An unspeakable Eldritch horror from the depths of aeons and untouched by mortal creatures funneled her disapproval over Melania Trump’s snakeskin stilettos yesterday into an article for Vogue magazine.

A bone-chilling digital howl rippled across the Internet as the powder-faced Gargantua calling itself Lynn Yaeger lurched over to the keyboard to unleash hellfire on the First Lady.

“Oh, Melania,” Lynn Yaeger curdled. “In the words of the late, great Lou Reed, you ‘couldn’t hit it sideways,'” after accusing the White House of failing to “understand optics.”

The brute in a red wig-like cap, black lipstick, and frayed, tattered rags seized on footage of the graceful First Lady as she boarded Air Force One for a visit to flood-ravaged Texas.

“This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille,” Lynn Yaeger–who hails from a beneath-the-floorboards, cannibalistic tribe of journalists known as Contributing Fashion Editors at Vogue– howled.

In her article Lynn Yaeger remained untethered when told by a spokesperson that Lady Melania had a change of shoes awaiting her on the plane. When Mrs. Trump did de-plane in Texas she was photographed wearing sensible sneakers.

“But what kind of message does a fly-in visit from a First Lady in sky-high stilettos send to those suffering the enormous hardship, the devastation of this natural disaster?” the beast grumbled, leaving many to suspect had she not been turned down at the high school prom by the hideous fish-God Dagon her career might have turned out different.

According to Internet lore, the immortal spent 20 years writing for the now-collapsing weekly The Village Voice before joining Vogue. She is suspected to have the ability to cast spells over other cretins who stalk the pages of fashion magazines, as evidenced in a 2016 New York Times Style Section profile titled “Lynn Yaeger: Fashion Muse.”

“Sing, muse, of crinolines piled in layers, of blunt-cut bobs and Cupid’s bow lips?” the paper wrote to the tune of Pan’s flute.

“Inspirations come in many forms during the fashion collections. It has been a surprise, though not an unwelcome one, to find that this season, an unexpected one joins their ranks: the fabulously eccentric fashion writer Lynn Yaeger.”

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  • Jerry Dobson

    The flake is high with this one.

  • trixie1223

    Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

    • Annemarie McKenny

      LOL..that is what I thought

    • Kym G

      EXACTLY what I thought lol

      • Christine Alford

        No, you never imagined that………….

    • toddm123

      She got pregnant and this thing popped out.

      • MatLabGeek

        Bwahahahaha….ow my sides…*collapses in tears*

        • onwego4k

          me too I cannot stop laughing do these people not look in a mirror before they criticize others hahahaha

        • Chris Paul

          meh. your tears taste nothing like the liberal tears I’m used to. 🙁

        • Shane Henderson

          Where are the body snatchers when you want them

          • Scott Gleaton

            They would throw this thing away.

          • I’d think they’d pass…body snatchers be like “um, NO”

      • britain

        Reptiles don’t get pregnant. They lay eggs.

        • Alton Clark

          Not all of them !

        • norinco

          In this case I would guess that a queer spit on the sidewalk and the sun hatched her

          • baconbitz


          • Myra C. Lambert

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          • SWforty

            that was funny as s%it. lol lol

          • Kelley Hughes

            Or a parrot shit on the sidewalk…either way, IT is hideous. Is it homeless and wearing everything it owns at once?

          • Paul Blackledge

            Even the tide wouldn’t take her out!

          • Dotsy Maher


          • Patrice


          • Gern Blanston

            That sounds like a ” your momma is so ugly” joke!!! Love it!!

          • Glenn Festog

            Notify Japan; we have a tide resistant plug for Fukushima. Order now. Supplies are limited.

          • Erika Jones

            I sure the hell hope so….can’t take two of this…..

          • Dotsy Maher


          • Bill Boyd

            ass face

          • JoaquinSpandex™✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            She looks like Pennywise and Hitler had an child.

          • Wolfebets

            I think this observation wins the creative insight award.

          • Steve

            Why drag the great man Hitler into this?

          • Ada Williams

            That lipstick is modelled on Adolf’s famous mo. Hilarious Joaquin. Hehehe.

        • Nona Colwell Brewer

          Well she’s a snake in the grass…. they give live birth. I just can’t imagine Anna Wintour hiring her.

          • Dana DeWitt

            Please don’t insult snakes like that

          • Nona Colwell Brewer

            I am so sorry…. it was an insult to those slithering creatures.

          • Flora Post

            Didn’t Teen Vogue just print an educational introduction of anal sex for preteen females?
            Classless people all the way around.

          • Rebecca Dixson

            Yes, they did because my teenage granddaughter got it . It was sickening

          • Nona Colwell Brewer

            OMGOODNESS I do hope that’s not true.

          • Ada Williams

            It is true. The world has become a filthy cesspit. Things like the above utter horror are helping. So we aren’t surprised.

          • Nancy Berger Winter

            Only venomous snakes give live birth if I am not mistaken.

        • Monteen McCord

          Some reptiles give live birth…just sayin’. 🙂

          • David Ziegler

            Who Said it Was From Earth ?

        • John Kiimbila

          Some reptiles don’t lay eggs like pythons and some frogs

          • britain

            Frogs are amphibeons. Just saying.

          • RJ O’Guillory

            ….I would say frogs are ambitious!

          • gullycat

            Amphibians. But otherwise right on.

          • Erik Kilpatrick

            British English spellcheck…

          • gullycat

            Really? Cool. Always fascinated by the Brits’ use of their own language!

          • Erik Kilpatrick

            Funny John, some Mammals do lay eggs.. the Platypus and the Cleveland Browns.

        • Shane Henderson

          The creature from the black lagoon

          • Jonty

            Black lagoon, steady on, racial profiling!!

        • Ian Campbell

          Actually, not all reptiles lay eggs.

        • fdrctlprsn

          OMG I love you people! Laugh out loud hilarious!

        • KB8BS

          That’s not totally true… I do believe that some breeds of snakes bear live babies. I would want to research that, but I believe it is true.

          • Tricia65

            She isn’t as darling and is certainly more venomous than the evil live birth giving slithering water moccasins…

          • Nona Colwell Brewer

            I have a video of a snake giving birth.

        • Noke Firehawk


        • Patchouli

          On the contrary, there are quite a few species of rattlesnakes that give live birth.

          • britain

            I was referring to prehistoric reptiles.

          • britain

            I was referring to prehistoric reptiles.

        • Nona Colwell Brewer

          Reptiles give live birth js

        • SodWhite


      • Stephanie Lynch

        And so are you!! (genius)

      • Michael Sean Fisher

        Alien abduction

        • EdtheK

          More like alien leftbehind..

          • Dotsy Maher


          • Bluebirdblue

            Nah, just alien behind.

        • Tim Sullivan

          I’m thinking more along the lines of ALIEN AFTERBIRTH

      • That_guy_that_did_that_thing

        I disagree. This thing popped out of the anal relationship between Hitler and Carrottop. She looks like Betty Davis’s corpse with Tammy Faye Baker’s makeup.

        • twlght angel

          omg good one

      • Patrice


      • neeneep


      • Noke Firehawk


    • TrustNOone

      Times ten!

    • Stephanie Lynch

      YOU are a genius!!

    • Thistle_Weed2 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      I don’t get it.. . this person is mental illness on display. What is to be gained looking that absurd?

      COS play is not real life. that person is confused and needs help, professional help to over come delusion. They don’t know style if it walked up and slapped their face.

      • Richard Walker

        My exact thoughts.

      • HollyW.

        Oh, boy, did you ever hit it on the head. But I disagree on one point….I think she DOES know “style” and purposely runs away from it due to your correctly diagnosed mental disorder. This is nearly equivalent to those unfortunates who cover their faces in tattoos and piercings in order to draw attention. It’s sad, actually.

      • Diane Jankowski

        What Not to Wear.

        • Linda K. Vincent

          What a body skank.

      • Erik Kilpatrick

        Don’t know style? You think that’s bad? You can bet this individual Votes…This x10,000 and Nancy Pelosi stays in office FOREVER..smh

    • ibcyn

      Now we know!

    • Figueroa Nancy

      That is funny

    • Kat Smith

      SERIOUSLY!!!………. WTH IS THIS???? Looks like an escapee from a 20’s mental institute………..??? This is a JOKE RIGHT????

      • RioSam

        Oh NO! She is quite real…for what it’s worth…lol

      • Sharon Barnes

        I saw this picture this morning and thought it was a joke. I cannot believe she had the nerve to criticize the FLOTUS.

    • Based Bride

      or Rosemary’s Baby. YIKES! lol

    • Ellen Schoenfeld

      It looks like something from American Horror Story!

    • S Rebecca

      Best post of the evening. Thank you 🙂

    • Snoopitout

      Perfect response! You nailed it.

    • Kenneth Barten


      • Glenn Festog

        Her “love child” with Vince Foster.., and the Black Widow strikes again! Lol

    • susanjmaki

      She looks like Salvador Dalis mother! Texans are practical people. We are much more likely to appreciate the boost those heels give to the goal of keeping her head above water!

    • Jonty

      Mutant Ninja Vogue Editor

    • This one ate her,…

    • I just love the ‘graphic’ warning on this story… perfect… scariest thing I’ve seen all year! (I mean, besides Hillary…)

    • mehitable

      Baby Jane looked pretty good compared to that. And she could sing. Sort of.

    • Pratim Gupta

      ODIN’S BEARD!!!!!!!!!

      • mehitable

        That’s what she puts on for evening wear….

        • Pratim Gupta

          Don’t you dare compare her rug to glorious beard of All-Father


      I hated that movie;)

    • timohoward


    • TJ

      “Whatever happened to OMG! is this a new species of hominid?”

    • Jack

      ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

  • Sen. Robert Byrd

    She should be the face of the DNC

    • OnlyInterestedInTheTruth

      She is.

    • tiredofit

      Antifa is the face of the DNC and did you see those mug shots?

      • Sen. Robert Byrd

        Why are all democrats hideous?

        • Jeff Bounds

          And hateful…Are they really so dumb as not to think about the closet Melania has on the plane? Or are they just lying to their idiot lib sheep?

          • Sen. Robert Byrd

            Since they cant achieve success because of their terrible work ethic and lack of real world understanding they attack anyone successful

          • Marie Mitchell

            The libs also said that the reason Texas had the hurricane is because they voted for Trump. Does that mean they think everyone will run right out and vote all Democrat the next time, to keep something like this from happening in their own state? Truthfully, the dumbasses really think that way. They are trying to get votes any way they can.

        • Anthony Mxyzptlk

          Senator – I thought you were being unfair until I thought back on all the Democrat First Ladies, and the most recent one that I consider attractive is Jackie Kennedy (1960–1963). Before that I’m not sure, but I think Frances Folsom Cleveland (married President Cleveland in 1886) was pretty good looking.

          • Kris Thomas-LaBounty

            You’re giving Jackie too much credit there. She was not pretty. She was somewhat interesting looking but certainly not pretty. Mrs. Trump is truthfully the only beautiful first lady we have ever had.

          • DeAnn Smith Caylor

            You are not the arbiter of what is pretty or not. Pretty to YOU doesn’t mean anything in the universe except pretty to you. Lord.

          • Kris Thomas-LaBounty

            I am entitled to an opinion and here’s another: Your attitude isn’t pretty. Having a bad day DeAnn? You really shouldn’t reference the Lord when being mean either.

          • Sen. Robert Byrd

            One name, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

          • Mel Taylor

            oh, I don’t know, Rosilynn Carter was quite an elegant and
            proper Lady.

          • sarrahsue

            R Carter was proper but she was not elegant. she did not try to be elegant in the slightest way.

        • TrustNOone

          Insides eventually show up on outside et al Hillary Clinton

    • Annemarie McKenny

      She IS the face of the

    • Keven Birdwell

      This IS the face of the DNC-

    • Vicky Zdenek

      Sen. Robert Byrd: EXACTLY!

    • Kat Smith

      OBVIOUSLY ………. SHE “IS” THE NEW FACE OF THE DEMOCRATS WHO SPEW PURE BULLSH.. ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE. I Feel for the DEMS to have THIS speaking for them. Seriously. I”M SO SORRY DEMS. WTH HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS. This is just so sad that your party has come to this……………………RUN DONT LOOK BACK. WE WILL TAKE YOU IN. HAVE A NORMAL LIFE AGAIN…………………………………….LOL

    • Denny Crane

      “she”…yeah, sure pal.

    • OnlyInterestedInTheTruth

      I’m with someone & they noticed they she actually bares an uncanny & horrifying resemblance to Hitler. (newsfeed had a hitler photo underneath hers). At a glance lipstick looks his mustache & hairline is similar.

  • OnlyInterestedInTheTruth

    I’d like a psych eval please. (sorry couldn’t resist.)

  • Hamm Sammichez

    What is that? WHAT IS THAT!!?! Call out the Army! Call out the Air Force! Don’t let it get away!

    • Virginia Smith


    • Gary LaPrade

      It’s ALIEN!!

    • Alison Lance


    • Mommy Says

      Open wide the holding tanks at Area 51!!! INCOMING!!!

  • Kellie Maree

    Good lord i need to poke my eyes out with a stick. It looks like that 50 something man that became a 6 year old. Simply horrid.

    • Bakokitty

      Thanks for the laugh. As I read, I kept thinking …..
      ” that’s a man baby!”

      • Barbara J Shank Matney

        A Transgender…maybe she can join the military..

        • britain

          Not anymore…thank God.

        • DeAnn Smith Caylor

          Nope. Our President said not. Thanks be to God and DJT.

          • Joanne13

            Sadly that’s NOT a ‘done deal’ yet.

          • Alexis Funfrock

            Maybe we could use ‘it’ to scare the crap out of isis…

          • EdtheK

            Would that then be a MOA – no Bomb. Imagine them looking up and seeing that falling out of the sky at you.

          • Marie Mitchell

            Don’t think anyone would claim that thing as a mom.

          • gene456

            “Maybe we could use ‘it’ to scare the crap out of isis…”
            – I think that would be too cruel, even for terrorists.

          • Marie Mitchell

            But Mattis put a hold on that ban.

