A woman from Australia who grew up with two lesbian mothers and no father figure has spoken about her experience and why same sex marriage isn’t good for children. 

Millie Fontana, 24, spoke to hundreds of people at the Australian Christian Lobby in 2015, when she gave details of her life as a “donor conceived child.” The video of the speech has begun to circulate on social media ahead of the postal vote on same-sex marriage in Australia.

In the 13-minute speech, Fontana claimed her testimony was “unheard of because nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow.”

“The side that is not catered for, that don’t grow up happy and grow up with a dissenting idea of what a family structure should be,” she continued.

According to Fontana, she wanted a father at a young age, even when she couldn’t “articulate what a father was.”

“I knew that I loved both of my parents but I could not place my finger on what it is I was missing inside myself,” she said. “When I hit school I started to realize through observing other children and their loving bonds with their fathers that I really was missing out on something special.”

“I was lied to throughout school, I was told that I didn’t have a father or that perhaps they didn’t know who he was,” she explained. “When they chose what parts of my identity were acceptable to reveal to me, they took something from me and where other children were able to look in the mirror and reconcile those missing parts and say I love my mothers or my fathers, I could not because in my eyes who were my parents to decide what parts of me were acceptable to reveal to me.”

Fontana, who has campaigned in support of the plebiscite on same-sex marriage, says “Rainbow families,” must be held accountable for how the family is created.

“This is my main issue with the gay community right now,” she said during an episode of ABC’s “You Can’t Ask That,” earlier this year.

One of Fontana’s mothers was high school friends with the father. According to Fontana, her father was open to a relationship with her and her two brothers, “But it was strongly insinuated that we were fatherless.”

Fontana has said in previous interviews the first time she felt “stable” in her adolescence was when she met her father when she was 11.

“When I was a young kid, I didn’t really want to bring people into my world,” she said on You Can’t Ask That. “Having that understanding of who my father was would have benefited me to go into things like school…more confidently.”

“I would spend an almost unhealthy amount of time at their houses because I was fascinated by the heterosexual family structure,” she explained.

“I couldn’t replace my actual father,” she said before adding “It was still obvious to me there was quite a lot missing.”

Fontana described her father having an “air of graceful masculinity about him,” when they first met. She also explained that she finally knew who she was and she knew her heritage.

In the past, Fontana has said there are “serious consequences,” for children that are “denied access to their biological parents.”

“We [children of same-sex ­couples] want our mothers and ­fathers,” she said. “I don’t understand why ­society is so fiercely rejecting such a natural concept that is acceptable in every other family structure.”

Watch Fontana’s speech in the video below.

Video Courtesy Of Millie Fontana

Featured Image Via Australian Christian Lobby


The Daily Mail

  • Jeffery Fizer

    People started rejecting men years ago, you can thank feminism for this. But blaming her parents for her ills, perhaps she should have never been born.

    • Chris Renegar

      No! This is not the first woman I’ve heard express this. She is right except for the evolution nonsense. Our Lord intended for our innocent children to have a father and a mother! This is selfish and destructive any other way. This is insane leftism.

      • David Watts

        You can tell she had a natural and instinctive longing just from her words… this is a sad tale. I’m sure the parents meant well (or I’d like to think so), but it still seems like a form of deprivation…

        Also: “When they chose what parts of my identity were acceptable to reveal to me…” That seems a bit sinister and in the category of behavior modification. Children are not experimental lab animals…

      • Anthony Mxyzptlk

        Chris – children do have a father and mother, always. It’s just that sometimes they can’t live with them, for a wide variety of reasons.

      • DaisyToo

        I think you may have misunderstood what she was saying about evolution. I understood her point to be that evolution takes a long, long time and that the radical Left/LGBT people would have social evolution take place overnight.

    • Daniel

      Her parents WERE responsible, at least until she became an adult. This was done TO her – she didn’t choose this.

      • Jeffery Fizer

        She chose to be miserable. She seems to be ungrateful for the love she received. What about all the single parents out there, the ones who are divorced of chose to have a child without a partner. You can’t blame the lesbian couple without pointing fingers at other situations with the same results.

        • Skyhawk

          Your words are hollow and ignorant. Way to blame the child for missing her father. While there are times when the nuclear family is not possible (death, abuse, etc…) there is simply no improving upon or replacing it.

          • Jeffery Fizer

            It has been demonstrated millions of times that the Nuclear family is not necessary to have a normal and emotionally healthy child.

          • Skyhawk

            Objective research strongly favors the nuclear family. You are either mistaken or intentionally deceptive.

          • Rusty Esq

            Are you sure? There’s some wriggle room in your statement, but, there is plenty of evidence that missing fathers impact the DNA of children.

