couple miles into another county and does her shopping. Taxes are really bad there.

            I’m going to say Goodnight. I was planning on going to bed 2 hours ago. If your up, have a good night, otherwise, good morning.

          • David Watts

            Ya, everything is alright here, I got a lot done today, which is always pleasing. Household chores, errands, etc.

            I agree about Buffett compared with Soros. I guess it goes to show that being ridiculously wealthy doesn’t mean you have to be some evil Machiavellian character, operating behind the scenes to divide and conquer people. You have to wonder why Soros has a mad-on at Western Civilization… but don’t wonder too long, it’ll drive you nutz. It’s like you said in an earlier post about trying to think like Kim Jong-Un: it’s not possible unless you’re as paranoid, awful and evil as he is. Sometimes it’s better to just know “what” (he exists, and he’s dangerous), than to know “why” (who knows?)

            I am not anti-taxes: I don’t think a nation the size of ours’ can run without them. Washington got away with it, but by the time John Adams was President, the writing was on the wall: you had to have taxes. Riots ensued, they were calling him “King John” etc. You thought Libertarians were angry about taxes, the old revolutionaries hated them twice as much… lol. My problem now is more what they are spent *on.* Especially locally, ugh…

            I do hope the voters are riled up to not only get rid of the Dems, but these RINOS as you mentioned. Most of them would stab Trump in the back in a heartbeat if they felt the prevailing wind was blowing that way. The problem, as always, is a lack of viable replacement candidates, of all stripes. Also, what you mentioned about Party die-hards, who claim they want to drain the swamp, yet it doesn’t preclude them voting for “their guy” (or gal), that they’ve always voted for. That’s why a complete incompetent waste of space like Maxine Waters can go on and on, or old Droopy McConnell. “I’ll vote out anyone — but my guy.” This doesn’t help… people need to have more perspective than that.

            Haha, Hillary and a crawling king snake… that might be a good match. She may be part reptile anyway, or part animatronic, like the Real Genuine Authentic Hillbilly Bears at Disney World… I mean, Bubba Bill *looks* like a Hillbilly Bear already — there’s gotta be something to it! I probably should never use the word “Genuine” in any context when referring to Hillary, though… n/a.

            Ah, sugar taxes: they are super-popular here as you can imagine, although there’s no statewide tax, it’s city-by-city. But, big cities like S.F. have adopted it. Another tax that hits the poor more than the rich. I’m not a Socialist or Bernie Bro or even a Keynesian, but taxing from the bottom up is just ludicrous. Strangely, such bills always pass: a lot of out-of-state money coming in doesn’t help. I can imagine the liberal sections of Illinois being similar: any “feel-good” authoritarian lifestyle tax will pass easily in liberal enclaves. The “Nanny” State… ecch.

            Goodnight! If a bed bug tries to bite, bite back… ✨

          • January

            I need to be “Suzy homemaker” today. I planted a a Concord grape plant two years ago and it has gone crazy this year. I’m going to go harvest them and make grape jelly.

            Soros is just evil. He’s all about money, power/control and doesn’t care how he does it. I believe he is void of any decency or feelings and money is his one true love that he worships. Hitler had his ideology how the world should “look” and Soros has his ideology on how the world should be “ruled”.

            Then we have Hillary. I really don’t like the saying I’m going to use but here goes; Clinton’s are nothing but “White Trailer Trash” living the rich life style. I do have to add, many good people live in trailers. I’d call them the “Beverly Hillbillies” but that would be insulting all hillbillies. I never liked her when she was “first lady”. She’s not even a good liar because she can’t hide the fact that while she is talking to people, she is also looking her nose down at them.
            “I probably should never use the word “Genuine” in any context when referring to Hillary,” Sure you can, as long as you are describing her as a liar, being corrupt, and a royal arrogant (B)itch who feels she “deserved” the title President. It amazes me how Bubba got by with all he did, actually Hillary also, when it came to the women and being accused as a rapist. What both of them did to Monica Lewinsky was and is unforgivable. I’m not discrediting that Monica should have known better BUT Bubba used the fact that this girl was infatuated with him and he pounced like a hungry lion on a rabbit. Then you have Hillary going out of her way to destroy her and calling her a “narcissistic loony toon”. It’s funny, Hillary told that to her “friend” Diane Blair, along with other things, who wrote all their conversations down. Here’s what she actually wrote that Hillary had said, “It was a lapse, but she says to his credit he tried to break it off, tried to pull away, tried to manage someone who was clearly a ‘narcissistic loony toon’; but it was beyond control,” wrote Blair. Always somebody else’s fault.