  • Susan Andrew

    I want her job lol

  • Nunzio Business

    These are the people who call themselves “artists” and believe that they are smarter and better than the rest of us. Apparently this one is a failed clown who chose writing as a backup career.

    • Gladymar Parziale

      Elitist and disillusioned by their inflated egos. Mommy never told her she was wrong and she was just perfect.

    • NativeNewYawker

      I want your avatar Nunzio Business. How can I get it, may I? Love it.

      • Nunzio Business

        Pretty sure you can go to my profile page and download it – feel free. I made it oin photoshop.

    • NativeNewYawker

      I would see this ugly ‘clown’ where I worked in NYC from 1984-1997, where she would shop and criticize things for a living. She is a hideous witch.

  • vivian

    what is that thing??

  • Mark Switzer

    She’ll be ok once she evens up her bangs ???? !!!

  • Jeanne Wallace

    ok so is she cos-playing some other dementional villian? seriously!

  • SeaChange9898

    She looks like the love child between the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Cruella DeVille rocking some thrift shop rags……

    • Dotsy Maher


      • SeaChange9898

        LOL – sorry about that – it is something you can never unsee, isn’t it?

  • Disproportional

    Wow that photo looks like one of the city dwellers in the hunger games. Disgusting.

    • Vicky Zdenek

      city dwellers in the hunger games?? hahahahahahaha

  • Disproportional

    Wait.. someone let this thing into their fashion department? THAT is fashion? Excuse me while I go vomit.

    There, now that that is out of the way, these people need to rethink fashion.

  • Phillip Manning

    jesus christ. the thing that should not be shows itself.

  • Samuel Alterio

    Looks like Hitler’s mommy…

  • Annemarie McKenny

    Is this a real photo of her, tho? Seriously. No words.

  • Todd Goldman

    We finally answered the question…Did Hitler survive World War II. That’s either him in drag or his long lost daughter….yuck

  • The Abstract

    Jeez. Typically one doesn’t criticize they way one looks, as we don’t know the whole story. I’m not saying that about FLOTUS (as there’s very little to criticize, let’s be honest here. Any criticism of Melania is nothing more than a backhand swipe at The Donald).

    That being said, this…..whatever…..looks like a “barn-find mannequin” from a 1950’s discount department store.

    I mean, shit – ever hear of a mirror?

    • J R Moses

      If she/he/it………whatever………gets in front of a mirror, it SHATTERS!!

      • EdtheK

        She may not actually have a reflection. And may only come out at night looking for blood.

      • Dotsy Maher


  • SuperDave2

    Unspeakably Ugly!

  • Annemarie McKenny

    “Baby cried the day the circus came to town….”

    And why the Queen Amidala lips? Who does that? Only Natalie Portman could pull off that look 😉

    • Bluey

      I saw a woman at the grocery store with the same lips, outlined in black. Ewwww.

  • StuckInSeattle

    They hate women who actually look like and enjoy being women.

  • LH


  • Kathleen Avant

    Milo, you’re my hero!

  • Don Rittenberry

    What rock did this thing come from under? Need to put it back!!!

  • justice4allu2

    This bitch is so ugly she can’t eat an apple for fear of someone throwing her in an oven. OINK, OINK!

  • Bluey

    Woman speak with forked tongue…..oh, I guess its her lips.

  • Dudley Morris

    Looks like Divine on a particularly bad day.

    • Chesapeake

      No kidding. Divine was an original. I’d cross the street if I saw this kook coming my way.

  • BSDetector
  • Mike Festa

    its a monster!

  • Lancev32
  • Larry Figg

    The illegitimate child of Pennywise and Hilary Clinton. You heard it here first.

  • Gabriel Pilati

    If you want to know the meaning of the entity’s name, just watch the movie “Pacific Rim”.

  • belle129

    after 17 years in magazine publishing i can tell you mental illness is rampant amongst writers, especially those who comment on “fashion”. don’t give her her 15 minutes, please.


    Darn you, Milo, darn you to heck.

    I will never be able to unsee that eldritch horror.


  • Michael Tremellen

    lol liberal logic.. bash anything good in America.. GO TRUMP.. GOD BLESS YOU FLOTUS AND POTUS… WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW BETTER and give no stock to these morons

  • Heather Noble

    What is this?

  • David Watts

    Bozo The Clown: beloved by millions of children, the world over.

  • Bacon Perfume

    I love ya Milo!

  • Anthony Djuren

    The Raggedy Anne look, is never a good look.

  • Da_Bunny

    fabulously eccentric, aka, B*t S**t Crazy.

  • Cady King

    Baron Von Munchausen ‘s daughter?

  • Howard Upton

    “Off with her head,” she screamed at Alice!

  • Dianne Acosta Taylor

    hahahaha!!! <3

  • LibertyLoonie

    That freak has not business commenting on anyone’s clothes, shoes, makeup, or complexion. Thats for s4it sure.

  • blank

    That’s a man, baby

  • Kathleen Strittmatter

    Looks exactly like the old lady in the nursing home with my grandma. Crazy red hair(wig) screwed up red lipstick on lips and cheeks and not one clue where she was.

  • MisterBusy
    • Nebokenezzer

      Give her credit… Not everyone can wear a tent to work.

    • Gary LaPrade

      Fashion on a BAD ACID trip!!

  • Mango

    When these are your “people,” I suspect you lose sight of how silly it is for you criticize those of us who wear human clothes.

  • neale

    This is a perfect example of the mental illness that’s ruining this country. Not the way she looks or thinks but the fact that people listen to her.

  • Laura VanCura Hacker

    “But what kind of message does a fly-in visit from a First Lady in sky-high stilettos send to those suffering the enormous hardship, the devastation of this natural disaster?” the beast grumbled. For one thing, the people suffering are not watching the stupidnews, they are too busy trying to survive.

  • Tugg Speedmann

    It’s a dude, playing a dude, playing another dude!

  • Nebokenezzer

    Is it bad when even the homeless give you the shirt off their back?

  • Ibulena


  • Cbgb1998

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. ❤️ Milo! And his writers!

  • GlocKittyXe

    any bets this beast is part of that diaper fetish the liberals are in awe of?

  • Mark Switzer

    Thanks for the info, Milo

  • PunJabber

    “Inspirations come in many forms…” Warm salt water, a feather, ipecac …

  • John Mirande

    She’s a hottie……haha

  • Gary LaPrade

    It’s called ENVY!!

  • GlocKittyXe

    is that a Hitler stache?

  • thobora

    Yeah. I don’t think she should be critiquing anyone….

  • Tell U No Lies


  • jlfa

    Bette Midler’s character from Hocus Pocus with a bad hair cut. Whoa!!

  • Jon

    Holy shit, Batman…what the hell is that?

  • twenty20
  • B2theG

    Is she the villain in ‘IT’? Because if I saw her hiding in the sewers. i’d be terrified. But, her article makes sense now. She is just jealous of Melania.

  • She looks like Lena Dunham playing Effie Trinket.

  • Eric Gonnason

    Looks like some of the stuff I scraped off the bottom of my boat last week.

  • Eric Gonnason

    …a growth?

  • Carol Marie

    oh lawdy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kat121

    What is it?

  • Tony

    If Cyndi Lauper was a crack whore……….

  • brilliant writing!

  • Rubygirl

    My eyes need bleach! Things seen can’t be unseen! Save us from crazy ”style” editors!

  • cpat2020

    I love how this comes with a “Warning – Graphic”

  • Martin Hutchison

    I would hit that. With a stick, until it stopped moving so forensic scientists could study it.

    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      Many funny comments, but yours made me pee in my pants.

    • PJ

      So freaking funny!!! ????????????????

  • Keven Birdwell

    This is what nightmares are made of… a deranged Raggedy Ann doll! EEK!!

  • heilbama

    A thousand Democrats just turned into Republicans. That’s what you’ve accomplished, you strange, strange…er, person.

  • Alias Darker

    it’s alive !!!! run you fools

  • sassC2

    Please pass me some EYE BLEACH.

  • Shawn Armstrong
  • Shawn Armstrong
    • sarrahsue

      excellent post. thanks

  • Gregoryno6

    And there go my plans for an early night… maybe I’ll just sleep with the lights on.

    • Kitty


    • Dotsy Maher


  • dleeper47

    Eat your heart out, Lefties!

  • SassyKayJay

    It’s not easy been green.

  • Alan Johnson

    If only all my critics were this lovely

  • Norman Estelle

    Love the little Hitler mustache created out of lipstick.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    My eyes, my eyes !!!

  • Joe Blow

    What is it?

  • Nick Psaltos

    I don’t see one item on her remotely coordinated with another.
    This woman has NO TASTE.
    She’s just a dirty diaper wrapped in Kwanza paper.

    • Barbara J Shank Matney

      She’s from the CNN’s WASH & WEAR FASHION PAGE

  • Hajvan

    In the words of the one and only R. Lee Ermey: “WHAT IS THAT? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?”

  • Jo O’Connor Williams


  • Too funny. As if this ‘thing’ should critique anyone or anything.She looks like she’s ready to audition for the part of the ugliest sister in the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. Her blush looks like she has a rash under both eyes, her lips are worse, then her clothes.How can anyone take fashion advice from her? I’m not even going to mention anything she can do with that hair!! I’ve seen lots of ugly, but nothing compared to her

  • Haunt a house bitch! She makes my PTSD start to acting up!

  • Jeff Güero Borrachó Cooper

    Frumpy much?

  • Ann Marie

    What an ugly creature !

  • joscefi

    Leaving aside her tattered visage, where does someone draped in bag lady chic find the chutzpah to critique anyone else?

  • The Ghost of Obama Past

    We have reached peak perversity.
    The plunge back to normality is going to be epic.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    So there you go, Lynn. You’re the retarded offspring of 5 monkeys having butt-sex with a fish-squirrel, congratulations.

  • maddaddyssa

    Hey, dreamboat. NOT YOU SHIPWRECK!!

  • Lydia Long

    She’s right up there with Helen Thomas, rest her soul.

  • Todd E. Peterson

    Makeup applied by hammer?

  • Vicky Zdenek

    wow, really? Who in the HECK thought this person was qualified to judge ANYONE’S clothing or style??? I can only say WOW……She doesn’t even wear her blush correctly….

  • Stephanie Payne

    Looks like just another “perfect” hero/heroine for the leftist loons. No doubt you’ve noticed how the left have dumbed-down everything… from schools, to media, to government… to art and fashion now. Coming soon to the whole country.

  • wavesofgrain

    OMG…I cannot believe this!! One of the best articles I’ve seen the last couple weeks…still giggling!

  • Glen Joaks
  • CC

    This woman has the nerve to criticize someone’s apparel???? For the love of God and Humanity, she’s a mess!

  • 2+2=4andalwayswill

    It amazes me that Vogue is still in business. The whole idea of a high-fashion magazine seems so old-fashioned now.

  • Saf T Man

    I can see why she can critique Melania’s fashion sense, this creature has it all together.

  • Jesse James


    Seriously! Wasn’t it just last year that these clowns were getting run over and beaten? Look what happens when we stop.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Why do I get the feeling that her main job at Vogue is licking the skid marks out of Anna Wintour’s panties?…that’s what keeps her on the payroll

  • MAX1950

    your scaring my dog

  • Ginger Haydon

    This woman is criticizing our FLOTUS? SMDH

  • Sun

    What would a Freak like you know about Fashion?And Melania had the common sense to have a pair of sneakers to wear when they landed. So they actually call “It” a Fabulously eccentric Fashion Writer? “Its”dress is ugly and so is “IT”, and “IT” looks NOTHING like a woman. “It” looks so ridiculous!

  • fergit

    Thank You Milo!!!

  • Barbara J Shank Matney

    LMBO…Can she do all that shaken on stilettos…tell her to try a pole…Funny.Stuff

  • Gilcrease

    Is that a dude?

  • Peace Love Bunny

    I’d still hit it.

  • Wanda Vanderpol

    You should NEVER make comments about what anyone wears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Dover

    I guess she has no mirrors in her house

  • Gvit

    I wonder what his beef w/ FLOTUS is really about…

  • hoistthatrag

    It’s ALIVE!

  • FedUp71Ohio

    I now wish I had stared at the Eclipse ’til my eyes melted! Some things should not be looked at and, unfortunately, can’t be unseen! ????

  • Cyndi

    My eye’s can not believe how this woman dresses, wears makeup and that haircut, please. This is why I can’t stand Vogue or any designers now days. I’ve seen clothes on models that the goodwill would not to even sell.

  • XYZ

    The criticism was dumb in the first place. What kind of message does FLOTUS wearing high heels on a plane send to victims of a natural disaster? No message at all, I am sure they are more worried about surviving and picking up the pieces to worry about something so vapid as to what shoes someone is wearing. The fact that the architect of this criticism looks like a disgusting creature makes it all the more rich.

  • Number 6

    Bride of Frankenstein, the remake?


    Wow, has anyone told her the 80’s Madonna look left the building about 30 years ago? Who knew Bantha costumes would be in vogue in 2017?

  • Heather Atkinson

    Cheese and crackers! She looks like one of the Old God’s minions from Call of C’thullu.

  • 4Dees

    Is this Bozo the Clown’s sister? Sure looks like it to me.

  • January

    And Lynn Yaeger did what, to help out in Houston?? People have died, people are homeless right now, so many homes have been lost and they all are just trying to survive and this “clown looking” person is worried about Melania’s shoes??? I wonder if she even noticed, Melania had changed her clothes and shoes before she got off the plane in Houston. Perhaps she should worry more about North Korea dropping a nuke on her head or Antifa beating her up over free speech. Actually she is just jealous, Melania has more class in her little finger then Lynn Yaeger has in her clown dressing body.

  • Barbara J Shank Matney

    NO SHARE BUTTON…America needs some more CHUCKLE the CLOWNS …

  • Invictus_Lux

    Ugly seems to be in vogue in a culture gone to hell.

  • Cheryl Jones

    Looks like VOGUE could use a re-tooling……………..get rid of the wanna be china doll dragon for starters.

  • Greg Stickley

    Clearly this beauty knows fashion.

