An Antifa group in Chicago is reportedly planning to open a gym to train its members how to defend themselves and attack others in the potential clashes the group may have with Trump supporters.

On his show last night, Tucker Carlson interviewed a member of the “Haymaker Collective” group behind the gym, Naila, who said, “certain bodies are vulnerable to certain attacks.”

When the woman claimed there had been a 20% increase in hate crimes in the city of Chicago, as well as nationwide, Carlson questioned how that was important compared to the city’s number of shootings.

“Your fears may be a little overblown,” Carlson said. “How many of the 2,000 shootings were carried out by right-wingers?”

Naila claimed that she was “more interested in hate crimes,” and that the gym will have the purpose of helping people “grow strength together” as they apparently fight for survival in Trump’s America.

Naila proceeded to cite the recent murder of a Muslim teen in Virginia as an example of why an Antifa gym is necessary. Carlson promptly shut her up by pointing at that the man responsible for the murder was an illegal alien, not a Trump supporter.

Watch the interview below.

HeatStreet reports that the Haymaker Collective plans to open the gym in Chicago to train for any fights that might happen between their members and others. However, according to HeatStreet, the training at the gym is not aggressive at all.

“A lot of people think that when you learn to fight, it’s all about being aggressive and learning how to go start street fights with people,” an Antifa member told the outlet.

Targets for those that join the gym and it’s ‘training’ regime include the “alt-right,” “white nationalism,” and the “heteronormative” and “masculine” culture of gyms in what they call  “Donald Trump’s Amerikkka (sic).”

Fox News

  • Proofteller

    Who is this deluded fool? She needs a proper education and a taste of reality. She lives in a fantasy world.

  • fishydude

    They need to be able to defend themselves against the ANTIFA fascists.

  • Martin Cohn

    So it’s a snowflake gym…got it

  • HT

    Those skinny jean wearing effeminate punks are toast in any one-on-one confrontation. Their pu$$y tactics are to swarm individuals and sucker punch them, and then run away like little girls. There, I hope I triggered leftards aplenty.

  • Typical

    Dude, these faggots aren’t going to fight anyone, they think that’s all toxic masculinity bullshit. Good on her turning a buck off of their stupidity though.

    • David Watts

      If you’ve ever seen an Antifa throw a punch, you’ll know how true it is: it looks like an infant trying to punch the mobile over their crib…

      • January

        A couple weeks ago our local news showed this and how they were training them. I laughed the whole time. It was like watching a combination of yoga and dance. Some were actually hopping around and waving their arms out to the side like they were trying to fly. I kid you not.

        • David Watts

          fly, lil’ snowflake — fly! ???? I guess it’s better that they aren’t as bloodthirsty as their crazed European counterparts (yet). The G20 protests were a far cry from the Battle of Berkeley, IMO. ANTIFA’s jackboot nature was definitely on display in jolly Deutschland…

          • January

            G20 was bad. Funny how Antifa started right after the inauguration and they made the comment that even if Hillary won they would be out there; then the G20. My mind keeps going back to NWO with Merkel the leader. I’ve never been a conspiracy person but I truly believe there are people behind all of this and trying to force an NWO, just like the Bolshevik Revolution. Soros comes to mind, but we blame him for everything. lol

          • David Watts

            He’s a player, but not the only one, alas. I feel the same as you, esp. when we get western libbies calling Merkel “The New Leader Of The Free World,” etc. They really believe it, and they really have no problem with it. If Germany in 2017 is an example of what the NWO would look like, no sane person would back it. Back to the libtards again, lol *sigh*. 1% OF the 1% have something to gain: the rest of us lose.

          • January

            Hillary loses the election and it’s like somebody flipped the switch and the world went crazy. I truly believe, Trump’s win threw a nail into somebody’s plans. Now Russia is back up in the news. This time Donald Jr. You just can’t make this stuff up.

          • David Watts

            Judging by the (over)reaction to the election — “resistance” is STILL in full swing — it would be hard to argue against your point. I didn’t think I could be happier that Hillary lost, but considering all the plans that seem to have been thwarted by President Trump’s election: it’s even better! There’s the feeling that it was an “emergency rescue,” though… 2018 is CRUCIAL.

