After years of witnessing the rivalry between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, the war is seemingly coming to a close with T-Swift as the winner. 

Many things can be blamed for the demise of Perry’s career but none more so than third wave feminism, a cancer she brought on herself.

Perry had a meteoric rise in the pop world, releasing nine number-one singles in just five years from 2008 to 2013, and then Katy met feminism.

The singer started her downward spiral quickly after announcing to the world “maybe I’m a feminist after all” in a 2014 Time interview.

While she always had left-wing leanings and campaigned for former President Obama’s re-election campaign, it wasn’t until she declared herself a feminist that she lost her career and her mind. She seemed to forget quickly afterward that her job was to be an entertainer that made people happy and turned into a shrill left-wing harpy who felt it was her job to make white Millennials feel guilty as if she was a nun or something.

In June 2016, she became one of the leading celebrities demanding Congress enact gun control after the Pulse night club shooting and fundraised for California Senate candidate Kamala Harris.

Yet her life really spiraled out of control when she began campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Like an addiction to crystal meth, endorsing Hillary will destroy your life.

After Hillary’s loss, Perry adopted a short blonde lesbianic haircut resembling Eminem’s in the late 90’s. She also had a long sit-down interview with Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson who looked noticeably uncomfortable while Perry mumbled about cultural appropriation, but that could have just been because openly gay activist had to sit so close to a vagina for that long.

The damage to her career was incalculable. Her album Witness was released on June 9, 2017, hit number-one and then immediately flew down to #13 the following week.

A recording artist’s first single off of any record is usually the most important. After years of hitting it out the park with radio friendly pop songs like “I Kissed A Girl,” “California Gurls,” and “Roar” on her previous records, Perry released “Chained to the Rhythm” off of Witness which peaked at number-four before falling down the charts.

Her follow-up singles “Bon Appétit” and “Swish Swish” bombed, peaking on the Billboard charts at #59 and #46, respectively.

Adding insult to injury, she released the music video to “Swish Swish” just 24-hours before rival Taylor Swift dropped “Look What You Made Me Do” and was totally forgotten.

As T-Swift dominated social media and radio airwaves, Perry’s irrelevance was never more apparent.

Swift’s music video, featuring only the lyrics to her song, outpaced Perry’s high production music video on YouTube and was streamed far more than “Swish Swish” on Spotify.

Perry is hoping that hosting the VMA’s may rejuvenate her career, but it seems unlikely. Feminism is cancer and Perry’s case is a stage four.

  • Katy Perry. A good bit of talent without a brain to back it up.

    • Droek

      She may have good bits, but talent? lol nah

      • Rusty McRae

        good tits maybe.

  • Hamm Sammichez

    She used to be pretty back when she had long dark hair. Now she just looks stupid(er).

  • annabeee

    The fact that Taylor Swift’s new song isn’t even that good, she didn’t even try this time tbh. But you see them put side by side and Katy Perry is too much of a mess to compare.

  • Archie Bunker

    She went full libtard. Never go full libtard.

    • Elizabeth Lewis

      lol, excellent

  • UncommonSense

    Making music and jumping ballz deep in politics hardly ever works out.

  • Pearlbuck

    She’s pretty woke, tho.

    • Guest

      Woke? Katy Perry is a full on pizzagate NWO shill!

      • Pearlbuck

        But she’s woke, dude.

        • Kimmy3

          Yep, she’s a woke and bake for sure. Pass the bong.

  • MGlisson

    she looks like a fuckin dude, and attempts to rally people against america? – This is what happens when you buy in the hype of less then 1% of the country… – The 99% says fuck you..

    • PunJabber

      Fuck her? “Not with YOUR poll!”

      • MGlisson

        poll? lol

  • windkirby

    While Taylor has a couple feminist leanings, I admire that she seems fairly capable of thinking of herself. She stays totally out of politics probably because she has some non-mainstream views, even as every outlet screeches at her for not condemning Trump. And her songs are successful because they go against the narrative that a woman must be independent and strong. In most of them she is missing an ex grieving over some kind of broken trust. Her honesty wins where idealistic power fantasies don’t.

    • Jud Bennett

      And that’s why she’s falling. Rational people hear she’s a feminist so they don’t by her stuff because they don’t want to risk wasting their money on a feminist rant album and the feminists stop buying her stuff because they find out it’s not pushing their narrative. She’s put herself in a lose lose situation.

      • windkirby

        I don’t think so. As stated her recent video release did very well, as did her last album.

      • Knotalibby

        Who? Taylor? I don’t think so. I love her music. So does my daughter. And my dad is 80 and loves Taylor’s music. My granddaughter is 5 and says Shake it Off is ‘her song’. I think she appeals to a wide range of fans because she isn’t preachy or hateful or a man hater. She feels the same emotions the rest of us feel and she puts it into words and music. Taylor is one of those talents who will probably be around for a long time because she has the ability to grow.