            I agree with taxes; I don’t agree with Illinois taxes. Chicago/Cook County keeps adding taxes because they haven’t been able to manage the money for years. Pensions are a huge issue. They borrow from Peter to pay Paul to pay the bill that they have over spent on and think raising property taxes, soda taxes, etc., will get them out of the bind. Emanuel isn’t all at fault but he has made it worse. For our State Government, I could write a book. We have our first Republican Governor in years and the Democrats fight him on everything. Mike Madigan is our Speak of the House, we say he is the one who runs this state. He has fought every Governor to get his way. (break)

            After years of mismanagement, Illinois is now grappling with $15 billion of unpaid bills and a quarter-trillion dollars owed to public employees when they retire (pensions). That doesn’t include the millions we owe in interest. So the are planning on raising, once again, property taxes and tax wherever they can. People are leaving this state in droves because of the property taxes. The pension are be coming a time bomb. Moody said Illinois has unfunded pension liabilities totaling $251 billion. They should eliminate the pension, grandfather in those that are already in office and anybody new, put them on a 401K plan. We are broke but nobody is telling the people how bad it is, but we know we are becoming the next Detroit. My youngest son and his wife want to move to Wisconsin after his son, from his first marriage, is out of High School and off to college. That’s going to be awhile since Cole is in 4th grade. They told me to be prepared to put my house of for sale or plan to rent it out because they were moving me with them. Of course I would go, after all they have my little Austin and Cole would come and visit us. My other two boys want to move to Wisconsin also. My daughter is the lucky one already, she got married and moved to Colorado. Wisconsin and Iowa are trying to get Illinois people to move to their states. Indiana is getting some of our businesses that are leaving this state.

            Funny, before Illinois joined the Union, Chicago and up North by us were actually under Wisconsin. Somebody had made a measuring error on the map they created and when Illinois was getting ready to join the Union they found the error. Darn them.

            Didn’t get any bed bug bites, thankfully, I don’t know if I would be hungry enough to bite back. lol

          • David Watts

            I like a good grape… 🙂 ????

            Your description of Soros is a good one: I guess at that level of wealth (and evil), you think you know what’s best for everyone on the entire planet: the ultimate SJW in a way. Another reason to hate him. It’s hard to achieve the Meritocracy I crave when there’s “tampering” at the level Soros is doing it. The bussed-in, paid ‘protestors’ are too much. Apparently, the reason the turnout in Boston was so huge is that 75% were bussed-in. Phoenix was probably similar.

            Oh yeah, both Clintons love “blame-shifting,” esp Hillary. You can bet her book is gonna be like that from beginning to end. People think right-wingers are imagining things when they refer to leftists acting like ‘elitists,’ yet Hillary is such a perfect example (as are her supporters, and the worst are late night talk show hosts, lol.) Obama was way less visibly elitist (although in his mind, I’m sure he was very much so.) HRC with her ‘deplorables,’ characterizing all Trump supporters as uneducated bigots (when in fact, if anyone is ‘trailer trash’… it’s the Clintons), and joining in on the Trump bashing with all the “-ist” terms the left adores. And, as you say, acting like the election (and even the nomination) was a done deal, starting very early on. Even many who voted FOR her held their nose while doing so (like the person you mentioned.) She needs to slither away somewhere…

            Aw, I like that that your son wants you to move with them when they do: they don’t want to leave you behind to the tender mercies of Illinois politics/taxation. 🙂 Property taxes in Cali are obscenely low, it’s one of the few upsides to owning a house here. There was an infamous proposition, “Prop 13,” that passed in the late 70’s, basically mandating that homes be valued at about 1/4 their true value for tax assessment. The taxes I pay, compared to what I can sell my house for, are insanely in my favor. Does it make up for all the other drawbacks of living here? No, but I aint scoffing at it, either. I wouldn’t vote for higher taxes, but like Warren Buffett says, I could pay more, too. In another state, I would. Of course, unlike Illinois, the effect of this is not to drive people out, but to have a YUGE flood of people moving here to take advantage. Population has exploded here — but it’s all lefties. *cries*

            This page is loading slowly for me now… maybe we can delete some more old comments?

          • January

            I’m going to get back with you in a few hours. I found something very interesting and right now I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. Probably because it’s cloudy, cool and I just want to take one of those rare naps. lol

          • David Watts

            Nyet problemski, as the Russian Troll ‘Bots say… 😉

          • David Watts

            Nyet Problemski. As the Russian Troll Bots say. The same people who had the petition to label ANTIFA a terrorist group now have a petition to label SOROS a terrorist, and to seize all his assets using RICO statutes. I am NOT kidding, I’d post a link to the petition but MILO’s team won’t let me. Look for:

            “petitions” “dot” “whitehouse” “dot” “gov” “dot” “petition” “slash” “declare-george-soros-terrorist-and-seize-all-his-related-organizations-assets-under-rico-and-ndaa-law”

            Woo hoo! I signed it already.