            Search Mercator dot net for loss of father leaves its mark in the child’s DNA

            If you take the time to read it, it categorises the damage based on cause of absence.

          • Karen Willet

            This lady just demonstrated the opposite of that.

        • Dale Setty

          Corny. Lol She chose to be miserable. Are you for real?

        • Anthony Mxyzptlk

          Jeffery – it does seem more and more likely that couples who plan to raise someone else’s children need serious counseling on what to tell the kids about their genetic parents, what age to tell them, and what to respond if the kids want to go see them the next day. It seems there is a built-in bond and longing there, no matter how nice the custodial parents may be. The kids may be better off knowing something, even if the genetic father is in Joliet State Prison for life, was killed in a gang fight, was deported, or is under indictment for welfare fraud. It should be possible for modern adoption professionals to reach a rough consensus on these kinds of issues and present consistent advice to parents. Not all couples will take it, but if any of them do, that may be an improvement over the present situation.

          • Plain Speaker

            Numerous studies show people have more difficulty overcoming adversity when they feel betrayed. Not having a father due to death or jail or adoption is an adversity. Being *lied to* about the identity of that father is what makes her situation so much harder to recover from. Deceit is a *bad* thing in families.

          • Leisha Camden

            The kids are better off knowing also for the simple reason that the truth will out. If your bio dad is in Joliet for life then odds are very high that one day you’re going to find that out. And when you do, it’s infinitely better that your social/legal parents already told you this and explained it to you.

        • wig

          The issues are not mutually exclusive, for God’s sake! Additionally, the parents “wanted” a child. They didn’t do her any favors. This was based on THEIR want, not any one else’s.

          • Jeffery Fizer

            So now she wants to play the victim. She was wanted, while many children are not. Her misery is her own fault, and the fault of society telling her that is normal for her to feel deprived. It is not, and she was not.

          • DaisyToo

            You should listen to what this woman has to say before interjecting your opinion on the matter. At several points she proclaims her love for all 3 of her parents. She was lied to about her father .. lied to by these ‘loving’ lesbians that they didn’t know who he was. And you claim she was ‘wanted’ by them as a child? Only if ‘wanted’ means dismissing the reality that she didn’t spring from their own female loins w/out a man being involved.

            She deeply missed having a father. That was real, organic and natural. When she finally did meet her father (and her extended family that came along w/him) the emotional turmoil in her life settled down. She’s not miserable, but it sure does appear that hearing an inconvenient truth is making you miserable.

          • wig

            You are a troll.

          • wig

            You are a troll.

          • Leisha Camden

            But that’s the case with all parents everywhere who ever chose to have a child. When people decide to become parents, it’s because THEY want it. Having a child is always a selfish decision. There isn’t automatically anything wrong with that, that’s just how it is.

          • wig

            Agreed. The commenter’s angle was one of the parents blessing the child with life, not the actual reality of their own selfishness.

        • Karen Willet

          So why add to the problem?

    • Trevor Evenson

      You are a fuckup.

      • Jeffery Fizer

        Yes I am. Fuck up daily, make amends but carry on. You are an asshole.

        • anna

          Yeah that dude just seems mad at the world, usually super negative comments about women and black people. Makes you wonder where all that hatred stems from.

          • Skyhawk

            Or he is just good at identifying morons.

          • anna

            I don’t think harboring hatred for people based on race or gender makes someone “good at identifying morons” but hey, we all have our opinions.

          • Skyhawk

            Youre a leftist, that means your take is worth less than nothing. Thank you though.

          • anna

            What are you talking about, I’m a libertarian. That doesn’t mean I’m supposed to be cool with someone who judges someone based on physical features.

          • Unlucky#

            Liberals and/or leftists usually lump conservatives and libertarians together.

    • Scott

      We have hundreds of thousands of “never made it out of the womb, alive babies” yet we still have this situation.
      The solution is no children in a homosexual marriage, nobody dies.

  • Hairatic Rick

    I have no answers and too many questions to ask. One point, perhaps it is better for gay couples to adopt than for children to stay in state homes. Nevertheless, I’m sure there is good and bad in that, too.

    • Marie Corelli

      Like Leisha pointed out… those children already exist and finding a loving suitable home is the best solution. However creating children for same sex or single people is selfish. And it’s a form of narcissism as they want that blood/DNA thing. Why not adopt a child who needs a home? Then you are giving a child a chance they may not have had one. Next up Transgenders adopting. Mommy used to be a daddy and daddy used to be a mommy and we don’t know who your biological parents are because it was anonymous
      Talk about an identity crisis????