  • Chernmax

    Did she escape from the set of the Wizard of OZ???

  • Lydia Sola

    Are you f********g kidding me! These monster of the deep lagoon criticizing Melania.

  • Greg Sanford

    What rock did this weirdo crawl from under? I guess the circus left town too fast and left one of the freak show behind with this critic talking trash about our FLOTUS.

  • Jennifer

    Who wrote this?? I want names, they can spin a sentence wonderfully!

  • Wax Frog

    Only now do I fully appreciate the phrase “kill it with fire”.

  • Sophie Maele

    This thing’s entire family was beaten to death with the Ugly Stick down to the seventh generation.

  • rwwllms

    This is the foul creature that feels like it has the right to critique other’s sense of style?
    It looks like something that escaped from a nightmare fueled Lovecraft story.

  • wtuck

    She looks like a transgender Sgt Shultz from Hogans Heroes to me………she knows nothink!

  • Kris Thomas-LaBounty
  • Hattie Schaefer

    I will take the optics of a beautiful Melania, impeccably dressed, over the optics of seeing this woman’s face. O.M.G.

  • Jerome Boyle

    MILO! You a BAAAAAAD man! ‘at’s gonna leave a mark!

  • Gordon Liu

    I saw her eating breakfast with Michael Musto several years ago in Manhattan. A face you never forget.

  • Pamela Hickey

    Holy rag bag. Scratching my eyes out now.

  • cbcrocker

    Hey! She came to Texas … snake shoes & boots are a good thing. Rubber boots might be handy too.

  • Givendoly

    Vogue has really hit the skids if something like that is writing items for them! Who in the world would hire her?

    • sarrahsue

      the question now is, who would buy this rag?

  • Jill Marie Dixon Evans


  • DeAnn Smith Caylor

    Fabulously eccentric? Wow. That IS creativity at its finest.

  • Sean Daley

    Question. Has anyone ever seen this lady and Mitch McConnell in the same room together?

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Her look is the actual representation of what “optic illusion” looks like.

  • Christine Alford

    What is that “off the shoulder” thing supposed to be doing? I saw Maxine Waters with off the shoulder and it doesn’t work…mutton.

  • Nick Fashado

    Is that man, woman, or X?

  • vincenzo

    This is what happens when someone gets beaten with an ugly stick for the better part of their lives. They tend to drag down beautiful classy women because they are simply envious and jealous. The Vogue writer who criticized our gorgeous First Lady looks like she dressed herself from goodies thrown out in a dumpster behind a Goodwill. She is hardly an example of what good taste in dress apparel is all about…..LOL!

  • Buffalobob

    Snort. Now I can understand the Vogue point of reference when they were fawning over the Mooch.

  • Phantom_e

    This “it” wants to talk about FLOTUS’ optics, what about her own? Why is she out of her cage?

  • sandy030359

    Hahahaha OMG how funny. This is what happened to Raggedy Ann and poor Andy ran off and found him another doll. Can you even blame him? LOL

  • Jackson Furst

    It’s always these so-called “fashion critics” who are the first to weigh in on true fashion.

  • nickthecat


  • Ben Vincent

    Her favorite character in her favorite movie must be the witch played by Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.

  • Isahiah62

    Thank you MILO of routing the harpie who thought it appropriate to dis Melania for her choice of shoes..obviously sheis a person who should be used to people making fun of HER clownish choices.

    …all the Condé NASTY magazines are into the Trump hate now- but they have loved left for longer than that–Vogue wrote glowing article on ASSAD married to a non Muslim non Arab woman.
    www dot theatlantic dot com/international/archive/2012/01/the-only-remaining-online-copy-of-vogues-asma-al-assad-profile/250753/

    Vogue ran many stories pumping up Obama – glowing piece on Susan Rice and others, people NOT known for fashion or style– just more DNC cheerleaders.

    GQ mag was practically a DNC campaign pamphlet for Obama. Ran hit pieces on Bush too. Used ugliest images of McCain they could find while putting Obama in halos, and HRC in DEAR Leader images with adoring crowds..

    and more… I cancelled all their rags long ago despite loving fashion myself – just too annoying to have to get a dose of HATE with pretty pictures…

    FOX missed this part of the story- they told it but left out this hideous creature…

  • nickthecat

    She represents the Lollipop Guild.

  • Bill Groover

    She looks like she’s a character from Neverland or at best Alice in wonderland.

  • Jackie Minniti


  • 042192

    LMAO ok so now they give us a reason to just laugh how sick she looks but just like a liberal a real joke

  • William Howe

    That’s one deranged M’er F’er

  • Cara_C

    Is she part of the satanic pedophile set?

  • Palantir777

    this Freakazoid from vogue bares an uncanny resemblance on containers of poison and bottles of iodine, go figure….

  • Pat Wenta

    She. certainly got hit with a ugly stick !!!

  • CrazyAuntJane

    I peed on myself laughing! THAT criticized Melinda’s shoes and CNN ran with it as a real story???? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!GASP!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Mancave001


  • ☆♪Wooмy❖Ocтo™♪☆

    Jesus Christ, that… That *thing* crawled from the deepest, darkest pit of dark, alternative universe’s planet and found its way to Earth somehow, found a job at some lame, retarded magazine and became an alt-left member. o-o;

  • Steve B

    everyone knows that melenia had a shoe refueling plane fly up some new shoes for her.. No Way she could have had extra pair on AF1 to change into…………….

  • DeeJay Gude

    WTAF even is that???

  • commonsense101

    This is what you look like when you decide “you’re never gonna grow up”.

  • Samantha Villagomez

    Believe me that in the pervert mind this soul is considered a hot mamma in many a sick minds!

  • Trying4Better
  • MisterGoldiloxx

    That thing can’t possibly be human.
    It looks like one of Saruman’s Uruk-hai in a dress.

  • Janeen Wilkins

    You if all people have no right to judge anyone!!!!

  • Coma White

    Behold your idols, Progressives!

  • Trying4Better

    And this person is qualified to discuss fashion?! May I ask HOW?!!!

  • dujaa74


  • Sean Johnston

    I’m sure the first lady considered the source, and gave the criticism it’s due attention. 🙂

  • Paul Gana

    wow this reminds me of the Cthulhu Mythos lore from HP Lovecraft

  • Doesntplaywellwithothers

    I think you got the photos mixed up, shouldn’t these ones be on a Game of Thrones piece or something?

  • GaPeech

    OMG…..what a sight.

  • Patrick Spence

    This has to be a joke? No one goes through life looking like that on PURPOSE! Happy Halloween, ya’all.

  • DaisyToo

    Good Lord! Ronald McDonald raped poor Mamie Eisenhower and this happened.

  • Mavrone Louise Murphy Alt

    Her “lipstick” locks like a Hitler mustache! What a freak! Her rouge is rude to say the least. She looks like a deranged psychopath marionette!! WOW, who in the world would want her opinion on fashion or ANY other subject?

    • DaisyToo

      It’s always the ugly ones jealous of the beautiful ones …

  • DesertPatriot

    This total caricature of a woman has the gall to criticize any other woman’s dress and appearance…it is absolutely laughable.

  • annabeee

    Honestly, I have faith in the next generation cleaning up this mess because nobody will look back on times like this and take these people seriously.

  • chilly2

    This is one of those times that I wish someone would use the memory device from Men In Black on me.

  • Lilythepom

    Holy Crap she looks like someone out of Rocky horror picture show.

  • Chad Steen

    She has no business critiquing ANYTHING based on its looks….I mean LOOK AT IT!!!!

  • Karen Woltering

    i’m sure the last thing the people in Texas are worried about is the First Ladies shoes.

  • Alan A.

    NO WAY……………….is she for real???

  • toddyo1935

    These are Fashion’s Beautiful people. Be more respectful.

  • Brandon Smith

    You’re kidding me right? This has got to be a joke.

  • TMGirl

    WTF is that thing?

  • Joe R

    Robin: “OMG Batman!!! The penguin has become transexual!!! What the F$%&!!?!”


    That’s one f-ugly tranny

  • jayesouthworth

    Ha! Bozo the Clown’s soul mate!

  • Geno777

    Walking advertisement for mercy killing!

  • Jeff Myers

    How does her hair coloring? Earl Schieb? …and her make-up? Maaco? Gotta love those lips…wait she doesn’t have lips. This is a walking train wreak.

  • Bruce Bundock
  • JDasien

    What is it?

  • Nash Montana

    She seems nice…

  • CrazyforYeshua

    What IS that????

  • Etone

    All of the women I know like Melania. They pay attention when she’s on TV.

  • Rosie O.

    OMG ????She’s a beast ????

  • Mark Baker

    Melania was wearing shoes? Totally missed that.

  • Gilcrease

    So this is why men are becoming cover-girls on women’s magazines.

  • No One In Particular

    I know this article did say … [WARNING GRAPHIC] …. but blarffwaaawhaaa … wtf IS that?

  • Marilyn Bloom

    The entire media establishment is a debauched, syphilistic, demented whore of Babylon & THAT’S on a good day.

  • Easy Way #6

    Eccentric is the 53rd gender.

  • SingleCut

    What is that? Is it really human?
    If that thing is so concerned about the people of Houston why doesn’t it go down there and help out? It can scare the snakes away….

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    Lord….this “Thing” just fell out of the Cocoon…Now….I can see why she hates the beautiful women…I bet that she never wore a pair on women’s shoes…

  • jamessavik

    what the suffering fuck is that supposed to be!?

  • hiphop

    WOW! Speechless!!!! She needs to look in the mirror at the horror staring back at her.

  • J’onn J’onzz

    Somebody please save the first photo. That is a meme begging to happen,

  • johnnybgood

    This is a joke right.

  • BourneInTheUSA ♡’s TRUMP USA????????

    Oh good God!

  • Sunny Skye

    Whoa. Thank GOD I have no “fashion sense”!!!

  • KG

    That thing has NO business criticizing anyone or anything! God what an abortion that lived it is! Hideous!

  • Caesar Ulsano

    The fuck is this??!!!

  • ImJustAGuy
  • Hobbs R. Hobbit

    Who is she to say a word about what anyone, especially our classy FLOTUS….WOW…..

  • Jane Kraft Smith

    Wow.!!! This person has absolutely no room to criticize anyone on any level. SMH! Who employs
    this mess.

  • jannie

    jealousy rears it’s ugly head. It looks like a man to me

  • Joe Shmoe


  • Old Prez

    Why does anything like this even getting attention?

  • Mulga Bill

    My Gosh that is one ugly waste of protoplasm!

  • Andrew Steele

    I refuse to google this person. What am I looking at? Is this person’x an opinion I should have recognized?…but really who the …. is this?

  • Bill Wilson

    THAT IS …………………………………………………………………………………….JUST CAN’T THINK OF NUTTIN BAD ENOUGH.

  • Denis Ian

    They’re in trouble. Again.

    Too dressy.

    The Trumps were headed to Texas, but sadly … they “… opted for style over practicality when came to their wardrobe choices”. O! Mon Dieu!

    The First Lady was “shoe shamed” because she didn’t wear … “regulation flood footwear”. And who doesn’t have that?

    The Trumps were “… dressed like two people who have never gotten dirty in their lives. Living avatars of city softness. Indoor kids.” What could be worse?

    But it does get worse …

    The president’s shoes were “completely unsullied by dirt.” WHAT was he thinking?

    The Washington Post … which buys its venom in bulk from Amazon … was especially immature … insisting that Melania Trump “is the kind of woman who refuses to pretend that her feet will, at any point, ever be immersed in cold, muddy, bacteria-infested Texas water.”

    Geez! Michelle Obama “wore $540 Lanvin sneakers while visiting a food bank” … that’s where poor people dine … but I don’t recall her sitting with those folks … and chowing down on a plate of beans and weiners.

    Meanwhile … back at the disaster …

    Houses are floating away, folks are camped on roofs, and hungry alligators and floating islands of fire ants are on the move.

    Fourteen and fifteen year old kids are zipping’ around in their boats … saving lives. Budweiser’s sending safe water instead of beer. And at least nine people are dead.

    And a 3 year old girl was found floating … clinging to the back of her dead mother.

    BUT …

    “Like a gaggle of snooty schoolgirls” … the media couldn’t resist. And you’re supposed to take them seriously.


    Denis Ian

  • Inci Willard

    She’s the living proof of why NOT to buy Vogue magazine.

  • Roger Keay

    That’s not lipstick, it’s a Hitler ‘stash’…

  • Mel Beano

    THAT is not HUMAN… please shoot it before it reproduces

  • TonyDales


  • CrispusA

    What the f…what is that thing?

  • Dakota

    Looks like another beast from hell.

  • Sawboss!

    That lady needs a flea dip

  • p_chazz
  • Marlene Rearden

    Now we know what happened to all the clowns after Ringling Brothers closed down!

  • ilovemygoats

    Clearly, it has a case of ‘green with envy”

  • theignorantone

    I can understand the graphic warning.

  • Caroline Mc Gilloway

    Is this person a transgender? No criticism, just
    Wondering honestly.

  • Ga Wa

    To be a good feminist for the left, you have to be as ugly as a goat.

  • H. Mueller

    That is just horrible. I don’t know what it is. What I do know is that the thing is a representative of the leftists, it made fun of and criticized our First Lady for the shoes that she wore before getting off the aircraft in Texas. It went after a beautiful, gracious, intelligent, successful woman.

    One thing we can learn from this is that the leftists have this thing to represent them, while attacking our First Family, and if this is the best the left can do, we should be able to crush them any time we want to get serious about it.

  • Mark Turner

    ha ha liberals

  • 1angryscot

    That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

  • Deon Van Zyl

    What is this fucking thing? I’ve seen homeless with better fashion sense. WTF up, America!! Make use of your mental asylums once more!!

  • otisrneedleman

    Her picture can be used to keep evil spirits away.

    • Billy

      Or bring them in.

  • Elaine

    Jealousy turns a person into an ogre. She is in step with Hillary Clinton. Total lack of reality and letting their emotions create a hateful unrealistic perception of those they resent just because they are someone they cannot be.