          • January

            You have got to be kidding me. I finally found it and signed it. Of course there are many out there against him. Isn’t funny, we have been talking about him and this pops up.

            Our state is the corrupt state of the Union. A couple years ago the Feds stated that Chicago had the highest corrupt Democrat people and the whole state was leaning that way. Mike Madigan; Nobody can beat him in the elections all these years. A couple elections back, there was a guy running on the Republican ticket and was expected to win. The reason he didn’t win, he dropped out just weeks before the election. Why did he drop out? He was a Mike Madigan plant to keep anybody else running against him. He was seen having meetings with Madigan’s campaign manager off an on. One of our Chicago papers wrote the story and said Madigan was untouchable and they couldn’t find the proof to nail him. The guy left the state after he signed, after he spent tons of money on the race. Normally what Madigan does; when he goes and submits his application that he is running again, his people keep an eye on who is also submitting that application and if it’s one that can possible win, they win get somebody else to submit an application to run (a Madigan man). (break)

            So now you have three people in a 3 way race and Madigan pulls in the higher votes. The other two, it’s like when we have 2 Independents running in our elections, they lose out. He’s been doing this for years. Last Madigan election: A guy that was running against him, applied the last day he could, 1/2 hour before the closing time and boom, a third guy walks in and applies right after that. Nobody can get the proof to take him down and everybody knows what he is doing. His daughter, Lisa Madigan is our state’s Attorney. Nobody will run against him on the Republican ticket except that one guy that quit when he was winning. With him it’s not about the money, it’s about the power because he knows he will never be voted in as Governor but as Speaker of the House, he rules with his little followers. Crooks are running this state, breaking this state and we are paying the taxes to bail the state out.

            Governor Blagojevich who was the last Governor to go to prison in Colorado, a lot of us believe he was the fall guy. We think he was bribe to keep his mouth shut on the others. I think he could have taken Madigan down with him and Obama. Yep, I said Obama. Blagojevich knew something about him that possible could get him out of office but he kept his mouth shut. I think he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was what you would call a true family man when it came to his wife, Patty and his daughters. They were his world. My thinking is, he was told if he took the whole fall that they would be taken care of and not need anything. As dumb of an idiot he was, his family is everything to him.

            I was reading about the catholic school in California that took a couple status down as not to offend any other religion. The status of Jesus and Mary. I wonder what religion they were worried about offending? Sure wouldn’t be any of the illegals religion, most of them I believe are Catholic. I’m tired of this. This country needs to start respecting each other for who they are, what they believe in or what they don’t believe in. I’m sure this had to do with the Muslim Religion. I have nothing against Muslims and I truly believe there are many good Muslims here. When I’m in the city I always try to smile at them and they smile back. When they see me smiling at them, you should see their eyes light up. I ran into a Muslim family at Navy Pier while we were waiting for a cab and we started talking. She had the most beautiful hijab on and I told her so. He complimented my grandson’s shirt and I was really greatful he didn’t wear one the T’s he normally wears. lol They were on their way to a wedding reception, non Muslim.

            What do you think of Kamala Harris?

          • David Watts

            The thing is, you really COULD bust Soros for racketeering using RICO. He’s paying ‘minions’ to do illegal acts — seems open-and-shut. We’ll see, but it’s heartening to see a petition like that up. I’m sure they’ll get massive signatures.

            That is interesting stuff about the Chicago/Illinois machine politics — and of course Obama was their finest flower. Or was he? lol Of course, we don’t hear about any of that, I’m sure they keep it as quiet as possible, and only local press will cover it.

            Yeah, A Catholic school removing Catholic statues. I have no clue where this all will end. The thing is, those who are offended are *permanently* offended; they will always want more. Statues aint gonna be enough to appease them. I think I am less tolerant of Muslims than you, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It’s the treatment of women for one, that bugs me. Yes, the women go along with it, but I find it distressing.

            Kamala Harris: Another snooty elite, I can’t stand her, actually. She gets elected and re-elected, I’m not sure why, except that she’s not a dreaded white male, lol. The way she acted towards Sessions in his confirmation hearing was so biased and sneering, bad optics raise their head again. I’m not saying Sessions is perfect, but it was all anti-Trump posturing and bluster on her part. Ew.

          • January

            I hope that petition does the thing. You never know, Karma may just come and bite him in the butt. That old saying, “what goes around, comes around”. Who knows, one day he may meet his day of violence.

            Chicago is the political corruption capital of the United States. Since 1972, 30 Chicago Alderman have been convicted on corruption in their political positions. Bribery, Pay to Play, Theft of Senior Funds, etc and that was to the end of 2016. I think one or two this year were convicted or are up for trial. A lot of these Alderman were representing some of the poor black districts. Chicago Tribune is starting to put out more and more against Mike Madigan. He screwed us when they approved a new budget after 3 years, or I should say his buddies, along with several Republicans screwed the tax payers. I’m going to try and give you a link here on an article. If I take the period out between the name the com, it seems to accept it.


