A professor who tweeted “[President] Trump must hang” and “justice = the execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant” was given a slap on the wrist rather than an outright dismissal. 

California State University, Fresno President Joseph Castro announced that history professor Lars Maischak would not be returning to the university to teach in the fall semester.

However, the professor’s contract lasts until May 2018, and even though he will not return to the school to teach directly, Maischak has been tasked with converting two courses into an online format.

The Daily Caller reported in April that the professor asked in a since deleted statement: “Has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts for a monument honoring the Trump assassin, yet?”

“Dr. Lars Maischak, Fresno State History lecturer, will not be teaching this fall,” Castro said in a statement on Friday. “In accordance with California State University, Fresno’s contractual obligation, Dr. Maischak has been assigned to convert two courses to an online format which meets his unit requirement per the faculty collective bargaining unit agreement.”

The professor’s “contractual assignment” finishes December 20, 2017, and his contract expires in May 2018. After the mass publication of his remarks, the professor originally took a voluntary, paid leave of absence.

Another leftist college recently welcomed back a professor that said white folks should “f—ing die.”

The failure of these college to take remove professors tasked with molding the minds of young students is a subtle endorsement of their message. Many college campuses across the country have become little more than leftist radicalization centers, producing campus jihadis like Eric Clanton from students and professors alike.


The Daily Caller