  • 1TSMommy

    This isn’t just a feeling children of same sex families have…adopted kids feel this too. Not knowing your roots/parentage is difficult.

    • DaisyToo

      Hopefully, an adopted child isn’t lied to and told they don’t have biological parents. Even more optimally, an adoptive child has both an adoptive mother and a father.

    • Leisha Camden

      This is true, but there is a difference there. Adoption is a solution to a problem that exists. There are children in the world who, for a huge variety of reasons, don’t have biological parents, or whose biological parents are unable to care for them. But they are too young to take care of themselves. These children already exist and their situation is a problem, which responsible adults need to solve for them. I truly believe that adoption by non-biological parents is the best possible solution to this problem. Even though adoption comes with its own problems – but it is making the best of a bad situation.

      Donor children though, they are something else. They don’t have to be the children of same sex parents, there are single women who have donor children and the problem is the exact same there. These children aren’t already here with a problem that needs a solution. These children are created specifically to live in a situation that is deliberately problematic. I don’t know a lot about the situation in the US but in my country (Norway) anonymous sperm donations are illegal so many women in this situation prefer to go to Denmark to be inseminated as they allow anonymous donors there. These children not only don’t know who their biological fathers are, but they also have no way of ever finding out. It may work out, but it may also create a lot of emotional problems later. To paraphrase what you said, not knowing where you come from can make it very hard to find the way forward.

      • DaisyToo


      • 1TSMommy

        Very true. <3

      • Amalthea

        A beautiful, articulate post, Leisha. Thank you.

  • Ohshutup

    I don’t think one unhappy person is a story. Lot’s of kids of single mothers really want a father also, and would probably rather have a 2nd parent of any gender than just one in total

    • Skyhawk

      I think you miss the point. With the same sex home, comes same sex politics…ie moral equivalency. All things equal, the nuclear family is superior, and sadly, every child that does not get to experience it will always be missing something.

      • Ohshutup

        I know a same sex, conservative couple. Should they not be allowed to raise a kid – a kid they adopted, who would have had a lousy situation otherwise. I don’t think I miss the point at all

        • wig

          This kid wasn’t adopted. They created this mess themselves INSTEAD of adopting a needy child.

          • Ohshutup

            So what? Who the hell are you to judge?

          • wig

            You did notice that I was responding to a comment, right???

        • Skyhawk

          I am not against non-traditional families per se, many do fine, however, I am against making moral equivalences to the nuclear family.

          • Ohshutup

            The only equivalence I’m concerned about is the parental talent of those involved. “Moral” ? Bah – give me a talented atheist over a delusional bible thumper every time………….that said, Father & Mother is certainly the best situation – I’ll grant you that

      • Anthony Mxyzptlk

        Skyhawk – a related problem is that many (but not all) lesbian women have no love for men in their hearts and have trouble believing that a young girl feels love for her genetic father and would be better off receiving his love as well. This is particularly true for lesbians who were sexually molested in childhood and are fiercely determined to prevent that from happening to their daughters.

        • Skyhawk

          Agreed. In fact, the entire “lesbian” construct could be argued as more a rejection of men (who ironically have rejected them, or in some cases hurt them) then as a legitimate sexual preference.

          • Rusty Esq

            You need to study Kinsey. I know two bisexual lesbians who like men but prefer women. No abuse, just preference.

            I know another lesbian who changed sides because she was emotionally fragile and was rejected by a boyfriend. She found a masculine woman who loved her as she was.

            If you’ve got evidence to back up the abuse theory, I’d like to know. On the lesbians I know (1/2 a dozen), that’s not the case. It’s the same for gay men… preference.

            According to partheos dot com “a major study of child abuse and homosexuality revisited”, they found no correlation whatsoever.

            I’ll also add that I spend a fair amount of time in the gay community (a fag stag, or breeder as they call me). Most of the people I know had loving parents and knew they were gay at a young age. I’d call that a nail in the coffin of that theory.

          • DaisyToo

            Kinsey was a pervert and a fraud. But I repeat myself.

  • anna

    I do feel for her, but I will say that things could have been much worse for her.

  • annabeee

    As an Australian, I am perplexed how a government with 2 hung elections and a period where there were around 3 different Prime Ministers over 5 years thought it was a good idea to fork out $150 million dollars on a plebiscite on gay marriage. At least it won’t be a referendum, cos that would be embarrassing. I have faith in the people.

  • David L. Stinson

    Well, I tried to express an opinion, but Milo’s staff has censors just like the HuffingGlue Post, it seems.

    • Rusty Esq

      They won’t let you include links. However, I have some posts without links that get deleted too.

      I don’t read the Huff Post.