            I did read about the mess with Kamala Harris. I read on Red State she would like the children come in and give advise on things. I say to her, do her own job and everybody else do theirs and leave the kids alone.

            The statue removal bothered me. It’s a religious thing to me. It’s like they are saying we don’t want Jesus to offend you or upset you. To me it’s almost like saying I’m denying my religion. I think what upsets me the most about it is, when ISIS hit Iraq, and told the Christians to denounce their faith and turn Muslim or you will be killed. Those Christian stood behind their faith and died for their faith. They weren’t afraid to. This Catholic school is Independent of any Catholic Perish and the majority of them don’t accept money from the Perish either. They teach like the Church instructs but do their own funding. To me, they are hypocrites for doing what they did. That’s just me and I’m not preaching to you. I’m venting. And while I am on this subject,

            I’ll tell you another thing about me. You’ve heard of the LSD/Mormon Church? No I’m not Mormon and I’m not talking about the compound with several wives to one man, which is against the Mormon Church rule. A lot of my ancestors, even way back in merry ole England, where religious leaders. You’ve heard of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, he is considered my 1st cousin several generation removed. lol His descendants lived in Navoo Illinois. I went to the LSD Church two months with my neighbor, that is Mormon, to learn about it, and of course they knew about my relationship. There was a big push to get me Baptized Mormon and their Bishop wanted to take me to the Temple in Nauvoo right away. I told them I didn’t want to join and wanted to stay in the Church I grew up in. I know people say things about the Mormons but I found them to be very nice people and very giving.

            I was wondering if the “Patriot Prayer” rally would be canceled. Didn’t see anything on the news about it. I think it would have been a bad turn out from Antifa.

            I’m going to bed, Titanic just ended, which is my favorite movie. Goodnight.

          • David Watts

            Hokey smokes, what an article… this setup in Illinois is much like the Cali setup, where the State Reps. have more power than the Governor. That doesn’t matter here, because they are all on the same page, but in your case, it seems Rauner IS at odds with Madigan and his machine. Madigan seems to be continuing in the pattern of his mentor, the hugely-unpopular Daley. I thought it was telling that Rauner declined to be interviewed about Madigan. If he’d had anything good to say about him, he probably would’ve done the interview, lol. I also thought this Madigan quote was telling:

            “If you wish to be a critic of me, then you would blame everything that’s happened in the state for the last several years on me. Some do that,” he told reporters. “I don’t choose to be so negative.”

            “Last several years…?” he’s been speaker since ’83! With the power that position seems to wield, why *wouldn’t* people blame him for the past several years, and beyond? The hubris of some of these machine politicians is amazing. Notice how few Madigan quotes they actually had: he obviously isn’t big on talking to the press, or transparency, or anything else other than maintaining his long-running power position. Thanks for the articles.

            I can’t imagine why a Catholic school would remove their own statues, it’s perverse. Next, the school will have to be closed, I suppose, because it’s existence might lead to Islamophobia. Why is the most regressive religion getting such favored treatment? What’s wrong with Catholicism all of a sudden? It boggles the mind. As for Mormons/LDS, they always seem very benign to me: hardly worthy of being a target of anyone’s animosity. It’s too large a group to say they are all swell, but the tenets of Mormonism seem very gentle, non-violent, and positive, if somewhat goofy in the lore department. People who attack them are looking for ‘soft’ targets, where there’s little danger if you criticize them. Why not criticize the Taliban instead…?

            Nothing wrong with “Titanic.” I will watch Kate Winslet in anything (although she has also done some garbáge), ???? MILO says there’s no way a woman would throw such a valuable brooch into the sea though… lol. Good night to you… ????

          • January

            Good Morning/Good Afternoon

            Mike Madigan, now you see what I’ve been saying. In 2018, I may have to switch party lines and vote for a Democrat Governor. Rauner isn’t going to get in again and there are a couple that are running on the Dem ticket that are against Madigan. Pritzker is a Madigan man. I have to check out a couple of candidates that I just found are planning on running against Pritzker. I have to check out Drury & Kennedy. If I have to help campaign for one of them, I will. Anything to stop Pritzker and then hopefully to stop Madigan. I’m giving you another link from the Chicago Tribune. I’m signing up to follow them to keep up with what they are reporting.