  • Joanne13

    OMGOSH… you simply can NOT make this stuff up!! I thought for sure this was a guy in drag but apparently it’s not?? I’m SO GLAD to know that such a ‘tastefully attired’ ‘woman’ took time to critique Melania Trump on HOW TO DRESS!

  • Galloper

    no wonder I dont buy vogue………magazine of the absurd.

  • Galloper

    who looks worse …? Wasserman or this wierdo ?

  • Karon Adams

    “Eccentric”? is that the new term for color blind, hideous melange of the worst every culture has to offer?

  • Mommy Says

    Is this a tranny?

  • Craig Barlow

    “Its”, notice I refer to it as exactly that. IT> Its kind of like a scary silent film character from the dawn of movies. That’s one Saturday feature that would leave me traumatized for life!

  • Marie Noybn

    but…. what is it??? and why do they let it comment on fashion???

  • Macky Hastings

    I’m damaged, Milo.

    Damaged, I say.

    I cannot gaze upon such hideousness as this and just carry on for the day. I now have to have a G&T and a nap. And it’s all your fault.

    (I’ll be back later.)

  • Tzione

    C’mon…She’s upset because she can’t buy those shoes in WALMART..(no disrespect to Walmart).sheesh…

  • Morris Hudson

    She was on American Horror Story!

  • alenworn


  • Robert Gaston

    There has to be a psychological term for her.

  • John Smith

    So unlike you to be over dramatic. You are truly a boring read.

    • Diogenesof Sinope

      There is. I found it in the DSM-5. “Futs.” (I don’t remember the page, sorry 🙂 )

  • WestPointMom

    Is this a joke?

  • Amela

    What is it?

  • Galt 1 For US

    I think what is funnier is that Vogue has her on staff :O

  • goony

    she is disgusting and looks like oompa loompas arse hole on willy Wonka

  • She’s fairly attractive for a liberal…

  • razorback715

    What a vision of loveliness! She looks like the visiting aunt from hell who comes to stay for a month to terrorize a 7 year old boy.

  • Sigrid Egan


  • Caroline Mc Gilloway

    Milo I laughed until my sides hurt.
    I hope you read these comments.
    Funny funny

  • Looks like someone revived the Lindbergh-Baby and painted it with radioactive asbestos.

  • cieran58

    My God, the comparison to Lovecraftian horrors is not hyperbole — and THIS takes it into it’s mind to criticize Melania’s choice of footwear?! I shouldn’t have clicked the photo….

  • James Hale

    you mean to tell me that has a job …when in the hell did they teach a a a a hell I cant call that a name I’m lost for words

  • Margaret

    this is male reptiles.

  • spiritseeker

    Sorry, I have to go now and poke out my eyes!

  • New York Native

    OMG, I thought this was satire until I googled this bitch. She’s for real.

  • scott w.

    What is that thing in the red hair?

  • kiwitom

    Is that actually human,”its life Jim but not as we know it”

  • Armyvet81

    Yes because we all know that hurricane victims are fashion police and would immediately know she was not dressed for the occasion. Give me a break. That is so typical of liberalism…..judging by what is on the outside instead of what is on the inside.

  • kzF

    Hi Milo! I still love you. miss you too. Peace.

  • Pamela Heinbaugh

    I think it’s Lena Dunham’s mother lol. God, that’s pathetic looking! What the heck is wrong with you Vogue?

  • BoSplosion

    If you crossed a geisha with a causcasian meth addict and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet you’d get this freak show.

  • Diogenesof Sinope

    That mouth! Those lips. She looks like the south side of a northbound chimp in estrus.

  • Francisco Sperandeo

    Another Happy owner of a MAGIC MIRROR at home!

  • damikes

    that looks like the love-child of Crooked Hillary and Michele 0bama

  • kazzer66

    Holy freaking smokes, what the heck is that thing?

  • beachmom2

    She looks like her life’s goal is to be Raggedy Ann.

    • Deuce_2112

      more like Scraggedy Andy

  • Ileana Pérez

    Is she for real!!!!!

  • Deuce_2112

    Since she’s with Vogue, if someone slaps this fashion nazi, would that be striking a poser?

  • tim

    What a disgusting pig.. I wonder what she has done to help Texas.

    • Deuce_2112

      she stayed away from it. no point in scaring the cattle and the children

  • Buck Owens

    Is that Hercule Poirot in drag?

  • Tepes76

    She looks like something from the new season of American Horror Story.

  • Badger

    It’s like something from The Hunger Games

  • GandalfsTrouserpress

    Goodness me.

  • Cliffy44

    Lynn Yaeger is the American Association of Gynecologists poster child, nominated for C*NT of the year.

  • Cliffy44
  • Kitty


  • LadyAnne56

    This had to be the best laugh I have had in a long time! All you posters are so very creative and hysterically funny! Tears–laughing tears!!!!

  • Kitty

    Her clothes are from the rag bag, her makeup by Frankenstein!

  • Kitty

    Make it stop!

  • TheRealTruthSerum

    She fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I think she did the same thing with the crazy tree, too.

  • Weeble

    Pennywise!!! Run!!!!

  • tonyv

    “Eccentric” is the best back-handed compliment they could come up with.

  • lambda5555m

    What a pig…she is ugly on so many levels…why does vogue even have a cretin like this in their employ???

  • Carolyn Steele Key

    This explains why I don’t care for Vogue. It’s a brainwashing magazine! Everything We say and do is correct. You do not get to think.

  • Elaine
    • Notmybrotherskeeper2

      Hurricane or not, who, in the hell, ever hated on hot shoes????

      Are you freaking kidding me???

      • Elaine

        Got that right! Used to LOVE wearin’ me some strappy heels … about 30 years and 50 pounds ago!!

        • Notmybrotherskeeper2

          Ohh come now, Elaine…..for a red-blooded American male, sexy heels are ALWAYS appropriate, regardless of age.

          OR landscape!????

          • Elaine

            Well … God love ya! Now, aside from the fact that I can’t wear “it” like I used to … and other than a few cricks and creaks in the joints, ‘most near everything else still works!

          • Notmybrotherskeeper2

            HA HA HA HA!!????

            “…other than a few cricks and creaks in the joints, ‘most near everything else still works!”

            So, your reply has left me…..laughing my a$$ off, haha!!

          • Elaine

            You sweet thing … that just makes my heart smile and smile and smile!!


          • Notmybrotherskeeper2

            Love it!

            And, hilarious people rock!!????

            (Disclaimer – this declaration obviously excludes leftists)

    • Iamstilllearning

      No joke! Whoa.

      I should thank you, ’cause I had no intention of paying a moment’s attention to this gas being passed off as news…but am glad I looked. This is what passes for a “fashion guru” at ‘Vogue’???Just when I think the left cannot embarrass their cause any further…

      I’ve been waiting for the day, when citizens would rub their eyes, and ask themselves, “WHY?”- “Why in the world do we listen to a thing the so-called elites have to say?”

      I might just have to keep a file of the pics/profiles of the a-holes behind these so-called ‘news’ items…it sure gives context, to see behind the curtain. Reminds me of that Cracker Barrel raycist rocker video- I mean, the stories are dumb enough by themselves…but seeing the ‘brains’ behind ’em really drives the message home: pay no attention to the noxious fumes/noise emitted by these morons.

      Boy- just remembered…’Vogue’ isn’t having a great week…that ‘Teen Vogue’ writer’s tweet about biting off “Evangelicals” genitals, for some imaginary crime that breezed through her skull.

      Glad I cancelled my subscription. Seriously…I was taking notes last year, month-by-month, of the overt propaganda being shoved down the throats of unsuspecting gals…not a single (I know I know, shocker) mention of anything positive about a conservative-leaning female to be gleaned. I’m trying to compile some nuggets for the tween-young adult girlies in my world…am trying to give ’em a bit of perspective, as to who’s who behind trends and so on. You are seriously helping my cause, dear Elaine. I can’t wait to show ’em. The left loves to mock all things right-leaning…and if I have any say, the tables will be turned. Deservedly so, I might add. Cheers to you, my sista!

      • Elaine

        I see these things on Facebook, and have to make myself check them out .. if for no other reason than authenticity. Lots of fake crap on FB! But this was from Milo, and while I don’t have a strong opinion on him one way or another, and don’t really know much about him, I do trust the source and I do lean towards liking him. He’s an attention-getter, and the libs hate him … so there’s my clue that his writings are A-OK. Indeed … even if I wanted to be recognized as “fabulously eccentric” … that wouldn’t be my choice of “looks”!! Unfrickinbelievable.

        You are doing the Lord’s work, my good friend. Young people are like sponges, so easily influenced. I started smoking, drinking and acting like an all-around. general ass in college … did not stay true to the way I was raised. Later into my 20s, I came back around. So, anything you do to influence the young ladies in your life is going to make a yuge impact. I think you and your li’l gals will love-love-love this photo that I saw on FB! (LOVE the li’l peanut on the far right!!) I shared it to three of the groups I joined, and have already gotten email notifications of hundreds and hundreds of shares!! LOVE THIS!! Cheers to you as well, my sista!

        • Iamstilllearning

          Love it. L-o-v-e LOVE it! Indeed, the pretty lil’ thangs are going to eat this up! ‘Specially, when juxtaposed with the hate-filled ‘Vogue’ moron. Who do ya wanna emulate? Talk about easy-peasy.

          Yep- authenticity is key, IMHO…it takes time to sniff it out, but thinking for ones’ self is worth the effort, eh?

          I’ve been reading John Taylor Gatto lately, and I love how he differentiates his notion of educating children from the state’s- he believes his role as a teacher is to remove material that prevents kids from learning, cultivating their innate curiosity/interests…similar to sculpting…then contrasts the state method of piling on layers upon layers of imposed materials (as in painting), obscuring the individual underneath. PC Critical Theory crap- trying to make everyone artificially ‘equal’ aka carbon copies of ‘good’ little plebs.

          Excellent contribution, as always. 🙂


    They’ve all gone bat shit crazy


    She is old and is trying to get attention anyway she can get it.To her even negative attention is better than no attention at all. Poor dear. smh

  • annamaudebug

    What in cornbread HELL is that?

  • Lady_Penguin

    Right from the “Exorcist.”

  • It is I!

    Baby Jane Part Deux.

  • The Owl Guy

    Of course the ugly girl and I do mean UGLY girl hates the prom queen.

  • 01goldg1

    HR Pufnstuf, who’s your friend when things get rough? HR Pufnstuf, can’t do a little cause he can’t do enough!

  • dortalina

    There are a couple of girls who work where I get my hair done and they look like her. It’s hard not to show your complete shock. Now I know where this ugly stuff is coming from.

  • Phil Usakowski

    Grab THAT pussy you loser! You are still over 3,000,000 votes short of being MY president.

  • Nietzsche is Peachie

    ” An unspeakable Eldritch horror from….” Classic H P Lovecraft ….

  • Cynthia

    She needs to stick to fashion matters and leave human matters alone. Apparently she doesn’t seem to know that people in Corpus have a few other things to worry about – like rebuilding their lives. Anyway, a horror like Lynn shouldn’t judge others.

  • rolpol

    Bit early for Halloween, love.

  • Earnyourkeep
  • TheBeanMan

    It’s Kathy Griffins long lost sister.

  • Cheryl Dupell Kondoff

    Well she needs to look in the mirror poor thing would die of shock if she does. Disgusting

  • annamaudebug

    what in cornbread hell is that?

  • Joe

    Looks like someone has a Raggity Ann fetish

  • Lochie Birch

    Is that a geezer or a woman?

  • Bile Gull

    I, uh….. what????

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    Out uglying ugly

  • Joanne Justino Cox

    Your the voice of fashion ha, what a joke, you wish you had the grace, looks and style in your little finger that our first lady has. Your a joke, what an ugly bitch

  • jrdr2000

    new costume best seller for Halloween

  • Deborah Palumbo

    Man is she ugly

  • Phyllis Helms Price

    Dear Lord! I’m almost at a loss for words. Did the traveling freak show let the Mother of Chuckie escape? She gets paid to write/comment on the fashion choices of other people? Well that’s just one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Where did common sense go?

  • floridapossum

    I’m so old, I remember when Vogue was a fashion magazine.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Melania is the hottest and maybe the smartest first lady ever. I think she speaks 4 languages? Wtf? That lady from bogue is a meme waiting to happen.

  • Mona Lidji Fishman
  • That thing is trashing the first lady on looks? LOL Now I’ve officially read it all… One of the worlds ugliest creatures trashing a gorgeous first lady. lol WOW!

  • ilikai

    Can anything, below using nuclear force, kill that monster?

  • This must be what you get when you put lipstick on a pig ????

  • Maria

    what a ugly hideous excuse of a person and then to critize our beautiful first lady oh please …sour grapes because Gargantua was beaten with the ugly stick! Vogue went get any more of my dollars if this is what is writing their columns….she should be hidden in the sewers of the city along with that Phantom

  • Tim Berry

    This HAG is dissing Melania…LOL !!! She looks Terrible !

  • Ruthann Alberts

    which rock did she crawl out of? let me know so i could go step on her~! what a tattoo job she has for christ sakes who dug her up king tut?

  • Troll Hunter


  • Melba Burton

    If she is how you are supposed to look……gag,gag,gag……count me out! she is the most disgusting thing I think I have ever seen. NO taste and NO class, simply disgusting. Also, she should have watchedthe POTUS and the FLOTUS when they landed in Corpus Christi. FLOTUS was wearing black jeans a white button up shirt, a baseball cap with FLOTUS on the bill of the cap and white tennis shoes…..very classy!

  • rennaemarshallchristman

    Oh my word…This is a real person? Looks like Chucky’s cousin…beyond tasteless!!

  • Lorde Kitchener

    For anyone from England, this visage will bring back memories of the Pantomime Dame of your nightmares.

  • Alexander Marinesko

    Center fold Field and Stream!!! No, forget it……

  • Michelle

    Attention whore…with no disrespect to a real whore…they dress much better than Raggedy Ann here.

  • Robert Walsh

    This woman has been around for so many years in Greenwich Village, she is a real “freak and character” of NYC, ———-Melania chose the perfect shoes for high water, what could have been more perfect!
    She then changed in to “sensible shoes” for the official walk that she did, leave her alone!!!