  • LazyReader

    “Once you go liberal………no rhyme here, you’re just an idiot”

    • Kimmy3

      …all you do is regressive dribble.

  • Cynewulf

    Another reminder that Matt Thiessen dodged a bullet…

  • January

    Katy Perry started on her downward spiral before she started campaigning for Hillary. I was scrolling through the TV one day and came across a reality show with her and some shrink. She’s talking about two Perry’s, one being Kathryn Perry, her birth name, and the other being Katy Perry, the famous singer. It was so strange, like she was actually talking about two completely individual people in different bodies. She talks about being gay, about being a feminist, about identifying as nothing & just being. Her last video, I saw only a little of it and had to close it down. I’m not a fan of hers but she has a great voice: She needs professional help because she is on the road to self-destruction and that road is on a hill going straight down.

    • harlan leys

      Maybe Russell Brand thought he was marrying Katy Perry, then found out too late, he’d married Kathy?

      • January

        Russell Brand got out while the going was good. He was probably confused on who he actually did marry.

    • foxtrot uniform

      That’s kind of interesting considering her birth name isn’t Perry but Hudson. Either you mistoke what you heard and typed or she really does have some serious problems

      • January

        Thank you. I messed up on the Hudson with all the names she called herself. Under Perry, she has called herself, Katy Perry and Kathryn Perry (which is the first name she changed it to before Katy), but in the conversation with the shrink she did refer to Kathryn Hudson. I accidentally wrote Perry. I corrected it.

  • harlan leys

    Something similar happened to her ex-, Russell Brand. He used to be a sometimes hilarious comedian, ready to wind up and piss off anyone – feminists, macho-men, ‘racists’, ‘Antifa’, whoever. Getting banned by the BBC was a speciality. His mate, Frankie Boyle, likewise. Yet in recent years, they got all political, lefty-luvvie-liberal, and now their comedy is yawn inducing.

  • Mark Wilkinson

    So many more things to concern ourselves with than Katy Perry. Zulu Foxtrot.

  • bkungl

    Karma is a bitch

  • Nob ody

    Why is Milo wearing that silver sequined kit?

    • Kimmy3

      Two words: because it’s fab-u-lous!

  • Lanceman

    This is the broad who got dumped by the pseudo intellectual heroin addict.

  • bouco

    She’s still rebelling against her Christian parents, and boring us all.

  • WhoMe

    I used to enjoy her singing until I watched an interview with her where she trashed God and her Christian upbringing. Wow! THAT is when her decline started. Then the robotic, cult like worship of Killary, whacked out haircuts, bizarre behavior. (Symptoms of liberalism) Hell, when the the likes of Russell Brand dump you, how horrible have you become?!

  • Jon Sobieski

    Chained to the rhythm lyrics and video staging is a putdown to white people living in their bubble, looking through rose colored glasses, the lions (non whites) angered, non caring, etc. It’s a pretty cool video where the couples get thrown into the air. pretty funny.

  • Kevin Jones

    One of the funniest articles I’ve read this year

  • Tony

    Even California Girls is annoying, My 18 yr old Daughter is starting to avoid certain artists because of their pissy whiney lyrics and K perry was one of the first.
    Like me, she says Shaddap and make with the Ha Ha.

  • Lince Ibérico

    Listen Enya as doesnt offend anyone, her music is Universal.

  • Jim Georani

    A friend just mentioned to me that Katy turned into some kind of activist and got too weird to follow. Anecdoctal confirmation of this article’s premise.

  • Americus Freeman

    Aryan goddess Taylor Swift snatched my wig right off my head with “Look what you made me do”. I feel like she and I are connected, we have so much in common; overly attached man eaters dating mostly for musical inspiration, beloved by white supremacists, and turn into vengeful psychopaths when wronged/heartbroken 😛

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Who can ever forget that picture of KP without makeup?

    • RunningBulldog77

      Thanks, I just threw up a little bit in mouth.

  • vendigo

    U know what’s the best about katy perry songs?
    her large boobies ????

  • ActivistAngel

    Does it matter that she has openly claimed she sold her soul to Lucifer, and that her father condemns her for it? Satanism/spirit cooking may be fashionable, but many of these people do horrible things to children as part of their “religion.” Then they get blackmailed for it, if they are in a prominent position. God save the children.

  • RunningBulldog77

    It boils down to class,(T Swift) vs Crass (K Perry).

  • Gary Lynch

    When you are bullied into apologising by ‘Empowered Angels’, and then take their side, you are finished.

  • bekk31

    Well people are obviously still buying her stuff. She hasn’t completely lost her career. She’s just making less money. Now Kaepernic and Griffin have lost their careers.

  • Agent 99

    Katy Perry jumped the 🦈 a long time ago.

  • Mierzwiak

    “Is math related to science?” – she asked Neill deGrasse Tyson. What can we expect from somoeone THAT stupid?

  • SBGrin

    Even if swift is a full hillary voter, she DOESNT PREACH about it so I respect her for that, other celebs need to follow suit