If you go out and spew racist and hateful sentiments, you should be prepared to deal with the consequences. Those consequences could be pretty severe, and you may even find yourself out of a job.

Unless of course you work at a leftist institution of higher learning and your sentiments are directed at white people, that is. Then it’s all good.

Trinity College has welcomed Professor Johnny Eric Williams back into the fold after he was briefly placed on leave. In the wake of the terrifying leftist terror attack at a GOP congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, Williams concurred with some absolutely vile sentiments making the rounds online.

As The Federalist notes, an anonymous blogger known as “Son of Baldwin,” “proposed that black emergency personnel should let wounded white people die rather than lend assistance.”   

Williams was on board with that sentiment, and he even shared the hashtag, #LetThemF***ingDie.

Linking to the outlandish sentiment and adopting the hashtag wasn’t the only contribution to the conversation from Williams. The Federalist notes that he “posted some additional denunciations of white Americans for “their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system.”

Williams would later share this warm and fuzzy sentiment: “The time is now to confront these inhuman assholes and end this now.”

Trinity was alerted to Williams’s statements, and placed the professor on leave. Surely, a careful review of the situation would prove to administrators that Williams had no business being given a forum in front of impressionable minds, right?

Wrong. While Williams’s hateful vitriol was deemed “extramural utterances” that “contradicts our fundamental institutional values,” the liberal lunatic professor “has been reinstated in good standing.”

Serious lines are being crossed in our nation’s institutions of higher learning each and every day, and parents need to think long and hard about which ones are actually worthy of receiving their hard-earned dollars.

Source: The Federalist