  • LuBugg

    Good Lord O Mighty!

  • notdisallusioned

    says the killer clown…..

  • Don L. Livingston


  • JoAnn Dirks


  • Earl Hoffman

    Look at her. Look at Melania. ‘Nuff said.

  • Tom Kittles

    The way she looks and she dares to critisize someone else’s shoes………she better step back and look in the mirror.

  • Earl Hoffman

    As a genuine redhead, I am offended by her cultural appropriation of my hair color and demand that she remove that hideous wig now!!

  • tomah57

    Melania = beauty and that short lard ass Lynn Fugly Yaeger = the beast

  • Larry Reiff

    Her farther shot his load into a flower pot and got a blooming idiot for a child !

  • David Michael

    Thats a man ….!!??

  • Samuel B. Miller

    This is the poster child for the Holly wood elitists just like Warren and Maxine Waters are typical Democrats its a warning to civilized Americans that your vote is all that will save our Nation ! VOTE

  • Emme Christian

    She looks like she was dressed by a three-year old (with apologies to all three year old’s)

  • Rick Lauridsen-Hoegh

    “Hideous” sums it up nicely.

  • Joe Bleaux

    How long ago did she die and who was the taxidermist who fixed her up?

  • Rick Lauridsen-Hoegh

    As for Melina, why doesn’t the media fawn over her as they did over Jackie Kennedy? (We all know why).

  • gwen0444 .

    I would cut the First Lady some slack. I’m sure if not for trump getting elected she would have been planning some kind of escape from him. Now she is stuck with him for at least 4 years.

    • iainnahearadh

      Such a nasty little thing you are.

      Unfortunately for you, the Clinton marriage is a real sham. in fact, the both of them are so disgusting in their behaviour that they are now the benchmark for all things sick and asocial.

      Melania Trump, however, chose Donald Trump as a husband, chose to have his children and chose to be a wife and mother.

      Besides accompanying her husband on his working schedule, Melania Trump is a full time mother, who clearly cares for the welfare of others.

      As for assisting Texas citizens in their hour of need, yes, Melania Trump will, like her husband, quietly work to help them in any way they can.

      Including wielding the powers of the office of the POTUS on behalf of all Texas citizens.

      Meanwhile, we have you, who like the frightful apparition that led this article, making what you think are witty remarks, that are really only sarcastic reflection of your own cynical hubris and arrogance in public display.

      Also, clearly like the frightful apparition that led this article, your remarks seem to be about things that only exist in the dank and clearly empty recess of your own head.

      But this is probably not the first time you have heard comments like this, addressed to yourself now, is it?

  • Kathy Gentile

    What a dispicable person! Is this person a woman, a man or an it? Difficult to tell. UGLY inside and out!

  • Hurry-2016

    This story shows the difference between Republicans and Dems. Melania is a typical Republican ‘this’ is a typical Democrat.

  • Hurry-2016

    I liked Milo’s comment is this an animal, vegetable, or mineral?

  • mzaz
  • viking628

    She belongs in a Tokien novel

  • Gladymar Parziale

    Annabelle and the bride of chuckie are way cuter than this freak. Issue is, I can’t unsee this. My brain hurts

  • will ford


  • Steve Obeda

    What a gorgon.

  • Sherry Hoffman


  • Paul Stuart

    WTF is this uuummm person doing saying this? WOW….

  • Greg Mac

    WTH is that????? cant be as dude and it sure as sh*t isnt a women, So I say again, WTH is that??? By God let it be a nightmare, that crossed my vision

  • Greg Mac


  • will ford

    And people read the SHIT from THIS??

  • Diann Gardner

    What kind of message did she send? Really, you old cow, the message she sent was not near as bad as the message Mochelle Obama sent serving soup in a homeless shelter while WEARING 2500.00 kicks on her feet! SHADUP!!!

  • Jeff Jakob

    I believe this is George Soros’s Granddaughter

  • Dana DeWitt

    If I had a dog that ugly, I would shave it’s ass and walk it down the street backwards

  • Ima Lindatoo

    Liberals, always so stupid and let their emotions get the better of them. That is why #TrumpWon … and repeatedly DOES.

    Hmm, do explain “The Optics” dear…or what ever you are, being you don’t have no #smarts…..

    ….yep, you failed that one too

  • Sabina

    Adore the Lovecraftian reference, Milo!
    But even he couldn’t have dreamed up a horror like that.

  • Osama0bama

    Eye bleach and a brain enema. Please! I need to forget seeing this nightmare from the pit of Hell.

  • Buddy Toepfer
  • William Wilburn

    What freak show did she escape from ?

  • Kek Wills It

    This thing would give Cthulhu nightmares.

  • Mike H

    Sweet jaysus! And she has the audacity to froth about optics? Has she been in close proximity of a mirror lately?
    Even seen through the optics of a cylidescope she could not seem any more…..?
    Well, bat shite crazy with the guano being used for makeup​.

  • Mary Ann Blay


  • Sim Dunn

    Hay I seen her twin sister pushing a bascart full of old clothes under one of the interstate bridges, and she was dressed just like her too.

  • nospyme

    Could be a guy…..

  • RadicalRighty

    She looks to be the spawn of Algore and Cyndi Lauper

  • MollyBee

    Is Mitch McConnel moonlighting? He’s not exactly battin’ a thousand on his day job.

  • Pat Kohls

    She was a witch in hocus pocus. Get the broom.

  • Linda Jones Stone

    Looks like they picked up a bag lady!

  • Joe Hanohano Cipriano

    Dang that’s one hideous looking woman.

  • Marilyn West Turner

    Wow if this is fashion I want no part of it! Vogue has always been out of touch with Americans but this is over the top and beyond the eccentric!!

  • Rick Yaeger
  • Patricia Quattrocchi

    Tell me that this crone is really a man.

  • toniace2

    Looks like that dude from Bugs Bunny…..’Where’s my hasenpfeffer!!!!???” LOL

  • Tom

    To think she does that to herself on purpose and then expects us to take her seriously…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank G Anderson

    ‘semi-sentient other’ – probably fits this creature of post-human annihilation. And Vogue? Has that magazine gone this far?


    How did Planned Parenthood miss aborting this sack of shit?

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    She IS quite becoming. Becoming a corpse? PS- The wallpaper I had 60 years ago matches her dress. Too bad her face doesn’t match the human one. Lynn Samuels and her should “hook up”

  • Susan Young

    I guess on a slow news day this turd writer has to write something. I bet those people suffering in Texas couldnt give 2 good shits about what the First Lady wore to get on to their plane. Of course she has shoes and clothing on the plane. Its like an extention of the Whtie house.

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    I HAD to look again. I am annoyed that this was released now. The Pentagon was going to unleash her on ISIS. They just purchased one thousand anti-ugly glasses in anticipation of her arrival.

  • Nick Apps

    Looks like the zombie apocalypse is real !!!

  • Mikey

    I have some used toilet paper that looks better than her…

  • Kimberly Elaine
  • Lynda

    Man just she need an intervention! Melania is beautiful and dress’s high class nothing we can say about you! Have you looked in the mirror…wow it starts from your hair to your toes.

  • shere

    oh my lord, how can a person ever “unsee” this?? that?? what ever it is.

  • Agent 99

    The devil left a hoofprint on her mouth. Rough night.

  • tjinla

    I am just speechless. What the fuk is it?

  • AHighcrest

    Fashion attracts the oddest birds, it always has; women that look like Lynn Yaeger, and guys like Milo.

  • TexanForever

    WOW !! … This fashion queen obviously knows elegance and fashion. If he says Milania’s shoes are tacky, then the’re tecky.

    It would be interesting to know what he looked like before the change.

  • Rita F Boring

    I think this thing that was hatched out,sun-raised spit from the sidewalk, or whatever, needs to be committed to the asylum for orangutans and no David Ziegler I don’t think it is from earth!! But, it sure is ugly and with Halloween coming up might just be an outfit for someone!!!


    I thought she died giving birth to twins in a Star Wars movie?
    People listen to her about fashion?

  • Leon McLean


  • Is this inspiration for Guillermo del Toro’s next movie?

  • Bemyguest


    Milo! DUDE! Warn a guy before you post something like that!
    After looking at Great Cthulhu’s little sister here I long for something less disturbing. Like dead kittens, puppies being crushed by trucks, or Lena Dunham.

  • HollyW.

    A woman with a BAD Prince Valiant haircut, tie-dyed several shades of red that are unknown to Mother Nature, lipstick inspired by a ships anchor, blush that looks like it was applied by a glue stick, and a wardrobe that appears to have been plucked from trees near a Goodwill store after a tornado is giving the world fashion advice. Meanwhile in Hell, Satan is sharpening his skates for tonight’s hockey game.

  • Icabod
  • Tina

    I thought after birth was tossed! What a freak show!

  • lindacarlson

    She does look like a baby jane, or freakish doll.

  • Pamela Milligan

    Someone stole her eyebrows!!

  • Tim Buck

    Look at her. She’s an absolute f*cktard. Why would anybody care what she had to say? She looks batshit crazy!

  • karen

    WTH is that??

  • Kss

    female version of hitler

  • Elbert Colorado

    Gosh, that critic is as ugly as some of the weird life forms found at the deepest parts of the ocean.

  • lynchmob561

    Walking stool sample can’t even tie her own shoelaces!!!

  • Barry Carr

    Eva Braun did survive….who knew.

  • Jim Wallace

    McDonalds just hired Ronette who used to be Ronald!!!!

  • Suzi

    She looks like the Queen of hearts of Alice in Wonderland .. She was evil . Huh Kind of matches this mean person . I was going to say women but I am not sure if it is .

  • DocRambo

    This is a joke, right?

  • Eddie

    She could make millions by getting a company to make Halloween masks of her face. They will work cause she scared the bejeezus out of me.

  • Davywidetie

    How in hell can a face like that be so critial abour anything abut the most beautiful first lady of the world. She has some bloody nerve.

  • Eve Johnston Martino

    What a HAG. I guess I won’t be reading Vogue any longer if that’s what they consider a fashion expert. Gag !!!

  • Big Conservative

    Somebody fell out of the “ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down”

  • Veritas88

    Great Cthulhu what a Gug.

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    How can someone who looks like that be critical of what anyone wears? BTW: When I was younger I comfortably wore 4 inch heels every day. When you have shoes that fit properly it’s not a problem. My hamstrings shortened and wearing flat shoes was uncomfortable. Mrs. Trump changed to sneakers and a white blouse before landing in TX.

  • Hdm

    Poster child for the left.

  • wcjohnson


  • Ashley Soulliere

    this looks thing looks like a joke, like a zoolander villan.

  • angelkitty023


  • Robert

    She thinks Trump doesn’t understand optics? WTF! Has she checked herself out in front of a mirror?

  • Donna Moll

    Obviously the uber-fashionable back East have absolutely no sense whatsoever! Why would anyone in their right (or left) mind want to know any of this person’s opinions on fashion or anything else????

  • Iamhuggs2

    Oh my, what a flipping fruitloop. She is a joke. This is a joke right? This mentally ill person is a writer for Vogue! Who is the idiot who hired it and the idiots that kept it on? Wow! I am so thankful that I am not a subscriber to that magazine. This is what is seriously wrong with our world today. People allow the mentally ill and delusional people have such a high profile job where readers have no clue the person writing things is a delusional and mentally ill thing. It looks absolutely hideous and it has the nerve to brutally CRITICIZE the first lady over a pair of shoes! WTH take a good long look in the mirror and then see if you are qualified to criticize anyone you psycho thing you…..

  • Keith Perry

    And THIS PERSON has the unmitigated gall to criticize the fashion sense
    of the First Lady??? I guess we should be happy that the former
    employees of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus and especially the faculty of their famous Clown
    College, like this one, are finding new career since the LEFT put them all out of business.


    Those lips and the blush under the eyes has to be added in, no one is THAT bad with make-up…shudder.

  • Pat Bingham

    what is it? no offense, but she is uglier than me,

  • richardjf

    Why would anyone pay attention to that misfit.

  • timothyf7

    I would take her ‘fashion bashing’ as a compliment, after looking at her! Does she have a mirror in her house that she hasn’t painted black?

  • batcat

    She’s just ugly for no particular reason. She looks like a hippo that’s been sucking limes.

  • anglicanusepapa

    The Lovecraft references are perfect!

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Are you fuqquin kidding me? WTF?

  • Bobby Barrett

    How can this creature criticize anyone else?

  • RioSam

    OMG! There are NO words!

    • me

      That’s what I posted on FB about 5 or 6 hours ago. Took me this long to figure out what it is/was, or whatever.

      See above post.

  • me

    A quadruple transgender in transition gone bad.

    Each time it decided to become a transgender they stopped in mid transition, then started from scratch each succeeding time.

  • DisqusStealsYourPrivacy

    Pippi Longstocking… is that you!?

    • me

      Please see a psychologist about your hatred for Pippi Longstocking. 🙂

  • Laurissa Graves

    Good Lord! And she tells others about Fashion?

  • Collette Lemons

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around that hag dressed like a homeless transvestite wearing shoes only a seven day drunk would wear…. writes for a fashion magazine. Vogue must be desperate… she must not have any real friends or surely one of them would have let her know. That said, if she likes the way she looks what I think don’t matter but she has no room to bitch about what anyone else wears…

  • Glen Saunders

    That ridiculous cretin would make a freight train take a dirt road. Pathetically ugly.

  • Gordon Harvey

    What the fuck is that?
    Snowflakes, this is your mama!

  • Violet Vanderhelm


  • fltactical

    She looks strangely familiar. Didn’t I see her on the Drew Carey Show?

  • Expat47

    vogue: the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.

    (((BWAAAA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!))) …Sorry folks…((giggle))….

  • Jack Bannerman

    Marilyn Manson has really let himself go.

  • DocRambo

    Please tell me this is just a joke—

  • suzanneandronaco

    ugly bitch

  • Mike Jacobson

    What is that disgusting looking thing?

  • Mark Kuykendall

    C’mon Milo, tell us how you really feel.

