A comedy show scheduled for last Saturday night was shut down by alt-left activists over fears that dangerous speech might be espoused inside the privately-owned club where it was to be held.

Comedian Danny Polishchuk organized the event, called the Free Speech Comedy Show, at Toronto’s Comedy Bar.

“Saying this show is ‘free speech’ was equated by some people to mean this was a Nazi rally. The people who shut this show down, in their minds, they think they are defeating Nazis, which is insane,” Polishchuk, who is Jewish, told City News.

Polishchuk organized the show in response to a recent free speech event at Ryerson University scheduled for August 22 and featuring Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad which was shut down by the alt-left, he told MILO News.

“Antifa shut it down, so I decided to do a pro-free speech, anti-fascism comedy show as a response.”

It didn’t go so well once the show was announced. Phone calls flooded the venue and a vandal broke the lock on the door making it impossible to open. Polishchuk said the owner feared violence and the show was cancelled.

“There were 20 comedy show in Toronto on Saturday night. The only difference in my show and the other shows is mine was called the Free Speech Show, and the others were just tacitly the free speech show,” Polishchuk said.

“They’ve lumped regular Jewish comedians with white supremacists. We are the same to them.”

Kevin Metcalf, an activist behind shutting down the event, called it “fascist friendly,” on Facebook and posted that, “The community needs to stand together against bigotry.”

“The event was ill-timed and played on some vulnerabilities in the community, ” Metcalf told City News.

Polishchuk said there were no racial undertones in the material that night and, ironically, all proceeds from the show were going to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a human rights organization.

Now that’s funny.




  • Pearlbuck

    Kevin Metcalf is a Nazi.

    • marcdanarc

      Stop insulting Nazis!

  • January

    They are ALT-Left. I find it funny that they are attacking ANYBODY that uses the term “Free Speech” in anything. It’s not about any group we call ALT-Right, that was just their starting point; It’s all about “Free Speech” period and shutting it down. They are dissidents that are bent on destroying a country from within. I believe this ALT-Left group = Communist wannabes.

    • Chris Leroux

      They are not ALT-Left. They are Ctrl-Left, because they want to control you.

      • January

        A bunch of us decided not to call them CTRL-Left, because that doesn’t bother them. But, when you call the ALT-Left, they don’t like it at all. They laugh at CTRL-Left.

        • harlan leys

          It flatters their inflated sense of importance and delusions.

    • Roger Culver

      I just call them a bunch of entitled idiots

    • GTKRWN

      They are not ALT anything. They are just the left. We gave these communist-loving faggots a chance to distance themselves and they refused to. You owned it. You don’t get to back out only now that you’ve lost control of your pets.

  • DaisyToo

    Stalinists want to abolish the first Amendment. But what’s really truly scary is that so does pretty much the entire Left.

    • January

      I wouldn’t say all the left. We have a couple out here that are on the left. I’ll find something one person wrote and post to you. We need to start a new left and a new right.

      “Stalinists”, You are so right. I’ve been saying the Bolshevik Revolution has come to the US in the name of Antifa. This is a homegrown group wanting to destroy our country from within, they are Communist. There are three statues that they have said could stay up, Lenin’s, Byrd – leader of the KKK, but resigned because the members were anti-Communist and Che Guevara. Pretty much 3 communist statues.

    • January

      Here’s what Hairatic Rick had to say when we were saying we should use CTRL-Left. He misunderstood what the CTRL stood for and thought it meant “center” and wrote the message I’m showing you. It wasn’t written to me. He did call me out for my using the CTRL and in a very nice way but once I explained the meaning, both the person he wrote the following message to and the one he wrote me, we got the nicest apologies from him. He is a big support to us.

      “BS! I’m a center left liberal Kekistani who has center right liberal Kekistani friends. You are acting as the Alt left does attacking anyone who is left of you, eating your own. Many of us liberals voted for Trump, which got him the win. But, you and your lot think you did it on your own and can do it again without us. So you have been beating on us liberals … Fine, enjoy yourself and in four years enjoy prez Clinton. Your lot has done this to yourself.

