In an article called, “Why Cheese Is the Most Sexist Thing You Can Eat,” the extremist group PETA claims cheese is the product of rape.

From PETA’s insane article:

      “As feminists, we’re working to put more women in office and in corner offices. We fight for equal pay, tax-free feminine hygiene products, an end to sexual harassment, funding for women’s sports, and streets safe enough for us to walk alone. We push for strong role models who don’t objectify women on television and in movies. We work to end sex trafficking, slavery, genital mutilation, and “honor killings.” We rail against sexism in all its many forms—except, perhaps, when it comes to what’s on our plates.

Can food really be sexist? Yes, when it’s the product of imprisonment, rape, reproductive control, kidnapping, and abuse.”

Leaving aside how crazy it is to call artificial insemination of a cow “rape,” the idea that eating cheese is sexist is a level of insanity that could only be achieved by fusing third-wave feminism with radical vegan ideology.

Ironically PETA, or “People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals,” often finds itself in trouble for killing animals. An entire website devoted to documenting this phenomenon exists, called



  • Oil Can

    Let the vegans die from malnutrition.

    • strawbabies

      We need to come up with a story about how plants suffer to get them to quit eating.

      • MLMII

        Years ago there was a study that seemed to suggest just that.

      • NachT

        There was a study that showed that plants could communicate with eachotherby attaching a computer to 3 plants, and having a nurse come in and violently shake the plant and pull off leaves, then go to the next. They /somehow/ found out that the third and second plant were having a ‘stress attack’ when that same nurse came in and started on the first one.

        So my wife trolled Vegans by saying “At least animals have the potential to fight back, you monsters” XD

      • AlexCorvidae

        If artificial insemination of cattle is rape. Then wouldn’t bees be the serial rapists of the plant world? I’d try and think of more things, but honestly the stupidity of it all is starting to oppress my reasoning and rational mind. !!! PETA is raping my mind with their stupidity.

  • Lin Tian-Min

    just when you thought PETA couldn’t get anymore retarded they just proved me wrong. bravo PETA bravo… you just went to retard levels of OVER NINE THOUSAND!

  • Chesapeake

    PETA could make a case that a fruit fly is sexist. They make the Onion look like credible news.

  • rwg1949yt .

    “… streets safe enough for us to walk alone…” — j jackson said when he’s walking alone on a dark night and he finds out the guys behind him are white he is relieved.

  • James Lipton

    I hear they give Trump TWO slices of cheesecake at dinner.

    • Timothy K. Ready

      Very good.

  • positively4thstreet

    It’s no less funny to listen to people who are clueless about animals try to talk about animal issues. I could get into PETA killing animals too but when people don’t want to understand it’s a waste of time…will say that the number of animals killed in shelters in the US has fallen a lot due to animal advocates efforts however there are still 4 million dogs and cats killed a year in shelters…used to be almost 8 million…..and PETA is not primarily a pet rescue anyhow.

    • MLMII

      True, advocating for people to spade their pets is a good thing, and its a sad fact that there are too many unwanted animals that true no kill shelters are just not feasible on a large scale.

      But with that said, PETA is still far closer to the wacko side of the scale, and their attacks on ranchers are just silly insanity and deserve nothing more than laughter.

    • January

      I have no use for PETA. I read an article that they want to kill Pit Bulls that are taken into shelters. I have two rescue dogs and one is 1/2 Chocolate Lab & 1/2 Pit Bull. She is the most gentle dog, loves kids and lets the little ones climb all over her. She was also badly abused by her original owner and then thrown into a kill shelter along with her new born puppies.

  • Richard Stephen

    More insanity from the left. You can’t make this stuff up, I tell ya!

    • positively4thstreet

      But artificial insemination of a cow isn’t insanity? A man with his arm up past the elbow in a cows vagina? It’s disgusting.

      • Richard Stephen

        Then don’t stick your arm up a cow’s vagina! Being offended is often a choice. And what’s with your sexist comment about a man with his arm up the cow’s vagina? Are you so blinded by your leftist/feminist rage that you don’t know there are female veterinarians? I grew up visiting my relatives dairy farm and their vet was a woman. Their cows were treated better than you probably treat men.