  • Nina


  • Mark Kuykendall

    Boy, Michelle Obama has really let herself go.

  • Wil the Free

    What the f is that?

  • Marissa

    I think she shops at Goodwill for her clothes. And whats up with her makeup and the hair omg !!! She is a pretty scary piece of work ! I’m sure she must be going to a Halloween party. She sure as hell does not have it going on…

  • tojo12071941

    Well She got the Face for Radio !!

  • Janis Vizier Nihart

    I guarantee that is Mitch McConnell.

  • Daylynne Starr

    Let her who is without ANY style — — Throw the first insult! (To those who are perfectly dressed) HAHAHA is that “thing” for real?? HAHAHA

  • Elaine Jones

    even to weird for Walmart

  • Alfonso Barajas

    Before you criticize my face, look at your self in a mirror.

  • Li’l Tommy

    makeup by CRAYOLA

  • TinCanSailor

    I had to double check this wasn’t an Onion article… That ‘thing’ dares to comment on the First Lady, a woman with true beauty and grace, and yes, fashion?! I guess those who can, do; those who can’t, teach, so to speak.

  • Americus Freeman

    I’d swear that thing is a demon

  • Chris Paul

    what is this thing? rotten fruit?

  • nickdangerthirdeye

    Tell me that isn’t John Kasich in drag.

  • Ray Freudinger


  • lynn

    OMG does she not look in the mirror?? Who the heck is she to pass judgement? She certainly doesn’t lead by example!

  • LandBuyer

    Melania’s shoes and what a “faux pas” they were? This is the lady criticizing them. This woman is giving fashion advise? THIS WOMAN? Are you kidding?

  • Guest

    Pretty sure I saw a cat covering her up on a beach sometime ago.

  • MeanieHead

    She looks like your old auntie who is a little “off” but you love her anyway but you hope like hell someone watches her while she uses the stove or the microwave or walks down the street.

  • Dotsy Maher

    I think the first couple had just had a “QUICKIE” to destress for the sad trip to Texas…the GORGEOUS FLOTUS was extending the experience to soothe her beloved..a LOT of powerful men have shoe fetishes…
    That hideous writer is obviously jealous…having never had men eating out of her hand….

  • Robin of Hood

    Is this what big red will devolve into?

  • aztex2010

    Tell Ronald McDonald his wife just showed up 😀

  • Bluebirdblue

    The comments here are HILARIOUS!!! Thank you, people! I wish POTUS and FLOTUS could read them.

  • Shaleena

    Wow, I thought it was fake news at first, a joke. Amazing how someone who looks like that has the audacity to critic someone else. Especially someone as beautiful and classy as Melania.

  • Choctaw Soldier

    Is that a Hitler mustache on her lip?

  • Jack Montalto


  • brainbyon

    Vogue writer Lynn Yaeger, this harelipped looking man doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She’s a flabby jowl necked, loose skin-shouldered, bangs of a four year old “hack” (she needs to cover that body up). You don’t think women in Texas wear heels? President Trump and The First Lady can do and say what they want when they want. Don’t you, you Lena Dunham-like psycho hose beast?

    Oh I looked “It” up in Wikipedia I was correct! “It” cuts “It’s” own hair. Of the 3 things Wikipedia has to say about him this is one of her attributes mentioned.

  • grammysam

    No, she flew in the helicopter in her high heels, and was wearing tennis shoes and a baseball cap when she hit Houston! You should watch the videos before you report false news!

  • Viisshnu Vardhan

    looks like a killer clown from outer space…

  • Jeff H Buffington

    ya heard the saying hit with an ugly stick? this broad had an ugly Giant Sequoia tree fall on her disgusting looking ass,just saying…

  • Jody Czapla

    Wasn’t she on beetlejuice

  • Thus Spake Zathras

    Beautifully written, great job! For some reason (maybe all the talk of sea creatures) I found myself reading it in the voice of Richard Basehart.

  • wz_tspc

    There is no such thing as bad publicity?

  • Marie Mitchell

    Got to have one of those sexy off the shoulder dresses she is wearing. (chuckles)

  • Y o Yo Yo

    How can anyone sit there with this women without cracking up. WTF!

  • Wolfgang Smiett

    Ronald McDonald’s mom

  • Eduardo

    Who in the world is this vomit inspiring Lynn Yaeger. One look at her, and it makes me want to vomit. Who ever thinks that she can say anything about fashion when she is the most repulsive thing that I have ever seen. If the human race depended on reproducing and she was the last woman alive, I think the human race would perish.

  • funbunn40

    This woman criticizing Melania Trump needs major fashion help & is so petty. She should focus on the focus being there to support flood victims, not sniping on her shoes which she changed into sneakers after landing. So petty when people are losing everything. I’m not aTrump supporter, but this crazy lady needs to get priorities straight & worry more a bout the people of Houston &call other affected areas. Think she’s envious of Melonia’s attractiveness& designer shoes, for which the latter is entitled.

  • Riccardo Teodori

    She is kind of hot looking for a liberal that is about as good as they get

  • ͕͗F͕͕͗͗i͕͕͗͗n͕͕͗͗d͕͕͗͗u͕͕͗͗s͕͗

    OMG! What a freak. Send her to NKs Kim. He will fall in love.

  • BuckarooBanzai

    She was born out of the ‘kill room’ at planet ping pong pizza. either that or she’s an Orc from the mud pits of Woodstock.

  • NWaff

    And here I am thinking the Loch Ness Monster is a myth.

  • მალხაზ ხარატიშვილი

    Open shoulder is especially cute.

  • Seth Sklarey

    She is the reincarnation of David Ferrie who also favored red wigs.

  • A V_8000

    #KILLIT with fire

  • Eric Nothard


  • Samson9mm


  • John Moore

    Really who gives a shit I can’t even believe I click this stupid azz link

  • Susan

    Is this a joke?

  • John Moore

    Really nothing more in the world worth a shit then what someone wears, I think most non drugged up people would not care if shoes were made out of newly discovered species made from gold dusted feathers of a griffon and glued together with angle tiers. @We have bigger issues.

  • Eddie

    If this thing passes away it will have to have a Tibetan sky Burial for two reasons the ground would reject her & Himalayan Vultures are the only thing that would eat her.

  • Rosa Reo

    This creature has been spawned in the swamp/sewer that needs draining before it multiplies.
    Why would the stupid low-life media listen to criticism from such a hideous frightening monster, and expect normal people to find them credible? No wonder the people don’t trust the main stream media.

  • Rosa Reo

    Mirror Mirror on the wall, Melania is the fairest in all the land.

  • biker02

    Is that Captain Kangaroo in drag?

  • Moses Campos

    WTF is that. LMAO This has to be fake news, right?

  • Ingeborg m

    Now THAT is “deplorable”! Jokes and aghast-ness aside, this woman is mentally not all there. Please Vogue, take care of her!

  • disqus_AdBgC6tdkJ

    now i believe in aliens from outer space, way out in space

  • Ag DU

    Bingo! I know what I will be for Halloween now!

  • Joseph C. Ramos

    .Hideously Ugly Moldy Old Shrivling Prune. Cause anyone to empty their bowles

  • James J Bright


  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    Who can blame her for being envious of the First Lady? Aren’t they afraid to expose her to sunlight?

  • Jennifer Baumann

    What the hell is that???? Ronald McDonald x ?

  • Douglas Gault

    And this is the finest example of a fashion critic? This one proves the leftist have driven over the cliff. This complaining bitch couldnt get a job inspecting sewers. And this thing from the left, since you don’t have to use sir names anymore. Is parading around as some broken doll faced whatever, in public? She’s obviously off her rocker. So something with style befitting her, would have to be a hug me jacket, a pink rubber room, an assortment of pills colored as rainbows. Followed by a good shot of Reality

  • reversalmushroom

    Does anyone know if she’s in a relationship?

  • Jonty

    Her Father? probably ejaculated against a wall and she hatched out in the sun

  • Pablo Jay

    Ugly democrat, inside and out, but I’m redundant.

  • biker02

    Looks like Captain Kangaroo in drag!

  • gemmah

    OMFG.. Liberals are a mess

  • Danny Flint

    Oh My , never knew Bozo had a vagina ….!

  • Miron

    If this is fashion, I am in serious trouble. Thanks for the graphic warning. Glad I am married, that could turn me off women for some time!!

  • Judy Rabalais

    Lynn Yeager, you are uglier than sin and you have the nerve to pick on, our very classy FLOTUS, Melania. Vogue needs to find another writer. No one would take your advice. You are one hot mess and should be in a hospital with locked rooms and 24 hr guards.

  • Mary Smith

    I thought Halloween was 2 months away???

  • Victoria Stuart

    Hilarious. Is this her Halloween pic?

  • DiAnne LeCoq Faust

    No wonder I don’t care for Vogue magazine. Poor taste in fashion or style. Our beautiful FLOUS runs circles around this clown.

  • Webheadfred

    What. The. Hell. She’s so ugly the tide wouldn’t take her out; and she’s writing about fashion? Woman, go back under your bridge and eat mushrooms. Damn it! I can’t unsee her.

  • JzzE1 .

    She may look like crap but she wasn’t wrong about those shoes

  • NativeNewYawker

    I would see her all the time shopping at Barneys New York and in the neighborhood of the OLD Barneys on 7th Ave. /17th street IN NYC back in the 80’s, 90’s. Never spoke to that witch.

  • Janet Clare

    Lynn Yaeger is Antifa; that is, anti-fashion.

  • Heather Hanson

    OMG she is absolutely hideous. Thanks for exposing her!

  • ohyan2919

    This hideous creature was pooped on a log, dried in the sun & hatched!

  • michael Bates

    My God I just wish the fat ugly cow would read this…. Madam, you have the right to be ugly but by god there is no need to abuse the privilege. Have you ever looked at the hideous way you look ? How dare you cast your aspersions on people who DO know how to dress…. You are a ridiculous excuse of person…Not sure if you are Man or Woman….. I suggest you crawl back under the cow pat you emerged from….!

  • suzanne

    Is Raggedy Andy trangendering?

  • She is the ugliest transgender yet

  • CatoYounger

    That’s a man, baby!

  • Tricia Rose

    Are her lips actually a tattoo?

  • ssgtnelson

    “An unspeakable Eldritch horror….”
    HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! Oh man, I couldn’t get past that line without cracking up!!!

  • Patricia Schenck-Santangelo

    I am more qualified to be a fashion editor than this thing is!! What the hell is it, anyway?? A hideous troll?? THIS is a VOGUE fashion writer?? She dresses in rags, and what the hell is that thing on her head?? I think she put lipstick on with a knife. Crawl back into the sewer where you belong, you filthy witch.

  • It needs a cowbell.

  • awake

    “that’s a YX, baby.”

  • GeorgeChipLeveto

    SURELY ; you jest, this poor excuse for a human could not be of any human origin. Don’t you and everyone else think within the very confines of your intelligence, that we are sick and tired of this fake news? This rejected humanoid from a rejected clown salvage yard, of pieces of here and there clown parts couldn’t hold a position that could give it the potential to insight a media response. Anyone involved might regard this as a total aberration of the process of the act of abortion.

  • sarrahsue

    most women, i have seen, try to emulate a barbie doll, when they go after a fictional character. this thing seems to think the best look for her is raggedy ann.
    hun, how you ever were chosen, as a representative of vogue, i will never understand.
    one thing i do understand is I will never purchase another vogue while the likes of you are representing.
    way to damage your brand vogue.

    • Skep41

      She IS like a fictional character…Beowulf’s mother Grendel.

  • Beinformed

    What the F*^K is that thing??? Holy crap, though ti was watching American Horror Story or Killer Clowns…..unbelievable… it even a she?

  • bookish1

    I’m assuming that her stolen shopping cart and dozens of cats are just out of frame.

  • Skep41

    Dude…you do like shooting fish in a barrel, don’t you? I’m not accusing you of making this all up and Photoshopping these images into existence but REALLY! Can a human so grotesque be giving fashion tips to anyone, let alone the readers of a fashion magazine? The other absurd angle of this is that the ever-dutiful Snowflake Media has walked past this human train-wreck and reported the story of Melania’s ‘shocking’ shoe choice without providing a peek at the source of the story. The Snowflake Media is to the truth as the delightful Ms. Yaeger is to fashion, strangers all.

  • Sheryl Vaughn Adams

    OMGosh, how could she look at herself in the mirror and criticize anyone else. she looks like a scary clown.

  • Kaelin Polkinghorne

    I never realised Angela Merkel wrote for Vogue! Neat!

  • minimom

    I thought this was fake news, for how could someone who looked like that be a fashion writer. Upon further investigation I discovered, to my horror, she is for real! There are homeless women living on the streets that look better than that.
    I know that it is not Christian to criticize others, but for crying out loud how can you not when confronted with something like this! Especially when “this” poses as a fashion reporter.

  • Rhoadie

    Where did they dig this abortion up?

  • Ron Trembly

    The crazies have come out in force, they are no longer hiding in their lives of depravity but have finally shown their hideous faces in the light of day. And like the human cockroaches they are, will fade back into the woodwork and cellars where they came from, when the light of public scrutiny shines on them.

  • Mickey Dee

    So this is the person who broke into my garage and stole my box of rags.

  • Wayne Ilfrey

    I have yet to find a single image of her that does not look exactly like this one. This tells me much; she was not born in a traditional sense, but rather was carried up from the depths of Hades by the Hounds of Hell (fiery Pomeranians with needle sharp teeth and a rather pissy disposition). Birthed from the depths by Beelzebubba himself, and clothed in the tears of her enemies, “the flyover folk”.

  • Carla Price

    Wow…how hideous…

  • Wagnerian

    Looks like Hitler

  • william g munson


  • John Scott Gleaton

    She looks like one of those dolls where a little girl got “REALLY CREATIVE” with her fashion sense and over painted the face, chopped off the hair and used the tattered remains of doll clothes suited larger for other dolls in her collection. This woman is a monster from….well you know where…. Again, I say, this badgering and hate of this country has gotten out of hand in the namesake of “freedom of speech”. This woman is a crime to humanity!

  • red

    Thanks…my kids crying now!!