    • harlan leys

      Well, this shit’s going down in Canada, which loathes the First Amendment:

      ‘Canadian law draws the line on free expression. As Kevin Metcalf of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression points out, absolute free speech is an American concept. Metcalf’s suggestion is not merely his private opinion: it is a legal fact.’ [See this self-contradictory column: ‘Hate laws put reasonable limits on freedom of speech’, at thestar]

  • markxport

    “The event was ill-timed and played on some vulnerabilities in the community, ” Metcalf told City News. Nice how “they” will determine when and what “we” will hear. If “we” attempt to reverse that, “they” will go batsh!t crazy in the streets.

    • marcdanarc

      Metcalf acts like he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us. Probably doesn’t get out much.

      • harlan leys

        He gets out too much.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Wankers lol. Burn a koran on 9-11.

  • Jesse James

    No. It isn’t funny at all. It is sad. And the media supports it wholeheartedly.

  • Minerverse

    These useful idiots are fashioning rods for their own backs. What do these protesters think there are using when they protest; free speech. Yet here they are, shutting down free speech events. Sooner or later, the state is going to say ‘well sure kids, we’ll shut down the free speech in favour of social justice’. Then ANTIFA et al, will walk away feeling righteous and vindicated, right up until they focus on their next target. ANTIFA will show up to protest their new targets’ events and get the big hand of the state on their shoulders saying ‘uhh ahh, we banned that sh_t kids. Black bags for you too now’, and the members of the free speech rallies and ANTIFA can discuss their follies in the same prison.

  • LazyReader

    Daniel Tosh is the last decent comedian………I know that’s saying something. but seriously…..in the 21st century comedic writing is a dying art. You’re not allowed to make fun of anyone.

    • Alan Avery

      Anthony Jeselnik makes fun of anyone. Doug Stanhope is brutal, too

  • Roger Culver

    The only vulnerability in the community is mental instability.

  • misha1d1

    Yes, because nothing says free speech like Nazi’s burning books and killing anyone who opposes them. The left is stupid and angry. Many of them truly believe the lies they spout, which is truly the frightening.

  • ranterator

    Free speech,free speech, free speech.
    Just thought I’d piss off some fascist commis…

  • marcdanarc

    I find it hilarious that Kevin Metcalf is the “Promotions and Communications Coordinator” for “The Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.
    Obviously they do not actually support free expression.

    • harlan leys

      The CJFE association with Antifa suggests some serious cognitive dissonance. As Antifa now equate ‘fascism’ with free speech, is the CJFE now supporting ‘fascism’? Or siding with Antif against free speech? Well, Kevin, which is it?

      Metcalfe’s confused about free speech in other ways; and/or he’s a huge hypocrite. A free speech supporting journalist who sics libel suites on other journalists (called Kevin)? [See ‘What Happens When An Anti-Muslim Internet Personality Begins To Face Consequences?’, at CANADALAND]

      ‘The CJFE is committed to supporting free expression. We recognize the right of a private business to bar controversial events from its space’ – i.e; they support suppressing speech – and further recognize the right of community members to engage in free expression by contacting the venue respectfully with concerns.’ I.e: they support scare tactics and threats which are aimed at stifling speech. [See Comedy Bar Vandalized, at gofundme}

  • ActivistAngel

    Made me go to you tube and watch him. Pretty funny, but watch out if you are a snowflake. Some might find his material offensive.

  • harlan leys

    The awful irony that illiberal leftists now seem to equate ‘free speech’ with ‘fascism’, suggests Milo is right. The tide is turning against political correctness and it’s speech policing supporters; and they’re the ones empowering it, inadvertently, with this blinkered, self-inflicted idiocy.

    For ‘Antifa’ read Antifree.


    Oi vey! Right-wing comedy is too offensive! We have to shut it down!
    Tell your children to watch a stronk empowered liberal woman instead! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/624ec2e019ce18ee5991756114ec730804a3187bc66fcddc5540b1d803712a81.jpg

  • Jim

    “Free speech” is the new taboo from the alt-left.

  • BPatMann

    I support free speech to the extent that the speech agrees with me in every way.