  • singh99@gmail.com

    We are engaged in a very dangerous experiment, and the price is being paid by innocent children. This is child abuse and it should be illegal. I am opposed to all sperm donor clinics, creating humans is not some business transaction.

    • What about for reasonable heterosexual couples that can’t conceive their own child due to biology? We don’t want to adopt a black child either, which seems to be the group with too many unwanted children.

      • GFYSEAD

        Who wants a broken crack or fas baby? Lets be honest. You wouldnt buy a house with a crumbling foundation.

        • Chris Bodan

          While I am not one of them, there are many mothers and fathers who choose to adopt those very children. I don’t believe I have what it takes to do that. Would that I did.

          Your comment is callous and very revealing of your character.

          • Jas

            Shut up! I had to grow up as the other child while the adopted “messed up” sibling got all the resources and attention, because they “need” it. What about me? A whole upbringing of having to deal with all these mental problems that sucked away any normal upbringing for me, seriously, go fuck yourself.

          • mistel

            Just a reminder that Chris Bodan is not the cause of your lack of a normal upbringing. No reason to attack him. You’re angry at your parents, and it sounds as if you should be, but your own self-loathing is no excuse to lash out at others who had nothing to do with it.

          • OneOfOne

            youre a selfish asshole. your circumstances have no effect on this fact

        • Robert W

          Why would white people even want a tarbaby in first place?

          • OneOfOne

            why didnt your mom swallow as usual?

      • Ishare

        Comparing apples and oranges. Her experience is that a child will naturally crave for knowing who she is, who her father and mother are. If you are adopting, this will be a consideration that you have to be ready for- reveal the biological parents of your child. Anyway, the topic is about her not approving of homosexual parents. Already, at a young age, she was emotionally and psychologically impacted because homosexual adults decided they will adopt a child.

    • bobruark

      actually historically a marriage certificate is basically a TRANSACTION ala CONTRACT

      • krejaton

        Wrong. Historically, marriage has always been a covenant.

    • megajess

      Excellent comment.

  • Ali Hollyhock Bermann

    this addresses what I’ve been saying for years. If same sex couples want to have children, great, but make sure there is an opposite sex parent figure the child can turn to. be it an aunt/uncle or just a family friend but someone who is willing to fill the necessary role of mom or dad the child will eventually need in their life.

    • Hairatic Rick

      In the black community over 70% of the kids are in a single mother home and “there is no opposite sex parent figure the child can turn to” is that the reason for so much crime there? Is that the preordained outcome of matriarchal societies? If so, feminist are monsters, which must be stopped!
      Torch and pitchfork time.

      • janelle

        No, just common sense time.

      • Chesapeake

        That’s a big can of worms. Why not ask Hillary about that since she’s in the prison business and claimed black youths are “super predators”. Her husband implemented NAFTA. That killed the unskilled job market and turned a blind eye to illegal immigrants that “took the jobs no one else will”. In other words employers not paying taxes or benefits. But, I agree feminists are monsters. PS Not all people of color are uneducated ghetto residents. Quit believing that lie.

        • Hairatic Rick

          Hillary and I are not pen pals.

      • GTKRWN

        Yes, because the only male figure in these black communities are rappers or the friendly neighborhood drug dealers who quite happily teach them “how to be men.” Which generally involves teaching them that “the man” be keeping them oppressed, fuck white people, and fuck cops.

        Single mothers among white women generally don’t allow any father-figure because fuck that heteronormative cis-sexxist patriarchal toxic masculinity bullshit. Those children grow up to either dye their hair blue and wear vagina-hats at college protests about their “right” to unlimited free abortions, or become Bernie Sanders supporters that enjoy being “feminist allies” and watching the black men have sex with their wife.

        • OneOfOne

          and you know what about black communities aside from not to enter them for fear of pissing yourself?

          • GTKRWN

            Unlike champagne liberal college students and celebrity jews that live in their pretty white gated communities and spending daddy’s money while preaching how everyone else needs to have more “tolerance” (then demanding Section Ape housing only be built far away from them, preferably in the Red voting districts…) I lived among the chimps for many years, like goddamn Jane Goodall.

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            Every black child growing up that actually has a father (so 15% or so…) has one dream for their child; and that’s moving far away from niggers into a nice white community. Which really, is everyone’s dream. We’re all alike; white, black, asian, they all just want to live away from niggers.

