ABC News is currently being roasted to high heaven for its shameless pairing of a tweet by President Donald Trump and a background resembling the Russian flag.

Jason Miller, who served as a communications strategist during Trump’s campaign and transition into the White House, made the observation, tweeting, “ABC just casually throwin’ a Russian flag behind a tweet from @POTUS.”

Here’s the Russian flag, for comparison.

While it’s unclear when ABC’s segment in question aired, judging by Miller’s screenshot it was sometime after Friday, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was announced as the White House’s new Press Secretary following Sean Spicer’s resignation.

It’s not clear what that news has in common with Trump ‘unloading’ on Jeff Sessions and Mueller in a “bombshell interview” or President Donald Trump’s tweet about intelligence leaks.

The oddity of it all aside, it’s the Russian flag that has many people talking.