          • January

            2018 is the key word; or should I say key year? Of all the 1st ladies, hillary is the one that disgusted me and that was even before Bill was elected. Hold on to your hat (old saying), this Russia thing with junior is going to get nasty. Plus Russia is threatening to expel 30 Diplomats and freeze up some of our money/assets over there. They want those compounds returned to them that Obama seized. We all know Putin is dangerous and now has a better advantage over us since the Dems have turned this country upside down. At one time, Putin threatened Obama that he was going to sell off our money and if he did China would also. I had a whole thing on that at the time. I have to research it again. Also, I’m sure you know, Russia has been buying the US Debt from China. Russia is now holding $100 billion of our debt. This year, three months in a row Russia was actively buying up our debt from China. And thanks to Obama, who thought the US Treasury was his own private bank account, our debt right now is just short of $20 trillion. If you know of anything about any of this can you let me know?

          • David Watts

            Aha, the old ‘expel 50 diplomats’ trick. It’s what you do when you want to show you’re angry, without doing any real damage. From what I could find (Business Insider, WSJ, and *ugh* CNN Money) Putin definitely plans to seize certain U.S.-held properties, in retaliation for President Trump failing to remove sanctions during their G20 meeting. Also: the U.S has already expelled 35 Russian diplomats and seized Russian-held properties in Maryland (ostensibly as a statement to condemn Russian interference with the 2016 election.) So, Putin could be thinking: Payback. We all know he’s steamed about those sanctions, though.

            On the debt, Russia has been buying it up, but the 100 billion they own in U.S. Treasury bonds is nothing compared to the 1 trillion China still owns (Japan owns about a trillion too.) Russia did the same sort of shopping spree on U.S. debt in early 2016 to help bolster the unstable ruble, and, a year later, they are back where they started and have to buy even more. Russia has recently picked up $12 Billion of our debt from China and Japan, which is indeed quite a bump. According to the numbers, Obama really drove the national debt up markedly in the final year of office: it’s his legacy to us, and to whoever had to clean up after him.

          • January

            Thank you. And his legacy to Chicago is: Rahm Emanuel. According to the liberals, Putin will be sitting in the White House soon so maybe he’ll clean up all of Obama’s messes. ????

        • Sphincter1

          That’s because muslims, no matter who train them can’t fight. That’s why they strap bombs to themselves. It’s the only way they can effectively kill a large number of people at one time. Other than that their ability to fight is laughable.

          • David Watts

            Hence the #trucksofpeace

          • Tobi Alafin

            Bullshit and objectively wrong.

    • hamburgertoday2017

      It’s ‘toxic masculinity’ for thee but not for me.

  • Chris Leroux

    Also, Portland was a Bernie-bro.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    Tucker says: ✂“Your fears may be a little overblown. How many of the 2,000 shootings were carried out by right-wingers?”

    Hey Bright Boy, “your fears may be a little overblown”, could the same not be said of Gun Owners & the NRA ???

    • skant153

      i see, so gun safety is the same as training people to fight those you disagree with? got ya.

      • Dante Alighieri ????

        that’s why the us has the highest by far homicide rate of any G7 country. I said homicide rate by any means knives, guns, u name it

        and what do all the others have, gun control

        • skant153

          i hope you stretched before making that leap…

        • OpusX

          fuck your mother!!

    • Typical

      well, A: They’re not. And B: They can’t because gun control is very strict in Chicago.

    • happytortuga

      Yeah, because when I think of the NRA, I think of gang members who commit gun violence in Chicago. To get rid of those illegal guns and enforce existing gun laws, you would have to go door-to-door in Chicago and do things like stop and frisk. Until you favor that, don’t propose even more gun laws.

      • Dante Alighieri ????

        it’s the loopholes, man / gun shows etc

        • happytortuga

          I guess you’ve never purchased a gun. It’s not that easy, unless you’re a criminal. Do you favor going door to door in gang infested neighborhoods of Chicago to remove the illegal guns? Do you favor stop and frisk?

          • Zenon Heinrigart

            all the shit that libtards don’t want to understand is if a bad boy want to buy a gun i’ll do it legally or not. If they can understand that, that will be a great progress…

        • OpusX

          fuck your mother!!!

    • Charles Perigord

      Not overblown, because the actual goal of most gun control activists is to take away all firearms from everyone who is not a criminal or police officer. The NRA figured this out about 40 years ago and devised a counter-strategy.

