Europe has been struck with a series of vehicular attacks by Islamic terrorists and European governments have another  solution to the terrorism crisis.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that cities across Europe were placing concrete blocks on roads to protect pedestrians from being slaughtered by terrorists using cars.

In Spain, which suffered the most recent terrorist attack by Islamic extremists, has seen the rise of bollards, planters and cement barriers in busy areas to better security. Cities like Madrid, Málaga, Palma and Zaragoza were the first to erect them, sadly Barcelona officials decided not to and that’s where the terrorist attack occurred.

Milan and Florence in Italy; London, England; Frankfurt and Berlin in Germany, Paris, Nice, and Avignon in France, have all also chosen to follow Spain’s lead and erect street barriers.

Despite the effort of local officials to protect their citizens, most of their efforts will be in vain given that it will be virtually impossible to protect every street in Europe. These road blocks will just serve as yet another bandaid on the growing fissure created by a lack of assimilation, the growing threat of radicalism, and mass immigration from the Islamic world.