            The Daly Machine just keeps on ticking even though they aren’t in office anymore. Papa Daly and son Daly controlled Chicago. The best Mayor Chicago ever had was Harold Washington, the 1st black Mayor. What a man. There was a lot of racial divide when he was first elected but people began to accept him. He worked for economic development in neighborhoods rather than just downtown, and the City Council fought him all the way. He actually was breaking down the political machine, and then he has a heart attack in his office during his 2nd term. That was a very sad day: Chicago lost a great leader. You hear BLM use the term, “slaves to the man”, yes they are slaves, they are slaves here in Chicago to the Democrat Political Machine and they can’t see it. As for the gangs, I blame the Democrat Party for them. They don’t care about the blacks, they don’t care about their communities and they don’t even try to create jobs for them. They ignore them until they need them for their votes. Funny how the violence has grown so bad in the years that Emanuel took office. The gangs were pretty quiet before that. If he gets elected again next year, Chicago will have completely lost it’s mind.

            The Catholic Church likes to believe it’s the “true” church, as do some other denomination churches. They all got it wrong, there is only one “true” church and it belongs to Jesus who started Christianity. As far as I’m concerned the Jewish and the Christians really are all one. To me, hiding those status, are like hiding your faith for another faith because you want to be PC correct. Then I say, remove the word Catholic from your school name. For the Mormons, they are such loving, gentle people. I believe they could teach the rest of us Christians and non-believers, how we really are to treat one another. It was Joseph Smith who started the polygamy in the church and he was the one who wrote the Book of Mormon from scrolls found in some hill, so he said. It’s a story I don’t buy. They call him the Prophet and the church members are to believe in him as the true Prophet: I call him the False Prophet and I will not follow him. That’s the major reason I couldn’t join. People still think they all practice polygamy but that practice was stopped in the last 1800,s with the exception of the crazy FLDS group. I will always defend the Mormon people as I defend the Jews.

            I really like Kate Winslet. I watch Titanic every time it’s on. Milo is correct about the brooch but I can see why her character did it. The broach was a symbol of greed and upper class snobbery, which she was trying to escape, and would always be that symbol. Her character knew she was dying and the brooch needed to die with her, so she buried it at sea where nobody would every find it. From the pictures of her, that they showed in the cabin, she lived her life like Jack wanted her to. She honored his dying; he was her one true love. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to throw it away. lol

          • David Watts

            Thanks for the article, that’s very enlightening. At first, I was surprised to hear you’d say you’d vote Democrat, but after reading that, I get your point. Madigan’s machine must be opposed, or they are going to tax the state out of existence…

            Well, the Catholics shouldn’t claim to be the ‘True Church,’ anymore than Jews should claim they’re The Chosen People. It’s just gonna anger everyone you’re excluding. One could just say: “This is my religion because I want to live my life by this particular church’s tenets and rules.” Not because it’s True or Chosen… puh-lee-uz. Humility is so much more appealing than superiority.

            People always bring up polygamy when Mormonism is mentioned cos it’s the only thing that would make them sound ‘cultish,’ even if, as you say, few Mormons are practicing this now. Take away polygamy, and you just have a slightly-more-recent offshoot of Christianity, no weirder than Lutheran or Methodist offshoots.

            And I hope you are having a good Sunday… 🙂

          • January

            I am having a good Sunday, thank you. I hope your Sunday is going good also. It’s so autumn out there today, warm but you can see some of the leaves turning. Winter will be here soon and hopefully tons of snow with it. I’m a kid when it comes to snow.

            I surprised myself when I said I would cross the line. I’ll do anything, legally, to stop Pritzker. Now, if I thought Rauner had a chance of winning again, that would be different but it isn’t going to happen. Chicago people can’t stand him and there really isn’t enough people in the rural Republican areas to get him back in. I thought you would like that article. The Chicago Tribune has really changed over the last few years. I like it. It funny, but more and more people, on both sides, are turning against Madigan. Those turn coat Republicans that voted for “his” budget that will raise our taxes, if they have anybody running against them on the Republican ticket, I’m campaigning for the other person also. None of them were in my district. Governor Quinn did his best to stand against Madigan but that didn’t work out. I’m hoping he comes back and runs against Emanuel for Mayor. He would be great support for a non-Madigan Governor. His daughter is up for re-election next year for Attorney General, I’ll cross party the line on her also, just to get rid of her. I guess you could say, I’m infiltrating the Democrat Party but feel like a traitor to the Republican Party. (break)

            I’m planning on getting together with my one granddaughter’s mom’s parents, they are strict Republican like I am, especially the dad. I want to explain my plan and why, I believe I will get his buy in on it.

            The Christians are the ones who gave the Jews the title “The Chosen People”. It has to do with Israel and the land that was meant for them. I give them the title. We are instructed to never go against Israel and to always stand up for them. It’s to do with our Bible. If you ever want to know I can explain it all to you. The one thing I will tell you now is: Muslim’s that pray to their “Allah”, that is not another God, that is our God. It’s what some of Abraham that they come from. He was the son of his wife, Sarah’s slave. Their prophet, Mohammed was the evil prophet, who I call the false prophet also. He is the one that lead them astray. He’s like Joseph Smith but at the other end. You know, like Buffett and Soros. So let me know if you ever want to know and I will explain the history of it and what we are to follow. It won’t be preaching or trying to sway you in any way. I will always accept you for who you are and not what you believe in or not believe in.