    • Mike Straub

      come on, he said “checkmate”, so he won. knock it off with your facts and reality.~ checkmate is checkmate.

    • January

      Sorry, no checkmate bright boy. The only gun laws needed here in Chicago are the penalties when caught with an illegal gun and not just a slap on the hands by the judges and set back out on the streets. 2,000 shootings were mainly done by gangbangers; black and Hispanic. That group can’t even get a FOID card to carry one and sure as hell don’t follow any gun laws.

      • Dante Alighieri ????

        after 200 years, really. Is it working?

        • January

          Sorry Vlad but it is working; for the responsible gun owners. The problems with the gun violence is: 1.) They scream for stricter gun control. Just a band aid to the situation. 2.) They don’t try to get to the core of what is really causing it and solve that. Just in Chicago, home invasions are down because the Supreme Court overruled the ban on guns in Chicago. About 90% of the gun violence, just in Chicago, is due to the fact that in the black areas they don’t have the jobs because Chicago helps the illegals get the jobs instead of their own citizens. Mass shootings that are going on: When a gang banger shoots 3 or more people that is included in the mass shooting count. The number of kids being shot by guns; gang bangers 17 and under are included in that count. What Chicago needs is stricter gun laws for when your caught with an illegal gun and not just give those ass holes a slap on the hands and let them go. We can thank Obama for that. The Illinois Government was passing Legislation on illegal guns and being caught with one with mandatory jail time, similar to New York. But it never passed and it never passed because Obama bitched about all the black in our prisons. Blacks in prison for drugs and who’s to blame for that? Bill and lying Hillary Clinton, when accused rapist Bill was President. Obama, when he first ran for President, campaigned to the blacks here in Chicago, if they elected him he would make sure he cleaned up their neighborhoods and help create jobs. Yeah, he did jack shit for them except to help Rahm Emanuel get elected. What a joke. Emanuel closes dozens of schools in the black neighborhoods and opens charter schools for his rich friends and brag how we are a sanctuary city. Emanuel who was in a run off election for his 2nd term and hides that he knew about a video showing the Laquan, because he wanted to win that election, but had approved a $5 million payment to Laquan’s mother, when she wasn’t even going after the city yet. That pay out was hush money because she was given the money but had to agree to not talk about the video. Emanuel has done nothing to create jobs for the blacks.

          You don’t have a clue on what really goes on in this country. You don’t live here. What you’ve only lived in Canada a few years and before that Norway? You come out here with your smart ass comments all the time just to be an ass. BTW, Dante Alighieri is calling from the 13th century; He’d like his name back. Try using Vlad.

        • OpusX

          fuck your mother!!!!!

  • Steve Cassinoooo

    I want whatever she is smoking.

    • Pat Patrix

      It’s Muslim dick. You sure about that?

      • @Menace


  • happytortuga

    The teenager in Virginia was murdered by an illegal alien!

  • Apocalypto

    Lame brained snowflake GTFOH

  • Pablo Jay

    She fears US. By definition, she is Americaphobic.

    • Fusion Skydweller

      I like that word, I’m gonna use that.

    • Lbt

      Phobia is an irrational fear. For Islam I have no phobia.

      ODIUM, on the other hand = general or widespread hatred or disgust incurred by someone as a result of their actions.

      Islamodium = hatred of Islam and in particular, political Islam, sharia law, and radicalism.

      • Pablo Jay

        Her fear is irrational. She is an Americaphobe BECAUSE she likes using hideous labels like this.

  • January

    She doesn’t even know what the hell she is talking about. There really aren’t that many Trump supporters in Chicago. The majority of the city is Democrats. She’s afraid to ride the “L”; yeah I’m afraid to ride any of the “L”s and it’s not because of Trump supporters or Democrat supporters (the ones that vote); I’m more afraid of the gang bangers that ride it to rob people. I don’t hate Muslims, I’m not afraid of Muslims BUT I am tired of Muslims playing the “Muslim” card and how violence has grown against them. Maybe they should check and realize that the Jews are the ones who have the highest hate crimes against them. Hate crimes have grown against all groups; gays, Christians, Jews, blacks, whites, etc.