            Hell I’ve even worked with an engineer from actual Africa. Skin that was actually nearly black, not brown. (It matters later.) Oh, did he hate niggers. Just the phrase “African American” set him off because he was a proud African and he hated his country’s heritage being sullied by niggers. We took him out to dinner at a fancy city place before he flew back. Two wild pavement-apes with their pants down around their knees spotted him all in his fitted suit and came nigger-walking all slow and diagonal in front of traffic and greeted him with “daaaaaaaaaaaymn yous one black ass nigguh!” Oh that triggered him good. I heard insults that would have made a Klansman blush as he berated these two chimplings. We tried to keep a straight face, but one of the crew cracked a laugh. The little chimps ignored our African friend after that and got in his face, pushing him while making ape screeches about “you thank that funny white boi!” We did. All of us did. One of our party just smiled, lifted his shirt, and let his carry piece catch the light. And then we kept laughing when those yellow chimp eyes went big and they ran off as fast as they could. The African summed up our encounter best as we quickly made our way back to our cars before some white liberal cuck called the cops; “Stupid niggers.”

      • OneOfOne

        you have no idea what youre talking about. go about failing your sociology major now

        • Hairatic Rick

          If, like you would have if you went to university until completion, I ever took a sociology course I, like you, would be a failed person, but, I did not. I have three advanced degrees in science, which means I have three degrees over you zero.
          Mr. Dunning–Kruger effect, I’m done with you … You are dismissed

  • Freedom1111

    I am in the middle of the aisle on this issue.
    There are too many kids with nuclear-family-type parents (dad/mom) who also feel they are missing out when they are not allowed to interact with other family members who are estranged from their nuclear parents. They know these relatives exist but arn’t allowed to meet them.
    What about kids whose moms/dads were killed overseas in our country’s wars in Iraq, Viet Nam, Afghanistan to name just a few. (yes, Viet Nam was a “police action”. Felt like war and had the exact same repercussions to those in it though).. Those kids no longer have both parents. Does this woman want all one-sex-only parenting to stop? The way I see it is she had 2 parents. Two adults who loved her. Sorry if one of them didn’t have a penis but at least she was loved. I know adults who had 2 nuclear parents who routinely beat the crap out of them . It would have been so much better if those angry parents had left for good and the other parents could have raised the kids alone. My point is, having both a mom and dad does not make for an automatically good, happy family. There’s just too much proven crap on both sides of that rainbow and everywhere else, too, for having two hetero parents to be THAT important in raising a happy child these days. I think being loved, respected and treated kindly/fairly counts more than if you can point to your parents and say “I have a mom and a dad”. Will the future bear this out? We shall have to wait and see. Right now there simply aren’t enough same-sex couples raising kids for anyone to be able to say what the norm is for that type of family.

    • Flora Post

      You are missing the point to this woman’s story.
      Biology 101 it takes a man and a woman to create life.
      This lady felt her life being “less than” because truth was denied in her life from the beginning.
      Much of your comparisons do not fit. Understand?

    • Mary Mennona Ventresca

      There’s more to a father than a penis!

      • Canadasux

        Not when he’s under age 25, and I’m a guy!

  • Mark McAllister

    She’s very pretty…fat

  • Is she going to become a stripper? Strippers always seek a father figure. We are going to have a stripper boom soon. Awesome!

    • fugly

      Nearly all sex workers had no relationship or an abusive relationship with their fathers. There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “She’s got daddy issues”.

  • veggiedude

    How does she explain the famously dysfunctional family of Ronald Reagan? Please explain that one.

    • DaisyToo


  • puccini914

    Growing up an adopted child is hard, but meeting my birthfather answered so many questions I had about myself. We shared the same sense of humor, political views, and way of thinking about things. Although I had felt very much the outsider growing up, it also made me realize that my adoption had also probably saved me from other more horrible tragedies that could’ve befallen me either from being the child of 17 year father who later became an alcoholic or from growing up in the foster care system.

  • DaisyToo

    13:18 – 13:28 is pay dirt: (basically) it’s not gender equality that’s wanted by some more radical LGBTs, but eradication of gender.

    Exactly. The dirty little truth is that domestic violence rates for lesbians (which are even higher than for gay men) are far and away Much higher than for heterosexuals. Which does indicate that gay people, for the most part, should not be bringing up children.

    • Michael Allen

      I believe you, but where is the information on domestic disputes coming from? I just want to be able to cite this whenever I use it in discussion.

      • DaisyToo

        There are numerous scholarly studies for professionals, not always easy to access.

        The CDC’s 2010/2013 survey is both very reliable and easy to access, as is the National Violence Against Women Survey. Can’t post links here, but you’ll easily find these studies online.

        Of course, there’s a reliable high correlation between drug/alcohol abuse and domestic violence ( homosexual and heterosexual) You could also look into the rates of alcohol and drug abuse amongst the LGBT community if you care to get into it further.