            “Humility is so much more appealing than superiority.” You sound like a preacher there my friend. lol Humility is what we are suppose to live by. Superiority, is another name for “Pharisees” that Jesus called the leaders of the Jewish Church. I see a lot of Pharisees in a lot of the church denominations today. I have to get back to working on the Israel document. I started and then all the commotion going on in our country, side tracked me. You know how dinosaur’s range back millions of years and people don’t understand how that can be if the earth was created less than that? My theory on that is: in the Bible it talks about how the earth was created, the plants, the animals and then man. No where does it tell how long it was between the creation of animal and when man was actually created. Speaking of dinosaurs, did you hear about the one that was found that still had DNA in it? That would make it a few thousand years old. Any longer the DNA degrades into nothing.

            I better get going here. I have a very heavy treadmill to move from one room, all the way through the house to a back bedroom.

          • David Watts

            “I’m a kid when it comes to snow.” 😀 Build a snowman for me, then. I’ve only ever lived here, so snow is sort of a mystical thing to me, lol.

            You’re not really a traitor to the Republican party, when all the choices for Republican candidates are of the “Swamp” variety. Whoever has the best shot of prying Madigan loose from his power is the one to support. Or you’ll get 27 MORE years of this stuff…

            That’s interesting that the “Chosen People” title was applied from the outside — but you don’t see Jews rejecting it, either, lol.

            “We’re the Chosen People, so what, what does it mean? That we can pick up a phone and call God? “Hello, God…?” – Don Rickles

            “Their prophet, Mohammed was the evil prophet, who I call the false prophet also.”

            Uh-oh, I think a Fatwa was just issued for you –head underground quickly! 😉

            I sound like a preacher? Well, I could probably be a good preacher if I wasn’t so Faithless. I’d probably tend to go on too long though, I can see it now: a whole congregation looking at their watches, secretly digging out their phones, etc. lol. I am interested in the 7 Deadly Sins, though, and they have an opposite: the 7 Virtues. And the most virtuous virtue of all in that system IS Humility. And the worst sin is it’s opposite: pride. Like that WS guy Cantwell saying : “No one died who was unworthy.” A little too much Pride there, Slappy! No wonder he wound up crying. He seemed emotionally unstable too, just the sort of guy you want walking around with a boatload of guns.

            I’ve been looking into Isreali history as well. The most interesting thing to me is about the Palestinians (formerly Philistines). No one, I mean NO one wanted the displaced Palestinians when the state of Israel was formed. Jordan reluctantly accepted some refugees, but no other Arab neighbor nation would take them. Then, within a few years, Jordan expelled the Palestinians they had taken in! Something about them is HIGHLY unpopular. Compare that to modern attitudes toward refugees.

            “No where does it tell how long it was between the creation of animal and when man was actually created.” Well, Genesis says the Earth was created in 7 days… but it doesn’t say those are Earth days. Really, how could they be? We are bound to a 24-hour day because we are on Earth. On Neptune, a day is much longer. God’s day may be 42,000 years. An eternal being isn’t going to be on our clock, although when we think “day”, that’s what we can’t help but imagine: 24 hours, day, night, etc. Hmm and also hmmm.

            Yes, there’s plenty to do here as well: no rest for the wicked. 😉 Talk at you later…

          • January

            Please respond when you have time. I have a lot to do also, so if you read this and don’t have the time to respond, respond later.

            “That’s interesting that the “Chosen People” title was applied from the outside — but you don’t see Jews rejecting it, either, lol” David I am so sorry. When I read what you wrote, I had to go back to see what I wrote. One word changed the whole meaning of the sentence I wrote.

            “The Christians are the ones who GAVE the Jews the title “The Chosen People”. Change the word GAVE to CALL. Some Jews say it but we are the ones who say it more and it the Old Testament of the Bible. In the Hebrew Book, Holy People replaces Chosen People.
            I need to explain something to you and tell you I’m sorry I didn’t explain this properly. The Hebrews (Jewish People) were the first people to make covenant with God. Layman way to say it, they were the first church of God. The chosen people. They built the first church under God’s instructions. The Old Testament of the Bible is mainly about the Hebrews. There were other people who worshiped other Gods. God chose King Saul to be king over Israel but he failed God so he chose David to be King. King David sinned but the one thing he did over Saul was get down on his knees and ask for forgiveness, God did punish him for his sin but forgave him and he reigned in good faith. The Star of David. So God had one group that believed in him. The Hebrews had their ups and downs with God and fell out of favor but there was a promise made to them long before that, and that was the land of Israel.They lost that land and we see it being given back to them now. Yes, they are the chosen from that respect. I forgot how one simple word can change the whole meaning of a sentence. It’s called “My Bad”. (break)