  • Clarence Clark

    Ummm…Raggedy Ann is SO overrated.

  • unclebarb

    Typical leftist absurdity. A freak like this actually writes for Vogue as a fashion editor and criticizes Melania Trump.
    I kind of look like Super chicken when I first get up in the morning, but that doesn’t take the work that it takes this slob to make a joke of herself.

  • Frank Tekstar

    I am truly sorry for the cliché, but honestly, she must have hit every branch when she fell from the ugly tree. She’s (Ze’s?, It’s?) an editor for a FASHION magazine?

  • Texan1st

    WTF is that?!? Yikes !!!

  • CherCee

    What times we live in when *that* can find work for a fashion magazine!

  • Anne Cole

    Freak! She is judging another? Take a look in the mirror clown. Pathetic. Time for that magazine to take a nose dive.

  • Suzann Gura

    These comments…….entertaining as hell! Thanks

  • PJ

    In come the clowns. Good lord! What is it?

  • Morrill Turpitude

    This thing reminds me of black & white pictures I’ve seen of London trannies in the post-WWII era.

    • You….certainly peruse….interesting photo collections.

      • Morrill Turpitude

        Not really. The pics were in a pictorial history of London’s social scene at the time. I remember them for how ridiculous the trannies looked, especially the ones who kept their thin mustaches that were in style at the time.

  • Blackski

    How the !@#$ do these people live? We need to END this foolish idea that food / healthcare / Etc is a right. END WELFARE NOW!

  • Bernie Martin


  • If I didn’t (now) know better, I would have given her a dollar because she looks like a street person really down on her luck…

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    Why is this mentally ill person allowed out in the public? This is proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • 6SJ7

    What a doll! 😉

  • Mary Gambill

    She looks like Adolph Hitler’s ugly twin. Maybe that’s why she’s angry.

  • Ross McArthur

    Ugh. Is it even allowed out without its keeper? Or a leash? Why does its Stoker-esque image invoke the thought of lentil halitosis, BO and stale cat pee?

  • John Wixted

    I can’t really think of a time when I asked myself; “I wonder what Lynn Yaeger thinks of literally anything.” I will admit her fashion sense seems to be on the money for the Hollywierd elites these days. Good job bag lady (Y)

  • George McGnarly

    Crikey this woman is wooly hat!

  • Steve

    “warning – graphic” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Nina Flora

    idiot! evil. will answer for actions some day gal! trust me!

  • Mr E

    Living proof of Rush Rule # 24!

  • artiefischel

    There just aren’t enough homeless shelters in NYC.

  • Beckery49

    That is old enough to know better.

  • JoeB

    I nearly choked I laughed so hard!

  • nuckinfuts

    This would have been much funnier if I hadn’t just finished my lunch….. *urp*

  • Mary Lou Manus

    O. M. G. Where did this person come from? Another planet or what?

  • Morrill Turpitude

    I finally figured out what this object looks like. It looks like Gale Gordon in drag.

  • Emmo

    Is this a male or a female and secondly, do I go to jail for asking this question?

  • godisgr8

    Funny how this creature can criticize other people’s “fashion sense” yet cannot see her own mishaps! lol I thought Melania looked beautiful as always. This one….ummm.. not so much.

  • Foggy Fiftyfive

    She really needs to look in a floor length mirror before passing judgement on or criticizing any other individual.

  • Morrill Turpitude

    This campy tranny can only exist in New York City. Take it off the island of Manhattan and it cannot possibly survive, much less thrive.

  • satoman

    she is so ugly the i cant get the dog

    to play with hear

  • Eva Hinson Williams

    IS THIS FOR REAL??????????????

  • FOTD1965

    Looks like Cyndi Lauper and Pennywise hooked up once.

  • Victor Adams

    she is the poster child of the dume assclub

  • marjo

    Beauty and the Beast!!

  • Elaina Colasante

    Lynn Yaeger, you might write for Vogue, but honey you are nothing but trailer trash…You wish you could look so elegant and be fluent in not one but 5 languages as the First Lady of the US….What are you known for I ask? Looking like a freak? Acting all strange and daring anyone to make a comment at you? Bullying those under you at the magazine? Acting out so you stand out?…but not in a positive way… Do you really believe for one second that your piers and people around you are not laughing at you behind your back?
    do you really believe the compliments they give you??? how wonderful you look, Oh how you stand out in a crowd…and they don’t mean that to be a good thing…People like you are desperate and try to drag down those you know you could never be….you will never be worthy to stand next to out First Lady of the US…. At first I was angry because of your stupidity and lack of class and lack of any writing talent but then I stared at your picture and felt nothing but pity for you….I will pray for you and send you love and healing because you need it.

  • Judas Cradle

    My eyes!! My eyes!!

  • mehitable

    OMG….it’s HITLER THE CLOWN!!!!!!!!

  • mehitable

    “Whatever Happened to Baby Adolf?”

  • Patrick Grissom

    Looks like Hitler in drag

  • Batman

    If Adolf Hitler was a transsexual and left his mustache, this is what you’d get.

    • ric sims

      except he would be slightly better looking

  • Peacelanese

    She looks like Walt Disney vomited.

  • codebooker

    Does this women have a mirror? People in glass houses should not throw stones!

  • Randy Estes

    The FLOTUS went there to support and help the good people of Texas. Please show us the photo’s of you on the ground helping. Go ahead, I’ll wait…………………

  • Jeremy Bourbon

    Clearly a fan of Hilda Ogden.

  • cookala

    Did this “woman?) think the people in Houston were actually sitting in their dry homes watching Melania get on a plane? Think they care what she wore? She changed into sneakers, what’s the problem?

  • ric sims

    this homeless looking wildebeest has fashion tips?

  • highhopes2012

    Put this thing out of its misery, it cant be human.

  • Loxie Toby Chesney

    This not a person it had to come from the ugly animal world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lonnie Joe Willis Jr.

    what in the hell is that

  • Noke Firehawk
  • When a person is suffering from deep internal pain, they find it easy to lash out at others. Let us pray that Lynn finds peace in her heart soon. She might find that FasterEFT is her quickest journey to joy.

  • Mortikus

    Was her best part in Hocus Pocus

  • robot999


  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    This…creature…judges our First Lady? Don Lemon would fire President Trump if he was an intern?

    Self important fools, trying to tear down what they can NEVER hope to achieve. You do know we laugh at you, don’t you?

  • Andrew Klinzmann

    Total jealousy, nothing more. this hag is utterly deranged at how incredibly GORGEOUS the first lady is…..

  • David Il

    This is one of the funniest articles I have read. I actually had to look this beast up to see if this was not satire. How the hell is she working at Vogue, I thought that was some sort of fashion magazine?

  • Buckeye RUSSELL

    Looks like she is ready to root for her Hunger Games hero…..

  • Dennis Gilbert

    Shoot it

  • QuietDanTN

    It COULD look better, but for whatever reason, it chose not to. I am very confused, and . . . saddened. What is it trying to accomplish? Really.

  • whateverdear

    Jesu Christos, isn’t there a gay man at Vogue with a flamethrower to incinerate that clownfish Medusa with fire? Or some holy water to make it melt into a sizzling pile of poison? HOW CAN *VOGUE* EMPLOY THIS HIDEOUS BEAST?

  • Unmutual

    When she dies, her body will be donated to science fiction.

  • Kathy Smith

    Wtf are you and how dare you critize anyone when you yourself look like Jabba the Huts mother

  • Van Mitchell

    I don’t see where that trainwreck has a right to comment on anything but maybe mental illness. It gets paid to opine on fashion? bwahaha. Typical delusional ,hating leftist lolol.


    She’s led a rough life ever since they kicked her out of Wonderland.

  • Rosie Finkel

    …and Melania laughed and laughed and dismissed her comments as the gibberish they are, leading us once more to that age old saying, “consider the source”….

  • codgerelle

    I was sent a link to the article, but even after reading it I felt compelled to check out the picture–which, to my stupefaction–was of an actual person calling itself Lynn Yeager.

    We’re doomed.

  • Eclod

    I’ve seen a better face in a tub of cottage cheese.

  • Thomas Martin

    She was hit head on by a clown car.

  • Star Lord

    Seems like I saw her of all places on-RED IT! Lynne or Leon or IT,(apologies Mr.King) is acting like quite a supremacist as well. Attacking or 1st
    lady on such trivial matters as shoes! WEAK SAUCE! Is that thee best you can do? Maybe IT should do some research before jumping on the nazi train ITself. I could list paralell after paralell that comes to mind regarding ITz yeegerr and nazis. But well….no more good energy after bad is how I roll these days. IT does seem to be a seething ball of hate and jealousy regarding anyone who is not IT though. And all the while doing work for those who would eliminate the greater portion of humanity that is not serving ITs every need. .IT has probably never heard what happens to prostitutes after they are finished! They arent going invite IT to ELESIUM or their COG bunker for a shoe consultation that much Im quite sure of!

  • Queensladyday


  • Je_Sui_Pepe

    what is ultra creepy is that if anyone has followed pizzagate (me) is that she would actually be a trigger for an MK Ultra victim (models in the fashion industry… just sayin’

  • Geri D Marq

    So what’s your point Ms.Yeager?? Are you saying that our beautiful, classy, stylish First Lady should dress like you??? Hilarious!!

  • Keith H

    Good lord, liberals are all freaks and miscreants.

  • Harleyrose

    Well, I think going strong with the flat-out “she/her” pronouns could prove even more disastrous than ‘her’ outfits!
    Somethings gotta give on that…

  • Vanessa Littlejohn

    Halloween isn’t until October.

  • kenstaff

    Talk about the wicked witch of the west………..DANG!!!

  • Rebecca Freeman

    Are you KIDDING me?

  • dennis williams

    What a freak show.

  • Marion Kyle

    When did the moi people of “fashion” decide the clown look was in? This is “fashion” any old broad can achieve so “fashion” gurus are at last dying out!!! What a mess

  • Joann Holmes

    Looks like a tranny to me.

  • ZombieStomp

    If I were hired to write a fluff fashion piece, I wouldn’t have gone there simply out of respect for Flotus and the official visit to the dire situation in Texas…however, fully supporting freedom of literary speech especially now is important. The fact that mainstream grabbed and ran with that crap with such frothing vigor is part of their problem.

  • Jane

    Gender X or ‘it’ is UGLY!

  • Kingrat8878
  • Jim Collier

    What a disgusting FUGLY hag of a woman. She should have stayed as a man because she will never or has ever been in the company of a male suitor. Just what makes her think she is worthy of addressing Our Great First Lady? She is not even worthy of even cleaning up after The Dog of POTUS AND FLOTUS.. She needs to be put down like the old ugly nag she is. Unfortunately I saw this pic just before dinner and now have no appetite.

  • Jim Collier

    That ummm what ever it is has a face that would make a freight train take a dirt road.

  • USAMaid
  • George Hampton

    Looks like someone tried to poke her eyes out with a stiletto, and missed, twice!

  • 8 Fingers of Doom

    So…to be sure here, Is that John Wayne Gace or his son????

  • 8 Fingers of Doom

    It is quite obvious that the dude with the short red wig on is on some kind of..”Let’s See How He does Day” at the Mental Hospital in D.C.. That thing sure does look like a John Podesta/John Wayne Gace experiment, for sure!

  • Richard

    WTF? Apparently they don’t have mirrors in her town. She looks like an ugly old man in drag trying to dress as a circus clown.

  • L Garou

    Look Ma! Another adult Teletubbie!
    I think this one is a female..

  • Ghost Rider

    I was a “Beauty Consultant” a few years ago (seriously). Even with the training and all the things I had I may have been able to do something for her. She’d have to get all that junk off her face and I’d mail her a change of clothes ( I wouldn’t want to be there in case she walked out before being completely dressed). I’d then start a many hour process of making her look semi-human and continue the next few days. If all that didn’t work I’d give her a black cape, flowing black dress and a black pointed hat and a broom.

  • Jane Turner Drake

    What is that???? OMG is everyone at Vogue blind? This is what a fashion writer looks like???? Something really wrong here.

  • Marcus Jones

    My friends comment: “She looks like Effie Trinket after a Bender.” . LMAO!

  • @Menace


  • Kelly Ebsary

    #brill #love #milo #thankyou

  • Ladyghost4459

    Shouldn’t someone who writes about fashion, at least be fashionable? Maybe this is why there are so many fashion tragedies on the runways these days. Not a Trump fan, but Melania does look amazing in everything she wears.

  • Jeremiah Bullfrog

    I thought Vogue was involved with fashion.

  • ALberto

    Gag me with a kayak paddle!

  • DeplorablePresidentPinocchio
  • Milly Vanilly

    Not only did she get a featured article in Vogue, she also made the cover of FANGORIA Horror magazine.

  • Joe Biggs

    Sweet Baby Jesus, what on earth is that? It looks like something out of a bog. It thinks it knows fashion, how on earth can anyone in their right mind take advice from that thing!

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …is it transgendering?

  • Robin Prestwood

    Should have guessed it. A FREAK writing about our “oh so classy” first lady. MSM prints any garbage from any low life.

  • Denny Crane

    That’s a dude.

  • Ron

    Now we know what happened to Baby Jane!

  • Scott Keith


  • Sallie Ann

    This Creature from the Black Lagoon has gone too far. If it is a woman…..I’ll eat my laptop…..that is a MAN IN DRAG if I ever saw one!!!! Vogue the magazine has some pretty hideous clothes, shoes and handbags. I have the latest issue and I don’t pay for the subscription or I would have cancelled it!!! I eagerly look forward to reading any of it’s articles in any up and coming issues….just so I can cover with my dog’s poop and mail to them showing how much I enjoyed their crap!!!

  • John Cropper

    Poor Glenda. She’s been a bit eccentric (and heavily sauced, apparently) since Dottie left Oz. :-p

  • wbmaris

    Was this lifted from the Onion?

  • Grim Fandango

    I would accuse Lynn of extreme jealousy, if she weren’t so drop dead gorgeous.

  • Sulisha

    So this is what Angela Merkel looks like all gussied up.