      • Ray Johnston

        Wikipedia ‘Domestic violence in same-sex relationships’ is a good place to start. Here in Australia the Sydney Morning Herald article from 2015 ‘Domestic violence a ‘silent epidemic’ in gay relationships’ brought the issue to wider public notice.
        Daisy Too mentioned drug/alcohol correlation. That also happens here – Lesbians (real ones NOT hetero women who leave their husbands and become lgbt people) are mainly into alcohol but gay guys go for the drugs.

    • Eimi1003

      I recall reading somewhere that in Europe (the Netherlands? maybe?) and possibly elsewhere that lesbian couples had higher divorce rates than male-female couples and also had higher divorce rates than gay male couples. If a woman falls in love with woman and wants to date her, fine, but I do not believe they should be able to marry the same gender or raise children. Yet liberals and leftists, with their anti-heterosexual, anti-male Marxist agenda keep pushing same-sex marriage and same-sex child rearing without thinking of the consequences, or what the children of these unions think of their situation.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    But Rosie O’Donnell and Gríma Wormtongue (Kelli Carpenter) were great parents. So sayeth CNN anyway.

  • janelle

    And now some want to get rid of Father’s day altogether. Very dangerous for children.

  • Alan Scott

    I’d be happy to help her work out any Daddy issues that she may have.

  • Riccardo Teodori

    Big surprise a traditional family is best this is news

  • Chesapeake

    This is the real inconvenient truth.

  • Anonymous

    My grandchildren were born to a surrogate. The egg donor was chosen, fertilized by each father, and the separate surrogate carried them.
    They have two dad’s, no mother, and an amazing life. There are female teachers and family members who fulfill the female roles for the children.
    I was raised by a single mother with an absent father. It would have been nice to see my mom in a relationship with a woman rather than the many abuser men she chose while raising us.
    The most important part of family and raising children is to love.
    Clearly the girl in the article has issues with being lied to about her donor. Parents shouldn’t lie.

    • Pat Patrix

      No, she has an issue with having two moms and feeling as if something was missing in her life. Don’t twist her words to fit your narrative. You don’t know how those children will feel when they grow up so you can’t speak for them either.

      • Anonymous

        I know that my grand’s aren’t being lied to like she was. She is upset with the lie.
        What is an ideal family? A child who knows who both parents are but the dad is in prison? She will hopefully figure out how blessed she is to have her 2 mom’s.
        My grand’s will be just fine.

        • Pat Patrix

          You’re talking out of your ass.

          • Agent 99

            Wishful thinking tends to do that.

        • Leisha Camden

          But she should also be allowed to have a relationship with her father and know him, Her parents should never have kept them apart, when he was willing and happy to be in her life.

          • Anonymous

            He was a donor.

        • Woman XX

          You are a deluded fool and its scary.

        • Woman XX

          Telling children they have two fathers is a lie. No creature in the history of the planet has ever had 2 fathers or 2 mothers. Oh yeah those kids are forced to live other peoples lies every day, all day.

          • Anonymous

            Telling me I had a father when he was a criminal who didn’t give two squats about me was a lie. I didn’t have a father at all. I had a donor who left my mom with 5 kids!
            In your book of rules, adoptions don’t count, because it’s a lie.
            My grands have the most amazing 2 fathers. The children are well adjusted and live full and happy lives. They will never want for anything.
            Many children only have a single parent. Life is not always text book.

          • Woman XX

            Well granny that’s some tough stuff. But you still do not get to weigh in on same sex parenting because that is not your experience. It is ours and it was a horror. Having people like you telling us that we need to be quiet and then lie and lie and lie some more for these adults. GTFO with that. You are a little slice into the kind of bull crap mind games the kids have to live with. Not normal, not nurturing and not okay. The LGBT community is filled with abusive and manipulative people–like you granny.

            No life is not text book but these people go out of their way–like you to harm OTHER peoples’ children. They did not create those children. They felt entitled to use other people kids and kids themselves as a badge of equality–like pets. What the hell other group demands other people provide them with live humans. It is not parenting it is human trafficking and abuse–ABUSE. Spare us the love is love. And how is gay marriage going to harm anyone? It will harm a lot of children forced to role play the emperors new clothes to a bunch of adults who are unable to even recognize children are actual humans. LGBT parenting is a crime against children and denies them their basic human rights and it does this by design not mishap. That is just the start of the cruelty. You sir can take your phony sob story and practice it a bit more while you preform your hot weekend enema regime becasue dude you need it.

          • Anonymous

            Wow. You’re full of anger like I’ve not seen. One day I hope the hate fades from your heart.

          • Woman XX

            Yeah people get like that from people like you who champion child abuse.

          • Charlie Pluckhahn

            You really do seem terribly bitter. I’m sorry you had a rough upbringing, and hope you can find peace.