        • strawbabies

          Fun fact: the veterinary field is actually female dominated.

      • Sara Richardson

        My mother performs artificial insemination on our heifers. A big reason we do it on the first time mother is to select semen from bulls proven to sire smaller calves. We only have a very few bulls, and they are bigger than the cows are. AI is actually gentler than being mounted by a 2000 lb bull. The cows, once they realize what is going on, are usually quite open to it, as they desire pregnancy when in heat.
        Bulls can be very dangerous, so many cattle operations don’t even have bulls anymore.

        • MLMII

          We personally run a smaller bull with our heifers special for a couple of months before turning them out with the rest of the herd. It isn’t foolproof but it works well enough for us. … Granted we run smallish bulls anyways.

      • MLMII

        Eh, I wouldn’t do it myself since the success rates are only ~80% or so and I’d have to run a bull with my herd anyways but if people want to introduce certain bloodlines and traits into their herd its a fairly easy way to do so.

      • AverageJoe1987

        Oh shut up.

        You’re trying to play moral authority while defending Animal Rights idiots accusing men of being sexist for eating cheese.

        You are just an idiot.

      • MGTOWMonster

        Nope, it’s normal. And why is it always “men?”
        Are women disgusting for doing the same?

      • January

        No it’s not insane. My uncle has his cows artificially inseminated. Safer than a bull. The vet that comes out is actually a woman. Also, when you think about it, how many women have been artificially inseminated? I know it can sound disgusting but when you know the reasonings behind it, then it makes sense.

  • Johnny

    If artificial insemination is rape, then its most certainly rape against the male. He has his sperm used without his consent to impregnate another woman. At least women have a choice of which sperm to use. Men have no such privilege when it comes to artificial insemination.

  • ranterator

    No feta for PETA….

  • tt

    omg these ppl are crazy

  • Jesse James

    Then we in Wisconsin must be insanely sexist! Poor cows. We feed, fatten, eat, and now, we make sexist cheese out of you.


  • 江浩銓

    feminist is just cancer,go get some help.

  • smarterthanlibs

    I read a short story in a SciFi anthology book where a guy invented a device that allowed him to hop between universes. Each universe was slightly different than the last. In one, he came across a dairy farm where the milk cows were not bovine but human females that had been raised as cattle… I think the author was Piers Anthony.

  • giygas


    True PETA members eat meat (and cheese).

  • Jehdidia S. Hernández

    Since I’m hispanic, I’m not allowed to be anything but a liberal and democrat but if mac & cheese is rape then I’m a demokraft

  • ScienceFiction97

    Are infant humans and animals rapists for drinking from the nipples of their mother? Are wolves sexist and racist for attacking other animals?

  • Steve O

    I swear on a whole brick of cheddar cheese that I have never objectified a cow.

    • thos1787

      So we can infer you’re not a fan of Hitlery???

  • Jiri Ki

    To be fair, in a way eggs, dairy and cheese are pretty sexist. Considering that offspring is 50/50 male/female and there is use for only the females for dairy production (and a few males to breed) But most of the males are killed off. How’s that for sexism for ya? 😛

  • Ayanne

    We work to end sex trafficking, slavery, genital mutilation, and “honor killings.”
    Really? Oh please, do tell how you work to end sex trafficking, slavery, genital mutilation, and “honor killings.”
    And surely, none of these have anything to do with the i-word, right?

  • Adrian Valle

    The women of PETA are the size of cows.

  • bobruark

    PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

  • AverageJoe1987

    Will libs ever get tired of looking this stupid?


    Vegans need to stop eating plants, the loss of every plant depletes the oxygen supply. thereby contributing to ” Climate Change”

  • di36464

    I haven’t heard anything about opposing Female Genital Mutilation by muslims.

  • Ivan-le-Fou

    As a French and a proud cheese eater: Fuck you PETA!

    I’ll go make myself a pizza with extra cheese on it.