The internet is currently ablaze with jokes following the release of footage showing a BBC staffer watching a steamy sex scene on an office computer behind a television presenter during a live broadcast.

As The Daily Mail reports, the incident took place during a broadcast of BBC’s News At Ten.

During the broadcast, as presenter Sophie Raworth was speaking to the camera, a BBC employee could be seen sitting in his chair with a pair of headphones on, watching a woman remove her bra while standing over a man.

Eventually, her breasts can be seen.

See the clip below.

According to The Daily Mail, the movie the staffer was watching was likely not pornographic in nature but rather an action film.

Still, it did not go over well.

The Sun quotes “a TV source” as stating, “this has gone down like a lead balloon at the BBC. It is totally unprofessional.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter…

According to The Sun, “a probe” (probably not the best choice of words) has been launched into the matter as the BBC attempts to fully understand what happened.

This is likely the first piece of proper investigative journalism that has gone on for months at the BBC – which is known for its idiotic pro-Islam slant and general fudging of facts to suit its own narrative.

The Daily Mail

  • Freedom?

    All those old bones in there, they gotta keep the juices flowing somehow.

  • Given it’s BBC, we’re more surprised it wasn’t antiwhite snuff porn.

  • HunchbackKing

    They must not have any Islamic propaganda worth airing, so they’re watching porn during down time.

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  • One-Eye

    This hapopened in Australia a few years ago. A staffer’s friend emailed him some bikini pictures of Miranda Kerr while his back was visible to camera. The fool opened the email and the pictures were clear to see.

    It wasn;t porn and everyone just laughed it off.

  • Rob B

    I think that’s the movie Showgirls

  • Chris Leroux

    That’s objectifying women.

  • colorado2

    ehhh who cares , another plan to boost ratings ?

  • Roy Majury

    “watching a woman remove her bra while standing over a man.” … Did they just assume their gender??… lol

  • Steve O

    He was doing research. Google “BBC” and see what turns up! (Do not search for BBC on your work computer.)

  • Roger Edward Harris

    Guaranteed to grow audience, especially men.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Just shows that even most of the people who work at BBC knows BBC is Fake News and not worth paying attention to.

  • Stüntkök

    These problems will all go away under sharia law in the UK soon.

  • Jesse James

    I see this matter should be “handled gently”, and the probe should be more like a caressing embrace. We don’t want to flop either side too much, and I think everyone would enjoy a reprieve from the stiff nature of fake bewb ambiance. LOLOLOL I suggest an firm, but supple, envelopment of this hard, and difficult to handle issue! muahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • 100% of straight men give this broadcast “1 Little Solider Up”

  • artiefischel

    Is that the token straight white guy at the BBC?

  • dipflo


  • SaucyJack42

    At least we know that guy isn’t an Islamist.