          • Woman XX

            Well that’s an issue for people raised by LGBT parents. The activists think they own us and if we dare to speak out they will destroy our lives, our families and our careers.

          • fugly

            So I’m curious now. What is your story?

          • Woman XX

            I was raised by same sex parents in the LGBT community. There are a lot of us And there are a few movements and organizations. I know from my own experience that it is a form of child abuse that denies children their basic human rights. Most who have come forward and spoken out have been attacked by LGBT activists. One, not me. Pressed charges against the father and then other victims came forward and the father was found guilty and sentenced. He died in prison. Still the activists attacked the victim. The whole family had to move across the country. Yeah be LGBT is so loving–Love is love except when it isn’t. You wanna hear more stories. How about the LGBT activits that killed the family pet–call that fatal attraction. How about the story of the LGBT who went after the kids by trying to get them arrested on some fake charge. Yeah it is such a loving and wonderful community. Giving them other peoples children is a crime against humanity. They can’t keep the lid on us. There are far too many saying the same thing. The most selfish narcisstic people on the planet.

      • Leisha Camden

        It seems that what she is upset with is her parents keeping her biological father from her. She didn’t meet him until she was 11 and it appears from the article that her parents told her that she couldn’t meet him and/or have a relationship with him. But then at age 11 she did in fact meet him and he was willing and happy to meet her, and had been her whole life. Her parents knew him all along as he was a friend of one of them from their school days. But they made it seem to the children as if they didn’t know him and he didn’t want to be in the children’s lives. And from the article it certainly does appear as if it is this lie that is upsetting her – the lie and its result, ie, that she wasn’t allowed to know her father. She wants her parents/her moms AND she wants a relationship with her father. But her parents/moms and as she perceives it, society at large, want her moms to be enough for her, which she feels is wrong and unfair to expect.

        • Pat Patrix

          “But her parents/moms and as she perceives it, society at large, want her moms to be enough for her, which she feels is wrong and unfair to expect.”

          Right, so it wasn’t the lie, it was the pressure from her two mothers and societal expectations to accept the family unit as perfectly normal without question that was the issue. The lie surely must have played a role in it but to dismiss the rest of her argument to focus on that one part is taking her out of context.

    • Agent 99

      “Fertilized by each father” = biological impossibility. What you’re describing is “baby roulette”.

      Only one of those men is the actual father of each child, and someday those kids-turned-adults are going to quietly get little DNA tests in the mail to find out what’s going on.

      • Leisha Camden

        “Anonymous” may have worded their post poorly. If there are two children, each man may have fathered one of them.

        Hopefully they have not chosen an anonymous donor for the eggs. That way the children will know who both their biological parents are.

        • Agent 99

          Or, as is fashionable to do, they may have “symbolically” mixed the sperm and then introduced the concoction to the egg.

          • Leisha Camden

            Yes, that is the other interpretation of that wording. I understand that some people feel this is a good idea. As I mentioned in my comment above, they may come to regret this later in a medical emergency. IMO, this is something that is generally done by parents who think more of their own feelings and wishes than of their child’s future. Unfortunately these people are all too common, among both homo- and heterosexuals.

      • Anonymous

        Both know who their biological father is and weknow w who the egg donor is. No lies in this family.

    • Woman XX

      Wrong. I was also raised in a same sex home. In the LGB community–what a fricken nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Love? You mean like the narcissistic love of owning a pet human? Or maybe the way a stalker loves the victim. Children naturally crave a mother and a father. They are born that way. You should be ashamed of your self serving self because you were never forced to play and pander to the loving gay community. You enrage those of us that actual suffered daily for your fakery and self inflated delusion. I am not a Christian but when I read trash like yours I hope there might even a hell for you. Shame on you and shame on your son.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you could use some counseling for your anger and judgement issues.

        • Woman XX

          Hey I was raised in LGBT and come by it honestly. The only judgement we are seeking is through the courts not a therapist.

    • fugly

      You’re assuming that your mother would have been less likely to be abused in a relationship with a woman than a man, which is a statistical farce. Lesbian relationships are notorious for domestic abuse. And what if the circumstances of your upbringing were different? Had your father not been a dud, had he been intelligent, hardworking, and loving, would your affirmation remain the same that you didn’t want a relationship with him or didn’t need a father? Of course not. The problem wasn’t the role of father. The problem was that the person responsible for that role failed.