            At one point, God wanted to save the other people that didn’t believe in him and bring as many as he could into faith with him. Jesus, the son, was born for a purpose. 1.) To build a foundation of a church (church means people that believe – not a building), 2.) To save us from our sin, because we’re always going to sin in one way or another. When he died on the cross, he suffered, captured all the sins and future sins so we could be forgiven and have ever lasting life. So chosen is misleading in away. We are all God’s children. You are too, even though you don’t believe, you are his child. I’m not preaching to you. I’m giving you history here as I’m hoping I don’t mess up any other words. While Jesus walked the earth, he gathered 12 men to become his Apostles and taught them how to gather the people to build a bigger foundation of the church. When he died those 12 went out all over and a lot of Jewish People and non-believers started believing in God. Christianity was born when Jesus started preaching and getting people to believe. Not one of us is more special than the other one. We are all now Holy People because we carry the Holy Spirit in us. Did that make sense.

            You David have more going for you than some believers. You are a very righteous person, you care about others, you do have humility in you, so you walk a path that a Christian/Jew is suppose to walk, minus the belief. Am I trying to convince you that you “need” to believe, no. Again, I’ll say it, I accept you for who you are and not what you believe in or don’t believe in. BTW, I wouldn’t make a good preacher either, I’d talked them to death and bore them too. lol

            I don’t know about the timing because in some places of the Bible it state 1 day is 1,000 years. You brought up Neptune. Think about all the other planets and how they are laid out. It’s very interesting what some scientist are saying, that study the planets. There are some that will tell you, it wasn’t by chance. The 42,000 years, you could be very close on that. We don’t know. Again, I’m not preaching, I actually like to talk about the history of the events as we know it. Ok I have to do something more here.

            BTW, I know I’m in trouble now. I picked on their prophet.

          • David Watts

            As long as you don’t draw any Mohammed cartoons, you’ll be ok… 😉

            Thank you for writing that out, it’s much clearer. Online communication is much clunkier than just talking to someone, where you would’ve corrected yourself about 5 seconds after you said it. I appreciate it.

            And thank you for the kind words. As I often say: I would rather live in a society that is based on Christianity than the other systems we see around the world, or other religious state setups. You don’t have to be a Christian to realize the benefits of living under that system as opposed to Islam, or Communism, etc.

            I don’t have much to add, but once again, I appreciate the clarification. 🙂

            Apparently some tried to have their Free Speech rally in Berkeley today, after all — with the predictable mayhem as ANTIFA showed up too, and started beating on people. I guess since everyone’s a nazi, it’s ok to do that…?

          • January

            Are you kidding me???? I have to take the cartoons down from my wall? Guess I better go burn them tomorrow if it’s not raining. I was going to bed an hour ago but a huge thunderstorm hit. We lost power for about a minute but the rain that came down was heavy and fast. Couple of boomers shook the house, made me jump. My one dog came and sat by me just shaking. She never shakes during storms. My other dog, he just crashed on the other side of me. Typical white male, so the feminist would say. lol He’s a white lab/Australian Cattle dog mix.

            If you ever have any question, if I can, I’ll answer them and remember to be more careful what I’m typing.

            Something for you to think about. What do you think about Trump threatening to close the Government down if he doesn’t get the money for the wall? When thinking about it, think about what happened last time Obama closed down the Government, The GOP had the House then and the GOP has it now. But this time, we have both the House and the Senate. Of course we have until April 28 of next year.

            Saying Good Night / Good Morning Sleep Tight!!

          • David Watts

            This page is getting super-slow. Time to move to a new thread? 😀 and good…. morning?

            I actually like Trump’s threat. The wall was a YUGE part of his campaign, and sometimes it seems forgotten. While it’s true that illegal immigration from the southern border is way down since the election anyway, just out of intimidation, probably; a wall is symbolic as well as practical. I think it’s important to show the difference between the USA and Canada and Europe, as far as immigration is concerned, right now. America has shown the way to go before, we can do it again. MAGA, etc. And encourage other countries to make themselves great again, too. If only Le Pen had won… *cries*

          • January

            It’s really slowing down. I started a new string under “CNN Op-Ed….”

          • January

            Here’s another link. This tells the story about Mike Madigan, it doesn’t include the dirty dealings to get re-elected. There is a link I gave you in my long message also from the Chicago Tribune. It seems to work when I put (dot) between the name and the com and take out the period.


          • January

            I cleaned out up to a day ago. Tomorrow I’ll go in and clean out any of mine again that are over 48 hours. It’s running slow alright. If it keeps up, we’ll have to find an older posting of Milo’s with a small string and start over. lol

          • January

            I responded to your message from last night but it’s not showing? Do you see it? Maybe we need to stay off the site with the title “Where are you”, and stay on this one or another one.