    • Pat Patrix

      No one wants to say it but the reality is in places like Chicago if a “hate crime” really is committed against a Muslim it’s most likely to be by a black person, black people in general commit the most hate crimes they’re just never identified as such. Black folk in the U.S. are many times over to attack someone of another race than the other way around, that’s just factual, but no ones allowed to so much as admit or acknowledge it or they’re a racist. Meanwhile black on everyone else violence increases. Asians are now finally starting to speak out against it after being victims for decades but the news completely ignores them.

  • Mia Carla

    To bad they dont use self defense where muslim women need it most… you know in muslim countries

    • ThatBaldGuy

      Took the words right out of my mouth, Mia. Or rather my fingertips, I suppose.

  • nano

    Fuck. That asshole in Portland was a BERNIE supporter! Man he missed a big one there.

  • Usurpname

    Who’s funding this?

  • James Lipton

    I feel like this was a little mean-spirited. She really just wanted to talk about their self-defense gym which I’m all for. Tuck was really just trying to bait her way too hard.

  • Shawn Mason

    it’s a cuck gym lol

  • Concerned Vegas Citizen

    So, she plans to bring a karate chop to a gun fight?

  • zachay

    delusional. they think of scary people where non exists, and yet when faced with the reality that muslim men put more women in danger, they act as if it doesn’t exist. weird.

  • Heather Noble

    I am so ashamed to have a liberal arts degree when I see bitches like this. Yes, it was a women’s college, but I couldn’t – even in my wildest progressive youth – imagine doing shit based on propaganda. What’s with the total disregard for even basic googling before you go on a show like this and declare your stupidity to the world. All I can say is “gender studies.”

  • Heather Noble

    I like how she does that Indian headmove when she feels defensive. Cute.

  • Pat Patrix

    This woman is an idiot, she uses the same rare and far spread cases the left always uses to justify her position. Oh the Oregon stabber means you’re in danger in Chicago (even though he was a staunch Bernie supporter and a Never-Trumper). Oh guns can’t protect you because Philando Castile as if there’s a precedent for that. Oh some illegal alien killed a Muslim girl so you have to protect yourself from Trump supporters.

    How about you give ONE fucking example of Trump supporters or right wing extremists committing a hate crime. JUST ONE. If it’s so rampant then why can’t these morons ever provide evidence of it?

    • BlowMe

      Physiognomy is real.

      She helps bolster the case.

  • Deplorable MAGA Were-Covfefe

    Deport this tool back to some desert hellhole

  • Guy Kuder

    The only rascist is this dumbass!!

  • Stargazer Lily

    That silly woman cites the guy in Seattle who supported Bernie Sanders. I guess she’s using the hoax hate crimes mostly perpetuated by Muslim women both in this country and the UK as her reasoning. She has no credibility.

  • David

    Can anyone illuminate something for me

    I looked at cato source and could not find what they were including as *incidents of right wing death*

  • MC

    She got bitch slapped by the verifiable truth and humiliated herself while her false narrative was burned to the ground. It was beautiful.

  • Carrie

    Cool, got my dose of stupid for the day.

  • Philip

    where’s this woman’s owner. we need to be holding that man responsible for the filth coming out of her mouth. he needs to beat this kind of nonsense out of her.

    • Kimmy3

      She looks and acts like Linda Sarsour’s third fiddle, twice removed. She needs to foam and spit more like Linda la Loca to have a bigger impact.

  • Fisterbottom

    “You can look it up” is the new “no”.

  • Danlantic

    Okay, a dojo-boxing gym-whatever that wants to avoid “masculine” culture.

    The combat arts will be slapping, hitting with purses and crying.

  • Julie Willson Leist

    that guy in oregon was a bernie supporter .. he had gone to a trump rally and was kicked out.. she needs to get her facts straight

  • Sally

    She said right at the beginning of the interview – and Tucker didn’t respond – that the Cato Institute reported most perpetrators of hate crimes were “alt right.”

    Wrong. The Cato Institute publishes position papers highly critical of hate crime legislation. They don’t publish data on purported hate crimes, aka the SPLC. She use the name of the Cato Institute, because she thought it would catch the ears of conservatives. But she reported fake news about it. Look it up. Zero articles about hate crime demographics; voluminous numbers of articles condemning hate crime legislation.