      Individuals with political agendas and no concern for the welfare of the children perpetuate this myth that kids are perfectly ok with a biological parent missing with absolutely no proof to support this claim. While I don’t support abuse in any way, any possible chance for a child to have a healthy relationship with their biological parent should be encouraged…strongly. Kids that are the most likely to stay away from drugs, graduate high school, attend college, etc. are raised by their heterosexual biological parents in one home, and children who are raised by both biological parents in separate homes still have a higher chance of having a good life that being raised by one parent or a step parent.

  • Lbt

    Anything other than a Mum/Dad is the road to f**kd up kids. That’s why the Cultural Marxist system pushed alternatives so hard.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Can you imagine the first time she brought a boyfriend home?

    They probably shunned her boyfriend and her for not choosing to be like them.

  • rebaaron

    Giving children to lesbian couples is a travesty

  • Agent 99

    Blood and kinship are profound. These children desperately want to know their natural parents.

  • Agent 99

    Isn’t it funny how liberals are all for “100% natural, certified organic, unprocessed, paleo, hormone-free,
    non-GMO, etc.” until it comes to human sexuality and social policy?

  • Philip

    it’s almost like billions of years of natural process have been imprinted on humans. liberals think there are no consequences to discarding the family and indulging mentally ill folks.

  • Ishare

    Barack and Michelle are gay and want to impose on everyone. Because they grew up not in a norm, and perhaps they feel awful about that, that they think they should fix everyone so they can feel better about themselves. #Let’sBeHonest #KeepKidsOutOfThis

  • YelowJezamin

    My nephews were dragged from pillar to post during their mother’s lesbian escapades. Every mate she chose was “REAL LOVE!” until about 3 months passed, then she was cheating on that one with the next one. The oldest is an unrepentant, repetitively felonious, violent sexual abuser of women, thief, and liar who lives with his mother. We took the youngest in, and he is now a hard-working father of two. He and his mother do not speak, as when he was ill and injured in the hospital, she came to see him, got his password, and cleaned out his bank account.

    • booboo

      I see this all the time with my gay friends

      “this is the one” is old

  • booboo

    Great speech. Very informative

    Feedback…get a hair tie. Your hair is distracting and interferes with your very powerful message

  • Rockon

    Dr Kerryn Phelps, fronting an advertisement for the “Yes to same sex “marriage”” campaign in Australia says, “the only young people affected by marriage equality are young “gay” people who for the first time will have the same dignity as everyone else in our country and they deserve that.”

    In other words, forget the basic emotional steadfast needs of children.
    It’s about only the adults with same sex attraction and their wants and desires.
    Their selfish wants and desires trump family structure equality.

    The biological definition of marriage treats everybody equally. Every adult already has the opportunity and the chance to marry another adult of the opposite sex whether they choose to or want to or not for whatever reason.

    There has never been a law that prevented two adult people of the same sex to have a commitment ceremony and reception. (There has always been plenty of heretical/apostate churches and ministers, pastors, deacons, priests, etc to chose from).

    There has never been a law preventing two adults of the same sex to draw up and agree to a legal contract sharing wills, estates, hospital visitation, retirement pensions, disability, etc.

    They don’t need to redefine the legal definition of marriage for these things.


    “All these people don’t see a problem with two male same sex couples using a woman’s womb and DNA to have a baby or two lesbians using a man for his sperm and DNA to have a baby. As long as the child is loved by the same sex couple right? Love is love. Same sex couples can be excellent parents and yada yada yada, right?

    Ok then… well seeing as biology is insignificant, and maternal love is replaceable and paternal love is replaceable, which of YOUR parents don’t YOU need? Shall we deliberately and intentionally remove your mother or father from YOUR life? WHICH ONE? You must choose. And it shouldn’t matter given you’re endorsing fatherless and motherless parenting arrangements for other people. Which of your parents shall we snuff out? Your mother or your father? Go on. Which one?

    And if you say that your father was a jerk or neglectful, so you’d snuff him out, well you’re proving the point. And if you say you’d snuff your mother out, because she was awful or abandoned you, you’re proving the point. You missed that maternal and paternal love that is inbuilt in us as human beings. It is natural. It is essential. If you hate your parents for hurting you and you’d choose for one or both to not exist, it’s because you’re hurting. You KNOW that a mother is a nurturer and you know that a father is a protector. The pain is from rejection. Why are you supporting something that deliberately deprives other kids of something so essential and so precious to the human experience?” – Jenna Priest

  • sarrahsue

    there is so much child abuse in straight 2 parent families. i lived through at my house and from what i read, she didn’t have it 10th as bad as i did and i had a cake walk compared to my brother. i would have given anything to have different parents as well.
    oh well. and then we grow up.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    The marxists must deconstruct and destroy every strength of Western civilization in order to shatter nationalism and turn everyone into atomized consumers that can be lorded over by globalized technocrats.