          • David Watts

            I see it, no worries. Although I agree about moving over here. I will leave my reply to that message *here*, that might help. First: I need to wake up more… not at the point of coherence yet. lol. Talk at you shortly, watch this space.

      • ShikokuPrincess91

        Yes it is terrifying I am sick right now because I can’t sleep. Everyone here is terrified and people are stocking up supplies. There are public service announcements teaching how to survive it is very frightening. But thank God the American president is willing to finally stand up to them. They’ve been kidnapping Japanese girls for decades and using them as sex slaves.
        They have to be destroyed. I’m confident that the Americans can shoot down the missiles.

        • David Watts

          I can only imagine… stay tough Princess (like I have to tell you that.) I believe President Trump has this covered.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            Thank you!

        • January

          I thought of you when they started talking about Guam and the path it would take. I keep praying that nothing happens and that piece of garbage is just all talk. I didn’t realize what was happening to the Japanese girls. KJU is crazy and evil at the same time. I’m with you on being confident that they’ll be able to shoot the missiles down and then they go after him and wipe him out. They’ve been showing on our news what is going out to the people to do to survive. Yes, it’s very frightening. There are a lot of us praying for Japan and Guam. Trump, Japan, South Korea & Australia will get him.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            Yes! Thank you!

  • Dmitry Krotchlikmeoff

    This is the same idiot who supported invading Iraq over non existant WMDs.

    • Dmitry Krotchlikmeoff

      whoops. thought it was Condi Rice????

      • Chesapeake

        There isn’t much of a difference.

  • Chesapeake

    Shouldn’t this professional liar be preparing her testimony regarding her criminal behavior while working for HRC?

    • DaisyToo

      She should be in GITMO along w/Obama, most all of his administration and the Clintons.

      • Chesapeake


  • Jerry Arthur Newcomb

    This woman wants IRAN to be able to buy NUCLEAR WEAPONS from North Korea!!!
    She is one ding-a-ling that should have no voice whatsoever!!!

    Thank GOD soft Obama is finally OUT!!!

    GO TRUMP!!!

  • We’ve tolerated communist countries for too long. No more.

  • HT

    The level of stupidity from democrats continues to surprise me. Just when you think they couldn’t be any dumber, they manage to exceed your already low expectations of them.

  • JTrumpeldor

    It’s amazing to me how unbelievably shallow people like Susan Rice and her appeasement liberals are. No discussion regarding joint nuclear proliferation among NoKo, Iran, and terrorist organizations. No discussions on how Mankind survives nuclear technologies in suitcases. Just ‘maybe if we’re nice and ignore all this, we’ll get a few more months or years’ on the planet. NoKo is just a prelude to a much larger crisis looming….Iran, and its plan to distribute nuclear missiles to Islamic terrorist organizations.

  • Keith Benedict

    “Either Mr. Trump is issuing an empty threat of nuclear war, which will further erode American credibility and deterrence…”

    Kind of like your boss’s empty threat regarding Syria’s use of chemical weapons???

    • GTKRWN

      Trump never said anything about a nuclear strike anyway. We have plenty of fire and fury in conventional non-nuclear armaments that we can use to turn half of Best Korea into a cinder.

      Thing is, there is no need to. They have one ICBM. One payload. Which will never land on target before it is swatted out of the sky. Then they’re disarmed… limp dick. They’d no longer be a threat worthy of a nuclear strike. We’d just land a few of the old warehoused cruise missiles we’re still looking for excuses to use up on every military target. Possibly at night when they have all the lights in the country turned off.

  • DaisyToo

    Lying witch.

  • ShikokuPrincess91

    This is getting so scary we are getting dysfunctional here. Were prepared for the worst, though.
    IF they attack us I hope the Americans kill every single one of them.

    But the truth is that this situation has to be settled once and for all. Im grateful to your president because he seems to understand the issue much better than the last one. Koreans only respect Force their are unstable people even without communism, WITH communism they become Devils. Truly the world would not miss them.
    The ROK politicians are also at fault because they have been trying to prop up the Kim regime for a decade now. Even though the people there want reunification the politicians won’t allow it (sound familiar?). They don’t want to pay for bring DPRK into modern times. They also don’t want the northerners voting because they are more traditional and would complicate their shallow spending and empty way of life. They would probably ally with the Christians and mostly become Christians (many don’t know-South Korea is actually a predominately Christian nation and has been for a long time). With the northerners free from communism they will embrace the truth and it will set Korea on a path the globalist government hates. Like corrupt in many countries right now unfortunately.
    Korea= The Original Swamp.
    Koreans= The Original Swamp Creatures.