Despite the constant cries from leftists about how gash darn awful everything is in our country, the fact remains that America is the land of opportunity.

Those that put their nose to the grindstone can work their way up the ladder, and opportunities abound in a number of different sectors. It’s not easy by any means, but all that hard work and dedication can prove to be quite fruitful.

That’s especially true for athletes. Those that rise to the top of the ranks stand to make a killing while doing something that they love. What a country!

Nonetheless, there’s a number of colicky athletes out there that find that rising to the top isn’t enough to quell their internal angst. Currently unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the poster boy for that line of thinking.

Last year, Kaepernick made plenty of headlines with his decision to not stand up and pay his respects when the national anthem played before games. He would also take the time to make a slew of outrageous statements, all of which implied that he was somehow being ‘repressed.’  

Kaepernick did this with a straight face, and the irony of the fact that he was earning millions of dollars to play a game seemed to be completely lost on him. He’s now jobless, but he’s sure to point out that this is because of his ‘political views’ every chance he gets.

While this won’t make his phone ring anytime soon, Kaepernick can take solace in the fact that Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks has his back. Bennett took a seat for the anthem prior to last night’s preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, and Breitbart points out that he “…spent time with Colin Kaepernick during the offseason and wore a T-shirt supporting Kaepernick’s ‘Know Your Rights’ camp during a spring news conference.”

Bennett also reportedly said “It’s just hard to fathom that he’s not having a job this year.”

It’s really not when you consider the fact that Kaepernick’s skills are in decline and he’s made himself into a pariah, but we’ll avoid the urge to pick nits.

In any event, Bennett has also hit the same notes of oppression that worked out so swimmingly for Kaepernick, noting that “race is not something that the NFL wants to be a part of or get behind,” Breitbart shares.

Following Kaepernick’s lead, Bennett does this with a straight face while cashing astronomical checks for playing a game. Someday, those checks will dry up as Bennett’s skills will be in decline. Can we expect him to also follow Kaepernick’s lead at that point and claim he’s being discriminated against?    

Source: Breitbart

  • David Il

    It is easy to hate on Kaepernick, but if you listen to his story, he had a rough life. A cashier once looked at him suspiciously when he was on vacation with his family.

    • David Watts

      OMG! *triggered by nano-agression*

      • Steve O

        I find your use of the word “triggered” to be a nano-aggression because parts of it sound like another word that I find offensive.

        • ShikokuPrincess91


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        • David Watts

          REEEEEE ????

      • Kek Istani

        even PICO-aggression. sew small, sew small

    • SinStrall

      Oh my God, seriously!? Whoooops I said God….that’s gonna trigger someone.

      • ShikokuPrincess91

        They may go into convulsions if you guys don’t quit!
        “Nothing’s more indicative of white supremacy than believing in a higher power.”
        That was actually said by a troll over at Breitbart. That person actually thinks that white people in America are the only people who believe. It really is astounding.

        • Luckylucylou

          Not to nit-pick, but primitive man, in deepest, darkest Africa made blood sacrifices to a “higher power.” Maybe someone needs to also look into the roots of voodoo & Santeria, which is the Yoruba religion. Voodoo & Santeria are Yoruba with a light mixing of Christianity, a very light mixing. Yoruba is primarily from Nigeria & believes in a “higher power.” So whoever this person was that so mistakenly thought belief in a higher power was indicative of white supremacy needs to give their BLM card back.

    • ShikokuPrincess91


    • Blah Blahblah

      I heard the cashier’s smile didn’t seem sincere enough.
      Or was it they were not helpful enough.
      Or too helpful.
      Whatever, it was a sign of white systematic oppression.
      Damn cashiers and all their power!

  • Chesapeake

    It’s preseason. It’s a good time for the rookies to shine and put the bench warmers out of a job.

  • Steve O

    Goodell had a statement that basically said, “Well some people despise America and we need to respect their opinions. I just wish they wouldn’t make their protests here because we’re trying to make some money.”

    Any team is free to bench players who don’t stand respectfully for the national anthem. I’m making a list of teams I won’t watch.


    Why do blacks continue to allow Talcum X to be their spokescracka?
    Shaun King so white he spilled mayonnaise on his ugly Christmas sweater.

  • LazyReader

    Jordon Peterson best summed it up, Post Modernism is inherently nihilistic. It leads you nowhere since the purpose of post modernism is to constantly question reality. If you’re constanly questioning reality and constantly getting no answers, you’re stuck in an existential crisis, a universal pessimism. There are two types of nihilists, the passive ones who usually end up killing themselves and active nihilists who usually adopt personal, all encompassing ideologies so they have nothing left to live for except of course the fictitious identities they’ve crafted for themselves…………………..hence why we now have over 60 gender pronouns.


    It’s another episode of “Millionaire who is paid to throw a ball cries about how oppressed he is!”

  • Beaches1

    I wish I cared about professional football, so I could boycott it.

  • Kek Istani

    and of course Alt-White TalcumX had to complain about it lol. Shaun King is the definition of “Wigger”

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    About the left you write …” how gash darn awful everything is in our country…”

    Are you fucking serious. Isn’t it the right that screams we’re going to hell in a hand basket. How immoral America has become. How lazy people on welfare have become. And how un-Godly American is. How the military has been gutted under Obama etc.

    What a joke.

  • rwg1949yt .

    all of those who fill the football stadiums and basketball arenas and have a relative or friend who was maimed or killed while a policeman or soldier are supporting those who spit on their graves.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Typical n* gger. Expecting to get paid to sit on his ass.