  • Elantoh

    Wow, she’s hot. How can I contact her :-)))))))))

  • De Plorables Unum

    Oh dear, is that Coco Chanel’s great niece Coco the Clown or just an ordinary Fashion Victim?

  • Joel Paul Stelt

    My tastes must be WAY out of vogue.

  • R.C. Stewart

    A female Austin Powers?

  • WaterGirl3

    some woman sells clothes on QVC like the ones she has on.. its just wrong like something from MK-Ultra

  • Koroviev,Behemoth&Woland LLP

    Up until I saw those pictures I believed homosexuality was biological

    If all women looked like her all of us straight boys would jump the fence

    It’d be standing-room-only in the clubs and hours of waiting in line to get a drink

  • Consequences

    What is that?

  • Cletus

    Too ugly for my body. Too ugly for my shirt.

  • Susan P

    Where did this Gorgon come from? How dare she lecture the First Lady on appropriate attire?

  • IdidSay

    Sgt. Schultz in drag

  • TJ

    LMAO!!! She thinks she looks good. Or does she have a penis???

    • sly311

      It’s the penis thing.

  • John Thompson

    Pardon my crudity, but she couldn’t get a date in a supermax prison with a stack of pardons up her hoo-hoo.

  • MomaBee

    Perfectly captures the

  • Magnus Deacon

    If you dress like my long dead great grandma, you DO NOT get to bitch about how other people dress.

  • WorkingAmerican

    The cow looks like a cheap Halloween k nock-off of Helena Bonham Carter’s “Queen of Hearts”. LMAO!

  • DaveG

    Someone please call Central Casting. This is clearly a mistake…

  • Trevor Streeton

    The… the .. the horror!

  • Graham Turner

    Did she get dressed in the dark??

  • Stew Stewbumer

    I think I just permanently “turtled”.
    How does one “un-burn” that image?

    • Dante Alighieri ????

      Bravo. Un-burn that image. You read my mind.

  • glynnda

    Holy Crap! Did she leave her home in the alley MEANING to look that way? All she needs is her shopping cart…..

    • glynnda

      I apologize to any homeless person who reads this… insult intended…..that woman is a serious HAG!!!

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    who hails from a beneath-the-floorboards

    great writing.

  • Steven Mcguillicutty

    Jesus Christ. That is the ugliest cunt I have ever seen. I bet she smells like old swiss cheese. And piss.

  • Sink Chicken

    Why is this getting any press?

  • MissyT111

    If that’s a fashion statement by Lynn………………she should shut up!

  • Raymond An

    She must dine at “La Grenouille” so often that she looks like une grenouille.

  • Shirley Capes

    At his woman is a horror, what’s with that makeup,she’s one to critics someone else, ,what a hideous person she is, good grief, Haloween came early this hear,
    She can go she can go as herself, lol

  • JamesDDean

    It is YOU-gly.

  • thatsenough bobby

    After almost 60 years, now i understand gay guys.Or to quote Marlon Brando “the horror, the horror…”

    • sly311

      Yes, this is a guy. Who’s zoomin’ who here???

  • theshadow

    You can’t make this stuff up – LOL

  • Awaiting moderation

    She has no issue with Michelle Obama’s pants tent?

  • AMP2020

    This is hysterical.

  • Kim Chafin Stocks

    Raggedy Ann called – wants her “look” back.

  • John “#Stretch” Wynn

    #ThunderTwonkTwoLeggedTwatMonkeyBaboonsAssDonkeysScrotum (Description of the thing above Lynn Yaeger I’m being polite here) imagine waking up with that monster without makeup on seriously you would need a lot more than a jump start to get the urge to be remotely turned on in any way. We shall refer to her as Frankenstein’s failed #CockInAFrock

  • Barky

    She’s awesome..and represents everything that is wrong with our country…

  • Dave Carey

    Is she related to Adolf?
    Or something out of a Stephen King novel

    • sly311

      The latter.

  • Mark Urban

    I always get my fashion advice from shopping bag ladies. I bet she has about fifty cats in her SRO apartment.

  • B. W.

    And this bizarre cretin is a fashion consultant? She wouldn’t know a fashion optic if it bit her on the ass. It just goes to show how low this magazine has to dig in the muck to get contributors.

    • sly311

      Gigi Hadad and her ‘boyfriend’ are the latest cover.

  • richardcancemi

    Is she a bag lady?

  • Bob

    Even rodeo clowns have a right to an opinion.

  • AaronT

    WTF! I imagine if Melania dressed like a bag lady she’d be impressed!

  • Hodie

    ex-Ringling brothers clown?

  • Bill Haffey

    What is the matter, did you run out of things to attack Hillary and Obama about?

  • Terry Kuehner


  • NoMeansNo

    ‘Fabulously eccentric’ is ‘she’ now? The Bag Lady down the street looks better than Lynn Yaegermeister here. Bahahahaha!

  • Kathleen

    I put a Lynn Yeager link on my FB page yesterday and it was removed. I noticed it was removed for someone else I know. I did not make harsh comments other than “this is the woman who criticized fashion” and sets examples of what pretty and what is nice? Sorry, this woman is destroying common sense and decent dressing.

  • SilverDragons

    “Lynn Yaeger: Fashion Muse.”
    Should be corrected to:
    “Lynn Yaeger: Garbage Dump Scrounger of the Universe.”

  • Mark Urban

    Reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield joke. She’s a double bagger: you have to put a bag over your head just in cash the bag over her head rips open!

  • Jennie White

    That this beast-with-no-name lectures anyone on “optics” is beyond hubris. Pass the eye bleach please…

  • Isa Guy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Melania was wearing what was comfortable for her, since she’s probably used to them.

    It also means one very important thing: These Leftists “ain’t got nuttin'” if all they have is ad hominems based on someone’s footwear.

  • TheCybersister

    OMG – now I remember why I stopped reading Vogue eons ago!

  • Jim

    She does look like Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It”

  • Pineneedle

    This is a real clown. Holy crap. I’ve never seen anything so ugly. Fugly Ugly. She/He/IT is not operating with a full deck.

  • Engineer66

    Surely not….lol

  • Moi

    She cultivates THAT look because … anything is better than being bland / cookie-cutter / derivative / predictable / safe / boring / did I mention superficial and BORING. It takes big brass ones to go out like that. Kudos. Long live INDIVIDUALITY.

  • Robert Morrow

    And the masses believe in the FAKE, So called lying News Media People. Wake up People these creeps have been twisting any truth into lies for years. Just where is the FCC??? It is no where to be found, but then with a little Payola to grease their palms maybe something will be done to close down the FAKE News People.

  • Stacey

    Another satan-worshipping pedophile.

  • RG

    Which sex position produces the ugliest children? Don’t ask me, ask her mother. Seriously, I think they threw out the baby and left the afterbirth.

  • Jim

    I am sure the CIA will download these photos and used them for their enhanced “no touch” interrogation techniques!

    A White person wearing a kimono, that’s cultural apropriation!

    • FartingFoulFarts this noise:-

      Yep. he-she’s more “equal” than you, mind. So cultural appropriation cannot exist, for he-she gets the “optics” that the peasants and their fascist masters don’t. Lol. And such as it is, and such as we are “msm” immersed in.

      It’s funny when you peek behind the curtain and see the sources of the bollocks, innit? Lol.

  • Ada Williams

    How can something so ugly be allowed to inflict itself on the world. I really feel physically ill at the sight. This thing can even dare comment on the stunning Melania???

  • Iconoclast59


  • spambrando

    This is why I cannot take idiotic fashion by assholes seriously…

  • Hubert Bent


  • Pat Patrix

    Woman belongs in a German horror film.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    Almost a thousand comments. WOW. Must be a milonews record.

    Just proves how much we love to castigate people who are loosers.
    This number of comments just demonstrates that we hate ugly people.
    Left or Right, the only thing that counts, is money, wit and being pretty.

    But, hey, we’ve all known that since first grade.

  • spambrando

    Who the fuck gives assholes like her any coverage? She’s a joke to the human race.

  • George H Cox

    A one-person freak show…..

  • sly311

    Vogue’s very own tranny.

  • Debra Terry

    Alice in Wonderland called… They need their Queen of Hearts back for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

  • seedtickinohio

    K so I thought this was a joke. Found out it is sort of, just not the joke I thought. These people are insane. Every day I wonder more how and why they are the arbiters of anything for anyone anywhere….

  • william douglas


  • encouragingsong

    Goodness gracious… ????

  • Pist-Off

    Relax folks, it’s Hillary.

  • chelsy

    If I was Criticized by this woman for anything, I’D SAY THANK YOU!!! I’d hope you did not approve of me on Anything!!!

  • Claudia Milan

    Milo!!!! I love you so much!!! you are so Fab and Amazing and Sexy and SUPER SUPER SMART! i really enjoy you on The Alex Jones show, you should do a weekly show there or some kind of Funny show, you make me laugh and you really made Alex Jones laugh a lot that day, the two of you were so fun and on point that show. xoox God Bless you and May you continue to fight the good fight and to make your way to super success.

  • urstrange

    Stiletto envy? This…Thing, looking like a red-wigged Adolf with his mustache lower-lipsticked , never in Its life wore stilettos like the lovely Lady Melania. Who made this circus side show Something a fashion sheriff? President Trump and First Lady Melania walked out to fly to Texas AGAIN, and she was rocking another pair. Stiletto in your eye, Lizard-Clown Woman. Did she just star in Stephen King’s of “It”? Would have saved a LOT of make-up on the set.

  • Joy Glenn Sessions

    The fact that that she tied her g string shows what a fun king looser she is

  • The Despicable Mr. Smith

    This woman(?) is just one reason why erectile dysfunction has become an epidemic in this country.

  • Janice Cerda

    This person left all her taste in her dogs mouth!

  • NO faith in government

    What pronoun are we supposed to use for identification purposes?

    • FamilyChampion


  • Michael Scharch

    We mock what we do not understand. (Austin Millbarge.)
    It figures that something this hideous and poorly clad itself can only condemn the fashion sense of others. Deservingly or not.

  • Michael Scharch

    In the immortal words of Lord Farquad. Ewww. It’s hideous. Kill it!

  • Sharon

    Oh Dear LORD! She looks like an 80 year old woman who’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. Looks like something Dr. Frankenstein would try to put together. She’s just nasty looking….

  • Juzer

    What the fuck… human?!?

  • Dakawn Vick

    OK. This Bitz is some CGI avatar right? That can’t be an actual, uh, “person” right?
    Someone please tell me it’s not real!

  • Patricia Brady Chamberlain

    This is what an unsuccessful abortion looks like.

  • jeffrey wacksman, M.D.

    she is actually dumber than she looks in pictures. How did someone like her become so important. OMG

  • L. Curlis

    What the hell is that?? She looks like a bag lady, no, that’s an insult to bag ladies. She has the nerve to criticize our First Lady’s choice of shoes??

  • tt

    Look closely people and then tell me is this not some male want-a-be man in drag? and an ugly man at that.

  • robjh1

    What the what? She forgot to look in the mirror this morning.

  • Scott Murphy

    That ugly creature is almost as ugly as Helen Thomas

  • Dave

    Someone with a face that looks like it had a serious argument with a speeding car (several times) and wearing what could only be described as, charity shop cast-offs, shouldn’t be criticising the wardrobe of others. In fact, a face like that shouldn’t be seen in public as doing so could be construed as child abuse.

  • John Bitney

    Don’t know who she is but I’ll bet she can read and write.

  • Elizabeth Jowers

    How dare this GARGOYLE criticize anyone or anything.

  • Paige Cat

    All I can say is eewwwww!!! This nasty thing criticized the FOTUS? What a joke! She belongs in a freak show!

  • Dred
  • Large Basket

    she looks like hitler in drag!

  • SteelerK9

    I wonder how much this uh……..person,(?), charges to haunt a house?
    This is a bad dream. I can say that I know of no man that would get that drunk to take this home. This is not a coyote date. That you only chew your arm off. This is a jump out the 1 0th floor date.

  • britain

    Zombies would starve if they came across this one.

  • katmazdo

    As a person displaced with water in there home here in the Greatest state of the Union, TEXAS, she doesn’t speak on my behalf regarding how I feel about F.L. Trump’s shoes.
    I thought this woman was a character from a circus side show.

  • BigC

    If that’s not the ugliest thing on earth, I’d hate to see it!!!

  • Robert Wallen

    She looks like she should have been cast as a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz but she would have been too tall

  • The Deplorable Covfefe Jones

    I’m sorry, this person is who?!?!

  • Glenn Kilroy

    I’ve got to hand it to “Vogue” for hiring the mentally handicapped.

    • Glenn Kilroy

      As an afterthought, I wonder if ever while fixing her face in the morning she experiences in her throat a back flow of bile.

  • Erik Kilpatrick

    Melania can change her shoes……

  • Patriarchy Pete

    That opening line about her being an “eldritch horror” is LOL! “Staff writer” has almost certainly got to be MILO Himself, given that it’s a term native to England. Had to look it up, even.

  • Judy Hawkins Le Boeuf

    Too early for Halloween, my dear….

  • arena

    Where are the men in black???

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    This thing is absolutely hideous.

  • Lone Star Biker

    This woman looks like an a$$ clown..

  • FartingFoulFarts this noise:-

    It’s good this one expresses her mind obviously. Most of those with this kind of mind look like students, news anchors or politicians and thus are inherently more sneaky. Lol

  • Tim

    I have wiped better looking crap from my azz. YUK !!!!

  • Julie Ann Hager

    Damn I hope it don’t breed !

  • shhhhh

    Mental Illness is a serious problem and we need to get these ppl help, not a computer

  • Elle Ay

    Emperor’s New Clothes – everyone knows this woman has zero taste and looks like a fool, but none of them has the courage to say it.

  • Philip

    I’m trying to unsee it, but my doctor informs me it’s probably now burned into my retinas permanently

  • Insider

    Is this an old man or an old woman?

  • Sabiya Hoffman

    Yaeger shouldn’t be criticized for her views…she should be criticized for her sub-human looks!

  • Fieldsmar

    The ugliest woman in the world . Looks like a fusion of the ugliest woman in the UK , Teresa and the German witch, La Merkel . Three unsurpassed uglies .