The Washington Compost reports that polar bears may start craving human flesh if we don’t get a grip on this global warming thing soon.

The outlet cites a study by representatives from various “government wildlife agencies and preservation organizations from the United States, Russia, Canada, Norway and other countries” as the source of its dire warning.

“The higher global temperatures go, the researchers said, the more likely polar bears are to interact with humans – and possibly attack and eat them,” the outlet states.

The rationale for this is that, as global temperatures rise, the less ice there is and the harder it becomes for polar bears to sneak up on sunbathing seals.

As such, they become hungry and apparently more likely to attack humans – a risk they wouldn’t normally take given humans’ ability to harm them severely.

Researchers reportedly confirmed this by looking at records for polar bear attacks on humans and discovering that “the greatest number of polar bear attacks occurred in the partial decade of 2010 – 2014, which was characterized by historically low summer sea ice extent and long ice-free periods.”

The Washington Compost goes on to cite one study author, Geoff York, as stating that polar bears are popping up around humans more often.

“We’re encountering them at times of the year we’re not used to,” he reportedly said. “We’re encountering them more frequently. We used to go camping all summer. We can’t do that anymore.”

The Washington Compost goes on to state that even more damaging than the idea of man-eating polar bears is the idea that people might become “less likely to support polar bear conservation efforts” if they’re afraid of the animals.

Not everyone is buying what The Washington Compost is selling.

Steven Crowder describes it as “fear-mongering at its finest,” stating, “one minute the poor polar bears are on the verge of extinction. The next, they’re forming an army to descend on the cities and eat their inhabitants.”

The trolling has spilled over into Crowder’s comments section as well.

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